Pawleys Island, South Carolina SPRING 2008
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Pawleys Island, South Carolina
SPRING 2008               

Aerobics-Joanne Stewart 237-1305
Bible Study-Loretta Espey 235-3518
Book Exchange-Veronica Bucello 237-7334
Bridge (Ladies)-Suzie Albright 237-1594
Bridge(Marathon)-Danny Phillips 235-9338
Bridge(Men)-Norm Nuding 237-2275
Community Dances - Denny Brenneman 235-6522
Garden Club-Mildred Culpepper 235-2993
Golf-18 holes(Men)-Vince Franco 237-9190
Golf-9 holes(Men)-Vince Franco 237-9190
Golf-18 holes(Women)- Celise McLaughlin 235-8532
Golf-9 holes(Women)-Phyllis Confer 235-9370
Golf-Mixed Tour-Marion Culpepper 235-2993
Golf-Sunday Couples-Dale Guzlas 235-3006
Golf-X Tour - Ernie Heilberg 235-2610
Mah Jongg-Lynn Autorino 237-7745
Mexican Train - Bonnie Eaglin 235-9160
Needleworkers-Loretta Espey 235-3518
Newsletter-Celise McLaughlin 235-8532
Newsletter Advertising-Bill Renault 235-3566
Poker(Men)-Vinny Autorino 237-7745
Telephone Directory-David Philips 237-0494
Tennis(Men)-John Hoover 235-0261
Tennis(Women)-Nancy Malara 235-9344
Water Aerobics-Pat Shriver 237-2678

President POA Board Frank D'Amato 235-8885
Buildings & Grounds Arthur Voltaire 235-8159
Social Activities Ron Eaglin 235-9160
Clubhouse Tom Ellison 235-8071
Covenants Committee Jeanette Renault 235-3566
Architectural Review Vince Civitarese 237-3568

Annual Property Owners meeting
Tuesday February 25, 2008
Coastal Carolina campus, Willbrook Boulevard
begins promptly at 6:30 P.M.

Vote for your Candidate
to fill the vacant Board Position

Friday & Saturday - February 8th & 9th

Second Annual Art Appreciation Exhibit
Saturday February 16
Valentine's Day Dance Party
Watch your paper box for flyers

Social Report by Ron Eaglin, Tradition POA
The Par 3 tournament was a success with 98 players and lessons learned. Due to some miscommunication in the pro shop the course was doubled teed that morning instead of single teed. Single teeing would have solved the waiting problem. Also, we need to have enough food and monitor amount of food taken by early finishers to make sure everyone gets fed. Suggestions for next year are welcome; please feel free to email me with your ideas.

The Newsletter is published by and for
the Homeowners of the Tradition Community
Hard Copy Spring Edition scheduled to be delivered to your door in February
Next Newsletter June 2008
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By Frank D'Amato

On behalf of the Board of Directors we hope everyone enjoyed the Holiday Season and we wish you a happy and healthy New Year. I would like to thank all the volunteers for decorating the Tradition community. As usual, they did a great job. I am making a pledge in this letter to upgrade the decorations for the 2008 holiday season.

I am not sure if the newsletter will reach you before the annual home owner’s meeting on February 26th. If it does, I would like to remind everyone of the importance of returning your proxy card. We must reach a quorum to make the meeting official.

We have a number of projects planned for the common areas for 2008. We will be funding $53,460 to the reserve fund while project spending $26,720. Most of these monies will be spent on seal coating the remainder of the streets in the main portion of the development. Weston Place will be scheduled for 2009. We will also be upgrading the pool house with a new TV and flooring. The keys to the pool and tennis courts will be changed this spring. New keys will be issued prior to the swimming season.

We continue to struggle with our semi annual flower plantings. We have consulted with Clemson, the golf course superintendent, as well as changing our supplier. We are now purchasing flowers from the same source as True Blue and Caledonia. However, we all ran into the same problems this year. The weather turned cold in late October only to warm up again in November, December and January. As you can imagine, these winter flowers do not like the warm weather and unfortunately we lost many of the plants. If it makes us feel any better, Caledonia lost over 300 flats of flowers during this time period. We will continue to seek professional help and hope for more steady weather.

The board makes all monthly board minutes available on the web site. For those who are not connected, we have a hard copy of the minutes in the mail box next to the front door of the pool house. You can also check our web site or call a board member for the time of our board meetings.
* * * All are welcome * * *

I am sure everyone is interested in the results of our negotiations with the school board regarding the traffic situation generated by the opening in 2008 of the second school along Willbrook Boulevard.

Bill Renault and I spent most of 2007 presenting our position against any new traffic cuts into Willbrook Blvd. to the school board, county government, the county administrator, Senator Cleary and Representative Miller. Unfortunately in the end, it all came down to money. Both the school board and the county refused to offer up any monies to follow the professional traffic study recommendations. The traffic study was only authorized after Bill and I demanded one.

Bottom line, we decided to compromise versus losing the entire battle. There will be an entrance to the school from Willbrook Blvd. However, the entrance will be right turn in and right turn out only. This will keep traffic from cutting across Willbrook Blvd. There will be no car stacking back into Willbrook Blvd. The police will make sure no “U” turns are made on Willbrook Blvd. All vehicles stacking will take place on school property and not back into Willbrook traffic. School buses will use a new entrance just past the fire house via St. Paul’s Place. Buses will shuttle out to Willbrook Blvd., one at a time, to keep the street open for emergency vehicles.

The county has agreed with us that the Reunion Road/Willbrook Blvd. intersection needs widening. The county is searching for the money. We were able to move ahead the time table on realigning Sandy Island Road with the addition of a deceleration lane. A traffic light at the new intersection is yet to be approved. The importance of this realignment to us is that approximately 30% of the school traffic comes from the Murrells Inlet area. This will not be accomplished until the second half of 2009. One way or another, the school will open in the fall of 2008 and both Bill and I feel we accomplished as much as we could expect.

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By Vince Civitarese - Chairperson
Dan Coughlin
Dale Guzlas
Mac MacDonald
John McLaughlin

Meetings are held at the Pool House on the third Wednesday of Each Month

Applications are available outside the pool house main doors above the glass case
You may print an application from the internet at

~Mark your Calendar~
  • June 28 - Caribbean Pool Party

  • September 27 - Tailgating Party

  • December 31 - New Year's Eve Party
Watch your mailbox for Flyers
Denny Brenneman
Brian Kramer
Dave Philips

By Jeanette Renault - Chairperson

Your Covenants Committee sends special thanks to all who in this past year have kept your property up to the standards of the community. These standards are what keep our property values high.

A few requests:
   1) Please have your anti-rust system checked out before sprinklers are turned back on in the spring. A good time to do this is while yard work is at a minimum.
   2) A few properties have electrical boxes in view on the front lawn. Please consider planting shrubs as screens, as over the years these boxes have taken on a worn look. Screening these boxes will present a pleasing appearance to the front of your home.
   3) Please dispose of paint cans at the dump. Garbage truck compactors burst cans and spill paint onto the street.

We are now in the process of gathering information to distribute to residents whose mailboxes need attention. You will be provided with a list of the paint formula for the post, size of boxes and the names of companies who can assist you, if you are not a do-it-yourselfer.

Looking forward to spring blossoms, April rain and green lawns (cut & edged!)

Your Covenants Committee
Bill Crimmins ~ Ken Dewell
Ron Farley ~ Phil Fleiss
Jim Lewis ~ Allan MacDonald
Don McDowell~ Martin Robic

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revisions since October 2007 newsletter
** Watch for 2008 Directory in March **


Richard Baughman @ 269 Tradition Club Drive
Robert Casse @ 100 Boatmen Drive
Robin Daniels @ 83 Alexander Glennie Drive
Susan Floyd @ 29 Thrasher Court
Ronald & Kimberly Heymann @ 452 Tradition Club Drive
Robert & Cynthia Koone @ 107 Deacon Drive
Francis & Delores Moeller @ 673 Tradition Club Drive
Susan Neighbors @ 269 Tradition Club Drive
John Palazzo Jr./Laurie Shapiro @ 82 Low Country Lane
Jeffrey/Nancy Sample @ 83 Alexander Glennie Drive
Michael Turner @ 115 Cobblestone Drive


Mike & Mary Vicas 237-0430
J. Raymond & Darlene Moran (570) 766-9072
Robert & Carol Taylor 278-8990


Olga Boyd from 115 Cobblestone Drive
Robert & Sarah Gaylord from 83 Alexander Glennie Drive
Tony & Debbie Lucas from 269 Tradition Club Drive
Paul & Joy Lukos from 673 Tradition Club Drive
Don & Kathryn Manning from 29 Thrasher Court
Alan & Barbara Podosek from 452 Tradition Club Drive
Andrew Steel from 107 Deacon Drive
Brian & Brooke Surface from 100 Boatmen Drive

Water Aerobics summer schedule will begin Monday, June 2 at 9 A.M. Interested in joining? Please call Pat Shriver @237-2678 to be put on the e-mail list. If weather permits, water exercises may start in May, either 12-1 or 1-2. So watch for an e-mail.

By Mildred Culpepper

Didn't the Tradition Community look festive this holiday season with greenery and red bows at both entrances? Even the twinkling tree in our Guard House shined brightly. Many of your home decorations were noticed and enjoyed. Thanks to all the Tradition Garden Club members and non-members who helped decorate our community.
Enjoyable Garden Club meetings preceded the New Year. Let me review some of the fun meetings enjoyed by those in attendance. In addition to enjoying the planned, delicious foods served by select club members at each of our meetings, November guest, Paul Kelly (Renault), sou chef at Franks' Restaurant, inspired us with cooking ideas and tasty crab cake samples.

In December, the club members met with other local garden clubs to compete in the Tree Decorating Contest at the Litchfield Exchange. Betty Seibert and Bella Ribaudo represented us and were victorious in winning the contest. Thanks to all who bought tickets, attended, and participated in this activity. The result was a gift of $460 which was presented to the Tideland Hospice.

January meeting was a high interest informational meeting about water monitoring for the Waccamaw River. Our speaker was Dr. Richard Moore, Professor at Coastal Carolina University of Biology and Vice President of Grants and Research. He is President of Winjah Bay Foundation who sponsors the River Keeper Organization. The presentation was very informative and provided community discussion of concerns in our area.

Plan to attend the Tradition Garden Club Meetings and learn to prune your plants and trees wisely by our presenter Luan Vinson. We meet the second Tuesday of each month.

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By Vince Franco

The Annual Gold Tee Christmas Party was held at the Applewood restaurant on December 11th. The party included fine food, drink, gifts for all the members and a trivia game.

Denny Brenneman was recognized as the Gold Tee Player of the Year, Steve Boggess received the Most Improved Player award, Paul Kelly was presented the 2007 Tradition Gold Tees Golf Association President’s Award and the raffle was won by Andy Spaschak.

During the business part of the evening, the membership unanimously accepted the new modifications to the Gold Tee Bylaws and elected their 2008 officers -Bill Huish Secretary, Steve Boggess Treasurer, Denny Brenneman and Paul Kelly Vice Presidents and Vince Franco as President.

We are now up to 85 members and growing. The group is composed of a great bunch of guys who play nine holes of golf from the gold tees on Wednesdays. Our primary purpose is to have fun, enjoy good fellowship and improve our golfing skills. Players of all handicaps are welcome. Contact Bill Huish if you are interested in joining us.

By Steve Kronski
President's Cup Results
1st Place Len Vercellotti 2nd Place Dick Pacella
3rd Place Dick Hajec 4th Place Jim Pearson

TMC Club Championship Tournament
September 2007
Club Champion: Tom Swanson
Flight Winners
Rudy Schwarz - A flight
John Melzer - B flight
Len Vercellotti - C flight

Annual Two-Man Shoot-Out
Sunday following Thanksgiving
Winners: Tom Swanson and Gary Best
Second Place: Dick Pacella and John McLaughlin
Third Place: Logan Wilton and Larry Barksdale
Finishing 4th Ed Sheldon and Tom Strasser

Two week "Ringer" Tournament (Flighted)
best score per hole over two weeks
"A" Flight
1st Dan Coughlin, 2nd Allan MacDonald, 3rd Autrey Moore
"B" Flight
1st Fred Fulmer, 2nd Roy MacSorley, 3rd Gary Best

Men's Club Christmas party was at Litchfield Country Club with music provided by Karen and Carl. Members and significant others danced after an exquisite meal of Crab Cakes & Filet with all the trimmings. Kudos to Ed Sheldon and Dale Guzlas for arranging this great event. At the dinner, Ron Belbutowski was presented the 2007 President's Award for his outstanding contributions to the TMGC. Jim Conway and Bill Renault were recognized and presented plaques for their years of service to the TMGC.

As I was sitting at the club the other day, after polishing off the Tradition daily lunch special of Lobster Thermador (goes great with a side order of dry toast) I started to prepare our 2008 schedule which will kick off with our Memorial Masters tournament in April and our Member/Member event in May.

Watch the web site and bulletin board for schedules

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Clayton A. DuBose, CGCS
General Manager/Golf Course Superintendent

I hope this finds everyone safe after a joyful holiday season. I would like to thank all of our membership here at The Tradition Golf Club for their friendship and patronage over the 2007 season. We are looking forward to an exciting 2008. We currently have around 220 club members and are looking at making the cut off around 250. If you have friends or neighbors who are interested in playing golf and joining the club, please have them get in touch with one of the golf shop staff for further information regarding our memberships.

As you are aware we have been facing drought issues during the past year. Our total rainfall in 2007 was 33.90 inches. This is a deficit of between 22 and 26 inches below our normal average for yearly rainfall. During this drought we have seen an increase in salt levels in the Waccamaw River which is our primary source of water for irrigating the golf course. We are looking at alternative water treatment measures and for other sources of irrigation if the river water gets any worse. The salt levels at this time are at manageable levels for growing turf; however, we may have to implement some additional small tine aerifications in the growing season to help move the salt build-up through the soil profile. Our main concern is the long-term health of the underlying soil structure and putting surfaces. At press time, the course is in excellent shape and I fully expect it to peak at its best around the March/April time frame.

You should notice some ongoing projects which the maintenance staff will be working on over the course of the next few months. We will be installing additional irrigation heads on holes # 7, 11, 15, and 18 to cover areas that do not get sufficient water. Plans are to enlarge the #15 white tee by approximately 2000 square feet; this project should be completed around mid to late May. We will be root pruning along the side of the entire fairway edges in areas where the turf grass competes with tree roots for water and nutrients. We will also be beginning the second phase of our 3 year landscape plan during the 2008 year and adding fresh mulch to all the beds on the course in the months of February and March.

The golf course will be closed June 2-4 for aerification, and again on July 30. Additional small tine aerations or cultural practices will be performed around normal everyday play.

I would like to take a moment to update the community on the findings from Clemson University and The Department of Pesticide Regulation regarding the damaged landscape plant material adjacent to # 8 green. The investigation found residues from pesticide products which were consistent with products found in a nearby homeowner’s possession. These products are available “over the counter” and do not require a license for purchase. The investigation concluded that someone applied Ortho Brush B Gone Poison Ivy/Poison Oak Killer, Spectracide Brush Killer, and Ortho Spray Weed B Gone to the landscape plant material in question, which was on golf course property.

It is a violation of the South Carolina Pesticide Control Act to apply a pesticide in a manner inconsistent with the product labeling. The labels of Ortho Brush B Gone Poison Ivy/Poison Oak Killer, Spectracide Brush Killer, and the Ortho Spray Weed B Gone prohibit application to desirable plants. The pesticide applicator also violated yet another section of the South Carolina Pesticide Control Act which prohibits the making of a pesticide application in a negligent manner. These analytical findings of the results were discussed with the homeowner who had possession of the pesticides by The South Carolina Department of Pesticide Regulations. Further, the ownership of the golf club has been encouraged by an attorney to seek civil and criminal action.

The golf club plans to address all issues with homeowners regarding the cutting and/or removal of vegetation within the golf course property lines. If you are unsure of where your property line ends and the golf course begins, please contact me before you perform any cutting or removal of plants or vegetation to prevent any further problems with trespassing or property damage. It is our goal to protect the natural buffer areas between the golf course and homeowner property.

If you have any questions regarding the golf club or maintenance operations please do not hesitate to contact me. Thanks for all that you do to make Tradition a great facility.

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By Jeanette Renault
The 2007 luncheon was held on the porch at True Blue overlooking the 18th green
The 2008 slate of officers were introduced
Phyllis Confer & Theresa Vercellotti, Co-Chairs
Skippy Esposito & Mildred Culpepper, Social
Jeanette Renault, Secretary
Mary Jane Conway, Treasurer

Prizes were awarded to:
Most Improved: Mary Jane Conway
Lowest Putts: Joan Murren
Birdies: Beth Eddy, Skippy Esposito, Maureen Olnhausen
Chip-ins: Phyllis Confer, Eileen Sonderland, Theresa Vercellotti

On January 7, we participated in a South Strand Captain’s Choice event at the River Club. Two of our members were prizewinners: Darlene Dodson and Bonnie Eaglin.
We welcome you to join us and enjoy another year of fun, friendship and golf with a very special group.

Walk and Talk Group meets every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at the Pool Clubhouse at 9:00am and walk for approximately 45 minutes. In inclement weather we do light impact aerobics inside the Pool House.

2 day Low Gross In-Flight event on October 16th and 18th
Debbie Massie (B) ~ Suzanne Strasser (C)
Clare Kelly (D) ~ Betty Ruff (Blue Tee)

TLGA Awards Luncheon
December 5th, 2007
Austin's Cabana Cafe
"Most Likely"

Lowest Net: Daune Barksdale Lowest Gross: Joan Sheldon
Low Putts: Maureen Lempert Most Birdies: Joan Sheldon
Most Improved: Sally Russell Spirit Award: Bobbie Fleiss
Overall Low Net/Gross: Joan Sheldon
Hole-in-One: Penny Pikaart
First Birdie: Sue Guzlas, Dani Jennings, Joanne Kendall, Kathy MacSorley, Rebecca Stacey, Nancy Malara, Sally Russell
Broke 100 Milestone:Rebecca Stacey, Vivian Coughlin,
Betty Ruff, Judy Gambeski, Grace Davis, Sally Russell

Broke 100 in 2007

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By Marion Culpepper

The season began with True Blue on February 1st with plans to play about 4 to 5 golf courses this year. We are in discussions with such courses as: Caledonia, Grande Dunes, Wild Wing, Heritage, Rivers Edge and some "out-of-area" courses.

The time periods between Feb. 15 - May 15 (Prime season) and Sep. 15 - Nov. 15 (Shoulder season) are difficult to schedule on a discounted rate basis. Thus, our best opportunities to play the premier courses are during their off-peak periods.

Tradition residents and their guests are eligible to play with the Mixed Tour without a Tradition Golf Club membership, although most do belong. The Sign-Up sheet for each event is posted just inside the "Members Room" at the club. Just sign up and leave your check in the red folder below the sheet. If you have any questions you may call me or any of our board members: Tom Ellison, John McLaughlin, Elliott Dodson, Clare Kelly, Tom Bowen or Martin Robic. You may sign-up as a single, couple or foursome. Also, if you wish to play with your own group of players just put a bracket around your names. We will assign everyone else to foursomes. We welcome new, old or occasional players. Come join us.


Subject to Change
Aerobics 9am, Bible Study 10am, Mah Jongg 7pm
Aerobics 9am, Ladies Bridge 12:30pm
Aerobics 9am, Needlepoint 10am


First Tuesday Building & Grounds 9am
Second Tuesday Garden Club 9am, Covenants 7pm
First Wednesday Mexican Train 6pm
Third Wednesday ARB 7pm
Fourth Thursday BOD 3pm

Feb 8-9 ART SHOW
Feb 16 Valentines Dance

Calendars are posted in the glass case outside the Pool House and on the internet at

Please advise your lawn service to haul away waste. Do not dump yard waste within Tradition.

-- end of newsletter --
last updated 1/22/2008 CMM