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"Somewhere Over the Rainbow" (3:03) - Photo by Celise McLaughlin

"Sunrise looks spectacular in nature, in our photos, in paintings and in our dreams.
...That is because it is spectacular."
------Mehmet Murat Ildan


Tradition Community Newsletter is published by and for
the Homeowners of the Tradition Community
Editor: Celise McLaughlin

The printed edition will be
delivered to your mailbox in mid March.
Published by Plantation Printing
Advertisers: contact Bill Renault

March, July & November
Deadline to submit articles for the next edition
(Summer 2016) will be June 25th.

For past newsletters visit the Newsletter Archives Link at:

President POA Frank D'Amato 843-235-8885
Clubhouse Paul Hayes 843-237-3832
Covenants Jeanette Renault 843-235-3566
ARB Vince Civitarese 843-237-3568
Grounds Alex Herndon 843-241-3287 (Emergencies Only)
Vince Franco - Web Site Manager 843-237-9190

Board of Directors
Frank D'Amato, President 843-235-8885
Dick Baughman, Vice President 843-655-0327
John Bartha, Secretary 843-235-9998
Brian Kramer, Treasurer 843-235-0805
Merry Cotton, Director 843-235-6862
Kimber Ammerata - Kuester Management 843-839-9704

Board Meetings Fourth Thursday Meeting
3:00 p.m. Resident's club house
(subject to change)
All board meetings are open to the community

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Page 2

By Frank D'Amato
Your board of directors, along with our building and grounds manager, has been very busy and I would like to update everyone on our activities.

Annual Home Owners Meeting:
The Annual Home Owners Meeting was held on 25 February 2016. Over a hundred members attended and were treated to a slideshow full of information showing activities and financials for 2015. They also received plans for 2016. As usual, I was disappointed in the number of members who were not interested enough in their community to attend.

The Board of Directors
I want to congratulate John Bartha for being reelected to the board. John has been a super player on the board as his main emphasis has been on insurance and the volunteer program. I also want to welcome Brian Kramer to the board. Brian is a certified CPA and he will be a welcome addition to the board.

The Big Storm:
All of the drainage issues identified in last falls major storm have been completed. The cost to the community was $56,000.

Landscape improvements are underway. We have removed trees and plants in common areas and have begun to trim back the tree line along Deacon Drive and Tradition Club Drive. Once the trimming is complete we will begin to re-sod and possibly seed in some areas. Summer plantings will occur when the weather allows.

Pool Complex:
A new metal roof will be placed on the Pool House in March. Also, the pool will be emptied to repair a small hole in its floor.

I hope everyone has noticed our volunteer neighbors, under the direction of John Bartha, who have been painting signs around the neighborhood. Art Voltaire and neighbor Tom Billings are repairing signs that need repairs. All of these people should be thanked for their time and work as they improve the look of the community.

Kings River Road:
I am sure you noticed the repairs on Kings River Road, which are not very good. There are new white chalk marks around the terrible repair areas and I believe they plan to do the repairs all over again. The county is also waiting on bids to repave the entire road. The bad news is that it may not happen this year. Government does not work quickly.

Open fires are not permitted in the community. This means no burning of leaves or lawn debris. While I am at it, there is also no discharging of firearms in the community. This does not mean you cannot own a gun but no shooting in Tradition unless you are protecting your home from a break-in and then it is your decision.

Make sure we have your e-mail addresses so that the BOD can communicate with you. Contact a board member or Vince Franco ( to add your e-mail. When I broadcast e-mails through quality kid, please do not respond to Vince, as he cannot answer your questions. Your feedback must come to me. I will add my e-mail address to the broadcast or you can find my e-mail address in our phone directory.

The board schedule and the monthly board minutes are available on the web site. The minutes are always behind as we must approve minutes at the following month’s meeting.

Please call any board member or me if you see a problem in the community. For association emergencies you may call Alex Herndon, our buildings and grounds manager, at 843-241-3287. Please identify yourself.

Frank D’Amato
Cell # 843-446-6875
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Page 3

By Vince Civitarese
Here we are at spring again. It sure was a strange winter, more like an extended fall. I will not complain about the warm weather, that is why most of us are here!

As spring begins we will all start to think about projects we would like to do outdoors - lawns, flowers and shrubs. With the changing of the seasons and the large number of new neighbors now we can expect to see changes to yards and homes. Everyone wants to make their home their special place. I would remind everyone that no permits are needed for inside work but anything that affects the exterior requires an ARB permit. Small changes to plantings and tree trimming do not require a permit.

It seems the new roof cycle is over but now we are seeing more changes to windows and siding. Please file your applications in a timely manner and make sure all necessary information is with the application. We need colors, styles, dimensions, and plat plans if additions are involved. The early submission will make the process quicker and faster.

Have a great spring and an even better summer.
Vincent Civitarese
Chairman ARB

You may print the ARB application from the Internet.

Go to the main page of the Tradition Website
scroll down on the left side.
OR click this link:

Coming soon to a garden near you


By Jeanette Renault
Covenants concerns are quiet at this time; just a few comments:

Be prepared for the coming “rust season” by making sure your well attachments are in working order with rust inhibitors. If you need help to do it yourself, we’ll be glad to advise you about chemicals needed and how to apply.

Please advise us of complaints about anyone on our Vendors List. We only use recommendations from residents and try to keep it updated, but sometimes service changes. Please let us know if you have a problem.

We are happy to report this past year we welcomed two additional members to our committee: Marc Stephens & Al Foderaro

Print the Recommended Vendor List (in PDF format)

Safety Notes:
  • Learn how to open your garage door manually. This is important in case of a power outage.
  • Coated driveways get very slippery when wet & need to be “roughed up”. A resident recently fell & broke her knee cap.
  • Emergency numbers (Georgetown County Sheriff & Midway Fire Dept) are on page 2 of your Tradition Neighborhood directory.

Before You Call 911 on a Cell Phone - what you must know
When you call 911 from a landline emergency responders can find you--even if you don't know where you are or you can't speak. That's because calling 911 from a landline (a telephone connected to the phone jack) makes a computer in the dispatch center show the number and address of the phone you're using.

Cell Phones are NOT Landlines. When you make a 911 call on a cell phone, you are sending signals through the air. The tower that picks up your phone's signal may be near or not. That's not enough information for the dispatcher to find you. It's like playing "Marco Polo" in the pool--blindfolded with just sound to guide you.

Professional call-takers are trained to get information from you. They're staring at a computer screen that has all the relevant questions. Listen carefully, and answer as concisely as possible. Remember, responders can only respond if they know where they're going. Make sure you get the location as detailed as possible.
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Page 4

By Kathy MacSorley
The Litchfield Beautification Foundation appreciates the confidence you put in our hands to maintain the unique look of our community for the last 9 years, especially in the face of the explosive growth on the Waccamaw Neck.

The POA/HOA organizations account for 68 % of our donations. In addition, we rely on individual and business donations, and Accommodation Tax grants. Thanks to community support, this grass roots, 501c3, nonprofit organization is able to sustain the appearance of the Litchfield corridor from Sandy Island Road to Martin Luther King Road and influence neighboring communities to follow.

This year, in addition to the routine maintenance, we’ve had our most expensive year yet with vehicle damage requiring in excess of $7,500 to repair 5 areas from incidents of vehicles straying into the median.
  If a police report is made we can follow up with an individual’s insurance company, but there has not been a report made on any of the incidents. Basically, they are hit and runs. If you witness one of these incidents, please go to our website and contact any board member and we will follow up with the police.

Currently, we have 54 flags on display along the medians on 5 patriotic holidays. With a $25 donation to the Flag Project, an individual of your choice will be entered on our website Honor Roll and a personalized card will be sent recognizing the recipient. The personalized cards are duplicated and on display at our Annual Donor Appreciation Party. Flag donor forms can be found on our web site. Each day the flags are flown it costs $200 or more if it is a legal holiday. This is for the time it takes Waccamaw Landscaping to put them up in the morning and retrieve them at dusk.
  We will be meeting with local organizations that may be interested in sponsoring one or more flag days. That could allow us to add more days in the future. This year we would like to acknowledge Marty and Carole Farrell of Litchfield Country Club as our first sponsors for the Memorial Day flag display. The Tradition Winey Wednesday Ladies also stepped right up to sponsor Flag Day on June 14. Thanks so much to Monique Phillips and the ladies for their spirit! Our web site has more information about all that we do and how to donate, as well as all our board member contacts if you have questions or concerns. You can give us a call or send an email.

Be sure to let new residents know that the beauty of the Litchfield medians is largely the result of consistent local financial support. Your donations and word of mouth are our best source of advertising! For those of you that may not be familiar with our program, please check out our ad in this copy of the newsletter or visit our web site.

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Page 5

"We Wish You a Merry Christmas!"
By Monique Philips
That was one of many songs we sang at our FIRST Annual (hopefully) Tradition Caroling party which was held Thursday December 10th at our poolhouse. There were approximately 90 folks who came to sing festive carols accompanied by our own musician, Jill Trinka on keyboard and dulcimer.

Jill Trinka

After socializing and meeting new and old neighbors with cheese and crackers, we started our caroling. We took a break and had a light dinner, hot dogs cooked by Chef John Melzer and sous chef Dale Guzlas, bagged chips and desserts provided by Bi-Lo, Dunkin' Donuts and Publix. Some of our residents also brought brownies to share.

We then picked up our song booklets and continued with our carols. We had no idea we had so many talented neighbors with beautiful voices. We also collected 28 gifts for Toys for Tots! Thanks again for all of you who made this evening such a success.

Hope to see you next year!

We want to thank the Tradition POA for sponsoring such a fun party. Special thanks also goes out to the committee, Vince Franco, Susan & Greg Akers, Anne & Keith Hoile, Mary Grace & Martin Robic and yours truly, Monique Philips.
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Page 6

Updates Since Winter Newsletter

Don't Forget all our numbers need an Area Code (843) when dialed

  • Robert & Mary Bendetti to 75 Basketmaker Court
  • Walter Fulton to 10 Thrasher Court from Durham, CT
  • Patti Horak & Henry Woltman to 271 Historic Drive
  • Robert Stahlberger & Sylvia Vuillemenot to 448 Tradition Club Drive
  • Sally Morton to 18 Heston Court
  • Larry & Laura Wiley to 137 Tradition Club Drive from Lewes, DE
  • Barry & Cheryl Boyle from 10 Thrasher Court
  • Jack Newton from 137 Tradition Club Drive
  • Thomas Russo from 75 Basketmaker Court
  • Jerrydine Schmidt from 448 Tradition Club Drive

To Joe & Flo Gatto
206 Historic Lane
After 10 years as the contact for the Tradition Directory, David Philips has decided to step down and let someone else have an opportunity to serve. David isn't going to sit idle, by any stretch of the imagination. He heads the Willbrook Road Committee (no small task), manages the financials for his parish and he is active in both the Men's League and Gold Tees. I want to thank David for the wonderful job he has done over the years to keep us informed of the comings and goings of residents in our community. Hopefully he will find some down time to do more traveling and enjoy life here in paradise.

The new contact for the Tradition "Neighborhood" Directory Changes will be Keith Hoile. Keith is from Greensboro, NC. He and his wife Anne bought in Tradition in March 2012 and have lived here full time since October 2014. His activities include golfing with the Gold Tees, working with the Baskerville Food Pantry, and he is a avid photographer as a member of the Tidelands Photography Club and the Carolina Nature Photographers Association.

The majority of Keith's working life was with Volvo Trucks North America in Greensboro and 2 years in Gothenburg, Sweden. We welcome Keith to the newsletter family, please contact him with changes and updates at (843) 314-9330 or and Yes, he is a Kansas Jayhawk fan.
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Page 7

A special 80th Birthday Surprise
By Georgia McDowell

Don's 80th birthday celebration, January 21st, 2016, was a surprise trip to New Orleans. While we were there it was nearing Mardi Gras time. The decorations were starting to be put up and the nightly jazz performers in the streets were fun; it was very festive. We were very thankful the weather cooperated.

On one of the days during our stay we visited a Mardi Gras warehouse. It was very interesting to learn the story of the Mardi Gras parade and see the floats being built and decorated.

This warehouse, one of seventeen in the area, was three football fields in length. Our guide informed us there is a parade every night for ten nights leading up to Ash Wednesday. There are 20-30 floats plus bands and marchers in every parade. Each night's parade has a different theme and each float is used in only one (1) parade and each float is owned and decorated by a private "club". Once that night's parade is over those floats go back to the warehouse and they do not come out again until the following year when a new theme is designed by the "club" members.

These Clubs are $$$$$ and exclusive. One perk for the club members is that you get to ride on one of your floats during the parade. They are on the float for about 6 hrs. Dressed to the nines and throwing beads and other memorabilia. And, yes there are "facilities" on each float; Good thing as there might a LITTLE liquid intake during that time. The mechanisms used on these floats to navigate the narrow streets of the French Quarter are amazing.

Each float is owned and decorated by a unique "club"

Another day we took a Paddle boat ride on the mighty Mississippi which is indeed mighty. So much barge traffic! Maneuvering the river from the ocean upstream to Baton Rouge and beyond takes a great deal of skill and training. Only qualified captains are permitted to navigate all ships and barges through the city.

Mississippi Delta Paddle Boat

The guided bus tour of the city is a must. Learned lots of history. (I even remember some of it.) The above ground burial grounds were a little spooky. The old residential area is beautiful; Somewhat like Charleston. We were surprised on the birthday evening when we returned to our hotel to find champagne and chocolate covered strawberries waiting in our room. Compliments of our hotel.

Happy Birthday, Don McDowell

Of course the local food and beer were of great interest to Don. A small boutique hotel right off Bourbon street with a wonderful small jazz bar. So, now New Orleans is off Don's bucket list. Needless to say we had a good time. Didn't hit the casinos but they were there.

As a side trip on the way to New Orleans we stopped in Andersonville, GA to visit the POW National Museum. It is quite a tribute to our prisoners of war from many (too many) wars. Having recently been to Normandy Beach we were once again reminded that FREEDOM IS NOT FREE.......Don actually has a relative buried at this cemetery and we were able to find his grave marker.

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Page 8

By Clay DuBose
"Let There Be Balance"
Balancing career and family is one topic that will always be relevant to golf course superintendents. When I first entered the business back in the early 90’s I had many Superintendents tell me about the challenges they faced in maintaining healthy and happy lives in both their careers and family life. I remember learning that the profession had a perceived high divorce rate, while there weren’t many statistics supporting this, many just assumed that many of their peers were divorced. The main reason for this, of course, was the long work hours involved in maintaining a golf course. I was told that wives and family members won’t understand that sometimes you will have to work 7 days a week, and some of those days will be very long days. Most of the stories I heard were spot on accurate, and to this day I’m astounded at the number of Superintendents who work 70, 80, and even 90 hours a week. When I grew in Diamond Back Golf Club somewhere between 80-90 hours per week was normal for a new construction, and of course I was in my mid-20’s at the time, and single so that helped me out a lot.

A lot of Superintendents are married to their jobs. I’m not saying that being married to your job is a good or a bad thing, it certainly can be either depending on the circumstances

..but I have a feeling that more Superintendents are married to their jobs these days than ever before and here are a few reasons:
  1. The demand from golfers for excellent conditions continues. We are a nation of people who want our money’s worth, which is why this will never change. Realizing this, superintendents feel the pressure to deliver constant results, which equates to more time at the course.
  2. Most maintenance budgets have stayed the same or even decreased the last several years. We are not hiring more staff, and in many cases we’ve had to lay off or decrease staff sizes to meet the stagnant and lower budgets we are working with. Our crews are doing more with less and I feel like we are still leading the way. Staff usually accounts for at least 60% of the maintenance budget.
  3. Even though we aren’t hiring additional workers, we are constantly having problems finding and keeping good help. Again, it boils down to having to do more with less.
These elements add up to a superintendent who has to work even more hours, maybe 75 instead of 65. Considering there are only 168 hours in a week, that’s a big increase.
7th Hole Blunder

Dealing with visiting golfers can be trying to say the least
(Photo by Monique Philips 1/31/16)
Again, let me say that there is nothing wrong with being married to your job, whether you are single or have a spouse. I have never met a group of people more passionate about their profession than golf course superintendents. We love what we do. Not everybody can say that!

So the challenge I’ve had just recently is how do I find that balance even more so now since I’m operating 36 holes? I have to keep telling myself, when others are involved with our lives, be it spouses, significant others, or children, we have a responsibility to them to find that happy balance. Balancing career and family will always be of the utmost importance to me and I will certainly make sure each area gets my best shot!

See you out on the golf course!

Clayton A. DuBose, CGCS
Golf Course Superintendent
Tradition Golf Club/Willbrook Plantation
Founders Group International
(843) 237-4660 - Office
(843) 241-1721 - Mobile
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Page 9

By Mary Graef
Spring is right around the corner, warmer weather on the way, promise. The Ladies Nine-Hole League has been busy as usual.

Birthday Recognition
On November 3, a birthday breakfast was held at True Blue. Ladies with birthdays in October, November and December were recognized with a small gift.

Donna Scott, Jan Hayes, Suzanne Edone, Ann MacDonald, Julie Ferrara and Mary Grace Robic

Interclub - "County Fair"
November 17 had us hosting the Interclub Step-Aside Tournament. A total of 60 players, the perfect weather and our ladies hard work made for a very enjoyable day! The theme of the event was County Fair and the trophy shelves were decorated with crafts and such. There was also a contest on who could guess the number of buttons in a fruit jar.

Lunch menu was: Pork roast, mashed potatoes with gravy, green salad with cranberries and walnuts and a vinaigrette dressing, choice of pumpkin pie or apple pie for dessert.

  The November 17th Interclub Winners were:
First Place: Sandi Bunce's foursome
Second Place: Foursome with Kathy Lenoue and Janette Mitchell
Third Place: Foursome with Deana Smith and Carol MacCallum
The next scheduled Interclub Tournaments are:
March 10 Pawleys Plantation
May 19 Wachesaw
June 6 River Club

Annual Awards and Christmas Banquet
On December 1, we met at Carefree Catering for our end-of-year awards banquet. Menu was choice of: Shrimp and Crabmeat Quesadillas, Tender Beef Tips in mushroom sauce and Boneless Breast of Chicken with onions and mushrooms in champagne cream. Sides included rice pilaf, asparagus, mushrooms and carrots and rolls; for dessert, Pawleys Pie with ice cream.

Our most improved and ringer-book winner was Suzanne Edone. Mary Graef won the lowest average putts per game. Award pins were given for pars, birdies and chip-ins. All members received a nice 2016 monogrammed Pocket Pal calendar with pen gift.

2016 Board and Extended Board
Chairperson: Elaine Kronski
Co-Chair: Suzanne Edone
Secretary: Mary Graef and Pat Shriver
Treasurer: Pat McCarthy and Darlene Dodson
Social: Anne Brown and Sharon Valentine
Games: Phyllis Confer and Jan Hayes
Ringer-book: Janette Mitchell
Interclub: MaryLou Goodell and Sandi Bunce
Sunshine: Skippy Esposito

Hope everyone has a wonderful Spring!
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Page 10

By Suzanne Strasser
On December 7th the Tradition Ladies Golf Association had their awards luncheon for 2015. New members won first time awards with the league:
Martha Gorton: 1st birdie hole # 14, 1st eagle hole #6
& broke 90 (87)
Cindy Greenwald: 1st birdie hole #3 & broke 80 (79)
Peggy Martz: 1st birdie hole #14 & broke 100 (91)

Peggy Martz

End of year awards were presented to:
Daune Barksdale low putts (25)
Donna Culver & Pat Kemper Blue Tee Low Net (63)
Maureen Lempert Blue Tee Low Gross (81)
Martha Gorton Red Tee Low Net (67)
Joan Sheldon Red Tee Low Gross (77)
Donna Culver most improved handicap (3 strokes)
Penny Pikaart player of the year (51 pts)
It was a very successful year and we are looking forward to 2016.

Daune Barksdale & Donna Culver with Bobby

Joan Sheldon

On 12/8 the Tradition Ladies played in the state tournament for Bulls Bay. Notables from our league are:
--In Flight 1--
Joan Sheldon-2nd Low Gross
Cindy Greenwald-1st Low Net
--In Flight 2--
Kathy Judge-2nd Low Gross
--In Flight 3--
Lois Holland-1st Low Gross

It was a lovely day on a great course.
January Game Winners
On 1/7 the Tradition Ladies League played a low putts game. The winners were; 1st Maureen Lempert (31), 2nd Debbie Massie (32) and 3rd Peggy Martz (32moc). The only chip-in was made by Judy Gambeski on hole # 18

On 1/21 the Tradition Ladies League played crossover. The winners were 1st Penny Pikaart (28), 2nd Maureen Lempert (29), 3rd Joan Sheldon (30moc).

Maureen Lempert also had a birdie on #8 and a chip in on hole #2.

Penny Pikaart

What is coming up?
GUYS & DOLLS (March)
RINGER (April)
  • Snee Farms Mt Pleasant
  • Beech Creek. Sumter
  • Pebble Creek, Taylor SC
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Page 11

By Jerry Mithen
About the Gold Tees
The Tradition Gold Tee Golf Association is composed of lots of great guys who play nine holes of golf from the gold tees on Wednesday afternoons. Our motto is “Fun, Fellowship, Friends”. We have many social functions during the year. Our member/chefs cook up some delicious meals.

Our annual tournaments include a Chili Bowl in February, a Member/Spouse/Partner Tournament in August and our Annual Championship Tournament in September.

During the summer months we plan to have grilled cook outs at the pool house. We also take occasional “Road Trips” to other local golf courses.

The “Gold Tee Boutique” occasionally offers association members good deals on clothing and medical items. Pictures of our weekly winning teams are taken each week and then placed on our web site So if you want to have fun, make friends and enjoy good fellowship with a great bunch of guys, we welcome you to join us.

Contact Vince Franco, President, at

Christmas Party Award Dinner December 8th

The Gold Tees had the 16th annual Christmas party and Award Dinner at Tradition Clubhouse. Special guest and friend, Steve Dresser, from the Steve Dresser Golf School at True Blue, joined us for this festive event. Members enjoyed shrimp appetizers, meatloaf and ham entrée with mashed potatoes, salad, and rice pudding. Chef Debbie prepared the meal that was enjoyed by all members. Election of officers for 2016 and a trivia game rounded out the evening.


The annual award ceremony presented Most Improved Player of the Year to Doug Waikart

Player of the Year to Vinnie Esposito

the 2015 President’s Award went to Frank Hawkins.

Chili Bowl-February 17th
The Fourth Annual Chili Bowl was 2 Man Match Play based on similar handicaps using the Best Drive of the Twosome. There were 24 teams competing followed by Chef Debbie’s Famous Chili and noodles, bread/butter, beer and sodas.
Winners were:
Marty Robic/Charlie Muratore (1UP)
Bob Keller/Ron Kemper (2UP)
Dale Guzlas/Jerry Mithen (3&2)
Henry Woltman/Paul Hayes (2&1)
Jeff Sturm/Jim Conway (2&1)
Rudy Schwartz/Tony De Flumeri (3&1)
Allan MacDonald (3&1)
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Page 12

By Bill Renault, Secretary
With the postponement of the “Ringer Tournament” due to the weather, “The Steve Kronski Memorial Great Turkey Shootout” ended 2015 in style with great weather and a spectator crowd of wives, children, grand children and neighbors cheering on their favorites .

In honor and in memory of The Tradition Men’s Club past president, it featured ten two man teams in a nine hole best ball tournament. Using a scramble format, one team was eliminated on each hole until two teams were left standing on the 9th hole. This year , it was Frank D’Amato and Paul Lempert (vs.) Harry Stewart and Dan Goodell. The 9th hole plays as a 450 yard par 5 requiring a second shot over an environmental hazard. Goodell and Stewart were on the green in three about 30 feet from the pin . D’Amato & Lempert were on in four about 12 feet away. Goodell & Stewart two putted for par requiring D’Amato & Lempert having to make their putt to force a playoff. Both players just missed their putts leaving Goodell & Stewart as the winners of this popular and fun tournament.
A Pizza dinner at The Tradition Golf Clubhouse followed the tournament with those who picked the winners cashing in their bets.

The year 2015 ended with the annual Tradition Men’s Christmas Party. As always, it was a fun evening of good food, music and dancing. Dale Guzlas and Ed Sheldon did their usual good job in organizing the party. And, of special note, Men’s Club President John McLaughlin presented Ed Sheldon with the 2015 “Presidents Award” for his many contributions to the success of The Men’s Club”.

Ed Sheldon 2015 “Presidents Award”

Men's Club Christmas Party

2016 “Ringer” Tournament
The year 2016 began with the postponed “Ringer” tournament fighting the cold and rain but finally getting both rounds in. This is the tournament that uses the best 18 hole “Net” scores of the 36 holes played. Cream usually rises to the top and it showed with Eric Muller posting a 59 to win the “A” flight and Rudi Schwarz a 62 to capture the “B”flight.

“The Tournament of Champions”

On February 13-14 our 2015 Club Champion Craig Monaghan represented The Tradition in “The Tournament of Champions” played every year at The Tradition since our course opened in 1995.
While Craig didn’t win, he survived bitter cold (30 degree ) weather and played well in competing against younger and strong golfers. ”Good work Craig.”

Finally, we mourn the passing of Robert Spangler The Tradition Club Head Pro from its opening in 1995 through 2004. Robert was only 47 and had a long and notable golf career in “The Grand Strand”. He will be missed.
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Page 13

By J. Vance Vandergriff MD
Every year on February 14 we celebrate Valentine's Day. Many will either give or receive candy on this day. But for millions of Americans, sugar is not allowed in their diet. Diabetes Mellitus affects more than 29 million people in the United States. About 12 million of these case are in adults over age 65.

Prediabetes (fasting blood sugars from 100-125) affects almost 90 million Americans. There are several medical conditions and complications associated with diabetes, so it important to learn about this dangerous disease. Georgetown County does not have an Endocrinologist or diabetes specialist, so most people in our area are diagnosed and treated by their primary care provider.

Let's Focus on Type 2 Diabetes
Today I want to focus on Type 2 diabetes mellitus (T2DM). T2DM is present when the body is not making enough insulin, or the body is not able to utilize the insulin that is being produced (called insulin resistance). If you are not able to breakdown sugar, this causes sugar to remain in the bloodstream. High blood sugars can cause a number of problems to the body, therefore it is very important to watch your diet and get regular exercise to help any medications your doctor may prescribe work better.

The United States Preventive Services Task Force recommends screening for diabetes every three years for anyone overweight or obese. Diagnosis of T2DM occurs with a fasting blood sugar over 125. Another test your doctor may order is called the hemoglobin A1c. Any A1c level above 6.5% is considered diagnostic of T2DM.

So you have been diagnosed with diabetes, now what?
Your doctor may request that you start to monitor your blood sugar levels with a machine called a glucometer. Keeping a log of your sugar readings will help your doctor provide you better care. There are several free phone apps and online tools that can help track your sugar levels.

The goal for sugar control would be an A1c less than 7% or average sugars less than 150.
Monitoring sugar levels are important to help identify not only high sugar levels, but also dangerous low blood sugars. Hypoglycemia would normally be felt when sugar levels drop under 70. Signs of low sugars include shakiness, nervousness, sweating, confusion, lightheadedness, and vision changes.

This can easily be treated with consuming sugar through drinking 1/2 cup of juice or regular soda, eating a few pieces of candy, or taking a glucose tablet. Untreated severely low sugars can lead to seizures or coma.

Treatment of T2DM
Treatment of T2DM may involve oral medications or injectible medications. This area is too complicated for a short article such as this, but we try to follow guidelines set forth by the American Diabetes Association. The foundation of T2DM treatment involves Metformin. All diabetics should be taking this med unless contraindicated or not tolerated. This med will help the liver better breakdown sugars, but it also helps other tissue become more sensitive the insulin your body is producing allowing more sugar absorption out of the bloodstream.
of the other oral agents help the body release more insulin, some slow the breakdown of starches into sugars, and others increase sugar elimination through the urine. The most natural way to lower sugar in patients with T2DM would be to supplement the lack of insulin production by injecting insulin. Even with this option, there are several different types of insulins to choose from. Please talk with your healthcare provider for more details about the best treatment for you.
Complications of Diabetes
Finally, let's take a minute to discuss the complications of diabetes.
  • Just having T2DM can increase your risk of heart attack or stroke by almost double.
  • The leading cause of kidney failure in the US is diabetes.
  • Diabetic neuropathy is nerve damage that leads to painful, numb, or tingling sensations in the extremities.
  • Neuropathy and circulation problems related to diabetes can lead to ulcers or sores on the feet, and if severe could end in amputation.
  • T2DM can cause blindness or other eye problems.
  • Living with diabetes can also lead to mental health issues such as depression, anger, and anxiety.

More information about the different types of diabetes, different treatments for diabetes, and complications of diabetes can be found at the American Diabetes Association website
If you do not have a healthcare provider, or would like to learn more, my office is in Surfside at South Strand Internists & Urgent Care.

Dr. Joseph Vandergriff is board certified family practice physician.
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By Bill McElroy, President

The Litchfield by the Sea Board has been very busy since I last wrote. I am only going to cover two subjects and would suggest that you keep a close eye on the website for up to date information.
Warm weather is just around the corner and we are working to make this Summer a very special time for our owners and visitors at the Beach Campus, but do not forget to visit the LBTS pool at River Club which is always available for all owners and guests.

What’s happening with the Tennis Courts?

At its January 2016 meeting, the Litchfield by the Sea Board voted to remove courts 1 thru 4. #1, 2 and 3 will be replaced with brand new courts and #3 will also serve as a pickle ball court.

Court #4 will not be replaced but rather converted into an area that can be used for over flow parking during busy holiday weekends and as a play area/green space.

This project began February 8th and is scheduled to conclude sometime in May. This work is seen as Phase I of a two phase project. Renovating the remaining tennis courts will be part of a Phase II. The LBTS Board is pleased to upgrade and improve these amenities for all to enjoy.

LBTS Security Task Force Update
As of February 18, 2016
On February 26, 2016 we will have completed 7 weeks of handing out new barcodes to LBTS residents. These weeks were manned by volunteers from the various communities and we owe those who volunteered their time to support their communities’ week as well as many who helped fill in for some of the smaller communities. We each of you our sincere thanks for helping out and could not have done it without you!

As I write this note, we are on a track to hand out bar codes to approximately 1,600 residents, which is great, but given that we have 2,750 properties plus interval owners, we have a long way to go to get bar codes to all LBTS residents before the current barcodes get shut off on 4/1/16. We are working on some make up days, and a possible Saturday to give people the opportunity to avoid a mad rush on 4/1 where the only place to get your new barcodes will be at Waccamaw Management.

We have advised all residents to wait two weeks before putting on the bar codes to ensure we have enough time to get them loaded in the system, but once you see your cars show in the auto tab of the new system, your bar codes will work!
Need a visitor beach Pass? Use the online system.
We really need everyone’s support to use the new system when admitting visitors and out of town family to the beach. You can begin by signing on to and updating your username and password then using the features of the system to give access to your community and/or the beach.

There are also options to use a voice server by calling 843-235-2304 or sending an email to This was all outlined in the package mailed to you in mid-December.

If you have not received the package, please go on to the LBTS web site and under homeowner at the top of the page you will come to a page that has the entire package shown on it. You will only need the temporary user id and password that was sent to you or you can call Waccamaw Management and they can give to you.

PLEASE take the time to get your new barcodes and learn how to use the new visitor’s system, which was installed to help improve security for ALL of us. Again, if you have any questions, please call Waccamaw Management at 843-237-9551.

This was a very complex project and will continue to have bugs and will appreciate your help with creating your guest passes and telling your guests that they can use at the lane formerly just used by owners and they are encouraged to use the South Gate after they pick up their passes from the guard the first time. Please be patient with the guards as we all learn how to successfully use our new system. Thank you in advance for your help on this matter.
The original instructions sent with the Bar Code package in December are incorrect. Please use this link for information about logging in. If you have any problems or have misplaced your package, please call Waccamaw Management 843-237-9551 to obtain a temporary username and password.
Use this link for a PDF with login instructions.
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By Celise McLaughlin
I have had a few people ask me what I have been doing with my time now that I have officially retired from the county and my golf clubs have found safe haven in the attic.

First off, duh, I do the newsletter for the community. Now entering my eleventh year of that. Three months out of the year, you can find me on the computer sitting at the dining room table oblivious to the world as I massage photos and articles to fit within the boundaries of each page. A few times a year I jump on a plane and head to California to see my 4 (soon to be five) grandchildren. The rest of the time I am knee deep, no, make that waist deep in my workshop dabbling in crafts.

I found a love of card making a few years ago and that opened an entire world of crafting I had no idea existed. I joined what some have referred to as a cult of women paper crafters or "scrappers" as we call ourselves. I regret that I didn't find this world earlier and invest in it, because if you look at the amount of money I have spent and multiply it by thousands. These companies are raking in the cash and they do everything online.

As a card maker, you have to buy stamps and ink, a fancy paper cutter and tons of paper in all colors and weight. Then you have to have a manual die cutter and those metal dies, of course. Then that is not enough, you have to buy an electronic die cutter and all the extras. A Minc machine that foils is next, you know what I mean? you have to put gold laminate on everything right? And gold foil is not enough, let's buy blue, pink, green, silver and don't forget rose gold too. But then to use that machine you really need to buy a laser printer, who wants to run to the UPS store to get copies? Wow, you know it works as a laminator, why not buy 100 sheet pack of laminator paper so you can laminate your voter registration card. It goes on and on.

Many of the retail craft companies offer subscriptions to monthly kits. Enablers! (like I need help?) They entice you with pretty paper, embellishments and stuff called ephemera. I had never heard of ephemera, now I have a drawer full. Can you recognize the UPS truck engine noise when it drives down your street? I can.

As crazy an obsession this sounds, I am enjoying my creative time immensely. I have met so many talented women all over the globe who share a love of this hobby many of whom have a lot more years (and money) invested in it than I do.

So to quote my husband, "to make a long story short" (which he cannot, but I can) and answer your question. What am I doing with my time? I am busy in my workshop playing with my toys. Do you need anything laminated?
December's "COLD MOON"
Many of us were enjoying 75 degree temps on Christmas Day here in Pawleys Island. We had Christmas Dinner on the beach then came back later to see the full moon rise over the ocean. The last time we saw a full moon on Christmas was in 1977. The next time the moon will be full on Christmas will be 2038.


A wonderful bird is the pelican,
His bill will hold more than his belly can,
He can take in his beak
Enough food for a week
But I'm damned if I see how the hell he can.
This favorite limerick of Bill Kendall's was written by Tennessean poet Dixon Lanier Merritt in 1910. I heard Bill recite it several years ago as we watched the pelicans fly in formation over the deck at the Litchfield Beach. I was reminded of it when I captured this photo early one morning while walking the "kids" (Andy & Daffodil). A lone pelican had fallen out of formation with a broken wing and was riding the waves. It was sad, hopefully he had enough in his beak to sustain him until he found shelter to recuperate.
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TENNIS at Tradition - By Monique Philips

Top Reasons to Play Tennis
according to:
Tennis helps you live longer,
makes for a happier life, is social, is fun,
develops your mind, develops your body,
and is the sport for a lifetime!

Are you a tennis player? Have you ever been a tennis player? Do you want to take up the game again? here's your chance!

We are always looking for subs. We play Monday and Wednesdays and some Fridays at 9AM. If you would like to sub (our level of play is 3-3.5), please contact Anne Hoile(843-485-0225) or Monique Philips(843-237-0494) to be added to our sub list!

There will be a community garage sale this spring. The date at this time has not been determined. It will occur sometime after the seal coating project is completed. Information will be sent to you via email. If you are not currently receiving emails from the community, please contact Vince Franco at so you may be added to distribution.
Contact for the garage sale is Darlene Dodson. 843-235-8066

3rd Annual Low Country Garden Party
Whitehall Plantation - Winyah Bay, Georgetown, SC
Benefit for Pawleys Island Festival of Music & Art
Friday, April 29, 2016 12 Noon $85
Call 843-626-8911 or visit

By Jeanette Renault
Why Do We Play Canasta?
Mary Lou: to be with lovely gals;
Darlene: to get out of the house and have a little competition;
Deana: it brings back my youth playing with my cousins;
Regina: I just like to play games;
Pat: it’s something to do;
Diane: to get together out of the house;
Teresa: it’s fun and I get to meet nice ladies;
Joan: nice fun to get together with gals I don’t get to see very often;
Pat: I love the game I played in the 50’s with my Mom, her friends and my girlfriends.
come play and have fun.
Call Jeanette @843-235-3566
or Pat @843-237-2678.
We will teach you!!

Welcome to Winey Wednesday! We gals meet the second Wednesday of the month. at 5PM. winter months at the Tradition pool house, spring, summer, fall down at the beach, weather permitting.

It's a great way to meet your neighbors! All you need to do is bring finger food to share, your own "beverage", normally a canned good for the food pantry and of course, a friend! If you would like to be on Monique Philips' distribution list, she'll be happy to add you.
Contact: Monique Philips

By Pat Shriver

It doesn’t take much cold and rainy weather for ALL OF US to anxiously await the sunshine to warm our pool. Monique Philips and Dee Ely are ready to lead us in the latest water aerobic workouts.

To Our COMMUNITY NEWBIES: Starting about June 1 through September 15, we exercise Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 9-10 a.m. in our pool. So bring your noodle, towel and water bottle at 8:50 and be ready to meet your neighbors, have fun and exercise. Any questions, call Pat Shriver @843-237-2678.

Looking for new walkers, come join us..... We walk Monday thru Friday starting at the pool house at 8:45AM for approximately 45 minutes. Pick days that would work best for you. Have a good walk with some good talk before you start your good day. Try it you might like it. Contact: Joanne Stewart 843-237-1305
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By Monique Philips

2015 was a very busy travel year for Monique and Dave Philips. It was a year to celebrate US! A Milestone year, we both turned 65!

To start the year, we took a Caribbean cruise on the Celebrity cruise line to celebrate Dave's birthday! We visited Aruba, Cayman Islands and St. Maartin. We had a blast exploring the islands.

The Caribbean Islands
In April we celebrated our 26th wedding anniversary by treating ourselves to a practice round at the Masters in Augusta Georgia. This has been on Dave's bucket list for years. What a wonderful experience. We were up and personal with many of the golfers. What a lovely course. Well worth the money we spent to see such a spectacular course.

"A Tournament, Like no others"
We took our annual trip to Ohio to tend to our families graves after Memorial Day. While in Columbus, we went to the Memorial Golf Tournament. We always enjoy our day at Jack's course!

And for my birthday, we took a trip with GoAhead Travel to the Alps in October. We first stopped in Paris on our own for three days exploring the back streets.... and of course visiting many of the famous monuments too...Notre Dame, Sacred Heart Church, Eiffel Tower, Arc of Triumph.

"Sacré-Cœur Basilica"
  We took a train from Paris to Lucerne Switzerland where we met up with our tour. Some of the areas we visited included the mourning Lion in Lucerne, Bern and the bears, Geneva and the United Nations.

Also Annecy France (my favorite), Chamonix and Mont Blanc, Lake Como and Bellagio, Liechtenstein, Innsbruck and the Golden Roof, St. Moritz and the Bernina Express, Munich and Dachau, Salzburg, Sound of Music sites and Berchtesgaden and Eagles Nest.

The Alps

We ate croissants, drank wine and local beers, munched on cheese and ate local dishes including apple strudel for my birthday!

The weather was pretty good till we arrived in Munich when it turned very cold and rainy; but that didn't dampen our spirits. It was a trip of a lifetime!!!

We ended our year at a beautiful Bed and Breakfast (Cuthbert House Inn) in Beaufort SC during the Christmas holidays. Even Dixie joined us. We had loads of fun exploring the area!

Cuthbert House In, Beaufort, SC

Now as we start 2016, we are making plans for a cruise to Alaska! Can't wait....stay tuned for more trips from the Philips! As I always say....(YOLO) you only live once!!!
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By Ron Eaglin
In October, Bonnie and I booked a 14 day trip with Uncommon Journeys that included traveling by train, bus and boat. Starting in Chicago, we boarded our train that included two sleepers and a diner car attached behind an Amtrak train.

Our first two days and nights were spent traveling across the plains and through the Colorado Rockies through Glenwood Canyon marveling at the beautiful scenery from our domed car. In Reno Nevada, we boarded a bus to our hotel, the Grand Sierra Casino for a two night stay. While in Nevada we visited Virginia City, home of the famous Ponderosa Gold Mine and enjoyed a sightseeing cruise on Lake Tahoe.

After spending a fun evening with the slots in the casino hotel, we were off to Sacramento for a tour of the Train Museum and a dinner cruise on an original paddle wheeler, Dixie King. Yosemite was the next designation which proved to be an adventure in itself with all the hairpin curves. Once there we rode the Sugar Pine Railroad and toured this wondrous park.

Beautiful Pismo Beach California

The next afternoon we arrived at beautiful Pismo Beach before leaving for a day at Hearst Castle. Hearst Castle was way over the top but it was interesting to see how the rich and famous lived.

Pool in Hearst Castle

  From Hearst Castle in San Luis Obispo we boarded our original train cars for dinner as we traveled down the California Coast to Los Angeles for a two night stay at the historic Millennium Biltmore Hotel where the academy awards were once held. One of the highlights of the trip was going twenty six miles across the sea to Catalina Island and renting a golf cart to explore the entire island.

Catalina Island

Upon returning to LA we did all the touristy things until we left by train for Santa Fe, New Mexico.

There we spent two nights at the Loretto Inn that is next to the Loretto Chapel home of the famous floating staircase.

After two great days in Santa Fe we were to board the train to return to Chicago. However, Bonnie and I decided to fly home from Santa Fe rather than take the train.
The food on board was great and the personnel were most attentive but getting up into the upper bunk at night was more than difficult so we decided to forgo that section of the trip.

We give the trip an A+ and if you want to know more give us a call we will share all the information.
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We cannot stop the winter or the summer from coming.
We cannot stop the spring or the fall or make them other than they are.
They are gifts from the universe that we cannot refuse.
But we can choose what we will contribute to life when each arrives -- Gary Zukav
-- End of Newsletter --
last updated 3/6/16 by Celise McLaughlin