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Summer Edition - July 2010
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President's Corner
By Frank D'Amato

I would like to congratulate both Bud Knittle and Dave Rubin for being elected to the Tradition Board of Directors. Both men bring a great deal of business experience to the board and I am looking forward to their council.

I would also like to thank Bill Renault and Ron Eaglin for their service to the community over the past years. They have both worked diligently to upgrade the community and bring a more open communication between the board and the residents.

The Fifteenth Annual Home Owners Meeting was held on February 23rd. While a quorum of property owners responded to the proxy mailing, I was disappointed in the annual meeting attendance. A slide show was presented showing the 2009 budget and projects, the 2010 budget and proposed projects, the results of the Reserve Fund and why the monthly dues were increased by $3.00.

There was also a slide presentation on how to log into your personal account on Kuester’s web site. If you have not yet logged in and looked at the site, I strongly recommend that you contact Kuester or a board member to receive instructions on how to do so. As time passes we will provide more and more information on the Kuester site.

Work is well underway upgrading the pool house. There has been very little renovation over the past fifteen years. Those of you who use the pool house will appreciate the upgrades. Those who do not, must be reminded that folks looking to buy in the Tradition, look at the golf course, the beach access and the community amenities. The upgrades will support the home values.

Please feel free to discuss and/or ask questions to any board member at any time.

The board meeting schedule and the monthly board minutes are available on the web site.

Please enjoy the warm weather if it ever gets here.

Frank D’Amato

Springtime on the 11th Hole Photo By Celise McLaughlin

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Letters will go to out-of-town owners. The owner is responsible for complying, whether or not the property is rented.

If for any reason you have a problem fulfilling this requirement, please contact a member of the Covenants Committee.

Jeanette Renault
Fin Jacobucci Allan MacDonald
Bill Crimmins  Don McDowell
Ken Dewell Bill Renault
Ron Farley Phil Fleiss

Additional recommendations? Contact Your Covenants Representative
David King, 843 458-6352
Graham Lawing, 843 543-2392
John Karandisevsky,(Complete replacement)
  Sign-It-Quick, 843 293-9855

Mailbox Paint
Ace Hardware, Pawleys Island, 843 235-3555
Sherwin Williams, Murrells Inlet, 843 651-3718

Roof Repair
Mitch Anderson, 843 546-3330 (Phone in evening)

Ed Gooding, 843 457-6155
Brett Atkins, 843 602-3029 (Also landscaping)

Jim Wright, 843 215-4650; Cell 843 458-1574

Shawn O’Neill, 843-241-4765 or 843 215-2082 (Home)
Bill Roesing, 843 215-4624

Arbortech, John McGrath, 843 450-0921

Ronald Linnen, 843 545-1749 OR 843 344-2868
Greenco, Inc. 843 215-3003
Mastercare Lawn Service, 843 215-3511 OR 843 239-3889
Architecture Review Board

Hello to all.

I hope that this long cold winter has not gotten you down. It is almost over and spring is just around the corner. Time to start to clean up and fix up the house. Just a reminder that if you are doing any painting or any changes to the exterior of your home please get a permit. It is a lot easier to get it up front then after the fact when someone calls to question your actions.

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank my board members for all their help. More than just for this year but for all the past years we have worked together. They are Dale Guzlas, Dan Coughlin, and the secretary John McLaughlin and last but not least Mac MacDonald. Mac and his wife Mary Ann are both quite ill. We hope that they will both be back to good health soon.

Thank you and have a great spring.

Vince Civitarese


Tradition Resident's Club House, February 13, 2010
By Terry Furfaro, Vice President

The Tradition Garden Club has been busy with many activities and speakers. We have had speakers on Tuscan country scenery and cooking and entomology, insects, bugs and treatment. In December a wreath and bow making was presented to members and in January Lisa Barrett, an Eco-Consultant from Green Irene was a speaker about greening our world. A Christmas Bazaar/Flea Market was held in December with resalable Christmas items. It was a great success and a check for $650.05 was presented to Georgetown Hospice.

In coming months there will be a program on Ikebana Oriental Flower Arranging, a trip to flower gardens, a neighborhood garden walk on May 15th and the annual Installation of Officers at Bistro 217 on May 11th.
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By Suzanne Strasser
Tradition Ladies Golf Association had their awards luncheon on December 9th at Ocean One.

The awards went to:
Lowest Gross Joan Sheldon [75]
Lowest Net Suzanne Strasser [59]
Overall low Gross Joan Sheldon [80.4]
Overall low net Joan Sheldon [73.0]
Low Putts Betty Ruff [31]
Most Birdies Joan Sheldon [32]
Best Attendance Maureen Lempert [40+]
Most Improved Pat D,Amato

Dot Franco and Joan Sheldon

First Birdie Awards
Barbara Cardea
Beth Eddy
Wannetta Farmer
Liz Lacy
Mary Martino
Judy Migas
Lee Wilson

Barbara Cardea, Wannetta Farmer and Judy Migas

Broke 100
Liz Lacy
Nancy Malara
Mary Martino
Lee Wilson

Broke 90
Pat Reed
Rebecca Stacey

Nancy Malara & Lee Wilson

Congratulations to Gail McLaughlin, 2009 Rosemary Gallagher Spirit Award winner. The award was presented at the first meeting of the year on January 21st. The lady golfer who receives this award exemplifies a member who supports her league by chairing tournaments, mentoring new golfers and truly enjoying the game of golf

What is coming up?
Quarterly Birthday Pizza Celebration
Ringer Tournament April 8th and 15th
Member Guest May 13th
Interclubs in March and May

For Weekly updates and archives
Visit the TLGA Website at
Page 4
By Steve Kronski
It's hard to imagine Spring even though we know it's coming, but with the snow on the ground and the continuation of what has to arguably be the worst winter season in memory all I can say is Brrrrrr!

Before reporting on events since our last article I think it's worth mentioning that we are still waiting to meet with Clay DuBose for his update as to just how we will be effected by the new Marketing/Management arrangement with Myrtle Beach National. We have had a few discussions but Clay has promised a more complete update very, very soon.

Many have concerns about the future but Clay has assured me that we will be pleasantly surprised as to some of the benefits the members will enjoy as a result of the changes. Rest assured that I will report to the full membership as soon as I meet with Clay. A subsequent meeting with the Presidents of all of our Leagues will follow.

As far as membership for 2010 we've lost a total of 17 members through a combination of moving and illness and a few where the amount of rounds played didn't justify joining the Golf Club. We enter the 2010 season with 84 active members and four "social" members. We hope to add to these totals as the housing market recovers but the immediate future doesn't look all that promising.

The Great Turkey Shoot-Out, always a big hit, didn't let us down again this year. It was held on November 29th. Twenty-two players tee-off with first out honors (and a few dollars to soothe the egos) went to Tom Damore and Jim Conway. On hole #2 out went Larry Barksdale and Frank D'Amato, followed by Charlie Malara and Dick Culver on #3. The 4th hole saw the departure of Dick Pacella and Gary Best; #5 had Tom Swanson and Len Vercellotti wave goodbye to the field. On #6 Jim Pearson and Elliott Dodson deposited a few balls in the pond and were gone. Jim McKay and Jack Ross, famous for making a 14 on this hole in a President's Cup competition, left the field and wound up finishing 4th overall.

On #8 we lost Wayne Johnson and Al Carline after Dave Gould hit a magnificent shot a foot from the pin. Wayne and Al finished in 3rd place. On #9 Dave Gould and Howard Krauth birdied the hole to win the event after John Reed and his partner, Bob Thompson, failed to two-putt from a long way from the hole.
Great Turkey Shoot Out Winners

All in all there were 8 birdies in what may have been our most competitive Shoot Out ever.

The two-week Ringer Tournament was held of December 7th and 14th. Ed Sheldon came away with the lowest score in the "A" flight (you might ask how Ed ever got into the "A" flight but he did) and Jim Herbert came in on top in Flight "B". Congratulations to both. 2nd and 3rd place finishers in the "A" flight were Len Vercellotti and Eric Muller. In Flight "B" Bob Thompson came in 2nd with Ernie Sementilli finishing 3rd.

Congratulations to Tom Strasser for his December 11th hole-in-one on hole #5, using a 5 iron.

Finally, our Christmas party was held at Inlet Affairs on December 8th and everyone will agree that the food, music and ambiance were close to perfect. This year's gathering was quite a bit more "intimate" than years past with a much smaller group of members attending. A smaller membership, several illnesses, and members traveling North along with a tougher economy kept the final count down. Jim Conway was awarded a special plaque due to his hard work and effort for this year's Member/Guest and we hope he'll "volunteer" again in 2010. (Hey--that rhymes).

The Spring Season will open with our Memorial Masters tournament in April.

Stay warm.
Page 5


Revisions since September

  • James & Deborah Mensone, 178 Boatmen Drive
  • Rosalind Conlin, 77 Patriot Lane, 314-3715
  • Keith & Donna Fountain, 23 Revolution Court
  • Nadine Sagnuola, 11 Shrimp Net Court

  • Steven & Donna Rosen [phone] 833-1409
  • Bill & Jeanette Renault [email]
  • Kerry & Marie Williams [phone] (843) 603-6004
  • Jerry & Barbara Mithen [phone] 314-3876, [email]
  • Paul & Dottie Kelly [email]
  • Dave & Jean Pessano [phone] 237-7386
  • Angela Smith from 178 Boatmen Drive
  • George Allington from 77 Patriot Lane
  • Lori Doherty from 80 Prentice Court
  • Ken & Zenaida Mah from 23 Revolution Court
  • Mike & Kathy Hunt from 11 Shrimp Net Court
Changes? Contact Dave Philips at 237-0494

Ladies Wednesday Afternoon Bridge
12:30 to 4:00 PM at the Pool Clubhouse
Join our bridge party as a regular or substitute player.
Call Elsie Siebert 235-8429 or
Suzie Albright 237-1594
Community Tag Sale
Saturday, April 17th

The annual community tag sale
is scheduled for Saturday, April 17th.
Get rid of that knick knack and make a few bucks!
Watch your mail box for a flyer.
Contact Merry Cotton
Litchfield By the Sea
by Bill McElroy, Vice President

The Litchfield by the Sea Annual Meeting will be held (Saturday) May 15th. The time and place will be announced in a mailing to you as required by the by laws of the association. It is assumed to be 10:00 in the morning. The place is yet to be set. As usual, your attendance is encouraged in order to learn first hand what is going on "at the beach".

Our officers are working to make your beach area the best on the east coast and for sure the best in South Carolina. Input from residents is the best way for us to know what your needs are. If you have any ideas that we need to know or any problems that need to be addressed, you may contact me at I will take your thoughts to the board.

I'm sure that you have heard that our board meetings are always open to the membership. I will post those meetings on the Tradition website, but they are always available on the Litchfield by the Sea There is a link on the Tradition Site. If you need your login information and have lost it from the original letter, you may call Donna Brown at Waccamaw Management 237-9551 to get it again.

Just another reminder: Glass is not allowed on the beach, but alcoholic beverages may be carried to the beach in metal or plastic containers. Dogs must be on a leash at all times on the Litchfield By the Sea Properties, and from 9:00am til 7:00pm daily, on the beach year around. These rules are being enforced to eliminate any danger of injury. Your safety is important to us. Litchfield by the Sea Security and the Georgetown Sheriff's Office will enforce these rules. The beach is state property and governed by the County.

Andy Pesto at Litchfield Beach - before 9a.m.

Most of all, we want you and your guests and neighbors to have a good time and respect the rights of others on the deck and on the beach.

There is a new county law that prohibits items from being left on the beach at night. This is not new for our property owners since we have always tried to promote this good behavior, but it will be enforced county wide.

I'll see you on the beach or the deck this summer.

Page 6
Litchfield Corridor

Bill McElroy, President
Lewis Bowers, Vice President
Ken Dewell, Treasurer

The Board of Litchfield Corridor Beautification Committee has launched their new web site at:

The site proclaims their mission to landscape and maintain the Litchfield Beaches area for those that live here and as a draw for visitors to enjoy the shops, restaurants, beaches and golf courses.

The signature lavender crepe myrtles in full bloom introduce the site and invite you to read on. Pictures of the median transition from site to site to show the work and progress that is transforming the area. Donors are recognized, because this site is all about a community coming together with a vested interest in making the Litchfield area exceptional and welcoming to all who come here. You and your neighbors are listed here as well as our Tradition POA.

Donations can be made with a click. You can pay through Pay Pal or with a credit card directly from the site. You will also see a place to complete donor information and mail a check. Questions can be answered with a new email address

Links to community web sites, including our own Tradition Club Site, and many others are included. A map of the beautification area for current and future plantings is included in the design.

As the LCBC Board President I see the web site as another step in the project to increase awareness for visitors and residents and motivate others in the community to join in the greening of Litchfield corridor. Our thanks go out to Vince Franco for the design and maintenance of this new site. Please visit the site, and then thank Vince for the help. By the way, it you are not a member now is a good time to join.

Walk & Talk

Our Walk and Talk Group is still going on. Our numbers varies each day, but we look forward to more people joining us. We continue to meet at our Pool Club House at 8:45am and walk for approximately 45 minutes. Some of our group like to walk on a daily basis, so you can pick and choose the days you would like to join us.

Mother Nature has not been very kind to us this winter, but we bundle up and keep moving. Please consider walking and talking with us. Walk and Talk will continue to meet each week until the pool opens and Water Exercises begin.
Healthcare Forum
OMEGA 3 and Depression

Excerpt from Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, NaturalNews Editor

OMEGA-3 is a fatty acid found in fish oil that lowers your risk of heart attack and stroke, and boosts the immune system. In addition to the benefits of omega-3 fatty acids on cardiovascular health they are also extremely beneficial for moods and cognitive function. There's a tremendous amount of good evidence demonstrating that omega-3 fatty acids can help enhance brain function and prevent depression.

Based on the available scientific and clinical evidence the omega-3 fatty acids are important not just for health; they're important for happiness, too. Omega-3 fatty acids are not one single nutrient, but a collection of several, including eicosapentaenic acid (EPA) and docosahexanoic acid (DHA). They are found in high concentrations in cold water fish such as herring, mackerel, tuna, and salmon. (Smaller amounts are found in other fish.) Omega-3 fish oils can elevate your mood. Around a quarter of the dry weight of our brains is made up of omega-3s and if you are deficient in them, the cells in your brain malfunction and you are much more likely to become depressed.

Population-based studies in various countries have indicated that decreased consumption of omega-3 fatty acids correlates with increased rates of depression furthermore, there is a consistent association between depression and coronary artery disease. Omega-3 fats work to keep us mentally and emotionally healthy and strong in three ways:
  1. Act as precursors for the body's production of key hormones
  2. Provide the environment for B vitamins and co-enzymes to produce compounds that regulate many vital functions
  3. Provide energy and nourishment to our nerve and brain cells
Scientists don't know exactly how omega-3's protect against depression, but they do know that the fats are important to health of neurons, or brain cells.

But even if you don't like fish (or choose not to eat it), you can still get what you need from dietary sources. The most potent plant source of omega-3 is flaxseed. While flaxseed contains no EPA or DHA, it's a rich source of another omega-3 known as alpha-linolenic acid (ALA), which the body can use to make EPA and DHA.

Other sources of omega-3s include winter squash, broccoli, cantaloupe, kidney beans, spinach, cabbage, cauliflower, walnuts, olive oil and canola oil.
Page 7
From the Editor's Desk
By Celise McLaughlin

This is my 12th edition of the Tradition Newsletter since assuming responsibility for its publication in 2006. The newsletter is published 3 times each year and made up of articles and photographs from people in the community along with a few articles I develop on my own.

About six weeks before the scheduled delivery date an email goes out to distribution to call for articles from the known contributors by a certain cutoff date. Although most of our loyal contributors consistently adhere to these deadlines, others occasionally need a reminder at press time.

It takes about 3 to 4 full days to develop the online version for the internet. Several hours are spent deciding upon which picture to use as the masthead and experimenting with colors and designs for the backgrounds [none of which can be appreciated in black and white].

Obviously not much else gets done by this editor during newsletter development days and I want to thank my wonderful husband, John, for allowing me the time and space to complete the needed work.

Once the internet version is completed each article is retro-fitted into individual Microsoft Word document pages which are sent via email to the printer along with any photographs to be included in the edition. Bill Renault handles the coordination with the printer, Plantation Printing, and the advertisements, for which I am most grateful. It normally takes about 10 to 15 business days for the printed version to be ready and distributed to your mailboxes.

The online internet version of the newsletter is developed in HTML which is a programming language used for web development. I learned to write HTML more than 10 years ago when employed as a computer programmer. I enjoy the creativity allowed with this language and appreciate the opportunity to sharpen these skills by using them in the various community web pages which I maintain on the host.

Always looking for new articles to include. Enjoy your spring; I'll catch you again with the summer edition.

When you can't cook because of illness or injury
Your Neighbors will help
Call Claudia Krauth

Water Exercises

Soon after Memorial Day water exercise classes will begin. The Pool has to warm up to at least 70 degrees before it is comfortable and healthy.

The program is designed to start gently, building to a cardio target level, then taper down with pool side exercise and some "noodle" work.

Exercise is held every Monday, Wednesday and Friday beginning at nine in the morning for one hour. Most like to come a bit early and leave later so they may socialize. It's a great opportunity to meet your neighbors. You do not have to be a "swimmer" to participate.

Men are welcome to join too!

An E-mail will be sent to last year's participants and a notice will be placed on the community website announcing the start date for those who are willing to join us for the first time.


By Sally Russell

Monday, March 1 – Crabby Mikes in Surfside Beach
Tuesday, March 2 – Drunken Jacks in Murrells Inlet
Thursday, March 4 - Sea Captain in Myrtle beach
Monday, March 8 – Chili’s – Carolina Forest, Surfside & MB
Wednesday, March 10 – Angelo’s Steak & Pasta, Myrtle beach
Thursday, March 11 – Texas Roadhouse & Grill at Coastal
Friday, March 12 – Cap. Bennett’s Calabash, Myrtle Beach
Monday, March 15 – Captain George’s, Myrtle Beach
Friday, March 19 – Lee’s Inlet Kitchen, Murrells Inlet
Monday, March 22 – Giant Crab Seafood, Restaurant Row
Friday, March 26 – Pizza Huts, Horry and Georgetown County
Tuesday, March 30 – Dagwood’s Deli & Sports Bar, Surfside
Wednesday, March 31 - Cooter’s Backyard, Murrells Inlet
Remedies Bar & Grill (back gate) Saturdays (daytime)

There will be a silent auction and Cooter’s on March 31st
from 4 – 7 pm 10 cent wings, oysters and shrimp
it is sure to be a great time.


Page 8
Ladies Nine Hole League
By Janice Hayes, Secretary

We have had a cold beginning to the New Year but that hasn’t stopped us from planning some great future events. We started the year with our quarterly Birthday Breakfast at True Blue, which is always a nice occasion.


Hopefully the weather will cooperate for our upcoming Member/Member tournament. We are all looking forward to that.


We have had an increase of members who are no longer able to play golf. Now they will be able to join our “Social Member” Roster enabling them to continue to have involvement with the Ladies Nine Holers.

New Players and new Social Members are always welcome! We have lots of fun events coming up including our wonderful invitationals, “Girls Night Out”. Looking forward to these events and some warmer weather!

Kudos to former nine hole member Sue Guzlas, for embroidering our new golf shirts.

Gold Tees
By Vince Franco

The Gold Tee Christmas Party was held at the Applewood Restaurant on December 3rd. Eddie Sheldon made all the arrangements for a wonderful buffet dinner. Dale Guzlas provided the liquid refreshments. Santa gave each member a tee shirt embroidered with the Gold Tee logo.

Ed Sheldon received the 2009 President’s Award for all his hard work and contributions to the success of our club.

John Melzer presented the 2009 Most Improved Player award to George Majorossy. John McLaughlin presented the Player of the Year award to Dale Guzlas.

Our team of cooks and shrimp peelers are planning our first 2010 dinner. It will be on Tuesday, March 23rd. Our members can count on a menu filled with good food and drink.

David Philips prepares the game, pairings and tee times for the league each week. John Melzer checks each team’s results to determine winners. Paul Kelly is back to announce the winners and present them with their prizes. Then pictures are taken of the winners for our web site.

The Tradition Gold Tee Golf Association is composed of a great bunch of guys who play nine holes of golf from the gold tees at the Tradition Golf Club on Wednesdays. Our primary purpose is to have fun, enjoy good fellowship and improve our golfing skills. Players of all handicaps are welcome.

Contact Bill Huish or Vince Franco if you are interested in joining us.
Page 9
Pool House Calendar

The Pool House Calendar is updated monthly
on the Community Website

And posted in the glass case outside the front door
For Club house reservations contact:
Tom Ellison 235-8071
all events subject to change

Only TRADITION residents, their house guests, visitors & renters may use the facilities. Local area resident friends are permitted to accompany Tradition residents & renters on a limited basis.

The CLUBHOUSE may be reserved on a continuing basis, at no charge, by groups that are open to all residents. These groups may include a limited number of local area residents. There will be an annual sign up in the fall by all groups using the CLUBHOUSE on a continuing basis. Conflicts will be resolved by the BOARD.

The POOL cannot be reserved except for special purposes approved by the BOARD (e.g. Water aerobics classes, fireman training, school swim teams, etc.). The POOL is maintained all-year-round for the hearty ones but is not heated & the furniture is stored for the winter months.

The TENNIS COURTS can only be reserved by residents using the sign up board at the entrance. They can be used by their relatives & in-house guests. Local area residents may play with a Tradition resident present. Children under 12 must be accompanied by a responsible adult. Shoes must be smooth & rubber soled which do not leave marks on the court. Bicycles, skates and skate boards are not allowed.

Pets are not permitted in any of the facilities.
For Complete list of facilities rules
Tradition Club House Rules

Mah jongg

Monday Evenings @ 7p.m.

Gourmet Diners Returns

Following a three year hiatus, the Gourmet Diners Club at Tradition is coming back.

Although still in the early planning stages, the Gourmet Diners Club at Tradition is scheduled to return in the Fall of 2010 with a whole new facelift.

Ladies and Gentlemen, dust off your sauté pans and mixing bowls. More information to follow in the Summer newsletter.

  Around the County
Carroll Ashemore Campbell Marine Complex
Opens Saturday March 20, 2010
A Boat Show & Water Sports Extravaganza will be held on March 20, 2010 9:00 am until 5:00 pm to celebrate the opening of this new public boating facility. The facility, located on the Sampit River, includes 6 launch ramps, parking for 200 vehicles/trailers, restrooms and event stage area.

Area boat dealers and related vendors will display a variety of watercraft and equipment. The Georgetown County Sheriff´s Office, SCDNR, US Coast Guard, local fishing organizations and many others will present a variety of seminars and educational sessions throughout the day. Food will also be available. The Official ribbon cutting ceremony is scheduled for Monday, March 22nd.

The park is located just over the Sampit River Bridge on the right. New signalization and turn lanes will help control traffic in and out of the landing.

Farmers Market
The Farmers Market opens the first week of April.
Saturday Mornings at East Bay Park and
Wednesdays at Parkersville Park.
For More information call: 545-3275

George Goes Green at East Bay Park
Saturday April 17, 2010 10:00 am until 3:00 pm

Celebrate spring, natural resources and the environment at this "earth friendly" event. Activities will be available to all ages! More Information: Georgetown Chamber of Commerce

Page 10
Tradition Golf Club
Office (843) 237-4660
Mobile (843) 241-1721
New Email:

As the spring begins to come around…… and I hope it will very soon, so does the urge for golfers to come out and play. I would expect that everyone has experienced some “Cabin Fever” this year after the miserable winter that much of the country has endured, and just think that some are still crawling through snow piles and frigid temperatures in other locations.

Who would have thought that we would receive 6 inches of snow here at The Tradition Golf Club! Let alone the countless number of rain days, the overcast weather, numerous frost and freeze delays, and the constant winds this winter….then throw in multiple days of Cart Paths Only, a soaked golf course and what a mess we have had to experience! I would suspect things can only get better!

We are confident the regular weekly member groups (league and non-league play) will increase their participation and securing a tee time will be of the utmost importance, and as always we will do our best to get the members times in as quickly as possible.

If you have a tee time that you can’t make and need to cancel, please do so as soon as possible so that we may possibly be able to sell that valuable time. March, April, and May are considered the “peak” season along the Grand Strand and with that comes the increase in outside package guests looking to enjoy our wonderful golf course that we call home.

As you all know from experience, sometimes the mixture of outside package guests and Tradition Club members can be like oil and water. Those high paying guests are expecting to enjoy every inch of our golf course and take in the full experience, sometimes taking pictures of the course and their foursome, relaxing on their vacation, and playing golf at a leisurely pace.

I probably don’t need to explain what happens when some of our members expecting to play in under four hours run into the back end of these euphoric guests playing along in their version of golf utopia. Trust me, it is not a walk in the park for the golf operation employees who have to try and accommodate both groups. Although our members are certainly a priority, the club does rely heavily on those outside guests’ generous green and cart fees and we need to make them feel welcome at the club. Pace of play during these busy times is not an exact science and many factors influence the flow of golfers around the course.

The golf shop and outside staff will make every effort to monitor the pace of the package guests and politely move them along while simply asking the membership for just a touch of patience and understanding during this critical revenue earning period for the club.

Some of you may find this hard to believe, but the pace of play over the past two spring and fall seasons has improved drastically, but when members are used to playing in 4 hours or less in the off season, sometimes four and a half hours or even five can seem like an eternity.

14th Hole - Photo by Kathy MacSorley
Tradition Golf Club (continued)

Back to the miserable winter weather for a short recap; for those of who you who think the course has been wet this winter season, well you’re exactly right, it has been. I would like to inform you that we have pumped less than 500,000 gallons of water through the irrigation system since mid-November and it is now late February. A typical irrigation cycle that would irrigate the entire golf course in one night would utilize about 500 – 600,000 gallons on average, so what I’m saying is, the system has basically been turned off except for maintenance work and maybe to water in a fertilizer or chemical application of some kind.

The golf course has been wet because of the 32 inches of rain we have received in less than 3 months, our 12 month rainfall average is only about 50 inches. All of this rainfall has happened at a time of year when there is no water loss to the environment through evapo-transpiration, plant uptake, and there is very little water movement within the soil profile. When it gets wet during the winter months, it usually stays around for extended periods of time, especially when its already saturated.

It’s too bad we couldn’t spread out some of this rain for the summer months! I’ll probably be begging for rain come June.

As I’m writing this article, we have already had the opportunity to begin working with the Myrtle Beach National group in the management and marketing of The Tradition Golf Club for about 2 months now. It has been a very smooth transition for the staff and for most of the membership, as a matter of fact, you have probably noticed that day to day operations have not changed one bit. Most of the work is being done behind the scenes in the marketing department, Kevin Williamson and I have already been to a handful of meetings with their group to talk about the future plans for golf at Tradition. I am completely confident that we are heading in the right direction for the long term viability club and the membership.

I hope that each and every one of you will take full advantage of the additional playing privileges that you have just recently been given for the other Myrtle Beach National managed courses. The golf shop staff has access to all of the tee sheets for the MBN courses and can assist you in arranging tee times if you like. As always, if you have any questions regarding the golf club or maintenance operations please do not hesitate to contact me.

Clayton A. DuBose, CGCS
General Manager/Golf Course Superintendent
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