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Pawleys Island, South Carolina

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Bridge(Marathon)-Danny Phillips 235-9338
Bridge(Men)-Norm Nuding 237-2275
eTreasure@Tradition Lori Doherty 237-1624
Garden Club-Mildred Culpepper 235-2993
Golf-18 holes(Men)-Vince Franco 237-9190
Golf-9 holes(Men)-Bill Huish 237-5631
Golf-18 holes(Women)- Joan Sheldon 235-2357
Golf-9 holes(Women)-Pat Bowen 235-8981
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Covenants Committee
    Jeanette Renault 235-3566
Architectural Review Board
    Vince Civitarese 237-3568

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Frank D'Amato, President235-8885
Bill Renault, Vice President235-3566
Tom Ellison, Secretary235-8071
Celise McLaughlin, Treasurer235-8532
Ron Eaglin, Director235-9160

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Sunday, Dec 9
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Happy Holidays from the Tradition Board of Directors

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By Frank D'Amato
As I write this letter, it is early September and by the time you receive this newsletter, it may be the end of October.

I hope everyone along with their family and guests enjoyed the pool this summer. The pool appeared to have a great deal of activity. I hope you enjoyed the cleaner water and the new look around the deck. We had just a few issues this year that need mentioning. Please do not dive in the pool nor bring glass of any kind inside the pool fence. Also, bicycles should remain outside the fence to keep the pool area safe for small children. We are also finding cigarette and cigar butts on the ground. We will ask folks to leave the premises and possibly fine violators if people are too lazy to use the garbage facilities.

Celise McLaughlin, who is currently filling the board position vacated by Ginni Swenson, has decided not to run for her current seat on the board in February. Anyone interested in running for this years open board seat should contact any board member before the October 25th board meeting. I know we have talented people out there and the community needs you to step up and give us three years of service.

Building and Grounds manager:
I hope everyone read the flyer that was placed in mailboxes regarding the need to fill the building and grounds position now held by resident Bob Brown. I can not begin to give Bob his just rewards for the outstanding job he has done for the community. He was on top of every aspect of our common property and was often observed out and about at 6: 00 a.m. Bob treated the community as though it was his own personal property. As I mentioned in the flyer, Bob and his wife Anne are relocating to North Carolina to be nearer their son, daughter-in-law and grandchildren.

I am hoping a resident steps forward and fills this very important position. We have been very lucky in the past to have two talented and concerned individuals manning this activity. The B&G manager directs the activities of our contractors to assure we are receiving our monies worth and the aesthetics remain up to our standards. At this writing, I have four candidates interested.

Willbrook Boulevard:
Regarding the traffic on Willbrook Boulevard: We continue, along with the School Board and the County, to wait for the traffic study. I am sure I will have more information down the road. No pun intended.

We continue to observe dog owners walking their pets without doggie bags. This is not acceptable. We are also finding doggie bags being discarded in the garbage containers next to the golf course tee boxes, on common grounds and in fellow resident’s garbage cans. These offenses are not o.k. and will generate a fine from the board. Folks, enjoy your pets but respect your neighbors.

This spring we sponsored a community garage sale. It was a one day, four hour event, held at individual homes. The idea was to help people from having to move articles from their home to the pool parking lot and then back again. The majority of feedback was favorable. The only concern to date is with folks parking on residents lawn sprinklers. If you have comments, please make sure you express them to a board member.

This summer we experienced a drought that was not favorable to lawns. The heavy use of well water has led to excessive rust problems. The board wishes to thank residents who spent an exceptional amount of time and money to maintain their lawns, sidewalks, driveways and curbs. Many lawns look great. This proves it can be done with attention. The board realizes that centipede grass is not easy to maintain. We also realize that those of you using wells have a difficult time with rust. However, you must take whatever steps necessary to keep your property up to standards.

As the Covenants committee contacts those property owners who are lax in their landscaping, we are discovering more and more properties that do not have watering systems. Unfortunately, you do not have a chance for your lawns to survive during the hot season in South Carolina without proper watering. The board has decided to go after these owners and require they address the issue. We are also now cutting and trimming yards of absentee property owners who fail to routinely maintain their property. They are being billed by the property manager. No one should have to live next store to a lawn that is mostly dirt and has 18 inch high weeds. As the season ends, the next couple of months will be a great time to remove rust and repair mailboxes.

Please save yourself and the association a great deal of time and money by discussing any plans you may have to alter your outside house appearance and landscaping with the ARB.

Again, please check your mailboxes and the community web site for information from the board of directors and other community activities.

Sorry to have to beat on people but our property values are even more important than in past years as property values are decreasing due to the current housing market. We need to keep the community upscale.

You will be hearing from us now and then prior to the February home owners meeting, regarding the budget, the open board seat and the open building and grounds position.

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By Bob Brown
There have been complaints that over grown shrubbery next to the sidewalks makes it difficult to walk or ride a bike. I will take care of this problem at the common areas. The walkers and bike riders would appreciate it if the homeowners who have sidewalks along their property would do the same.

As some of you may know, I am going to be leaving my position as Building & Grounds Manager soon.

I wanted to let you know of some projects that have been put in place for 2008. The following have been approved by the board of directors and are to be funded out of the reserve fund:
  • Phase III of the sealcoating project
  • Install new tile at the entrances in the clubhouse
  • Install a tile dance floor in the clubhouse
  • Replace the water fountain in the clubhouse
  • A large screen TV and DVD in the club house.
  • A new fountain at the back pond.
  • Install new locks at the swimming pool entrance, tennis courts and restrooms*
*New keys will be issued and they will be unable to be copied at the local hardware stores. Additional keys will have to be purchased through the Building & Grounds Manager. The keys will be numbered so that they can be traced. Hopefully this will eliminate the use of our pool by unauthorized persons.

The following projects should be able to be completed out of the Building & Grounds yearly budget.
  • Hydra-seeding where needed in common areas
  • Cut back shrubbery growth at the back entrance

I have thanked a number people many times and I wish to thank them again for all their help for the past two years. I hope you will extend this courtesy to the new Building & Grounds Manager.

I have enjoyed this job and hope that you have been satisfied with my efforts.

Bob Brown
You gave your heart and soul to the community. With heartfelt thanks, we wish you peace.

Tradition Men’s Tennis
Join us for tennis at the Tradition Tennis Courts on Tuesday and Thursday mornings.
8:30 a.m. Nov thru Feb
8:00 a.m. Mar thur Oct
The format is round robin
The objective is friendly competition.
Everyone who comes out, plays.
John Hoover 235-0261
Tradition Women's Tennis
Women Play Tennis on
At the Tradition Tennis Courts
For more information contact
Nancy Malara 235-9344

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Jeanette Renault

Your Covenants Committee needs your help. We would welcome a couple of volunteers to help keep The Tradition beautiful. We meet once a month for an hour. We have seven areas so none is too large and all are away from your home. One covers the assigned area a couple of times a month to check on anything conflicting with our covenants booklet. This takes only a few minutes (checking can be done while doing errands). There are no face to face meetings; friendly reminders are sent out. If a further reminder is necessary, our management company writes.

We are all neighbors, and our committee is not here to cause grief, but to do our best to keep up the standards of our community and our property values high.

If anyone has recently visited Alston Point in Willbrook and seen the orange iron rust, you will appreciate the importance of our Tradition covenants.

When you can't cook due to surgery or illness;
Your Neighbors will help
Contact Claudia Krauth at 237-7544

Vince Civitarese, Chairman


It was a very quiet and uneventful summer. That is because we have had no threatening weather to date.

Our number of permits is down somewhat from the past with the bulk of them still being for tree removal.

Because things are quiet I would like to remind everyone that the A.R.B. is here to help you through your exterior project permitting process. Remember everything requires a permit with the exception of minor plant replacement. If you are planning any change to the exterior of you home and feel you have questions please do not hesitate to call any of the board members. I think you will find us all willing to assist you in any way possible.

I hope we have the same quiet times for the remainder of the year.

Thank You.

ARB applications are available outside the Resident's Club House in a tube above the glass case. Or you can print your own application from the Tradition website Main Page ARB Application

If you should have any questions, please feel free to call any ARB member.

Buy, Sell, Share... advertise it here. Please include name, phone, address, description of item(s) and asking price. Don't have a computer? No problem! Just drop a hard copy ad in the paper box at 80 Prentice Ct.

Ads are updated twice each month. eTreasures@ Tradition is a non-profit service created by and for the Tradition Community Residents.

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Clay DuBose, CGCS
General Manager/
Golf Course Superintendent
The Tradition Club
Pawleys Island, SC
(843) 241-1721

By the time you receive this the grounds staff will be well on their way in preparing the golf course for winter overseeding. The turfgrass areas which will be seeded this year will be the same as last year with the exception of the greens surrounds, they will be left to go dormant along with the rest of the rough. During this overseeding time frame, it will be CART PATHS ONLY for approximately two weeks following the fairway overseeding, this is to ensure good consistent germination and to prevent seed from being tracked into the rough areas.

We will be maintaining a mowing height of 2 inches in the rough through out the fall to provide some extra leaf surface in the roughs for the winter months. This means it will be even more important to drive those golf carts in the fairways only, our goal is to keep carts out of the roughs and wooded areas, and we plan to adhere to this policy until further notice. This enables us to grow healthier turf in the shaded areas and controls cart traffic damage which can lead to unsightly dirt spots through out the course, we have worked extra hard this summer in repairing worn areas and installing additional cart traffic control measures.

I really appreciate those members who have accepted this policy as a positive measure in improving the golf course. We will all benefit from this in the long run.

Along with the winter overseeding brings those nice fall temperatures which should provide some great golfing days. As we get closer to the winter season it also brings those cold frosty mornings where frost delays may be encountered. These delays may be annoying at first, but remember we are preserving the golf course for many days to come and we will work hard to get you started as soon as the frost melts and it is determined safe to be played on. This short delay could save you a few strokes in a round later down the road by preserving the grass on the greens during a fragile period.

On another note, we still have some folks within the community who continue to cut down, trim, or remove vegetation that is on golf course property. In one particular instance we have had someone destroy thousands of dollars worth of Ligustrum and Wax Myrtle plants that border the cart paths. If you are unsure of where your property lines end and the golf course begins, please contact me before cutting and/or removing any type of plant material as to prevent any further complications and charges billed for destruction of property.

If anyone has any information leading to the conviction of someone destroying or damaging golf course property, please contact me as soon as possible so the authorities can be notified and charges filed for trespassing and destruction of property. This trimming and cutting is in violation of the community covenants and restrictions. I would challenge everyone to work together to help me resolve some of these issues.

I can honestly say its been a rewarding experience for me at The Tradition, I look back and can say "We are not where we wanna be, We are not where we are gonna be, but thank goodness we are not where we used to be". I look forward to serving The Tradition Club, the members, and the community for many years to come, lets all work together to make Tradition the place to be on the south strand.

If you have any questions regarding the golf club or maintenance operations please do not hesitate to contact me.

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By Mildred Culpepper, President

"Hats Off" to Tradition Garden Club 2007-2008

From an attractively, patriotically colored, decorated table, a delicious breakfast, prepared by the new Tradition Garden Club officers, was enjoyed by those in attendance at the clubs first fall meeting, September 11, at the community pool house. A moment of silence was observed to honor Patriots Day.

A special presentation was given by Leslie Graves Moore, Editor of Sasee Magazine, "Power of Woman". Leslie is also celebrating her fifth year in publication of Sasee. If you are not acquainted with Sasee magazine, you are in for a treat. The cost is FREE! Some of our garden club members have been published. Many local stores in Pawleys Island have copies.

Thanks and "HATS OFF" to Tradition Garden Club Officers and Charter members who organized the club ten years ago. The first officers were Myrna Smith, President (deceased); Mary Raab, Vice- President; Ann English, Secretary; Suzie Albright, Treasurer; Nancy Main, Program Chairman; Betty Ruff, Membership; Mary Ann Keller, Social; and Polly Huish, Projects.

Guest speaker Leslie Graves Moore with Mildred Culpepper
Of the original 27 charter members, 19 are still residents of the Tradition community. They may be your neighbor: Jane Barbour, Sandy Blaise, Jackie Boeh, Pat Burg, Lorraine Dwyer, Carol Farley, Judy Gambeski, Flo Gatto, Lucy Hajec, Mary Grace Robic, Joanne Stewart and Regina Wichrowski. Three of the charter members who were active in the organization ten years ago were still active according to our 2006-2007 directory. They are Suzie Albright, Ann English, and Mary Grace Robic.

Our former President, Pat Crimmins was enjoying a trip to Paris and unable to attend the May luncheon. We, therefore, extended our appreciation to her for servicing as President the past two years and selecting the attractive plaque commerating Tradition Garden Clubs Ten Years. It is mounted on the wall in the community pool house.

Some fine Garden Club programs are planned for the year. Choices of the programs were considered per members survey taken at the May Luncheon. Our scheduled October program is Herb Garden. Winter Salad Garden from your Patio Container, Inlet Culinary Gardens, Peter J. Gerace. In November, we plan Creative Cooking with Herbs: Paul Kelly Renault. In December, watch for Tree Decorating Contest at the Litchfield Exchange. I'll surprise you with the great 2008 programs in the next Tradition Publication.

Bring your sunshine and join us at a future Tradition Garden Club meeting.

Telephone Directory
Dave Philips

Anthony & Deborah Lucas to 41 Discovery Lane
Alan & Barbara Pdosek to 607 Tradition Club Drive
Robert & Susan Ruark to 29 Historic Lane
Stephen & Angela Smith to 531 Tradition Club Drive

Mike & Caye Branca from 607 Tradition Club Drive
Spencer Cranford from 531 Tradition Club Drive
Elma DiMona from 47 Basketmaker Court
Pat & Fay Donovan from 41 Discovery Lane
Susan Ebbitt from 47 Basketmaker Court
Cynthia Rockett from 531 Tradition Club Drive
Peggy Spangler from 29 Historic Lane

Jerrydine Schmidt 448 Tradition Club Drive, 237-5417

Billy & Becky Faw: 235-1360,
Linda Gunter: delete phone number
Penelope Pikaart: 47 Basketmaker Court, 359-1956
Harry & Joanne Stewart:

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By Marion Culpepper

This year, The Tour played at Wedgefield, Prestwick, Rivers Edge, Caledonia, and Grande Dunes golf courses and may yet schedule another course in early November. The Grande Dunes Outing was one of the most successful in The Tour's 5 year history with 56 players and over 50 at our Italian dinner afterwards.

Next year, we plan to play 4 or 5 courses. True Blue is booked for early February with the rest of the schedule to be announced later. By the way, we are considering playing some courses in Charleston or out-of-town locations during the Grand Strand's prime seasons.

The Mixed Tour is open to all residents of Tradition and their guests. If you want to be included in our announcements and we don't have your e-mail address let us hear from you. Our Board of Directors are: Tom Bowen, Tom Ellison, Clare Kelly, John McLaughlin, Marty Robic, Elliott Dodson, and me, Marion Culpepper.

Bonnie Eaglin & Mildred Culpepper at Grande Dunes

Fridays 10am to Noon
Call Loretta Espey
Lynn Autorino

By Jeanette Renault
The Nine Hole Ladies invite all who are looking for a relaxing, fun 9 hole format to join us. Please contact our president, Pat Bowen, or any 9 hole member. We welcome you!

We recently participated in the annual Sadie Hawkins tournament hosted by the 18 Hole Ladies. Our congratulations to the 18 Holers for the 'best ever' run tournament.

On July 31 we met for breakfast on the back porch of True Blue. We had 'fifty yard line' seats to watch the golfers hitting into the 18th green. Pat Crimmins won the prize of the day, golf for 4 at Burning Ridge Golf Club. We are considering more social activities, possibly dinner out once a month, a pizza party after golf.

Our next at home tournament is set for September 25, "Bring A Friend To Golf Day". Social Chairperson Joan Murren is well into organizing prizes, favors and food to make this a special event for our friends.

South Strand 9 Hole Ladies Invitational will be October 18 at Wachesaw Plantation. Contact Sue Guzlas.
For more information visit our webpage at:

Ladies Bridge Wednesday 2:30 to 4:00
Contact Suzie Albright at 237-1594
for more information


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By Kathy MacSorley, Historian
This years Low Gross/Low Net MEMBER-MEMBER TOURNAMENT held on June 21sT was Chaired by Dot Ellison and Dot Franco.

The “Dots” planned a creative “Casino Royale” theme that gave all the members a shot at a winning poker hand.

Each team had a deck of cards. As players earned or lost cards on each hole for birdies, pars, or bogeys they tried their luck for the best card hand along with their skill for the best golf score.
  Oh yes, GOLF! The winners were:

1ST PLACE: Pat D’Amato and Maureen Lempert
2nd PLACE: Gail McLaughlin and Joan Sheldon

1st PLACE: Betty Ruff and Suzanne Strasser
2nd PLACE: Carolyn Pacella and Daune Barksdale
3rd: PLACE: Dot Franco and Pat Cocuzza
4th PLACE: Clare Kelly and Penny Pikaart

On August 11th more fun was created by committee members Lori Doherty, Sue Guzlas, Dot Ellison and Dot Franco. Everyone enjoyed having fun with the guys on Sadie Day, especially the winners:

Lori Doherty and Craig Monaghan
Sue Guzlas and John McLaughlin
Amy Monaghan and Jim McKay
Clare Kelly and Wes Benefield
Gloria Starrick and Bob Thompson
Betty Ruff and Jim Pearson

Winner Debbie Massie with President Joan Sheldon


President's Cup

The Presidents Cup Tournament was held on September 11 and 13th. A 2 hole play-off was needed to declare the winner of the low net tournament. The honors went to :
First Place: Debbie Massie
Second Place: Maureen Lempert
Third Place: Joan Sheldon
Fourth Place: Betty Ruff

Bobbie Fleiss and Gail McLaughlin, along with help from Maureen Lempert, Pat D'Amato, Sandy Blais, Judy Migas, Suzanne Strasser and eveyone else who chipped in to make the tournament and following celebration a special time.

Turns out, Maureen Lempert knows a few things about cooking and she single handedly prepared a wonderful dinner and heavenly dessert for 36 hungry ladies. What a treat!! Thanks Maureen for all you do!


August 2, 2007
Hole #15

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Tradition Men’s Golf Club----by Steve Kronski

Hello out there in the normal golfing land! I am using this report to bring myself up to date with the goings-on with the Men’s 18-hole news, since, as many of you might know, I’ve been somewhat out of touch of late. However, I’ve used this idle time to familiarize myself, not only with the Men’s Club news, but also with the annual plight of the Thanksgiving Turkey. Facing the prospects of being carved in time for the Holidays, I’ve gained a healthy respect for Mr. Tom Turkey!

Our Annual “Black Tee” event was held in June with Dick Pacella winning the “Low Gross” portion of this tough tournament. Larry Barksdale managed to secure a win in the “Low Net” category.

Our Member/Spouse tourney was held on Friday, June 22nd with Joanne and Harry Stewart coming in first after fighting off a strong field of “happy” couples. The event was followed by good food and drink at the Club and a good time was had by all.

On June 25th our “Gold Tee” championships were held with Ron Kemper coming in first after edging out 2nd place finisher Jack Ross and Vince Franco, who finished 3rd.

  In July our two qualifying “President’s Cup” rounds were held on the 9th and 16th, with the top eight finishers squaring off for match play, starting on July 23rd and winding up with the finals of August 6th. Dick Pacella beat 2nd place finisher Len Vercellotti in a tight match, with Jim Pearson coming in 3rd after an equally tough battle against 4th place contender, Dick Hajec.

Due to a very busy schedule in June and July—with regular Monday play and major tournaments compounded by an active Interclub series—we were forced to cancel our Ryder Cup matches against the Reserve. Hopefully, in 2008, we can find a way to include this event in an open spot.

Our Major event---The Member/Guest—was another huge success, with 32 teams participating in this two-day (three day if you count the Thursday practice round) flighted match-play extravaganza. Following Thursday evening’s dinner/cocktails & wagering at Pawleys Plantation the teams, broken down to six flights, began play with 27 holes on Friday and 18 on Saturday.
Flight winners were:
Augusta Flight “A”- Dick Pacella/Dave Rossi
Pinehurst Flight “B” - Howard Krauth/Howie Krauth
Bethpage Flight “C” - Tom Strasser/Paul Hayes
Pebble Beach Flight “D" - Jim Pearson/Mark Brehm
St. Andrews Flight “E" - Jack Ross/John Ross
Royal Troon Flight “F” – Jim Conway/Jimmy Conway

After completion of the two matches on Saturday the flight winners squared off in an elimination Shoot-Out with four teams being eliminated on the 1st hole (#18). Proceeding to the second hole (#13) the team of Jack and John Ross eliminated team Krauth to secure the victory. Interestingly enough, only one team wagered on their own team to win it all and that was---- Team Ross! Congratulations on a great victory.

As this report is being written the 1st qualifier round of our Club Championships has begun, with the 2nd round set for September 17th followed by match play for the top four finishers in each flight. The finals are set for Monday, October 1st. Good luck to all.

Remaining events for 2007 are the Two-Man Shoot Out on November 25th and the two week Ringer tourney on December 4th and 11th.

And now for a little commentary if I may: The Men’s Club Board is seriously/sincerely, and somewhat urgently, looking for volunteers from within our Membership to begin phasing in new management and fresh ideas into the Board. Many of the existing Board members are showing signs of stress and burn out, hence the need for men to step up and work with us towards an easy transition into a NEW MANAGEMENT TEAM!!!!! The work isn’t that hard and procedures are in place to assist you so take a deep breath and contact any member of the Board to indicate your willingness to help our Men’s Club continue its fine tradition of being the best in the area.

Lastly, today, September 10th, was my first day back in Monday play in quite some time. A fresh approach to the burgeoning “keep off the rough” controversy leads me to just suggest that we all take a deep breath and remember to not drive in the rough. Clay has good reasoning for this change and deserves our cooperation. I also wish to ask for his patience with the Men’s Club where feet of clay and declining memories need time to adjust.

Men's Club Member-Guest Tournament Sponsors
Alan Gardner
Candle Creations
Carlo's Car Care Center
Carolina First
Carolina Orthopedic Specialists
Carolina Wings
Cedar Hill Landing
Chuck Wike Golf School
Clearwater Car Wash
Coastal Chevrolet-Cadillac-Nissan
Conch Café
DeRomas Pizzaria
Dick Culver
Fico Chiropractic
Frank D'Amato
G. Sentinal Concrete Coatings
Gator Krawls
Georgetown Golf Cars (Sm Engines)
Golf dimensions
Hot Fish Club
Jim Conway
Lee's Farmers Market
Litchfield Fish House
Litchfield Liquors
Martins PGA Superstore
Mayor's House Restaurant

Nan-seas Massage Center
Old World Italian Restaurant
Pacino's Italian Restaurant
Pawleys Island Glass
Pawleys Island Golf
Pawleys Island Meat Market
Pawleys Wine and Spirits
PawleysAuto Center and Body Shop
Piggly Wiggly
Plantation Federal Bank
Professional Rehabilitation Services
Pryor Landscaping
Quigleys Pint and Plate
ReMax by the Sea - Ann Marie Patterson
Ron Mokrynka
Roz's Rice Mill Café
South Island Steak House
Steve Dresser Golf Academy
Surf the Earth
The Golf Center
Tidelands Chrysler Jeep Dodge
Tile Concepts
Tradition Golf Club
Vinnie Esposito
Weichert Realtor
Wicked Stick Golf Club

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By Vince Franco
Gold Tee Member-Spouse/Partner
July 18, 2007

D. Albright, S. Russell, J McElroy, B. McElroy (Back 9)
A. Ruff, B. Ruff, D. Coughlin, V. Coughlin (Front 9)

The Annual Oktoberfest Gold Tee dinner was held at the Pool House on September 19th. A home made dinner of Sauerbraten and Noodles prepared by our own and Red Cabbage courtesy of Joanne Kendall and Skippy Esposito. The Christmas Party is scheduled for December 11 at Applewoods.
by Tom Ellison

The Tradition Pool House has seen a lot of activity this year. There are 18 groups that use it on a regular basis for various Tradition Club activities. They include such things as aerobics, bible study, needle work, bridge, poker, committee meetings, golf league activities, community parties, art shows, health seminars and garden club. In addition we have had 24 private parties for such things as birthday parties, showers, family reunions, poker and bridge parties, etc.

The pool house (excluding the pool) is available to all Tradition residents for non-profit, non-political events. There is no cost for events that are open to the community. Private events cost $25 plus a $100 returnable deposit following cleanup inspection (Deliver the 2 checks, made out to Tradition Property Owners Association, to Tom Ellison in return for a key.) Please cleanup before you leave and adhere to the detailed regulations posted on the refrigerator. A check-out form is available in the kitchen to report any problems.

In spite of the many activities, the pool house has been maintained in relatively good condition for over 10 years. This reflects the conscientious efforts of our residents. Some upgrades are being considered including a new floor and television with DVD. Let’s continue to enjoy the facility.

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Case For and Against “Fat” Tissue
By Frank and Ken Walsh

Historically, fat protected us from environmental stress such as starvation in times of famine. However, we now live in what some consider to be a food-toxic society, and obesity has become a major health issue in much of the world. In the U.S.A., 71% of men, 61% or women and 33% of children are considered to be overweight.

Obesity is problematic because it increases the risk of diabetes and cardiovascular disease. It is estimated that obesity can contribute to the risk of disease by as much as 20 years of aging. The clinical research community now recognizes that fat cells have an important endocrine function (i.e. fat cells can secrete hormones and other substances that control the behavior of the other essential organs and tissues). For example, adipose (fat) tissue makes and secretes both pro- and anti-inflammatory proteins.

The balance between pro- and anti-inflammatory protein must be maintained for a person’s well being. In the case of obesity, the scale is tipped to an excess of inflammatory protein production. This is bad for the body because chronic inflammation promotes pathological processes that give rise to diabetes and cardiovascular diseases.

Scientists recently have been investigating the function of an anti-inflammatory protein called adiponectin that is produced by fat cells. Surprisingly, lean healthy people make high levels of adiponectin. In contrast obese or diabetic people have low levels of circulating adiponectin.

Scientists now recognize that adiponectin is not just a marker for obesity and diabetes, but it actually functions as a protective protein in the body. They have shown that experimental animals administered adiponectin are less likely to develop diabetes and cardiovascular diseases including atherosclerosis, congestive heart failure and myocardial infarction.

Administration of adiponectin, a natural cardioprotectant produced by “healthy” fat cells could represent a new method for the treatment of cardiovascular diseases. However, it may not be available for a long time, if at all. So, what we can do in the here and now is… You guessed it… Lose weight. As previously stated, lean healthy people make high levels of adiponectin, while obese people make less. Furthermore, clinical studies have shown that losing weight will contribute to a reduction in the risk for diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

We should all consider small lifestyle modifications that could facilitate a loss of 10 pounds by the New Year. For example, cutting out snacks and taking more walks will help achieve this goal. In South Carolina we are blessed with beautiful beaches that are ideal for walking, and we should make more use of this resource. These activities will allow our bodies to function better and reverse the chronic inflammatory processes that contribute to obesity-related diseases.

Ken Walsh is a Professor at Boston University School of Medicine


Summer is over and the water aerobics classes have ended. A big "thank you" to Jane Barbour, Pat Shriver, and Merry Cotton for a fantastic job of instructing our classes.

We will be starting our "Walk and Talk" group on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday @ 9:00 AM meeting at the pool house. During inclement weather we will meet inside for low impact aerobics. Join us, make new friends and get some exercise.

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Women's Tennis 8am
Aerobics 9am
Men's League
Bible Study 10am
Men's Tennis 8:30am
Ladies Nine Hole
Women's Tennis 8am
Aerobics 9am
Ladies Bridge 1230pm
Men's Gold Tee
Men's Tennis 8:30am
Ladies League
Women's Tennis 8am
Aerobics 9am
Needlework 10am
First Tuesday
Second Tuesday
First Wednesday
Third Wednesday
Fourth Thursday
Building & Grounds Meeting 7:00 p.m.
Covenants Meeting 7:00 p.m.
Mexican Train 7:00 pm
A.R.B. Meeting 7:00 p.m.
B.O.D. Meeting 3:00 p.m.

SUNDAY, 28Frogmore Stew Party & Dance (At the Pool House)
WEDNESDAY, 31Halloween
MONDAY, 12Veteran's Day (Observed)
THURSDAY, 22Thanksgiving Day
WEDNESDAY, 5Ladies 18 Hole Awards Luncheon
THURSDAY, 6Men's Club Holiday Party
SATURDAY, 9Par 3 Community Golf Tournament
TUESDAY, 11Gold Tee Holiday Party
TUESDAY, 25Christmas Day
MONDAY, 31New Year's Eve
TUESDAY, 1New Year's Day
MONDAY, 18MLK Day (Observed)
FRI, SATWeekend Art Show TBD - (Jef Sturm & Frank Walsh)
SUNDAY, 3Superbowl Sunday
THURSDAY, 14Valentine's Day
MONDAY, 18President's Day (Observed)
TUESDAY, 26POA Annual Meeting
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