Pawleys Island, South Carolina SPRING 2009
Pawleys Island, South Carolina  
Photo By Celise McLaughlin   
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Covenants Committee Jeanette Renault 235-3566
Architectural Review Vince Civitarese 237-3568

Board of Directors
Frank D'Amato,President 235-8885
Bill Renault, Vice President235-3566
Tom Ellison, Secretary/Treasurer235-8071
Ron Eaglin, Director235-9160
Merry Cotton, Director235-6862
Laura Kniffin Chicora Management272-1123

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"To find the universal elements enough;
to find the air and the water exhilarating;
to be refreshed by a morning walk or an evening saunter;
to be thrilled by the stars at night;
to be elated over a bird’s nest or a wildflower in spring
— these are some of the rewards of the simple life."

– John Burroughs (1837-1921)

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by Joanne Stewart
The Walk and Talk group meets every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at the Residents' Clubhouse at 9:00 am walk for about 45 minutes. It is a great way to get some exercise, meet your neighbors and talk away. Walk and Talk will continue to meet each week until the pool opens and Water Aerobics begins.
***Please join us***

Page 2

By Frank D'Amato
Tom Ellison and I would like to thank the property owners for voting us to your board once again. Tom has been re-elected as Secretary/Treasurer and I have been re-elected as president by the board.

The annual meeting resulted in the best attendance in many years. The voting proxies resulted in a 66% return also better than in previous years. I want to thank those who took the time to return their proxies and survey sheets. I continue to be disappointed in the 34% of property owners not interested in how their community is run.

The CPA Audit showed we had a very successful 2008 and as a result we did not raise the regime fees for 2009. The year end Reserve Fund was at $381,000.

The final phase of seal coating is scheduled for the week of March 30th. Streets included are Monarch Court, Lamplighter, Sandfiddler, Brookridge and the Residents' Club house and Pool parking lot.

There will be work at the pool prior to opening, which includes new safety drains and recoating of the metal fence around the pool perimeter.

We have upgraded our association insurance policies through a new agent and insurance companies at no additional cost.

We now own the 74 plus acres of wetlands in and around the Tradition proper at no cost to the association.

The association has contracted a professional Reserve Fund study by Miller Dodson of Annapolis Maryland. I received the results on February 24th. The board is currently analyzing the report and I plan to hold town hall meetings this spring to present the findings. Timing of these meetings will be made available after proper analyses.

The Capital Improvement Program is now in effect and all property’s sold in 2009 are included with the exception of those properties listed before January 1st, 2009.

Flag poles with US flags have been installed on common property at both of the main entrances to the Community. This does not change the By-Laws concerning flags and poles. No flag poles are permitted on private property.

The board makes all monthly board minutes available on the web site.

Frank D’Amato
By Ron Eaglin
Annual garage sale - May 2 Information will be in a flyer in March
Community golf event on July 4
Charity pancake breakfast in November
(benefit for Georgetown County Sheriff's Department Christmas Fund)
Par three golf tournament in early December

Page 3

By Vince Civitarese
Print the ARB Application
ARB Application

Hello Tradition Community Owners,

Another spring season is coming up fast. It is time for things to start growing and turning green. It has been a cold winter for these parts.

I would again like to remind all of you that when you are planning to do work that is on the outside of your home, you will need a permit from the A.R.B.. That includes painting of doors, shutters, driveways, walls and siding. Almost all things fall under the A.R.B. review. Please remember to apply for a permit before beginning work. Please allow at least 2 to 3 weeks for approval. We only meet once a month, on the 3rd Wednesday of the month.

I am including a list of the current paint colors and some new colors just approved by the board. These are the only colors we can approve for your projects.


Approved Sherwin Williams Paint Colors
Downing Slate SW 2819    Coffee House DCR 112
Tricorn Black SW 6258    Naval SW 6244
Blake’s Bastion DCR 114    Topiary DCR 098
Colleton Woods DCR 115    Secret Garden DCR 096
Network Grey SW 7073    Oakmoss SW 6180
Slate Tile SW 7624    Charleston Green NOR 8414
Broad Street Brownstone DCR 105   Peacock Blue DCR 082
Rockwood Medium Brown SW 2807   Rustic Red SW 7593
Rockwood Dark Red SW 2801   Borscht SW 7578
Pure White SW 7005   Antique Red SW 7587
Georgian Bay SW 6509    Deep Sea Dive SW 7618
Loyal Blue SW 6510  

Don't Forget to clean up after your Pets

By Jeanette Renault

Hello Neighbors

Spring is almost here, the time has changed and we have loads of daylight hours to deal with all the cleanup and yard work we’ve been putting off until nicer weather.

Your Covenants committee would like to remind you of some of the specifics of our inspection tours.
  1. Rust removal: on sidewalks, gutters, siding, foundation walls, fence enclosures, & mail box posts.
    Note: a chemical feed system & realignment of the sprinkler heads can help prevent rust accumulation
  2. Mail boxes & posts that need repainting or replacing
  3. Lawns that need mowing, weed control &/or bare spots that need new sod.
  4. Landscaped areas that need weeding/pruning
  5. Unauthorized lawn ornaments
  6. Exposed trash receptors
  7. A safety issue for emergency vehicles: house numbers on both sides of the mailbox post
We all here in Tradition want our community to look its best and by dealing with these issues before or as they occur enhances our homes value.

All is quiet with lawn problems for the winter.

A few concerns have been brought voiced, and we ask all to give your attention to:

Trash receptacles have been showing up early on the day before pick-up. We ask that receptacles be put out after 5 PM the day before pick-up and stowed after pick-up the next morning.

Quite a bit of small statuary has been showing up. The Covenants booklet, page 5 (Outdoor Furniture and Yard Ornaments) states that small ornaments or plants may be placed on the front steps, but furniture and ornaments are not permitted in the front yard.

Mailbox refurbishing is a continuing need. We have detailed information on mailbox repairing, replacing and painting It is most important that you place house numbers on both sides as requested by the Fire Department.

We are still looking for another volunteer for our committee. Our faithful members have been with the committee for many years – proving that volunteering time for Covenants is a fulfilling service. Please give us your consideration.

Your Covenants Committee
Bill Crimmins Phil Fleiss Don McDowell
Ken Dewell Jim Lewis Jeanette Renault
Ron Farley Allan MacDonald 
Page 4
By Steve Kronski

The winter months are typically slow for our Men's Club with only a few organized events and this is somewhat welcome after a busy Summer and Fall season. It gives us time to analyze the year in review and then plan for the upcoming season.

At a recent Men's League Board meeting we discussed the 2009 schedule and many other issues that must be considered to keep this the finest Men's Club on the Grand Strand. There's no need to repeat just how difficult a time we are in right now with the Nation's economy in trouble. Your Board has committed to doing all possible to maximize our schedule and minimize costs while we all work our way through these troubled times.

On a positive note, we did have a few great events since our last edition.

TWO-MAN SHOOT-OUT: The top twenty qualifiers were paired off into two-man teams for our annual Great Turkey Shoot-Out. As usual, this event was a smashing success and to mix it up a bit, we eliminated the pre-event party and replaced it with pizza and beer following the Sunday extravaganza.

The winners of the "First Out" pool were: Charlie Malara & Tom Cardea A dubious honor indeed. Finishing fourth was the team of Logan Wilton and Tom Cardea. Third place went to Allan MacDonald and Len Vercellotti. Coming in second, eliminated on hole #9, was the team of Paul Hayes and Larry Barksdale. This year's winning team was the pairing of Rudy Schwarz and Alan Gardner. This just might be the best event of the year!!!

Ringer Tournament
December 1st and 8th
Our two-week "RINGER" event was held. The best net score per hole over the two rounds was carded and we divided our field into two flights.

In the "B" flight all three finishers scored a net 64 and the match of cards resulted in: 3rd place--Dick "Pancakes" Culver, 2nd place--Jim Davis . Our 1st place winner was Don McDowell.

In the "A" flight, after a match of cards, 3rd place went to Charlie Malara with a net 66. 2nd, also with a net 66, went to Jim Massie and our winner, with a net score of 65, was Howard Krauth. Congratulations to all.

On Thursday, December 4th, our 14th annual Christmas Party was held at Litchfield Country Club. Close to 100 members & significant others attended the event where they feasted on a great menu, arranged with the Litchfield Staff by Dale Guzlas and Eddie Sheldon. As usual, the busiest area seemed to be centered around the adult beverages area, although there are no statistics to back this comment.

Karen and Carl once again kept the party going with great entertainment and all survived the dancing without any major injuries. At last count there were no knee or hip replacements resulting from night's partying.

The schedule for 2009 is just about completed and work has begun planning our 2009 Member/Guest, Christmas Party, Pizza nights, Dinners and our Main Tournaments. The Monday games list is already completed and can be found on the web site. Also, please keep an eye on the web for details of upcoming events and be sure to sign-up for those of interest to you.

I'm sure you will all join with me and say a not-so-fond farewell to the Winter of 2008-2009, the coldest in recent memory.

Have a great year.
Steve Kronski
Page 5

By Suzanne Strasser, Historian
The Tradition Ladies Golf Association has already begun an active golfing season. The ladies started off their golfing year with their awards luncheon at Ocean One in December. One of the highlights was Joan Sheldon receiving the coveted Rosemary Gallagher award. It is presented to the women golfer who inspires members to practice, chip, putt, have fun, run tournaments, volunteer and truly enjoy playing golf.

Other accomplishments were:
Grace Davis [Most Improved golfer]
Joan Sheldon [Low Gross}
Pat D’Amato [low net]
Carolyn Pacella [low putts]
Joan Sheldon [most birdies (30+)]
Maureen Lempert [perfect attendance]

Congratulations to Lori Doherty, Grace Davis and Pat Shriver for getting their first birdies in league play. To illustrate what a special day we had, Rebecca Stacey got the entire group to sing two songs to “side by side” and “jingles bells”. Not only is she a talented singer, she is our new handicap chairperson.

  Our ladies hosted the WSCGA state four ball tournament held at Tradition in December. Our state representative, Bobbie Fleiss, fielded over 104 women golfers from as far away as Daniel Island and as close as Wachesaw Plantation. The TLGA volunteers were a great help in making this event a success. Scoring was close in the six flights of low gross and low net prizes but our ladies did a wonderful job.

January brought the first round of the year. What a great way to celebrate the New Year 2009 by winning the first game played by the Tradition Ladies Golf Association. To add spice to life the game was a multi-tee event teeing off from the Gold, Red and Blue Tees. The first place winners were; Sandy Blais, Rebecca Stacey, Betty Ruff and Pat Kemper.

Joan Sheldon played, on the coldest day in January, representing the TLGA in the SC Tournament of Champions. Under severe cold conditions she played a great game.

February was a good month. The Tradition Ladies started their day off right with a Pancake Breakfast cooked by chef Culver and his assistants; Jack R., Dale G., Frank D’A., Ed S.and Howard K. Even though it was very windy many ladies were able to get birdies by landing close to the pin, such as Linda Lehmann, Joan Sheldon, Rebecca Stacey, Mary Martino, Debbie Massie and a long & low chip in was made by Judy Gambeski. Ladies, it must have been those pancakes.

What is coming up?

March 25th Mamma Mia It's Italian Night!
April 9 & 16 The Ringer Tournament
May 14th Member Guest four women event
Get your partners!
June 18th Member Member tournament

In November the league voted to approve memberships by non tradition residents and in February the league voted to approve a Social Membership for former active members.
Questions? Contact Maureen Lempert
Page 6

By Vince Franco

Most of the Tradition Gold Tees members feel Wednesday is the best day of the week. Wednesday is the day we play nine holes of golf from the gold tees at the Tradition Golf Club. As of this writing we have 83 members.

The Annual Gold Tee Christmas Party was on December 9th at the Applewood Restaurant. Everyone had plenty of food and a wonderful time. The annual Gold Tee Player of the Year was David Philips and the Most Improved was Ron Kemper.

Denny Brenneman received the 2008 President’s Award for all his contributions to the association.

Each week, Bill Huish takes pictures of our winning teams. The pictures are then placed on our web site:

This group is composed of a great bunch of guys. Our primary purpose is to have fun, enjoy good fellowship and improve our golfing skills. Players of all handicaps are welcome. Contact Bill Huish at 237-5631 if you are interested in joining us.

By Janice Hayes, Secretary
After a long and cold winter, we are looking forward to getting back in the “swing” of things and our Committee has come up with some great “stuff.”

We have our “Player of the Month” and so far we have chosen Mildred Culpepper (January) for arranging all of the interclub events and her creative ideas and Claudia Krauth (February) for her Humanitarian efforts.

Our quarterly birthday breakfast was kicked off on February 3rd at True Blue celebrating the birthdays of our members! Fun, Fun, Fun.

On March 10th we had our Member/Member and of course Lunch! Our Pot Luck Dinner was such a success last October, we’ve decided to have it again this year on June 2nd. Many more events coming up such as the Member/Friend in October, more interclub events, and our annual Holiday luncheon in December, all of which we are really looking forward to.

We encourage and welcome you to join us as a guest. We are a fun group!

Page 7

By Bill McElroy

Litchfield Corridor Beautification Committee:
[LCBC] is excited that more than 20 members of the Tradition Community have joined the efforts to beautify the Highway 17 Corridor from 100 yards north of Sandy Island Road to Martin Luther King Road. We have planted landscaping in the median from Salt Marsh Cove to near the Litchfield Medical Center. We are looking forward to seeing the plants start budding and blooming this Summer.

The LCBC has received approval from the Accommodations Tax Advisory Committee for an additional grant to be combined with a GSATS grant which will enable the committee to complete plantings for the entire area of responsibility. The County Council still has to approve the expenditure of these funds.

You also have probably noticed that we have also started mowing the right of ways and medians for the entire length of the area. The most noticeable improvement is that the medians are in the process of being edged. It is our intention to edge the right of ways in the near future. Trash pick up is occurring every weekday along the road and in the medians.

We hope you are all as pleased with these improvements as your LCBC board is after only two years as an organization

Submitted by: Bill McElroy President of LCBC

By Bill McElroy

Litchfield By the Sea
The quarterly meeting will be at 9:00am on March 27th at the Beach House. Members are always invited to listen and ask questions about LBTS matters. Your board is working hard to make your “Seaside Campus” more useable and attractive for all members on both sides of Hwy 17. Come and see the board in operation. The next meeting will be the annual meeting on May the 9th.

Just a reminder: The Sheriff will be patrolling the beach again this year to watch for Dogs not on a leash and Glass containers on the Beach. These violations are subject to fines of $100 and up. Please be careful, the beach patrol vehicles are very quiet and the officers plan to issue tickets again this year.

Also, the deck will be manned by security personnel for longer periods of time and for more days this season to assist in keeping the bathrooms clean, assisting with minor first aid, and enforcing LBTS rules. Remember, pets must be on a leash at all times, year around on all LBTS property. If you have trouble with loose pets or unruly people, please let the security people know. If an officer is not on the deck cleaning up, he or she may be assisting our residents and guests. In that case, please call the front guard gate at 237-2451.
Submitted by: Bill McElroy LBTS Board

By Marion Culpepper
The Tradition Mixed Tour is planning on having 5 or 6 outings this year at some of the best courses on the Grand Strand during the non-prime time seasons in order to get the best rates.

Clay Dubose was able to get us in at "The Dunes" (a private club) on 2/14/09. A really good course with a lot of history and the 2nd golf course built in the area. We had 22 players even though it threatened rain, causing some cancellations, it was very pleasant. Our closest-to-pin winners were: Kathy MacSorley, Lewis Bowers (twice), and me (my 1st in 2 years of outings).

As of today, we have scheduled 2 more courses: Caledonia (6/26) and Grande Dunes (9/11) in 2009 and hope to add a few more soon.

The Mixed Tour is open to all Tradition residents and their guests. The sign-in sheets are located in the Members room at the golf club house and the red folder below the sign-in sheet is where you leave your checks. If you have any questions please call me, Marty Robic, or Tom Ellison.
Marion Culpepper

Page 8

By Clayton A. DuBose, CGCS

I would like to thank all of our membership here at The Tradition Golf Club for their friendship and patronage over the 2008 season and I look forward to serving each and every one of you in 2009. I hope by this time next year we can all say that we have turned the corner and the economy will be starting a major rebound. With that in mind, The Tradition Golf Club played in excess of 53,000 rounds of golf in 2008, the average Myrtle Beach course plays somewhere between 38,000 and 45,000 rounds, give or take some depending on the facility and certainly not including the private clubs. Although our next door neighbors Willbrook and The River Club play in excess of 50,000 rounds as well. I would guess that if 50,000 rounds of golf are played at The Tradition Golf Club in 2009 we would be counting our blessings given the current state of the economy.

If you haven’t done so already, please stop in the golf pro shop and congratulate Kevin Williamson on his recent promotion to Head Golf Professional! We are expecting great things from Kevin and his professional staff. We are currently in the process of our improving our merchandise selection and looking at some possible minor renovation work to the golf shop.

Most of you have probably noticed the work that has been taking place over the last few months out on the golf course. We have continued with our tree removal program this winter and are about to wrap that up as the spring golf season approaches. 125 stumps have been ground and removed and will be replaced with sod very soon. We have trimmed the limbs back on many holes through out the golf course as well. All of the cart paths have been root pruned to minimize damage incurred from nearby tree roots. Additional drainage has been installed in the greenside bunkers on hole # 15 as well as the fairway on hole # 17 near the ladies blue tee. We still have more plans to add to the drainage system in # 16 fairway.

The Gold and Red tee box on hole # 15 was completely stripped, a french drain system was installed, and the tee was leveled and topdressed heavily with sand, and with some warmer temperatures I would expect to have that tee open by mid to late April. This should drastically improve the teeing area for the seniors and women. We have also planted additional crepe myrtles on holes # 7 and #15 to add some color for the summer months and added some Double Knockout Roses near the restroom areas on hole # 15. By the spring golfing season, all of the mulch beds will have been edged and a fresh layer of mulch will have been added to improve the aesthetics of the golf course.

The golf course will be closed on June 1st, 2nd, and 3rd for aerification, and again on August 4th. Additional small tine aerations and cultural practices including verticutting and topdressing will be performed around normal everyday play through out the summer months. We will also be closed on June 30th to treat the greens and certain fairways with a Curfew gas treatment for Nematodes.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with Nematodes, they are generally microscopic, unsegmented roundworms that usually live free in soil, water, or decaying matter, or as parasites of plants and animals. Our concern on the golf course is that they feed on the root system of our predominant bermuda grass during the growing season making it very difficult to grow good strong healthy turf. We currently have Nematode populations on certain greens and fairways that exceed the threshold level for growing healthy turf by over 50 times the allowed amount. After this treatment you will notice a small odor for about one week after the treatment, the odor is not harmful to people, animals, or wildlife.

On June 30th I would ask that all golf course members and community residents stay off of the golf course property when we are making this treatment.

If you have further questions, I can be reached by email at: I would be more than happy to share additional information with you regarding the treatment.

In the most recent year we have had very minimal disturbance on the golf course property from neighboring home owners and/or other vandalism with one or two exceptions. Thank you for your cooperation in this matter as it can make for some uncomfortable situations with the golf clubs management. If you are unsure of where your property line ends and the golf course begins, please contact me before you perform any cutting or removal of plants or vegetation to prevent any further problems with possible tres-passing or property damage.

As always, if you have any questions regarding the golf club or maintenance operations please do not hesitate to contact me.

Clayton A. DuBose, CGCS General Manager/Golf Course Superintendent
Page 9

By Frank Walsh
Photos by Lori Doherty Photography

The Tradition fine artists’ association exhibition was held on February 6 & 7 at the Tradition Residents’ clubhouse. The community was impressed with the fine art displayed at the 3rd annual event by 18 artists. The wine tasting, hors d'œuvres and raffles made for an exquisite and relaxing experience for all.

Work is progressing by the executive committee for the 4th annual exhibition which will be a challenge to surpass the success of this event.
  Thank you to this year’s exhibitors: Jeff Sturm, Barnie Slice, Dick Cash, Wilfred Connell, Nora Machin, Eileen Wilton, Ron & Bonnie Eaglin, Jeanne Coburn, Virgil Johnson, Lee Wilson, Lori Doherty, Darlene Moran, Bev Brown, Jerrydine Schmidt, Gail McLaughlin, Ernie Shaefer, Gloria & Frank Walsh and others.

Page 10

contributed by Frank Walsh
Lifting weights 'good as running'

Weight training could be as effective as endurance exercises like running when it comes to burning fat and warding off diabetes, a study suggests. American scientists created mice which carried a gene that, when switched on, gave them muscles similar to those produced by weight training.

When the gene was off, the mice - which were fed a fast food diet - became obese and developed liver problems.

But when on, the same mice burned up fat, the Cell Metabolism study said.

In addition, the fatty liver disease it had developed while the gene was off disappeared, and it stopped being resistant to insulin, a condition which can lead to type II diabetes.

This was despite the fact that the mouse was still eating a diet high in fat and sugar and did not increase its physical activity.

The team from the Boston University School of Medicine (BUSM) genetically engineered the mouse to grow a certain type of muscle - known as Type II - which develops as a result of resistance training.

This is different to the muscle which forms as a result of endurance training such as running, known as Type I.

These could be as useful as a pair of running shoes
  Speeding up

"We've shown that Type II muscle does more than allow you to pick up heavy objects," said Kenneth Walsh of BUSM. "It's also important in controlling whole-body metabolism."

Professor Ken Fox, an exercise specialist at the University of Bristol, said that attention was increasingly turning to resistance exercise as a means to improve metabolism.

"If you have these muscles, even when you are not doing much, you are still burning up energy."

"It's a hot topic at the moment. It's something that could be particularly useful for older people who may have trouble with endurance exercise, and it can be very satisfying because the effects of resistance training appear very quickly."

Reprinted from BBC
Published: 2008/02/06 02:35:48 GMT

Frank Walsh attests that “Trading Fat for Muscle,” a program previously shared with the Tradition community is valid in practice.

Frank indicates he has lost 21 pounds in three months sitting in a recliner watching TV by “waving around” three pound, five pound, then ten pound weights.

Frank says without changing his diet, he has lost fat and is trimmer and slimmer. He can now retrieve a holed golf ball and his pants fit again!

So, congrats to Frank on his success.

Page 11

April 23 - The Long Bay Symphony Youth Orchestra Spring Concert will be held at 7:30 at the Myrtle Beach High School Music and Arts Center. The concert is free and will last about one hour. The Concerto Competition winners will be featured at this concert.

May 8 – Sonata to Mother – A High Tea for Mothers and Daughters 3:00 to 5:00 at Eagle Crest Retirement Living – Robert Grissom Parkway and 38th Avenue North. Featuring works of art by renowned artist Gerard Tempest and music by an ensemble from The Long Bay Symphony Youth Orchestra.

Carolyn Pittman
Director of Development and Community Relations
1551 21st Avenue N, Suite 10, Myrtle Beach, SC 29577
843.448.8379 Office - 843.946.9897 Fax - 843.455.6874 Cell

The Tradition Homeowners Directory is maintained on the Tradition Community Website.
New printed directories will be delivered this spring
If you have changes, please contact Dave Philips at

By Jane Barbour

Soon after Memorial Day our work begins. We have to wait for the water to warm up to at least 70 degrees before it is comfortable and healthy.

Residents who have taken advantage of this program will be happy to share comments on the benefits of it. Besides being good for you, it's fun.

The program is designed to start gently, building to a cardio target level, then taper down with pool side exercise and finally some "noodle" work. Always, always, the participant is reminded to "listen to the body". This is not a competitive program.

Exercise is held every Monday, Wednesday and Friday beginning at nine in the morning for one hour. Most like to come a bit early and leave later so they may socialize. It's a great opportunity to meet your neighbors. All are encouraged to take part.

One does not have to be a "swimmer" to participate. There are a number of members who cannot swim at all. You do not put your head under water, but there is considerable splashing, so be prepared for some wet hair.

Men are welcome to join too!

An E-mail will be sent to returning enthusiasts and a notice will be placed on the community website announcing the start date for those who are willing to join us for the first time.

Let's max out the pool every time this year!

Page 12

By Gloria Starrick
For news and information about the garden club
Please visit
Does your garage have shelves loaded with sprays, insecticides, fertilizer, plant food, and bug killer? According to Nancy Palasin, Tradition resident and Clemson Extension associate, you can replace them with 3 products: Horticultural Oil, Over 'n' Out, and, if needed, Bayer Advanced Lawn Grub Control. Nancy spoke at the March Tradition Garden Club meeting and held the attention of everyone there with her knowledge and valuable information.

Are your shrubs losing leaves here and there? Too much water is the culprit. Unless it hasn't rained for a month, your established shrubs don't need water. Proper watering is critical to both your lawn and your garden. If you've had 1" of rain during the week, no lawn watering is needed. Otherwise, water your lawn for 45 -60 minutes, twice a week.

Many thanks to Nancy for answering our many gardening questions and giving us so much good, sound information!

The next Garden Club meeting will be Tuesday, April 14 with a beautiful presentation on Birds, Flowers, and Exotic Animals of Costa Rica. As the May meeting is a luncheon and installation of officers, this April meeting will be the last of the club year.

Book Exchange is offered in the Men's and Ladies' rooms
Inside the Pool House - Your pool key will open the door
Bring and Take books, magazines, puzzles at no charge.
New! Cookbooks have now been added to the shelves.
Please keep this area as neat as you find it

The community calendar is updated each month
for the current month Plus 2
Calendar is available on the community website at
Also posted at the front entrance to the pool house


Bible Study-Loretta Espey 235-3518
Book & Puzzle Exchange-Veronica Bucello 237-7334
Bridge (Ladies)-Suzie Albright 237-1594
Bridge(Men)-Norm Nuding 237-2275
Garden Club-Regina Wichrowski 235-9101
Golf-18 holes(Men)-Steve Kronski 235-3711
Golf-9 holes(Men)-Bill Huish 237-5631
Golf-18 holes(Women)- Maureen Lempert 237-7045
Golf-9 holes(Women)-Jeanette Renault 235-3566
Golf-Blue Tee League (Women)-Claudia Krauth 237-7544 Golf-Mixed Tour-Marion Culpepper 235-2993
Golf-Sunday Couples-Dale Guzlas 235-3006
Mah Jongg-Lynn Autorino 237-7745
Meals on Wheels - Claudia Krauth 237-7544
Mexican Train - Bonnie Eaglin 235-9160
Needleworkers-Loretta Espey 235-3518
Newsletter-Celise McLaughlin 235-8532
Newsletter-Advertising-Bill Renault 235-3566
Notary - Celise McLaughlin 235-8532
Poker-Vinny Autorino 237-7745
Telephone Directory-David Philips 237-0494
Tennis(Men)-John Hoover 235-0261
Tennis(Women)-Nancy Malara 235-9344
Walk & Talk -Joanne Stewart 237-1305
Water Aerobics-Jane Barbour 237-7998

When you can't cook because of illness or injury
Your Neighbors will help
Claudia Krauth

Monday Evenings 7PM

Tennis(Men)-John Hoover 235-0261
Tennis(Women)-Nancy Malara 235-9344

Fridays 10a.m. to Noon

last updated 3/15/2009 CMM