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Spring & Summer 2018      

"There is a sunrise and a sunset every single day, and they're absolutely free.”
- Jo Walton

Photo by Mary Ellen Campbell


Tradition Community Newsletter is published by and for
the Homeowners of the Tradition Community
Editor: Celise McLaughlin
Thanks to all the tradition residents
who took the time to write articles for this newsletter.
Your contributions are sincerely appreciated.

The printed edition will be
delivered to your mailbox by mid-May.
Published by Plantation Printing
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May & November
Deadline to submit articles for the next edition
(Fall & Winter 2018-2019) will be October 25th.

For past newsletters visit the Newsletter Archives Link at:

President Frank D'Amato 843-235-8885
Clubhouse Paul Hayes 843-237-3832
Covenants Jeanette Renault 843-235-3566
ARB Vince Civitarese 843-237-3568
Grounds Alex Herndon 843-241-3287 (Emergencies Only)
Vince Franco - Web Site Manager 843-237-9190

Board of Directors
Frank D'Amato, President 843-235-8885
Dick Baughman, Vice President 843-655-0327
John Bartha, Secretary 843-235-9998
Brian Kramer, Treasurer 843-235-0805
Debbie Moeller, Director 843-808-8181
Mitzi Carley - Kuester Management 843-432-3120
Board Meetings Fourth Thursday
3:00 p.m. Resident's club house
(subject to change)

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The covenants committee maintains a list of current vendors for the benefit of the community. If you have additional vendors you wish to recommend or if any information on this list incorrect, please contact a member of the covenants committee
Recommended Vendor Listing
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by Frank D’Amato

I would like to address important information in this President’s Corner as to issues that concern us all.

The Board of Directors:
Dick Baughman and I would like to thank all those who supported our re-election to the board of directors. As always you can be assured that you will receive our best efforts for the community.

Board Meetings:
At the direction of the association attorney the board has made adjustments as to how we conduct our monthly board meetings. We now will have two agenda’s for each meeting, the Executive Agenda and the Open Meeting Agenda.

The Executive Agenda will cover private property owner issues such as violations, fines and late payment of dues. There may also be other issues discussed by the board prior to voting. During the Executive session, all other attendees will be asked to step outside for property owner privacy matters. Only people directly affected by the current discussions may remain.

The Open Agenda will consist of approving prior minutes, financials, items being addressed by the board and any motions requiring voting. This is the meeting open to all and issues may be addressed to the board in an open forum.

Pool and Deck:
The pool has been resurfaced, retiled and the leaks are repaired. The deck has also received two new coatings and resurfaced with a darker coating to help with the glare from sun light. New pool ladders are on order and will be changed out when they arrive. We have also contracted with Carolina Pure to maintain the pool to meet all DHEC (Department of Health & Environmental Controls) requirements.

Residents need to make sure their guests have knowledge of the pool rules especially what is allowed inside the fence and in the pool itself. Infants and Toddlers must wear DHEC-approved diapers. As promised the pool will open on May 1st.
  Pool House:
The pool house and deck are now equipped with Wi-Fi. A new TV has been purchased.

Work has begun to update our covenants book. The effort is to improve the ability to understand our covenants as well as to make changes that we think are required to maintain our property values. I hope everyone has noticed that Tradition homes are selling quickly, some within days, others within weeks, and it is because of the community itself, our amenities and access to the beach. You should also note selling prices have increased dramatically.

Any changes to our Covenants will be reviewed by our attorney and then, if required, voted on by all homeowners. This will take most of 2018 to complete.

Our efforts to work with Spectrum are moving very slowly on their end of the negotiations. It is our position to improve both our Internet and TV service to Tradition at a much better price. We will update the community as soon as we have a deal.

No street work is planned for 2018 except issues affecting drainage.

It is not my position to encourage anyone on his or her constitutional rights as to for whom or what to vote on. However, when it impacts the Tradition POA, I believe it is my duty to make property owners aware of issues.

There is a two-man race for Georgetown County Council in our district one. John Thomas is our current representative and he lives in North Litchfield. John has worked with Tradition, LBTS, Reserve and Willbrook on many issues affecting our community and the area. John’s opponent lives in Murrells Inlet and the feeling of the Litchfield community boards, which I speak to often, are that his loyalties are up in Murrells Inlet.

I strongly recommend for the good of our community that you vote for our current councilman John Thomas for reelection.


Make sure we have your e-mail addresses so that the BOD can communicate with you. Contact a board member or Vince Franco ( to add your e-mail. When I broadcast e-mails through quality kid, please do not respond to Vince, as he cannot answer your questions. Your feedback must come to me. I will add my e-mail address to the broadcast or you can find my e-mail address in our phone directory.

The board schedule and the monthly board minutes and financial summary are available on the web site. The minutes are always behind as we must approve minutes at the following month’s meeting.

Please call any board member or myself if you see a problem in the community. For association emergencies you may call Alex Herndon, our buildings and grounds manager, at 843-241-3287. Please identify yourself.

Thanks, have a great summer.
Frank D’Amato
Cell #843-446-6875
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By Jeanette Renault

Meet your covenants committee:
Ken Dewell, Al Foderaro, Bill Crimmins, Diane D'Attilio, Phil Fleiss, Bill Renault

And Allan MacDonald. He takes minutes for all the meetings.

Our new Covenants books will be out in the near future; a good time to read through and refresh your covenants knowledge and catch up on any changes.

Overall response to our reminders is 98% - a big thank you. Open garage doors continue to be in evidence. We hope for improvement in compliance here.

Sprinklers are now being turned on. A reminder to all, especially new residents, who have county water: If you haven't discovered this already, this water, while free of rust problems, is pricey. We advise you to have a sensor connected to your system that cuts off sprinklers when it rains. Also, set timers for each zone to begin pre-dawn. Winds are calm and the sun does not evaporate the water before it soaks in.


By Vince Civitarese, Chairman

Hello to all.
Here we are again waiting for the warmer weather to start. It seems to be taking much longer this year to get here. I guess it was just the cold winter that makes it seem so slow. Here is hoping it will start to warm up soon.

As the weather warms we all start to think about working outside on the lawns, flower beds and our homes. Spring always seem to be the time to spruce things up. While you are thinking about your projects please bear in mind where ARB permits may or may not be required. It is always best to assume that a permit IS required.

Just a simple phone call to any ARB member is all that you need to do to find out if a permit is required. Please be advised that permits may take up to 30 days to be approved so don’t wait until you want to start something to ask for the permit.

Good luck on all your projects and lets all hope the summer will soon start.
ARB Chairman
Vincent Civitarese

Permit Applications are available in the newsletter that is delivered to your paper box or it can be printed from the Tradition Website or by clicking the link below
ARB Application

Don't forget to attach the proper check amount(s) and support documentation. Applications can be mailed to the P O Box listed on the form or dropped off at any of the ARB Member's homes. Just make certain the ARB member is in town before you put it in their paper box.

Added note from the Editor:
Dog waste continues to be a problem in the neighborhood and on the bike path. During a brief walk the other day, FIVE times I saw dog poop. Once, it was a huge pile right in the middle of a side walk. Big Dogs, Little Dogs, they all poop and all of it is offensive. If you own a dog, be responsible. You love your pet, but not everyone does and nobody, not even dog owners, want to stumble on dog poop.
  1. Keep your dog off other people's lawns
  2. Always carry a bag and pick up after them
    It's just common courtesy
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By Mary Ellen Campbell
Prior to our move to Pawleys Island we read so much about the turtle protection project that I had to find a way to get involved. In the spring on 2016 I saw a posting in NEXTDOOR asking for volunteers to walk the beach at sunrise to look for new tracks from the mama turtles laying eggs. I was thrilled to join the dedicated walkers on their mission.

As a volunteer, we are responsible to pick up the dangerous plastic and trash and fill in the massive holes left by uneducated tourists. Sometimes, on that very special morning, we find the distinct tracks to a freshly laid nest. The breathtaking sunrises are just icing on the cake to finding the tracks and protecting the precious turtles.

Many of the nests need to be moved to a safer spot farther from the tide line and potential human interference. Hatching takes about 60 days depending on the weather. Seeing the babies journey to the beach is another joy that brings me to tears!

We could use more volunteers able to walk the 2 miles and be willing to help keep our beach free of trash.

We ask for your help whenever on the beach this year; if you see a hole please, please, please fill it in. Not only is it a hazard to walkers, but Mama turtles do not see well, their eyes are full of sand and salt water. If they fall into a hole, they cannot get out.  Turtle Season has started, so if you see what appears to be the huge tracks please let us know.

Thanks to our team leaders, Penny Hoffman and Goffinet Mclaren for their dedication to the program and for the training they provided. Read up on the turtles we are graced with on our beaches and I am sure you will respect the efforts of the volunteers.
Thank you!
Mary Ellen Campbell
216 346-8816


By Kathy MacSorley

You may have noticed a bit of a change on the medians this past winter. After much discussion with Waccamaw Landscaping, we decided that it would be in our best interest not to over seed the medians with the winter ryegrass that keeps the median grass green in the winter months. In the spring, that ryegrass has to be killed off to prevent it from choking the regular grass. So our grass will be green and healthier the other 9 months of the year. With the year-round greenery of the shrubbery and trash pickup 7 days a week the medians will continue to look beautiful.

This past winter brought us another change that appears to be a result of the freezing temperatures in January. There are 7 pindo palms that are damaged and we may lose some of them. According to SC Department of Transportation law, any replacements cannot be palm trees. They are considered dangerous if hit by a stray vehicle. The coming months will decide their fate.

There are now 12 pods of cemented flag holders along the medians, each accommodating 5 flags, one for each branch of military service. There will be 4 more pods added to total 80 flags. This arrangement will make it easier for the landscape company workers to locate the holders and it will complement the Pawleys Island Beautification Association flag display so on May 19th, Armed Forces Day, check out our new look.

All seven flag days in 2018 are financially sponsored. Five of the days are now annual donations. Since we had more offers to sponsor a day this year we are delighted to be adding the Sunday before Memorial Day. Our thanks to the following Tradition families that graciously sponsored the additional day: Daune & Larry Barksdale, Vinnie & Skippy Esposito, Vince & Dot Franco, Joanne & Bill Kendall, and Joan & Ed Sheldon. Memorial Day will be sponsored by River Club Community Association.

If you like the flag displays, please consider a donation to the Flag project to defray the cost of implementing our recent improvements. All of the work on the median is supported by your donations.

Our website has all our information as well as our commercial. Thanks!
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By Bill McElroy, President

Litchfield–By-The-Sea (LBTS) Community Associations, with the exclusion of River Club (an integral part of LBTS), have their own association and have dominion over their property as long as appearance and maintenance of their property meets LBTS standards.

The Swimming Pool located within the gates of River Club is LBTS property and is open to all LBTS owners and their guests as are the amenities such as the beach club deck, tennis courts, crabbing deck, the lake boardwalk and fishing dock at the Seaside campus. Your barcode and guest passes allow unrestricted access to both campuses.

Any amenities within the confines of the “sub associations” are not available to anyone except their owners and guests. Examples include all other swimming pools and private beach accesses.

Shortly after the “turn-over” your board started working to upgrade the association properties. Several Million Dollars has been spent on major upgrades to the seaside campus during the 2007-2010 enhancement period as well as continued work on infrastructure, all of which is part of our maintenance responsibilities.

The major improvement in the last 4 years was the enhanced security to limit access to LBTS property from uninvited guests or non-owners. This was done in a manner to serve all of our gated communities to use the “barcode/scanned pass” system which allows a single barcode for access.

The new LBTS north gate is accessible to all LBTS owners with barcodes as well as guest passes. The main reason for this gate to take traffic off the main gate during the peak tourist season. If traffic is backed up at the main gate, I recommend the north or south gate as an alternate route to the beach.

  As your President for the last four years, I have been actively encouraging your LBTS board to continue their work to improve the property and to practice sound financial methods to insure that we should be able to avoid any “special assessments.” We are planning ways to build the Reserve Fund to assist in the event of unplanned problems such as the hurricanes and heavy rains of the past few years. This is also where we expend funds for major renovations, new construction and capital replacements.

We are working with our Management Company to improve our chart of accounts and the Reserve Study Company to insure that we are on sound footing. These weather events have taken a toll on your reserves. With our current plans to increase our income to the Reserve Fund we will should be able to meet any future needs. The major improvements are fairly new and it will be much easier to maintain those facilities from the annual operating accounts in years to come.

For more information on items in this article, please attend the annual meeting on Saturday, June 16 at the Waccamaw Library. Details will be in the annual meeting packet to arrive within a month of this message. I also urge you to regularly visit our website

Again, thank you for allowing me to serve on the LBTS Board of Directors.
Bill McElroy, President, LBTS

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By Keith Hoile
  • Ellen Cranney & Ann Egan to 635 Tradition Club Drive from Connecticut
  • Jane Weaver to 27 Boatman Drive from Myrtle Beach
  • Karen & Stephen Fayer to 139 Alexander Glennie Drive from Pawleys Island
  • James & Kelly Malick to 867 Tradition Club Drive from Collegeville, PA
  • Ted and Dean Wroth to 134 Historic Lane from Poolesville, MD
  • Greg & Brenda Miscovich to 441 Tradition Club Drive from Marietta, OH
  • Mark & Dena Shea to 1093 Tradition Club Drive from Connecticut
  • April & Larry Chupp to 45 Opera Court from Kansas
  • Donna Ratliff to 38 Sandfiddler Drive from Greensboro, NC
  • Jacob & Nancy Lake to 220 Tradition Club Drive from Johnstown, PA
  • June & Blair Alley to 87 Cobblestone Court from Pawleys Island
  • Jill Trinka & Craig Hamilton from 635 Tradition Club Drive
  • Alice Cromartie from 27 Boatman Drive
  • Anthony & Anne Cerone from 139 Alexander Glennie Drive
  • Pamela Runac from 867 Tradition Club Drive
  • Jay & Cindy Bordes from 134 Historic Lane
  • Billy & Rebecca Faw from 441 Tradition Club Drive
  • Suzanne & Ronald Buckley from 1093 Tradition Club Drive
  • Wayne & Heather Perry from 45 Opera Court
  • Jack & Holly Moran from 38 Sandfiddler Drive
  • Michael Murtland from 87 Cobblestone Court
  • Arthur & Debra Voltaire from 220 Tradition Club Drive


By C.J. Brockington
Since April of 2017, there have been 21 sales closed; as of 4/20/2018 3 are pending, 3 are active and 1 is on hold-no show! Needless to say, the price points in our neighborhood are ideal, and the range is exactly what most buyers are looking for!

2017-2018 Home Sales/Market Listings

During this period, The Tradition has had many more sales than the other communities with access to Litchfield By The Sea! From the beginning in 1995, The Tradition (in my opinion) with all of our amenities included, has always had the best values that a buyer could find on the Waccamaw Neck!

C.J. Brockington built his home on Historic Lane, He has been with the Litchfield Company for over 20 years and helped many of us buy our properties and build/buy our homes.

Neighbors Helping Neighbors.
That is what Tradition is all about.

On a cold Saturday in December, one of our neighbors on Historic Lane asked for some help with yard work when her husband became incapacitated. A few people showed up with shovels and rakes.
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Memorial Tournament Flyer

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By Bill Renault
The Sunday following Thanksgiving, The men competed in their annual “Steve Kronski” Memorial Thanksgiving Shootout.This nine hole tournament is held in memory of the Tradition Men’s past president. Ten teams competed in a best ball of twosome shootout, eliminating one team on each hole until only two teams were left to play the ninth hole.

This year it was Eric Muller and Dave Declet versus Dan Molloy and Jim Jackson.Both teams parred the hole and went back to the tee to replay it. Once again, both teams made par and with darkness coming agreed to a chip off from about 40 yards from the green with the closet chip declared the winner. Neither Muller or Declet were able to land their chips close. Jackson pitched to within several feet to clinch the win.

This past December, following the always fun Christmas Party, The Men’s Club Individual “Ringer” Tournament concluded 2017. The tournament consisted of two rounds with the best 18 holes of the 36 played counted in the scoring. The format for the 47 competing members was low net using full handicaps.” Flight A”saw Jim Cronin best the field with a 57. Paul Lempert was second with 61 followed by Paul Hayes and Eric Muller at 63. Rudy Schwarz led the field in the “B Flight” with 60, Bob Wittig at 61 was second and Phil Fleiss and Al Britsch third at 62.

Individual Ringer Champs Rudy Schwarz & Jim Cronin

  Based on the popularity of the individual Ringer Tournament, Tournament Chairman Tom Strasser opened 2018 with a “Two Man Ringer Tournament using the same format of best 18 of the 36 holes played. Paul Lempert and Tom Swanson nosed out the field with a match of cards 53 to top Al Britsch & Doug Waikart. Dave Philips & Glen Campbell finished at 54 with Paul Hayes & Tim Mandroc at 55 and the team of Eric Muller & Dan Molloy at 55.

Two-man Ringer Champs Paul Lempert & Tom Swanson

Spring opened with sunshine and azaleas and The Tradition Men’s version of the “Masters”. Played with a modified Stableford scoring system (1 point for “net” bogey, 2 for net par, 3 for net birdie and 4 for net eagle) the tournament was played over two rounds with a one week delay due to weather. The “A”flight saw Gary Odell best Eric Muller in a one hole playoff with 80 points. Craig Monaghan followed at 78 and Bob Zuercher at 74. Bob Caufield was best in the “B”flight at 75 points, with Rudy Schwarz at 74, Bob Wittig with 73 and Bill DiGaudio 70.

Jim Lewis a 21 year member of the Tradition Men’s Club has been playing golf since a teenager with his dad and although close never had an “ACE”. Well he has now. Playing his regular Friday morning game with the “12 Apostles”, Jim used his #5 Hybrid on the 146 yard #5 hole to clear the bunker facing the green. According to his playing partners (Harry Stewart, Tom Strasser and Bob Keller) it was a perfect shot, landing on the green, taking one bounce and rolling in. A celebration followed.
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By Jeanette Renault

November 14, 2017 The Tradition Ladies Nine Hole Association hosted an Interclub on November 14. The theme was football and many women came wearing their favorite college or professional team's jerseys, hats, etc. An enjoyable continental breakfast was served by Debbie & staff.

The Tradition Ladies did very well with winners in every place. Ann Carline was part of the 1st place team, Peg Boden and Jan Hayes in the 2nd place team, and Mary Grace Robic and Elaine Little were in the 3rd place team. Mildred Culpepper won closest to the line. All received gift cards to the Founders Group courses. Lunch was a tailgate theme with sliders & salads & an assortment of mini desserts.

Nine Hole Ladies Awards & Christmas 2017 lunch at Kimbels
    2017 League Awards
  • Most Improved - MaryLou Goodell
  • Ringer Board - Peg Boden
  • Low Net - Dot Ellison
  • Low Gross - Peg Boden
  • Low Putts - Dot Ellison

The February 27 Game was “Shamble,” a combination of scramble and regular play. The victorious team was Marsha DeFlumeri, Mary Lou Goodell, Bev Hurd and Betty Ruff; second place, Ellen Spartaro, Ann Carline, Sue Guzlas.

March 6 was “Soup After Golf”. After golf the poolhouse was filled with delicious smells of chili, chowders, vegetable & Italian soup. Thanks to all our soup and salad and dessert makers; so delicious! Honorable mention and big thanks to the crew who set up and cleaned up; a job well done!

  March 8, Thursday was Pawleys Plantation interclub. A windy cool day. Nine of our ladies golfed. Lunch, soup & salads, was served prior to golf. The Tradition Ladies Nine made a good showing in the final results. Suzanne Edone was on the first place team, Ellen Spataro was on the second place team, and Kathy Lenoue was on the third place team. All received golf related prizes. Cheesecake was served for dessert after golf.

Game Day, March 27 Tradition Ladies Nine played a 2-Person Team game; lowest net score of the two players. First place winners were Mary Lou Goodell and Sue Guzlas. Coming in second was Marsha DeFlumeri and Ann Carline, and third Janice Hayes and Ellen Spartaro. Pars: Goodell, McDowell, Jackson on #8; Guzlas on #5 and #9; Patti Burghardt on #3.

game day winners: Mary Lou Goodell and Sue Guzlas

April 3 was interclub at Wachesaw East hosted by the Island Green ladies. The game was a four person Step Aside. Dee Ely as on the first place team and golfed with 2 ladies from Pawleys Plantation and one from Indigo Creek. Their game score was a 39. Sue Edone's team came in second. Bev Jackson won closest to pin.

Kathy Lenoue, Peg Boden, Bev, Mary Lou, Dee Ely, Ellen Spataro, Suzanne Edone

The Nine Hole Ladies League is not only about golf

On Friday, April 13, the Nine Hole Ladies took a road trip to Hopsewee Plantation. A tea luncheon was served and some members enjoyed a tour of the home.

Mark your calendars for these events:
June 19 is the date for luncheon at Caledonia
July 17 a BBQ is planned at the poolhouse.

For more information link to the golf league website
Tradition Ladies Nine Hole League
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By Suzanne Strasser
The TLGA Halloween tournament was held the end of October. What an interesting group!

The end of year awards luncheon was held in December.

PLAYER OF THE YEAR: Maureen Lempert
MOST IMPROVED: Penny Pikaart
LOW GROSS RED: Joan Sheldon (78)
LOW GROSS BLUE: Bev Keyes (80)
LOW NET RED: Joan Sheldon 70 & Janet Ransom 70
LOW NET BLUE: Pat Kemper 56
LOW PUTTS: Maureen Lempert
BROKE 90: Janet Ransom
FIRST BIRDIE in league play: Bev Jackson

Broke 100 First Time in League Play: Bev Jackson with a gross score of 97 on 4/5, Marylou Goodell with her gross score of 96 on 3/15 and also with a 96, Peggy Boden on 3/22.
Linda Breznicky Broke 90 the first time in league play with her gross score of 88 on 2/22.

On 2/22 the Tradition Ladies Golf Association played a low net game. The winners were;1st Linda Breznicky (57), 2nd moc Sally Russell (65), 3rd moc Suzanne Strasser (65), 4th Maureen Lempert (66). Birdies were made by Linda Breznicky on hole # 16 and Maureen Lempert hole #2. Chip ins were made by; Donna Culver hole # 4, Judy Gambeski hole #5 and Sally Russell hole #14.

The TLGA would like to welcome our new Golf Professional Regional Operations Manager, Christa Bodensteiner. Christa is working with River Club, Litchfield, Willbrook Plantation, Founders Club and Tradition Golf Club. When you see her at the club say hello.


The Guys and Dolls tournament was played on 3/8/2018. The format was a two person net captains’ choice.

1st Maureen & Paul Lempert (59)
2nd Cindy Greenwald & Mike Szyhowski (62)
3rd Joan & Ed Sheldon (64 MOC)
4th Diane Hicks & Dick Pacella (64)
5th Carolyn & Don Mims (64)
6th Sally Russell & Bob Sanders(64)
7th Penny Pikaart & Al Britsch (64)
Closest to the pins:
hole #2 Suzanne Strasser
hole #5 Vinnie Esposito
hole #12 Rich DeRuiter
hole #15 Sally Russell.

The best shot of the day was made by Bobbie Fleiss’s partner Keith Hoile. He used his blue tee on the 18th tee, made his second shot with his 9 iron and sunk the shot for an eagle. That is having fun!


The Tradition Ladies Golf Association played The Ringer tournament on 4/12 and 4/19. This was a two-week two person team event.

The winners were: 1st Bev Jackson & Suzanne Strasser (45)
2nd Judy Gambeski & Maureen Lempert (49MOC)
3rd Penny Pikaart & Bernadette Wright (49MOC)

Most Improved: Peg Boden & Mary Lou Goodell improved 9 strokes.

Closest to the pins: Bev Jackson hole # 2, Carolyn Mims hole # 5, Maureen Lempert hole # 12, Daune Barksdale hole # 15

Birdies: Joan Sheldon #3 & #7, Judy Gambeski #12, Penny Pikaart # 4 and Daune Barksdale #12 & # 15.


Suzanne Strasser, Bev Jackson, Judy Gambeski, Maureen Lempert,
Penny Pikaart & Bernadette Wright

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By Jerry Mithen
The Gold Tees held the annual Christmas party at the Tradition Clubhouse. Chef Debbie prepared a dinner of meatloaf, ham, with all the side dishes plus dessert. Following dinner, the annual awards were presented for Players of the Year and the President’s Award.

Dan Goodell was presented the Gold Tee Player of the Year award, Charlie Muratore was the Red Tee Player of the Year. Jerry Mithen was presented the 2017 President’s Award from Vince Franco.

Entertainment was provided by Dale Guzlas and John McLaughlin performing a Carnac the Magnificent skit from the Johnny Carson Tonight show.

A Christmas Trivia Contest from Jim Conway rounded off the evening. A fun night was had by all.

Chili Bowl February 7th A windy and cool day didn’t delay our members from playing Two Man Match Play Tournament. A Chili Dinner followed the winner presentations and pictures. The dinner was prepared by Chef Debbie and Assistant Chef Carla. A meal of noodles, chili, shredded cheese, rolls and spices made the annual Chili Bowl a favorite with the members.

Meatloaf Dinner On March 20th, our chefs, John Melzer and John McLaughlin, cooked up a wonderful meatloaf dinner at the pool house. The menu included shrimp cocktail, salad, meatloaf, mashed potatoes, corn, and dessert. Beer, wine and soft drinks were also served. We had many volunteer members help with serving and cleaning up after the meal. Jimmy Spataro made his debut as the kitchen clean up man.

“Fun, Fellowship, Friends”
The Tradition Gold Tee Golf Association is composed of great guys who play nine holes of golf on Wednesday afternoons. We have many social functions during the year including delicious dinners, cookouts, tournaments and the occasional “Road Trips” to other local golf courses. Pictures of our weekly winning teams are taken each week and then placed on our web page.
So, if you want to have fun, make friends and enjoy good fellowship with a great bunch of guys, we welcome you to join us.
Contact: Vince Franco, President
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By John Bartha
The Third Annual Community Christmas Carol Sing Along was held on Friday December 8, 2017. The event was outstanding!!!!!! The best ever. About 100 residents attended on a cold and rainy Friday night. Everything was super – the food, the drinks, the singing and the fellowship. We met many of our new neighbors and some of those we haven’t seen for a while. Our generous neighbors donated 68 gifts to Toys For Tots.

It was obvious it took a lot of planning, time and work.
Kudos to the planning committee: of Mary Ellen Campbell, Patty Horak and Debbie Moeller.
The set-up and kitchen elves: Lyn & Jerry Mayer, Patti & Lance Burghardt, Bonnie Lasinski, Pam Liposky, Susan Akers, Glen Campbell and Monique Philips.
The Hot Dog Crew: John Melzer & Al Carline
Check In Table: Bob & Linda Wittig

Pianist:Jill Trinka

The Tradition Community and the Association extend our sincerest thanks to all of the volunteers who made this joyous night a holiday success.

Next year we will amplify the music so everyone can hear it!


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By Jeanette Renault

Co-ed Canasta is going strong; good turnouts for our 1st & 3rd Mondays & 2nd and 4th Fridays. See pictures to prove we are indeed now co-ed. We stress again, if you haven’t played since younger days or have never played, please join us. This game is a quick study, and you’ll enjoy the friendly competition.

This is a NO PRESSURE game. We draw numbers for partners which promotes camaraderie. Send your e-mail address to to get on our reminder list.

By Karen Vander Schaaf

Stay cool this summer!! Join our Wednesday women's bridge at our cool club house -- every Wednesday 12:30 to 4:00 PM. We love to see new players. Call Karen Vander Schaaf 843 237-8150 or Mary Grace Robic 843 237-8745

By Pat Shriver

WOW! The pool is looking fabulous and we are ready for water aerobics. Our opening breakfast will be Monday, May 14, at 9 a.m. at True Blue. Please e-mail Pat at if you plan to attend. Wednesday, May 30, is our start date to exercise.

To anyone who is a newbie, it would be appreciated if you would call Pat at 843-237-2678 so I can give you all the details.

FROM DEE: Ladies, it is about that time again to get out those swimsuits, water shoes, and noodles. Can't wait to start again. We will start slow to get you going and as summer progresses we will pick up the pace. I'll have a few new exercises!!!! Maybe even the HULA.

By Monique Philips
It's almost beach time for Winey Wednesday!!! Let's hope Mother Nature is kind to us this year so we can have our get togethers at the beach!

Save the 2nd Wednesday of the month at 5PM and you too can come and whine/wine with us! A bunch of Tradition ladies (and Tradition wanna bes) get together either at the beach or at the Tradition pool house. It is a wonderful time to meet your neighbors over your favorite adult beverage and appetizers.

We ask everyone to bring finger food to share ....and recently if we have leftovers, we share them with our local fire department. I think they look forward to our visits! We have awesome cooks!

But not only do we visit with our friends, but this past year we collected over 100 items for the local food pantry, 100s of items for a local nursing home AND we also collected $200 to sponsor the flags on Route 17 for Flag Day through the Litchfield Beautification Foundation.

In addition, we were asked to visit several local businesses for a special Winey Wednesday event at their store front.

So! Save the date and come join us for a fun filled evening with your neighbors! For further information or to add your name to our email list contact Monique Philips at

By Monique Philips

Spring is definitely here and we are out playing tennis! We hope Mother Nature will be kind to us this summer...cooler temps and no major storms! Our eight ladies play Mondays and Wednesdays at 9AM and in the summer (June 1st) we move to 7:30AM to avoid the heat! If you are interested in playing with these gals, we are always looking for subs. Our level of play is 3-3.5!

Contact Monique Philips to get your name on the sub list at See you on the courts!
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By Vance Vandergriff
Polymyalgia Rheumatica
Today I want to discuss a problem that many of you reading this may have experienced, but didn't even realize it. Polymyalgia Rheumatica (PMR) is an inflammatory condition that is almost exclusively seen in adults over age 50, with peak incidence between age 70 - 80.

PMR is characterized by aching and stiffness in both shoulders or upper arms, hip girdle, neck, and torso. These symptoms often will occur out of the blue, seemingly starting overnight. Some patients will have symptoms in the wrists and hands, but ankles and feet will always be spared.

PMR has characteristic morning stiffness and a phenomenom called "gelling". Gelling is stiffness with inactivity. This stiffness can be so severe that it greatly effects activities of daily living such as dressing and ambulating. Other less specific symptoms can include fatigue, depression, weight loss, and even a low grade fever.

If you do not have morning stiffness, then you do not have Polymyalgia Rheumatica.

  Muscles may be tender with palpation, but there will not be any muscle weakness. Labs can help in identifying PMR, but X-rays are normal. An erythrocyte sedimentation rate (ESR) greater than 40 is noted in most all patients with PMR. Other studies show a high C-reactive protein (CPR) is even more specific to PMR. Treatment for PMR is with low dose oral steroids, like prednisone.

Rapid improvement in symptoms occur within a few days of taking prednisone 10 mg - 20 mg daily. Full recovery can happen in about 3 weeks of steroid therapy.

So if you are having new onset of morning stiffness and gelling involving the shoulders, neck, and hips, then ask your doctor to check you for PMR with an ESR and CRP. X-rays will not help to diagnose PMR, but can help to rule out other diseases like rheumatoid arthritis.

Until next time, have a great summer.

J. Vance Vandergriff is a board certified physician with South Strand Internists & Urgent Care. His Pawleys Island office is located next to the Fresh Market.
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By Brian & Cindy Kramer
Spring Dance at the Tradition Pool House!

BS Entertainment (Brian Kramer & Steve Boggess) re-united to host a dance party at the Tradition Pool House on March 23.

Following Shag Dance lessons by Jack and Deborah Mangen from Southside Shag Club, DJ Charlie Glazer played tunes for the young(ish) and old(er). About 60 were in attendance sharing lots of great food, drink and good times on and off the dance floor.
  In honor of the host's 60's birthday, a cake was brought out and everyone sang Happy Birthday. It was a fun event, reminiscent of the early years of Tradition when there were many more community-wide planned events.

The guys are hoping for a few more dance parties in 2018 so don’t sell those dancin’ shoes in the upcoming Tradition yard sale! Many thanks to all who attended!
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Let's Talk About the Weather
(unlike Politics, it is a safe subject)

As I write this article it is mid April and normally by now, I would have put away all my heavy sweatshirts, jeans and boots. But for some reason this year, it hasn't happened. I came home from a trip to California in mid February to very warm temperatures. I thought for sure, it was time to bring out the shorts and tees. But wait, we had another cold spell, then it warmed up, then wait... cold again.

I am by no means complaining, I despise the heat of the summer, having succumbed to so many skin cancer surgeries, I don't spend much time outdoors after 8am. I am enjoying the cooler spring.

Alligators and Turtles on the floating dock on Mingo Lake

Even the alligators this year are confused. April is mating season, yet, they are reluctant to come out of the weeds because the water is so cold. Snakes too, thank goodness, are keeping underground a bit longer this season. Oh, and the palmetto bugs, not missing them either.

I was very excited to see the snow on January 3rd, but after 5 days of slipping and sliding in my driveway, the thrill was gone. It had been a few years since we have seen any snow and I am ok not to see it again for several more years. Again, I don't feel I can complain; we had it far better than many. The northeast has yet to see the end of winter.

As I look at my window at all luscious greenery and azaleas. I can smile, because this is where I want to be. I can wear my jeans and sweatshirts a little bit longer. I don't mind. After 15 years living in Tradition at Pawleys Island, no regrets; I still feel it is the best place on earth.

By John Bartha

As usual, this past year's Tradition Volunteer Program was a definite success. All of our projects were completed within a normal time frame. There was no problem with the gathering of Volunteers. In fact, we had a nice surplus of residents on which to draw with a good percentage of newcomers. It was especially gratifying to see some really good leadership on display.

Presently, we are looking to determine projects for the Program in 2018, and we will welcome recommendations from our Tradition residents about projects which could be handled by volunteers. Please contact me if you have an idea for a project and we will be happy to explore its feasibility.

In the near future, our first and very important project will to celebrate our Tradition Volunteers with the entire Tradition Community invited to share in this event. Our Social Director, Debbie Moeller, will be the Team Leader for the celebration. Shortly she will begin the planning stage and organize committees to make this Gala a memorable event. Not as a surprise to anyone, we will be seeking volunteers to make certain that we accomplish that goal.

So watch for E-Blasts with details and needs to bring off this important and well deserved event.

John Bartha

Some of our neighbors have been around Tradition for more than 20 years, others are more recent. What many of you may not know is that the history of our community lives in these web pages. Twenty years of newsletters are available in the archives as well as minutes from past board meetings.

If you take the time to look at some newsletters of old, you will find photos and stories of people from our younger days, and sadly also of those who are no longer with us. Your will see articles about clubs that once were the talk of the town but for some reason fizzled out and disappeared.

I often refer to the archives just to make sure I am not telling stories I've already told. Let's face it, no one really wants to hear the same stories over and over again. But as we get older, we forget what we have shared and what we have not.
Take a trip down memory lane, visit the archives

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