Pawleys Island, South Carolina FALL/WINTER 2008-2009
Pawleys Island, South Carolina  
Fall/Winter 2008-2009 EDITION  
Photo By Celise McLaughlin   
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President POA Board Frank D'Amato 235-8885
Buildings & Grounds Arthur Voltaire 235-8159
Social Activities Ron Eaglin 235-9160
Clubhouse Tom Ellison 235-8071
Covenants Committee Jeanette Renault 235-3566
Architectural Review Vince Civitarese 237-3568

Board of Directors
Frank D'Amato,President 235-8885
Bill Renault, Vice President235-3566
Tom Ellison, Secretary/Treasurer235-8071
Ron Eaglin, Director235-9160
Merry Cotton, Director235-6862
Laura Kniffin Chicora Management272-1123

Board Minutes:

Farmers Market
The Georgetown County Farmer’s Market has moved to a new location. On Saturday, October 25, 2008 and Saturday, November 1, 2008 it will be held on the lawn at East Bay Park. Please come for the end of the season fresh local fruits, vegetables, flowers and plants.

The Newsletter is published by and for
the Homeowners of the Tradition Community
Limited of this edition will be available in print at the Pool House beginning October 17th

All articles are welcome!
Advertisers: contact Bill Renault
Next Newsletter Spring Edition March 2009
Submit articles
or drop in mailbox at 71 Monarch Court

Well, summer has gone by and the water aerobics class was a huge success. A big "Thank You" to Jane Barbour for doing a wonderful job this summer with our Water Aerobics Class. We had a record turn out this year. She gave us a great workout while making it fun. Sorry it has to come to an end with the cooler weather upon us. Thank you again Jane for giving your time and dedication to all us gals. A thank you also to Pat Shriver and Merry Cotton who pitched in when Jane could not be there. Hope to see you all next summer!

Now the holidays will be coming, so before the pounds start piling on, come walk with us. We meet every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at the pool house at 9:00am and walk for approximately 45 minutes.

It's fun, good exercise and gives you an opportunity to meet some of your neighbors. Get out there and move.

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by Frank D’Amato   

I would like to take this opportunity to update everyone as to where your board is at this juncture of 2008.

The Pool and Tennis court locks have been changed and new locks have been distributed. If you continue to be in need of a key, please contact Art Voltaire or myself. The Pool will remain open as long as the weather permits.

New flowers will be planted for the winter when we are sure the weather has changed.

The following major projects are on the board’s agenda:

We are currently examining our insurance policies. New policies will be in place prior to January 2009.

Our take over of 74 acres of wetlands touching current Tradition properties is now in the deed changeover process. This means we are waiting for our attorney to confirm all deeds are filed in the courthouse in Georgetown. Again, there are no charges to the association for this acquisition. The yearly tax bill will be approximately $60.00.

A new and updated Covenants Book will be presented to property owners in February. The Covenants Book is a short version of our By-Laws that property owners and renters can use as a guideline for all activities in the community.

I am writing this letter in late September and by the time you receive it, we may have already held the town hall meetings on the Capital Improvement Program. The meetings are scheduled for Tuesday October 14 and Thursday October 23 at the Waccamaw High School. This meeting will have an impact on our future budgets. Along with the meetings there will be a mailing that includes the description of the CIP and a voting proxy card to be returned to Chicora by November 17th. You will be asked to vote on this program as it will be a By-Law change. Absentee owners will receive a package in their home mail.

The board of directors asks that you vote yes to the proxies that we mail to you. We would not send mailings for voting if the board did not strongly support the programs. Remember, we are your neighbors and the programs presented affect us as well. It is all about the strength of our community and the value of our properties.

The board has received 3 bids from contractors concerning placing an addition on the current pool club house. The board will be reviewing need, costs and financial implications of moving forward. You will be hearing additional information on this activity.

The present members of the Board of Directors are Frank D’Amato (President), Bill Renault, Tom Ellison, Ron Eaglin and Merry Cotton. The three year terms of Frank and Tom will expire this February. Nominees for these two seats are requested to submit short resumes to the Board by November 1st.

The board makes all monthly board minutes available on the web site. You should check the web site every week as you never know when we are trying to communicate with the community. For those who are not connected, we have a hard copy of the minutes in the mail box next to the front door of the pool house. You can also check our web site or call a board member for the time of our board meetings. All are welcome. This board does the best we can to communicate association affairs with all residents and we are open to all constructive feedback.

The watering season is coming to an end and it is important that home owners with rust issues quickly take action to remove the rust from sidewalks, curbing, driveways, etc.

Newsletter: We are making changes to the way we deliver the newsletter. Starting with this newsletter it will only be found on our web site. For those not on the internet, we will have hard copies in the association mailbox next to the front door of the pool house. The same place you can pick up hard copies of the monthly minutes of the board meetings.

Thank you


The present members of the Board of Directors are Frank D’Amato (President), Bill Renault
Tom Ellison, Ron Eaglin and Merry Cotton.
The three year terms of Frank D'Amato and Tom Ellison will expire this February.
Nominees for these two seats are requested to submit short resumes to the Board by November 1st.

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By Steve Kronski
Well, the Summer is over with and the hot and humid conditions have finally broken by a cool spell as this is being written. Much has happened in our Men's Club since my last report so here goes:

June 16th and 23rd saw our annual "Black Tee" grueling event held. After two weeks of play results were as follows:
1st Place- Jim Pearson 166
2nd Place- But Knittel 168
3rd Place- Dick Pacella 174
1st Place- Larry Barksdale 144
2nd Place- Craig Monaghan 146
3rd Place- Tom Strasser 151

Sunday, June 22 was the day of our Member/Spouse-Significant other and this year we broke the event into "A", "B" & "C" flights with one overall winner getting their photos on our Plaque. No arguments were overheard anywhere on the course or during dinner. Results were as follows:

Place "A" "B" "C"
1st Team Pacella Team Strasser Team Migas
2nd Team Massie Team Esposito Team Bowers
3rd Team Sheldon Team MacDonald Team Krauth
4th Team Malara Team Fleiss Team Eaglin
Overall winning honors went to Tom & Suzanne Strasser.
President's Cup--Qualifying rounds June 30th or July 7th. Those qualifying were seeded as follows:
1st Seed Jack Ross vs 8th Seed Bill Renault
2nd Seed Howard Krauth vs 7th Seed Tom Strasser
3rd Seed Phil Fleiss vs 6th Seed Allan Macdonald
4th Seed Bob Thompson vs 5th Seed Len Vercellotti

Matches began on July 14th with Jack Ross topping Bill Renault, Tom Strasser besting Howard Krauth, Len Vercellotti winning over Bob Thompson and Phil Fleiss squeaking by Allan MacDonald.

The second round featured Ross over Strasser and Vercellotti over Fleiss. Congratulations to Jack Ross for winning the final match, played on July 28h, over Len Vercellotti.

Member/Guest--our annual event got off to a slow start with bad weather canceling the practice round scheduled for Thursday, August 21st. The bad weather did nothing to dampen a great night of food, wagering and dancing at Inlet Affairs on Thursday night. How some of our competitors managed to arise Friday morning without serious headaches and related maladies is a tribute to their endurance!

Kudos to all participants for making it through 27 holes in various stages of torrential downpours on Friday the 22nd. Saturday was much more user friendly and the flight winners were:
"A" Flight
1st Alan Gardner and guest Kevin Camell
2nd Bud Phillips and his son Bud Jr.
"B" Flight
1st Dick Pacella and guest Dave Rossi
2nd Allan MacDonald and Les Cox
"C" Flight
1st Logan Wilton and son Mike
2nd Dick Culver and son Joe
"D" Flight
1st Ed Sheldon and guest Dennis Creegan
2nd Ron Eaglin and guest Elmer Smith
"E" Flight
1st Tom Ellison and guest Vince Schimmoller
2nd Jack Dillon and guest Dominick Foresto

In the ensuing sudden death shoot-out to determine our overall winner, the first place teams began on hole #18, with only Team Wilton/Wilton & Pacella/Rossi advancing to hole #13. On that hole team Wilton, receiving one handicap stroke, won the hole with a par, net birdie, to capture this year's event.

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Club Championship winners 2008

Gold Flight-Champion Dick Hajec 2 up over John Wilson

"B" Flight-Champion: Ron Eaglin 1 up over Bobby Thompson

"A" Flight-Champion: Paul Hayes 1 up over Steve Kronski

Championship Flight: Bud Phillips 1 up over Ron Mokrynka

2008 final events:
Two Man Shoot-out--Sunday, November 30th.
Two-week "Ringer" tournament on December 1st & 8th.

Sign Up for our annual
Christmas Dinner/Dance
scheduled for Litchfield Country Club
Thursday evening, December 4th
Look for details in the member's room and on our web site.

 All in all, despite the weather, Member Guest Tournament was a great event again and we are looking forward to 2009 with anticipation.

I'd like to take this time to wish our outgoing president, Vince Franco, all the best. By the time the next issue comes out in the Spring, Vince will be enjoying his semi-retirement (he'll still be operating our web site) and not having to field the typical weekly "suggestions" from our membership.

Speaking of "suggestions", candidates for new office positions are giving serious consideration to establishing a "complaint" committee in 2009. As usual, positive suggestions and offers to help will be accepted by any member of our Board. All other issues, deemed to be actual complaints, will be forwarded for an interview with our new panel, with a few guidelines. All complaints must be civil and clearly detailed.

Committee Chairman Elect, Chet Confer, will then decide on the issue in question, with the help of fellow committee members, Vinnie Esposito, Jim McKay, Pete Mohan & Craig Monaghan. Please remember to speak softly when addressing this august body..


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Vincent Civitarese
Chairman A.R.B.


Well, another summer has passed us by. Cool dry weather is here again. We have done just fine so far without a hurricane and I hope it stays that way.

Fall usually means a slowing down of permit requests. Most of the spring and summer projects are completed and the eternal tree removal phase is over too. I would still like to remind you that a permit is required for all work related to the outside of your home. I have had people ask if they need permit for this of that type of work. My usual answer is yes. It is better to get a permit than to have others asking you or us if a permit has been issued. Please have your permit request in two weeks prior to our meetings.

If you have any questions about work to be done or about permits please feel free to ask any of the Architectural Review Board members for help.

Thank you and have a great fall season.

Link to the website
Print the ARB Application

By Jeanette Renault


One of our valued members is moving out of Tradition, and

We need YOU!
Please consider joining our committee.
Check with any member to learn what we’re all about.

Booklets by Harry Stewart are available to assist you in every phase of refurbishing your mailbox. Instructions are step-by-step and easy to follow. This booklet is on loan from your Covenants Committee. Contact us.

A concern brought to our attention over the past few months is shrubbery and tree limbs growing out over the sidewalks. We have many walkers in Tradition, and they need our help in keeping the sidewalks clear.

The rains have helped green up grass, and lawns are looking much better these days. Although rust is still a constant problem, the rain should raise the water table easing up this unsightly accumulation.

Your Covenants Committee
Bill CrimminsPhil Fleiss Don McDowell
Ken Dewell Jim LewisJeanette Renault
Ron FarleyAllan MacDonaldMartin Robic

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By Jeanette Renault, Secretary
The Ladies Nine Hole League is making plans for an active end of season.

A potluck supper is scheduled for October 21st at the pool house. Husbands/significant others are invited.

A date will be announced for viewing our golf DVD. Pizza will be served, and we hope to brush up on any golf etiquette we may have let lapse.

December 8 is the date for our Christmas party. Again we will celebrate on the porch at True Blue – always a treat watching the players finish up on the 18th green.

Our Nominating Committee is hard at work encouraging members to participate in moving our club forward. We look forward to another season of camaraderie and golfing together.

We welcome you to come join us! Give us a try. Play as a guest, and we bet you’ll be an addition to our roster.


By Gloria Starrick, Vice President

The Tradition Garden Club kicked off its 11th season on Tuesday, September 9 with over 50 residents attending. Staci Wiliams, CoastMatters Project Director, gave an attention holding talk about our environment, water pollution, and over building in the area.

Our next meeting, Tuesday, October 14th, will have Andrea DeMuth of Brookgreen Gardens speaking about critters that come into our yards, including opossums, snakes and owls.
Be prepared for a very lively presentation!

Club membership is still being accepted at the October meeting, which begins at 9 am. Won't you join us?

By Marion Culpepper
Our last scheduled golf outing for 2008 was held at The Grande Dunes on 9/12. Although wet from "Hanna's" rains, it's always a great course to play. We had 34 players and closest-to-pin awards were won by: Dave DeClet, Joe Stacey, Maureen Lempert, and Ellen Ronan. Afterwards, most of us dined at California Dreaming.

This concluded our 5th year of operation. We have played over 40 of the 90+ Grand Strand courses and more than 100 Tradition residents and guests have played with us at one time or another. This year we focused on 5 of our favorite courses that we had played before. Next year's direction has not been determined and if you have any suggestions let us hear from you.

The Tour would not be possible without, you the players, our Board of Director members, and the golf course managers that are willing to work with us. A special thanks to our current and past Board Members: Tom Bowen, Marty Robic, Tom Ellison, John and Celise McLaughlin, Clare Kelly, Frank Walsh (founder), Elliott Dodson (founder).

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Revisions since June
Got Changes? Contact Dave Philips at 237-0494
or email:

• Lawrence & Kathleen Gabriel to 13 Pierpont Court
• Gerard & Maureen Pirozek to 24 Pierpont Court
         from Shillington, PA
• Robert & Judith Bunch to 255 Tradition Club Drive
• Daniel & Teresa Loonam to 361 Tradition Club Drive
        from Bayside, NY; (718) 229-6275
• Richard & Denise Cann to 477 Tradition Club Drive
        from Rockville, MD
• Dave & Marty Rubin to 489 Tradition Club Drive
         from Chicago, Ill; 314-3712,
• Bob & Fran Hawkins to 1431 Tradition Club Drive
• William & Elizabeth Walters to 1664 Tradition Club Drive
        from Boiling Springs, PA

• John & Susan Sefick at 270 Historic Lane
• Albert & Susann Foderaro at 1348 Tradition Club Drive
(973) 670-0536,

• Keith & Kaye Kramer from 24 Pierpont Court
• Dennis & Bethan Malone from 255 Tradition Club Drive
• Fred & Mary Kaye Fulmer from 361 Tradition Club Drive
• Steven & Nola Koziol from 477 Tradition Club Drive
• Ike & Nancy Main from 489 Tradition Club Drive
• Florence Zane from 1334 Tradition Club Drive
• Richard & Kathleen McKay from 1431 Tradition Club Drive
• Charlene Hoffacker from 1664 Tradition Club Drive


By Vince Franco

Many of the Tradition Gold Tees members feel Wednesday is the best day of the week. Wednesday is the day we play nine holes of golf from the gold tees at the Tradition Golf Club.
The 6th Annual Gold Tee
Member/Spouse/Partner Tournament

was held on July 16th. The top winners were
Ron & Bonnie Eaglin
Bill & Jeanette Renault
Jim & Grace Davis
Ron & Pat Kemper

The 7th Annual Gold Tee Tournament was played on September 17th. This year’s tournament overall winners were Ernie Sementilli, Bob Thompson, Jerry Parks, and Elliott Dodson.

Ed Sheldon and Harry Hunt organized the annual Autumn Gold Tee Dinner on September 30th. The menu featured Spaghetti, meatballs and Italian sausage. These dinners are very special social occasions. They also give our member chefs an opportunity to demonstrate their culinary skills.
No one ever goes away hungry.

Each week, Bill Huish takes pictures of our winning teams and places them on our web site:

This group is composed of a great bunch of guys. Our primary purpose is to have fun, enjoy good fellowship and improve our golfing skills. Players of all handicaps are welcome. Contact Bill Huish at 237-5631 if you are interested in joining us.

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Sponsored By the Tradition POA

COST $5.00 Per Person
TIME: 8:00 TO 10:30 AM

Cash Donations are Welcome

Saturday, December 6th
Watch for a flyer in your Mailbox

Want to get away?
Just some quiet time with your friends. Join us Fridays from 10 AM to 12 Noon at the Resident's Clubhouse work on your mending or needlework projects or we'll help you get started on a new one
Call Loretta Espey @235-3518 with questions


Bible Study-Loretta Espey 235-3518
Book & Puzzle Exchange-Veronica Bucello 237-7334
Bridge (Ladies)-Suzie Albright 237-1594
Bridge(Men)-Norm Nuding 237-2275
Garden Club-Regina Wichrowski 235-9101
Golf-18 holes(Men)-Vince Franco 237-9190
Golf-9 holes(Men)-Bill Huish 237-5631
Golf-18 holes(Women)- Celise McLaughlin 235-8532
Golf-9 holes(Women)-Phyllis Confer 235-9370
Golf-Blue Tee League (Women)-Claudia Krauth 237-7544 Golf-Mixed Tour-Marion Culpepper 235-2993
Golf-Sunday Couples-Dale Guzlas 235-3006
Mah Jongg-Lynn Autorino 237-7745
Meals on Wheels - Claudia Krauth 237-7544
Mexican Train - Bonnie Eaglin 235-9160
Needleworkers-Loretta Espey 235-3518
Newsletter-Celise McLaughlin 235-8532
Newsletter-Advertising-Bill Renault 235-3566
Notary - Celise McLaughlin 235-8532
Poker-Vinny Autorino 237-7745
Telephone Directory-David Philips 237-0494
Tennis(Men)-John Hoover 235-0261
Tennis(Women)-Nancy Malara 235-9344
Walk & Talk -Joanne Stewart 237-1305
Water Aerobics-Jane Barbour 237-7998

When you can't cook because of illness or injury
Your Neighbors will help
Claudia Krauth

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The Tradition Ladies Golf Association had an active Summer and early Fall Season. In June, the ladies busted out with the annual Member-Member Tournament Chaired by Lee Wilson.

The "June is Busting out all over" theme brought the ladies out in their sunday best hats dressed to the Nines (no pun intended). The competition was a combination Alternate Shot and Best Ball of a Twosome. The winners were:

Overall Low Net
Amy Monaghan & Suzanne Strasser

Overall Low Gross
Judy Gambeski & Joan Sheldon

The Tournament Season comes to an end with the Club Championship on October 16th and 23rd. This tournament is a low gross flighted event. On December 3rd the 2009 Board will be introduced and top players recognized at the annual awards luncheon.

In July, twenty brave TLGA ladies took the field to compete in the annual Ladies Shoot Out Tournament One by one the teams were eliminated until only one was left standing on the Ninth Hole

The Winners
Dot Franco & Debbie Massie

The 2008 President's Cup kicked off on September 11th. This two-week low net tournament started on soggy ground following the rains of Tropical Storm Hanna. The second week the leaders were recognized at a celebratory dinner at the Resident's Club House catered by our own Men's Club chefs.

The Winners
1st Place Bobbie Fleiss
2nd Place Daune Barksdale
3rd Place Suzanne Strasser
4th Place Donna Culver

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