Pawleys Island, South Carolina Fall/Winter 2006
updated 10/8/2006**
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Pawleys Island, South Carolina FALL/WINTER 2006 EDITION

Aerobics-Joanne Stewart 237-1305
Women’s Bible Study-Loretta Espey 235-3518
Book Exchange-Veronica Bucello 237-7334
Bridge (Ladies)-Suzie Albright 237-1594
Bridge(Marathon)-Danny Phillips 235-9338
Bridge(Men)-Norm Nuding 237-2275
Garden Club-Pat Crimmins 235-6462
Golf-18 holes(Men)-Vince Franco 237-9190
Golf-9 holes(Men)-Bill Huish 237-5631
Golf-18 holes(Women)- Gail McLaughlin 237-1823
Golf-9 holes(Women)-Claudia Krauth 237-7544
Golf-Mixed Tour-Marion Culpepper 235-2993
Golf-Sunday Couples-Dale Guzlas 235-3006
Golf-X Tour - Ernie Heilberg 235-2610
Gourmet Diners Club-Celise McLaughlin 235-8532
Mah Jongg-Lynn Autorino 237-7745
Needleworkers-Loretta Espey 235-3518
Newsletter-Celise McLaughlin 235-8532
Newsletter Advertising-Bill Renault 235-3566
Poker(Men)-Vinny Autorino 237-7745
Telephone Directory-David Philips 237-0494
Tennis(Men)-John Hoover 235-0261
Tennis(Women)-Nancy Malara 235-9344
Water Aerobics-Juanita Moore 235-2342


Buildings & Grounds/Pool/Tennis Courts
    Bob Brown at
Social Activities
    Harry Stewart 237-1305
    Tom Ellison 235-8071
Covenants Committee
    Jeanette Renault 235-3566
Architectural Review Board
    Vince Civitarese 237-3568

Holiday Golf Tournaments
The second of three holiday golf tournaments, 4th of July Scramble, was attended by 72 players.

Ed & Joan Sheldon with Carolyn & Dick Pacella - Winners July 4th
The pre-Memorial Day tournament had 96 players. The pre-Labor Day scramble will be played on Sunday September 3rd.

Presently these are the only activities scheduled. Any future activities will be posted on the web site and a flyer will be delivered to your home.

Any resident who would like to put together a particular activity for the community can call Harry Stewart @ 237-1305 for assistance.

The Newsletter is published by and for the Homeowners of the Tradition Community.
Hard Copy Fall/Winter Edition is scheduled to be delivered to your door mid August

Next Newsletter February 2007
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By Frank D'Amato

The community has experienced a very busy summer. I would like to update everyone on the street maintenance as well as various other topics of interest.

As you know the seal coating for 2006 has been completed. There were several areas that were patched prior to seal coating. As I write this letter, we are in the process of cleaning some of the over spray. The streets received both a squeegee coat and a spray coat. I want to thank Bob Brown for all his hard work and the many hours he devoted to this project.

This was our first experience with this type of road maintenance and we learned a great deal as we progressed through the operation:
  1. The project lasted longer than planned by the contractor. (Equipment problems)
  2. We attempted, on a daily basis, larger areas than could be completed.
  3. The whole operation went better when we entirely shut down a street.
  4. Residents toward the rear of the community insisted on using the front entrance/exit when the Kings River entrance/exit would have helped the operation.
  5. Folks drove through cones, drove on curbs and even into driveways before the sealer dried.
  6. Folks to the rear of the community did not ask their service people to use the Kings River entrance/exit.
I do not want residents to think that there was not a great deal of cooperation. Most residents did everything we asked and more and the Board wants to thank you all. The above comments were a learning experience, so that next years work will run more smoothly.

Moving on:
A storm water drain developed a leak on a homeowner’s property and caused a large sink hole. It was necessary to hire a contractor who does our drainage work and repair the problem. The cost was $2,745. It was determined that this was more shoddy work by Centex. The money came from our Reserve Fund. I will discuss with Centex but do not count on any help.

On Friday, June 16th, a health fair was held at the pool house by Georgetown Hospital. Sixty three residents attended and had several types of blood work performed and received results through the mail. We considered this a success and we are now planning a fall session with the hospital for residents to receive flu shots. We will keep you posted as to the timing. If you want us to continue this type of service you must show us by attending or we will consider this a waste of time.  Thank you to resident, Frank Walsh, who championed this event.

I am asking residents not to be offended when someone asks you if you are a resident and/or a guest at the pool. I was forced to ask Willbrook people to leave as they were using an old key from when they previously lived in the Tradition. They liked our pool better.

The board has decided to reduce the number of newsletters (4) per year to (3) per year.

The River Club has alerted us of break ins to cars parked in driveways overnight. I have placed information on the website. Those of you, who have a computer, should be checking the Tradition website periodically for information. Our resident, Vince Franco, has done an outstanding job with our web.

As of June 30th the Operating budget is on track. However, we have been forced to spend more than planned from the Reserve fund to cover unexpected drainage issues.

I hope everyone is having a great summer.

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Convenants Committee
By Jeanette Renault

Meets 7:00pm Second Tuesday
Lawns take on new problems with summer and we all seem to have our share attempting to solve them. Keeping the lawn edged and neat goes a long way to improve appearance.

Your Covenants Committee recently completed a successful rust survey. We sent out letters with suggestions to help deal with this insidious problem. Rust is with us and is not going away. Being vigilant in cleaning is the only way to keep up with it. Please include your gutter pans when cleaning.

Some suggestions from the committee:
  1. Spray Round-up on crevices/curbs where weeds tend to sprout
  2. Roof cleaning is controversial; opinions vary as to whether or not it is beneficial to remove mold/mildew/moss. Sometimes there is damage to shrubs. Roof cleaners phone numbers are available upon request
  3. Animal control number is 546-5102
  4. Utility companies need to have access to power boxes, but we suggest frontal shrub screening between boxes and the street
  5. Store or screen garbage cans except on days of pick up
  6. Lawn chairs should not remain in front of the home

Volunteer Recognition

Webmaster Extraordinare
Architectural Review Board
By Vincent Civaterese

Meets 7:00pm Third Tuesday
View and Print the ARB Application
from the internet

A great number of permit requests are being processed this summer. Mostly for tree removal because of the hurricane season upon us.

I would like to take a few moments of your time to remind everyone that your applications should be turned in to someone on the ARB two weeks prior to our meeting dates. We have tried to accommodate people when there is some reason for a speedy approval. These approvals have caused some board members extra time and inconvenience. We would like to prevent this from happening as much as possible. Please try to make your applications in a timely manner to give the ARB time to review your request.

The ARB is also starting a complete review of the guidelines with some revisions possible. This is being done in conjunction with other committees in order to update our covenants. If you have any suggestions about ARB or other committees, please let someone know your thoughts so that they can be considered. is the tradition community website. What other community experiences the technological advantages that we have? Information at your fingertips, it's all there with a click of a mouse. Who makes all this happen? Vince Franco, webmaster extraordinare.

Besides the website, Vince is involved in many other community activities. He was a former editor of this newsletter and created the online tradition telephone directory. Today he holds the position of president on both the Men's 18 Hole League and the Gold Tee boards. He is a member of the Elks club and Knights of Columbus. Born to Italian immigrants, Vince was raised in Wildwood, New Jersey and was employed by Lucent Technologies. He and wife, Dot, have 2 sons and a daughter and live on Historic Lane. The board of directors and community recognize all the volunteer efforts of Vince Franco. Quality says it all.

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By Bob Brown
The building and grounds committee continues to work diligently around the community. Each of us is responsible to do our part. Below are a couple of issues that have surfaced recently that need to be addressed by the homeowners. We appreciate your help.

Please do not put paint cans or containers out for trash. When the trucks compact your garbage the paint containers rupture and the contents leak onto our streets. Garbage trucks shouldn’t leak but they do. You may have noticed the yellow paint on the road at the corner of Deacon and Tradition Club Drive (at the cart crossing). Please take your containers to the recycle center.

The Recycle center will accept paint containers are as follows:
  1. If the container is empty
  2. If the paint in the container is absorbed
How can you absorb paint? If the container is less than half full, fill it with an absorbent such as cat litter. If the container is more than half full, you will have to divide it into two containers so enough absorbent can be added to soak up the paint.

We should all avoid putting any liquids out for pick-up, use the absorbent method.

The people who maintain the pool say they have to change the filters every two or three days because of too much beach sand in our pool. This is time consuming and affects the life span of the filters and our pump and unecessary expenses. Please use the showers to remove sand from yourselves and anything that might end up in the pool such as toys, rafts, goggles, etc. and ask your guests to do the same.

Tradition is a beautiful community, like no other on the strand, let's keep it that way


Frank D'Amato, President235-8885
Bill Renault, Vice President235-3566
Harry Stewart, Secretary237-1305
Tom Ellison, Treasurer235-8071
Celise McLaughlin, Director235-8532
Jim McPhail, Association Mgr

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Around the Tradition Golf Club..
golf tips
By Steve Dresser

Thumbs Up, Elbows Down
Here’s a quick tip to help you feel the proper setting or cocking of the wrists on the backswing and the subsequent release on the follow through.

Using a 7 iron, put the ball on a tee and plan to take only 3/4 size swings. On the backswing, take the club to the point where your thumbs point to the sky and your elbows point at the ground. Now turn through to the target and create a mirror image on the follow through side. You’ll feel an effortless yet powerful release of the club as your thumbs point up and your elbows point down on both the back swing and follow through. Try it, you’ll like it!
Good luck with your game

Dickie Longpants in shorts
Joan Sheldon in a MUUMUU
Clay Dubose
Tradition General Manager &
Maintenance Superintendent
Summer was a busy season for golf maintenance. We vertical mowed greens and lightly top dressed sand about every 2 weeks; sprayed growth regulators and wetting agents on the greens, tees and fairways about every 3 weeks to help increase water infiltration and reduce grass clippings.
Course Maintenance Six Month Plan
  1. Replace crosstie steps on holes # 3, 7, 8, 12, and 14 with brick steps and landscape
  2. Install a fountain in the pond on # 14 and dye the pond blue
  3. Landscape holes # 2, 3, 10, 12, 14, and 17
  4. More irrigation heads around the golf course in areas that currently receive poor coverage
  5. Open the extended # 10 tee for play
  6. Level and sod the championship tee on hole # 15 with a shade tolerant grass
  7. Strip the bermuda grass off the white tee on hole # 17, level the surface and replace with a new grass that should withstand traffic --Let me know what you think of its texture and color after we open the tee
  8. Repair some of the worn areas and cart traffic spots
  9. Replace the split rail with a post and rope system to enable quick change of entry and exit points to cut down on cart traffic damage
I appreciate the care our members give to the golf course filling divots with sand and repairing ball marks; it certainly does make a difference. I ask that you remember to follow the cart signs upon entering and exiting the fairways

If I can be of assistance feel free to contact me by

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By Maureen Lempert, Historian
Ringer Tournament - April 20 and 27
The scoring was low both days, despite a 90 minute rain delay on day two. Results:
1st Place: Daune Barksdale & Vivien Coughlin
2nd Place: Linda Lehmann & Betty Ruff
3rd Place: Penny Pikaart & Maureen Lempert

Most improved (11 strokes over 9 holes) went to Suzanne Strasser and Maryann Keller. A special award went to Betsy Beyma & Kathy MacSorley for their great display of sportsmanship. A big thank you to Celise McLaughlin and her Committee for a great tournament.
Ladies Shoot Out - July 16
18 Ladies competed in the annual shoot out tournament on a blazing hot July afternoon under the watchful eyes of 100+ family and friends. Teams were eliminated one by one ending in a shoot out chip-off on the 9th hole.

Winners: Joan Sheldon & Dot Franco
2nd Place:Nancy Malara & Linda Lehmann
Member/Member Tournament - June 22
Great scoring and a hole in one (Pat D'Amato on #2) dominated the day as hot and sunny conditions provided a great environment to shoot at pins. Results:
Low Gross
1st: Joan Sheldon & Betty Ruff
2nd: P. D’Amato & M. Lempert
Low Net
1st: Daune Barksdale & Joanne Kendall
2nd: Nancy Malara & J. Stewart
3rd: C. McLaughlin & Donna Culver
4th: S. Strasser & Lucy Hajec
A special thank you to Ed Sheldon, Harry Hunt and their “kitchen gang” for preparing a wonderful lunch for us following the round. Our thanks to Daune Barksdale and Joanne Kendall for a great tournament.

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Member/Guest Tournament - May 18th

Twenty-Two teams participated in a format of one low net per two-some.
Great weather and course conditions were reflected in the final results:

Low Gross Winners

1st: Maureen Lempert & C. Barksdale
2nd: Joan Sheldon & J. Locascio
Low Net Winners

1st: Pat D’Amato & Suz Conrad
2nd: Dot Ellison & J. Salfi
3rd: Carolyn Pacella & F. Leone
4th: Sally Russell & T. Brownrigg
5th: Celise McLaughlin & Sue Guzlas
A special award went to Sue Belbutowski for her display of sportsmanship.
Great job by Suzanne Connell, Linda Lehmann and committee.
Hole #2
Pat D'Amato
Hole #2
Joanne Stewart
Future tournaments and results can be found on the TLGA Tournament Webpage
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By Steve Kronski
The Dog Days of Summer, normally upon us in August, arrived early this year as evidenced by the conditions during the qualifying rounds of the President’s Cup tournament on July 10th and 17th. The casual observer might have noticed many drenched retirees traversing the Tradition Golf Course looking as if they just got out of the community pool.

Since our last publication several events have taken place as follows:

Memorial Masters—Played in a Stableford format over a two-week period on 4/10 and 4/17 the results were as follows: 1st Place-Martyn Collis, 2nd Place-Tom Cardea, 3rd Place-Norm Nuding

The writer’s earlier predictions, regarding the profile of our winners: “around 65 years of age---gray-haired or balding---slightly/moderately over weight etc” were right on the money. This Swami makes Karnack look like an amateur.

Member/Member---In typical fashion our members paired up and then teed up in this two-week event (6/12 & 6/19) with the opening round format being 9 holes of alternate shot and 9 holes of Captain’s Choice. The second round followed with 18 holes of two-man, best ball. Congratulations to the winners:
1st- Autry Moore and Roger Hart
2nd- Bud Knittel & Rudy Schwarz
3rd- Andy Spaschek & Ron Eaglin

Member/Spouse--- With nary a trace of marital disharmony the Member/Spouse tournament took place on Friday, 6/23, followed by a delicious lunch prepared by Debbie Jackson and the Tradition Club staff. Format was: team Captain’s Choice. First place honors went to the team of Duane and Larry Barksdale who, not only won this event, but also seem to win just about every 50/50 that’s held in the Grand Strand area. Someone alert the IRS.

Daune & Larry Barksdale
  Black Tee Tournament—Also played over two weeks (5/1/5 & 5/22) this torturous annual event lived up (or down) to expectations. Winners as follows:
Gross: 1st-Autry Moore 2nd-Alan MacDonald
3rd-Tom Swanson
Net: 1st- Jim Pearson 2nd-Tom Cardea
3rd- John McLaughlin
As part of the Black Tee event your Men’s Club started what may become an annual tradition with Dick Culver preparing his world (perhaps just Ohio) famous pancakes. Ably assisted by Debbie Jackson and Ed Sheldon in the kitchen with Jack Ross, Don McDowell, Jim Conway, John McLaughlin and Bill Renault; the morning of 5/15 proved to be enjoyable and a great way to assuage the horrors of the first round of the Tournament.

President’s Cup--- The qualifying rounds were finished in July and the top eight net scorers then faced off in a match play format to determine our 2006 President’s Cup winner. The bracketing, with matches starting on Monday July 24th were as follows:
Upper Bracket: Dave Philips VS Dick Culver
Wayne Johnson VS Dick Hajec
Lower Bracket: Bud Knittel VS Tom Cardea
Frank D’Amato VS Ron Brugge

Second round matches were scheduled for Monday, July 31st, with the finals slated for Monday, August 7th. Good luck wishes were extended to all players.

A riddle from the staff:
Pick a number from one-ten, and then double it
Now take your number and add twenty (20) to it
Then divide by two
Now subtract the number you started with.
What is your answer?
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Gold Cup Championship
Hampered by a failing memory and a whopping case of facial shingles that made the writer look like Carmen Basilio on a BAD day, this event, initially scheduled for Monday 6/26, was completely overlooked and, therefore, did not take place. As of this writing, we have re-scheduled the event for Monday, 8/14 which, by coincidence, was followed by a pizza party at the club. Details regarding this re-scheduled event were advertised on the Men’s Club web site.

Tradition Men's Club Annual Member/Guest Tournament
August 18th & 19th
The field was finalized and 34 teams, divided by handicap index into six flights, were set to square off in matches starting with three nines on Friday, August 18th. The final two matches will take place on Saturday, August 19th with the six individual flight winners then matching strokes in a Sudden-Death, elimination play off starting on hole #18 and then on to hole #13 (repeat if necessary).

As of this writing 126 members and guests are scheduled to attend the kick-off dinner at Kimbels Restaurant on Thursday evening, 8/17; a night to include dining/dancing and some spirited wagering as participants try to predict winners in each individual flight. There might even be some adult beverages somewhere in the mix and attendees were cautioned not to let themselves be over-served.

A recap of the individual Flights was posted at the club during regular Monday play on August 14th to give our members the chance to pick their winning team(s).

Stay in touch with your TMGC web site for upcoming major events with the Club Championships, Ringer Tournament and Two-Man team Shoot-Out on the schedule for the balance of our season.

Congratulations from the Men’s 18-hole Association to the winning team of Joan Sheldon and Dot Franco, as well as all of the other participating Tradition ladies, for a job well done in their team Shoot-Out, held on Sunday, July 16th. The quality of play was great and the birdies were flying while the crowd was treated to a wonderful tournament, followed by pizza and beverages at the club.

Dick Hajec
Jim McKay
Hole #2
Allan McDonald
Hole #5

The riddle answer is--------- TEN!!!
Have a nice day.

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The Summer Gold Tee dinner featuring Eddie Sheldon’s famous Chicken Parmigiana was held on June 20th. Assisting Eddie was Harry Hunt and the kitchen crew consisting of the usual suspects: Vinnie Esposito, John McLaughlin, Bill Kendall, Ron Brugge, Jack Starrick, Ernie Sementilli, Bob Thompson, Jack Ross, Jim Conway, Jerry Bucello, Tom Ellison, and Martin Robic.

The meal was wonderful and a good time was had by all. Some of the guys even took a dip in the pool after dinner.

The Gold Tee 4th Annual Member Spouse Partner Tournament was held on July 12th. It was a great day starting with a shotgun start of ninety two players.

The winners (show below) were Vivian and Dan Coughlin, Kathleen and Jack Ross, Mary Jane and Jim Conway, and Betty and Big Al Ruff.

Closest to the pin honors went to Gloria Starrick, Sue Guzlas, Dick Pacella, and Roy MacSorley.

By Vince Franco

The traditional Gold Tee underwear was won by Marty Robic, Roy MacSorley and Danny Coughlin. Lucky Daune Barksdale won the grand drawing prize. Paul Kelly was the Master of Ceremonies.

The after golf party included a delicious cookout prepared by the golf club.

Upcoming events:
The 5th Annual Gold Tee Tournament will be on September 13th.
The Tradition Gold Tee Golf Association is composed of a great bunch of guys who play nine holes of golf from the gold tees on Wednesdays. Our primary purpose is to have fun, enjoy good fellowship and improve our golfing skills. Players of all handicaps are welcome.

Contact Bill Huish at 237-5631 if you are interested in joining us. Bill takes pictures of our winning teams each week. The pictures are then placed on our web site:


When you can't cook due to surgery or illness;
Your Neighbors will help
Contact Claudia Krauth at 237-7544

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Nine Hole Ladies Golf Assoc
By Jeanette Renault

The Nine Hole Ladies continue making a good show by turning out on Tuesdays. Scores continue to improve, and we see more pars on our scorecards. Yeah!

May 23rd we celebrated our Member/Member with an herb theme. Many lucky players went home with a fresh herb to add to their garden. There was a bit of trading going on for the herbs of choice.

Our family outing on June 6 was a gourmet delight at the pool clubhouse. Members outdid themselves with appetizers to desserts. A few extra pounds were definitely added, hopefully to those muscles that propel the golf swing.
We hosted the South Strand Nine Hole Golf Tournament at Tradition on July 18th. Sixty-two ladies played a nine hole Captain's Choice in a shot-gun format. Despite a heat index of 97 everyone played well and enjoyed a delicious luncheon prepared by the Tradition Club. No club could have done it better; congratulations to Sue Guzlas and her committee for this successful day.

Jane Barbour & Team - First Place South Strand

The Sadie Hawkins tournament will have been held on August 12th weather permitting. For results see the online newsletter.

Upcoming events:
9/19: Together with 18 Hole Ladies

Sadie Hawkins Tournament
The Sadie Hawkins Tournament was played on August 12th. Despite a few small intermittent showers, the weather was perfect. 76 golfers participated and several others arrived later for the post tournament feast and festivities. Great awards and raffle prizes were given with donations going to local charities. Kudos to Sue Guzlas and her committee for a fabulous day.



Marathon Bridge

Marathon Bridge on the Waccamaw Neck has grown since 1999 from one section of 10 pairs of mixed players to four sections of 40 pair of ladies and one section of 10 couples. Marathon Bridge involves one pair hosting another pair to play 24 hands of Bridge each month September through May. The total scores are sent to a central location where a running score is kept until the marathon is over.

In June everyone will attend an event for the presentation of prizes. This format has been very popular, and we continue to grow. If you or someone you know might be interested next year, please call Danny Phillips @ 235-9338. We are especially looking for a few more couples for the Couples Marathon.

Thursday Men's bridge

Men play bridge on Thursday afternoons at 1PM at a different player's home each week. If you are interested in playing with this group, please give Norm Nuding a call 237-2275.
First Friday
Night Bridge
Come join your friends and neighbors for an evening of bridge. We meet on the first Friday evening of the month @ 7:00 p. m. Bring a snack if you wish and your drink of choice. We are looking forward to seeing you. Please call Danny Phillips @ 235-9338 or E-mail to make your reservation.

Wednesday Afternoon bridge

Everyone is invited who may be interested in coming to the clubhouse for an afternoon of "rubber bridge". We really do have a lot of laughter and fellowship every Wednesday afternoon from 12:30 to 4:00. Please call Suzie Albright at 237-1594 or Elsie Siebert at 235-8429 so we know how many people will be playing. Hope to see you there!!

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Mixed Golf Tour
By Marion Culpepper

Below lists two golfing events coming up this season. Events are open to all Tradition community residents and guests are welcome to join in your foursome. Players who sign up as singles or couples will be paired with other golfers. Sign up in the Tradition Club Members’ room; checks are payable to TCMGT.
2006 Schedule
$37 8/25/2006 Pawleys 12:32 PM
$52 9/8/2006 Grande Dunes 9:00 AM

Tradition Gourmet Diner's Club
Final Season Kickoff
Best of the Beach
featuring recipes adapted from local restaurants
Tradition Owners Club House
August 16, 2006 from 5:30 to 7:00pm
Call for reservations Celise McLaughlin 235-8532
Purchase your recipe books for $5.00
Sign up for hosting dates

DOCK OF THE BAY - September 20th
Latitude 22o-Cap't Dave Dockside-Bovine's-Sea Captain's

SHORE TO PLEASE - November 8th
Franks Outback-Tidewater Grill-Taste Buds-Side Wheeler

A PAIR TO REMEMBER - January 17th
Fusco's-Smokey Bones Barbeque-City Bar-Hook's

Bubba’s-SeaBlue-Bella Napoli-Magnolia’s at Sunset Beach
The Tradition Garden Club News
By Pat Crimmins
The Tradition Garden Club wants you!
And you will be so pleased! Our ever-growing Tradition Garden Club will begin its 10th year on Tuesday, September 12th in the Residents’ Club House.

A social half-hour will begin at 9:00 AM followed by our first sensational speaker of the year. The topics planned are varied, each exciting in its own way, ranging from Garden Design 101, African Violets, snakes and possibly even Vitex.

You will want to be part of this energetic group and not miss a single program. An information flyer will be distributed in your mail slots around Labor Day.

Officers and Committee Chairpersons for this anniversary year are:
President Pat Crimmins
Vice President Mildred Culpepper
Secretary Regina Wichrowski
Treasurer Loretta Espey
Jeanette Renault &
Bonnie Eaglin
Membership Betty Farley
Programs Merry Cotton & Joan Wood
Projects Regina Wichrowski
Social Joan Baker, Betty Seibert & Reyn Steadman
Sunshine Ann MacDonald
Ways and Means Nori Thompson
We do hope you will join us

Aerobic Exercises
Water Aerobics will continue through the month of September, weather permitting.
The Walk and Talk group will start up in October.

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Telephone Directory Updates
As of Oct 2, 2006

Name Phone Address
Delete Testerman Bob Pat 235-2007 66 Historic Lane
Roberson Lanny & Patsy 235-0118 67 Historic Lane
Condon Frank & Therese   150 Deacon Drive
Bisbano Bob & Phyl 237-3142 28 Opera Court
Chepy Ken & Cathy 237-2051 1475 Tradition Club Drive
Haslacher Ludwig & Marianne 235-9196 13 Crab Trap Court
Logan Andrew & Melissa   38 Opera Court
Add Rucker Eric & Bernice   66 Historic Lane
Walker Ethel   67 Historic Lane
Gallup Carol   150 Deacon Drive
Jackubowski Thomas & Lynn   28 Opera Court
Quadrozzi William & Elaine   1475 Tradition Club Drive
Mahon John & Sally   13 Crab Trap Court
Swontek J. Thomas & Maxine   38 Opera Court
Correction Hayes Paul & Janice 237-3832 341 Historic Lane
McLaughlin Kelly & Gail 237-1823 50 Basketmaker Court
Schreiber Tom & Mary Ann 237-3101 56 Alexander Glennie Drive
McElroy Bill 237-5523 694 Tradition Club Drive
McElroy Jean 655-1645 694 Tradition Club Drive

The tradition telephone directory has a new point of contact:
David Philips, 237-0494,

A BIG thank you to David Toelkes for maintaining the directory for so many years.

If interested in playing
Call Lynn Autorino 237-7745
Fridays from 10 AM to 12 Noon
at the Resident's Clubhouse
Call Loretta Espey @235-3518

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Courtesy of the Red Cross

Georgetown County Information Hotline
(for the latest storm information):
available 24 hours a day when EOC is activated

Georgetown County Emergency Preparedness
Phone: 843-545-3273
S C Department of Transportation Information
1-888-877-9151 Toll Free
Evacuation & Shelter Information
1-866-246-0133 Toll Free
WYAK 103.5 FM WJYR 92.9 FM
WLMC 1470 AM WKZQ 101.7 FM
WSYN 106.5 FM WGEO 105.7 FM
WGTN 1400 AM NWSRadio 162.5


Pleasant Hill Elementary School
127 School House Drive (Hwy 513)

Andrews Elementary School
13072 County Line Road (Hwy 41)

For shelter information, contact the Georgetown County Chapter of the American Red Cross

Transportation to an emergency shelter will be provided on a limited basis if you have no other means to get to a shelter. Call the Emergency Preparedness Department for information on availability of transportation.
Pawleys Island Pick-up points
Waccamaw Middle School - Sandy Island Road
Waccamaw Elementary School - Waverly Road
St. Mary´s AME Church - Hwy 17
  • Plan an evacuation route. Be prepared to drive 20 to 50 miles inland to locate a safe place
  • Have disaster supplies on hand: flashlight and portable battery-operated radio and extra batteries; first aid kit; emergency food and water for at least 3 days; manual can opener; essential medicines; cash and credit cards
  • Make arrangements for pets. Pets are not allowed in official shelters
  • Fuel up and service your vehicles
  • Protect your home. Secure lawn furniture and garbage cans
  • Trim back dead or weak branches from trees. Clear clogged drain gutters and downspouts
  • Develop an emergency communication plan
  • Stay tuned to local television and radio stations for emergency information
  • Stay inside a well-constructed building. Stay away from windows and doors even if they are covered
  • Go to an interior first floor room, closet or under the stairs
  • Be alert. Tornadoes are often spawned during hurricanes
  • Wait until an area is declared safe before entering. Roads may be closed for your protection. Do not drive in flooded areas
  • Check gas, water and electrical lines & appliances for damages
  • Avoid using candles and other open flames indoors. Use a flashlight to inspect for damage
  • Use the telephone to report life-threatening emergencies only
  • If plugging a generator into your home electrical system, disconnect your main breaker to prevent electrocution of personnel working on power lines
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Aerobics* 9:00 a.m.
Bible Study 10:00 a.m.
MAH JONGG 7:00 p.m.
Aerobics 9:00 a.m.
Ladies Bridge 12:00 p.m.
Aerobics 9:00 a.m.
Needlework 10:00 a.m.
*Water Aerobics ends September 30th

First Tuesday
Second Tuesday
Third Wednesday
Fourth Thursday
First Friday
Last Thursday
Building & Grounds Meeting 7:00 p.m.
Garden Club 9:00 a.m. & Covenants Meeting 7:00 p.m.
A.R.B. Meeting 7:00 p.m.
B.O.D. Meeting 8:00 a.m. or 4:00 p.m.
Duplicate Bridge 7:00 p.m.
Men's Poker 7:00 p.m.

12 & 14

Pre-Labor Day Scramble
Mixed Golf Tour at Grande Dunes
TLGA President's Cup Tournament
Gourmet Diner's Club 6 p.m. "Dock of the Bay"
10 & 12
TLGA Club Championship
Gourmet Diner's Club 6 p.m. "Shore to Please"
Veteran's Day
Thanksgiving Day
Men's Shoot Out Party 6p.m.
Men's Shoot Out Tournament
Men's Club Ringer Tournament Round 2
Men's Club Ringer Tournament Round 2
Christmas Day

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