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Pawleys Island, South Carolina
Photo By Celise McLaughlin

Aerobics-Joanne Stewart 237-1305
Bible Study-Loretta Espey 235-3518
Book Exchange-Veronica Bucello 237-7334
Bridge (Ladies)-Suzie Albright 237-1594
Bridge(Marathon)-Danny Phillips 235-9338
Bridge(Men)-Norm Nuding 237-2275
eTreasure@Tradition Lori Doherty 237-1624
Garden Club-Mildred Culpepper 235-2993
Golf-18 holes(Men)-Vince Franco 237-9190
Golf-9 holes(Men)-Bill Huish 237-5631
Golf-18 holes(Women)- Joan Sheldon 235-2357
Golf-9 holes(Women)-Pat Bowen 235-8981
Golf-Mixed Tour-Marion Culpepper 235-2993
Golf-Sunday Couples-Dale Guzlas 235-3006
Golf-X Tour - Ernie Heilberg 235-2610
Mah Jongg-Lynn Autorino 237-7745
Needleworkers-Loretta Espey 235-3518
Newsletter-Celise McLaughlin 235-8532
Newsletter Advertising-Bill Renault 235-3566
Poker(Men)-Vinny Autorino 237-7745
Telephone Directory-David Philips 237-0494
Tennis(Men)-John Hoover 235-0261
Tennis(Women)-Nancy Malara 235-9344
Water Aerobics-Pat Shriver 237-2678

Buildings & Grounds/Pool/Tennis Courts
    Bob Brown at
Social Activities
    Ron Eaglin 235-9160
    Tom Ellison 235-8071
Covenants Committee
    Jeanette Renault 235-3566
Architectural Review Board
    Vince Civitarese 237-3568
Effective June 22nd
the Tradition Website takes on a new name

easy to remember.. it's your zip code
Between June 15th and June 22nd both sites will run concurrently after which time the webpage will no longer be active.
Please update all your favorites to this new web address.

Our social calendar is very active this summer. To begin with the annual yard sale is taking on a new a facelift. On a trial basis, residents may participate in a ONE DAY ONLY garage sale on June 23rd. You should have received a flyer in your mailbox - but if you didn't there is still time to obtain a permit! Please contact Ron Eaglin by June 20th.

Three community dances are scheduled at the Pool House in June, July & September - watch your mailbox for flyers. They fill up quickly so don't miss out.

The Annual Community 4th of July Scramble will be run by the Homeowners' Association again this year. Sign up your foursome at the tradition club house for a fun day of golf and great food with your neighbors.

We are looking for some help with the Par 3 Margarita party this year, perhaps at a new venue. If you want to volunteer please contact me.

Have a great summer.
Questions? Call Ron Eaglin at 235-9160

The Newsletter is published by and for
the Homeowners of the Tradition Community
Hard Copy Summer Edition scheduled to
be delivered to your door mid June
Next Newsletter October 2007 Submit articles

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By Frank D'Amato

The second year of seal coating has been completed. I am happy to report that this year’s work went much smoother than our first attempt last year. The weather, the equipment, the community and the contractor all cooperated to give us a much better looking result, which was completed during the scheduled five days. We learn as we go and next year we will remind residents to remain off their driveways for a few extra days.

The pool is open with a new and upgraded filtering system as well as new chairs and umbrellas. We hope you enjoy the cleaner water and the new look around the deck. Please do not dive in the pool nor bring glass of any kind inside the pool fence. Last years keys will fit the new lock on the pool gate.

I wish to thank Harry Stewart for serving on the board for the last three years and especially in supporting my efforts. Ron Eaglin was voted in as Harry’s replacement and I expect Ron to be a great addition to the Tradition board. Both by-law changes voted on in February were passed by the two thirds vote needed. As a reminder, the first new by-law amendment requires all board members to own property in the Tradition. The second amendment requires all rental agreements to be for a minimum six months. In this instance, the board may ask to see a copy of the rental agreement, if necessary.

Celise McLaughlin, who is currently filling the board position vacated by Ginni Swenson, has decided not to run for her current seat on the board in February. Anyone interested in running for this years open board seat should contact any board member before October.

The board is looking for a resident who may wish to make extra money by making them selves available to repair and paint mail boxes for folks who may not be handy or need help. Please contact a board member if you are interested. All repairs will be paid for by the home owner.


As a side note: your Board of Directors has met with representatives from the other associations in the vicinity regarding the new school and library being built off of Willbrook Boulevard. I was asked, along with Bill Renault, to represent the local associations in discussions with the school board and the county. We further met with Jerry Oakley and Glenn O’Connell, from the Georgetown County Council, to discuss our concerns regarding additional traffic. We made presentations to both the county council and the school board. Recently we met with SC Senator Cleary and received positive feedback from him. We also plan to meet with State Representative Vida Miller towards the end of May. Only time will tell if we were successful in our attempt to divert some of the traffic from Willbrook Boulevard.

Last but not least, our Covenants: Each spring we remind residents that lawns, mail boxes and rust issues must be attended too. The board realizes that centipede grass is not easy to maintain. We also realize that those of you using wells have a difficult time with rust. However, you must take whatever steps necessary to keep your property up to standards. Both the covenants committee and the association will be happy to assist you in these areas.

Please save yourself and the association a great deal of time and money by discussing any plans you may have with the ARB, to alter your outside house appearance and landscaping.

We are planning a new format for the annual garage sale. All necessary information will be in a flyer placed in your mail box. This year’s event is on a trial basis, depending on feedback received from residents.

Have a safe and healthy summer.

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By Bob Brown
Following are some of the improvements to the community that we have been able to complete so far this year.
  • New pool umbrellas
  • Concrete tables at the pool
  • Additional pool furniture
  • Sand filter system for the pool
  • Second phase of seal coating
  • Painting of stucco at the front and back entrances
  • Repair of deficiencies in our storm drainage system
  • Removed overgrowth on Willbrook Blvd. – planted new shrubs
  • Rust removed at all common areas
  • Water valve markers painted
  • New lights in kitchen and restrooms at the club house

Thanks to the following volunteers, Spring Clean- Up Day 2007, was very productive: a tremendous amount of work was accomplished.
Suzie Albright
Dick Albright
Ron Belbutowski
Martyn Collis
Jim Conway
Merry Cotton
Bill Cotton
Pat Crimmins
Bill Crimmins
Frank D’Amato
Tom Ellison
Ann MacDonald
Roy MacSorley
Jim McKay
John McLaughlin
Walt Murren
Jeannette Renault
Bill Renault
Ed Sheldon
Pat Shriver
Jack Starrick
Bob Van Orden

Even though we have had minimal rainfall this year, our common areas look good due to the efforts of our irrigation managers:
Dan Coughlin, Marion Culpepper,
Jim Davis, Tom Ellison,
Tom Maguire, Chuck Olnhausen,
Tom Shaw, Jim Parker
and Bob Thompson

A special thanks to the following volunteers:

Bill Cotton - for his wood working and mechanical expertise
Walt Murren - problem solving and always willing to contribute his time and efforts
Nancy Palisin - for her advice and help with the spring plantings
David Scott- painted almost all of the manhole covers by himself
Derek Vander Schaaf - replacement of lights in club house, and preparing storage building for installation of new pool filter system

Let us all continue to maintain and improve our properties to keep the Tradition looking like the first-class community that it is.

Tradition Men’s Tennis
Join us for tennis at the Tradition Tennis Courts on Tuesday and Thursday mornings at 8:00.
The format is round robin
The objective is friendly competition.
Everyone who comes out, plays.
John Hoover 235-0261
Tradition Women's Tennis
Women Play Tennis on
At the Tradition Tennis Courts
For more information contact
Nancy Malara 235-9344

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By Steve Kronski  
2007 starts pretty slowly in the Men's 18-hole League, with nothing other than regular Monday play happening until our first Major event, the Memorial Masters, in April. However, this year was just a bit different in that, on Monday-April 2nd, during our normal Monday Men's Club event, our membership produced, not one----not two--but three, count-em, THREE hole-in-ones within minutes of each other.

Jim Pearson on hole #2   Tom Hicswa on hole #5
Bill Graeff on hole #12

Being the class-act gentlemen that they are, these three then agreed to each run a bar tab on separate, consecutive Mondays. Lesser men would have run one tab, on one day and then split the cost three-ways. Kudos to all three.
Our Memorial Masters (a two-day individual Stableford) event was conducted on April 9th and 16th. Finishing first was Alan Gardner followed by second place finisher, Bill Allen. Rounding out the prize pool was Rudy Schwarz, coming in third position.

The second major event of the year took place on two days in May, the 14th and 21st to be exact. This was our annual Member/Member Tournament. On the 14th we opened with 9 holes of Modified Alternate Shot, followed by 9 holes of Captain's Choice. On the 21st we finished with 18 holes of best ball. All matches were played at 100% handicap.

The winning two-man team consisted of Allan MacDonald and Logan Wilton, followed by Dave Gould and partner, Tom O'Connell. Rounding out those cashing in were Rich Becker and team-mate, Phil Fleiss.

L.Wilton & A. MacDonald

Flower Bed Rule is in effect
It should be noted that, with the planting of flowers/shrubs at various locations throughout the course (particularly on the right side of hole #16) the flower-bed rule, as part of our local rules, is in effect. Players landing inside a flower-bed get a free-drop, and should use the same guidelines (ball position) as with a ball stopping on a cart-path as to which side the drop should take place.

Upcoming Events
June 11th and June 18th--Annual Sadistic "Black Tee" tournament for all members with a warped sense of entertainment/competition.

June 22nd, Member/Spouse. This is a Friday.

June 25th Men's "Gold" Tee Championship

July 9th & 16th qualifier rounds for the President's Cup, with match play to follow on July 23rd and 30th.

July 14th & 15th: Rider Cup Match Play v.s. members of the "Reserve".

August 16th thru 18th---Annual Member/Guest Tournament.

I would be remiss not to ask for your special thoughts and prayers for those of our members and families, presently going through some extremely tough times with respect to health issues. I ask that we all take the time to keep special and kind thoughts in our minds for each!

Tradition License Plates
License plates are now available through
Paul Kelly at 237-1898 or
Paul lives at 187 Deacon Drive.
Cost- $10.00 per plate or 2 for $15.00.

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Tradition Homeowners’ “Mexican Riviera” Pool and Dance Party!
June 23, 2007 - Happy Hour 5:00-6:30 Dance: 6:30-10:00
Tradition Clubhouse and Pool - Cost per person: $10 + BYOB
Limit: First 120 residents

Food provided by: Habanero’s and The Kommittee Kitchen
Music provided by our own Steve Mex-Kronski
Reservations with cash or check payment by 6/19
Dave Philips, 244 Sandfiddler Drive Ph: 237-0494
Committee: Steve Boggess, Denny Brenneman, Dave Philips, Brian Kramer

Clayton A. DuBose, CGCS
Tradition Golf Club
General Manager/
Golf Course Superintendent

As you receive this newsletter, the golf course will have been aerified and should be well on its way to healing and getting those golfing conditions back to normal. I will have to say this has probably been one of the toughest springs I have ever encountered during my career as a Golf Course Superintendent. We have had an exceptionally cool spring, with low humidity, very windy conditions, and very limited rainfall. During the months of March and April we only had 2.20 inches of total rain and May has started out on the same path. Combining all these factors along with a very busy golf course has made growing conditions somewhat difficult; however I believe the condition of the golf course has been good enough where the average player has not noticed what we as a maintenance team encounter on a daily basis. I am hoping for some drought relief soon and better growing conditions as we enter the summer season.

We have come through the winter pretty well in terms of healthy turf, some of you may have noticed the basketball sized dead spots on some of the tees, fairways, and roughs, this is a disease called Spring Dead Spot, this disease infects the Bermuda grass in the fall of the year and the symptoms show up in the spring, hence the name. The only effective control for this disease is by the use of fungicides at a cost of $700 per acre, so it would not be economical for us to treat anything other than the greens. On a positive note the spots will heal on their own with a little warm weather and extra fertilizer, this is not the same disease homeowners see on their centipede lawns so please do not put out extra fertilizer.

Some of our maintenance plans this summer include another greens aerification on August 1, sodding and repairing some of the worn out and cart traffic areas, also sodding areas that may have received some sort of damage over the winter. We will be laser leveling the teeing areas on the following holes:

# 10 Black/White Tee
# 12 White Tee
# 14 White Tee
# 15 Gold Tee

and possibly a few others; I have this work planned to take place the week of June 18 - 22 so please make arrangements to play from other teeing areas for about six to eight weeks while the lasered tees grow-in.

During the summer we will be vertical mowing and sand topdressing greens approximately every 10 – 14 days, I will do my best to spread this work out for different days of the week through out the summer as to not pick on any particular men’s or ladies association play days. The summer season is extremely busy and difficult for the golf course maintenance department, we look forward to providing excellent playing conditions as long as we get some help from mother nature.

If you have any questions regarding the golf club or maintenance operations please do not hesitate to contact me.

Thanks for all that you do to make Tradition a great facility.

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By Mildred Culpepper, President

On May 8, Members of the Tradition Garden Club enjoyed a lovely luncheon, at Austin's in Pawleys Island.

Former and newly installed officers and committee members were recognized and presented with a flower. New officers are:
PresidentMildred Culpepper
Vice-PresidentGloria Starrick
SecretaryBetty Seibert
TreasurerReyn Steadman
Standing Committee members are:
Jeanette Renault/
 Bonnie Eaglin
MembershipElaine Quadrozzi
ProgramsBonnie Eaglin
ProjectsPat Crimmins
SocialSuzie Albright
 Donna Scott
   Jeanette Renault
SunshineAnn McDonald
Ways & MeansNori Thompson

This new slate of officers are enthusiastically planning monthly breakfast and interesting programs beginning in September at the Tradition pool house. Anyone interested in lawns, landscaping, flowers, herbs, and nature habitats will find our meetings beneficial as well as the opportunity to meet and socialize with your neighbors. We welcome additional members and helpers to enhance our program.

For more information visit our webpage or call any member listed above. Look for a flyer in your newspaper box announcing our meetings.


join and attend Tradition Garden Club

By Frank Walsh, R.Ph.
As we age, many changes occur which influence our current and future health condition. Of particular interest is the inevitable shrinkage of the brain. In the last forum I discussed a report in the Mayo Clinic Health Letter dealing with evidence that “Aricept”, a drug used to treat pre Dementia and Alzheimer's disease, was found to stop aging brain shrinkage. A recent study demonstrates for the first time that the inevitable shrinkage can be reversed with regular aerobic exercise. This was reported in the May 2007 issue of the Mayo Clinic Health letter.

The study, published in the November 2006 issue of the Journal of Gerontology: Medical Sciences, involved 59 healthy, but sedentary adults ages 60 to 79. Participants exercised for one hour three times a week. Half participated in an aerobic exercise program consisting of brisk walking. The other half did non-aerobic stretching and toning. Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) of participants’ brains were done before the start of the exercise programs and after six months.

Researchers found that those doing aerobic exercise had increased brain volume of gray matter, which consists of nerve (neuron) cells, and of white matter, which provides the connections between neurons. The increase in gray and white matter was primarily located in brain regions that are typically areas of substantial brain volume loss with aging.

Mayo Clinic doctors note that these recent findings are specific to older adults who are healthy. The scope of the study doesn’t address whether aerobic exercise might influence progressive forms of dementia-such as Alzheimer’s disease-or if it might prevent dementia. More research is needed to answer this and other related questions. Still, they say, recognizing that aerobic exercise can replenish volume in the aging brain is just one more very good reason to keep exercising, despite your age.

The good news is here at The Tradition we have a group doing low impact aerobics, and/or brisk walking three times a week. Monday, Wednesday and Fridays the group meets at the pool clubhouse at 9:00am. Starting in June, the group will be doing water aerobics on the same schedule. Please join and get started. If you would like more information, contact Joanne Stewart @ 237-1305. Remember, all are welcome-ladies, men and couples.

As in the past we will meet Monday, Wednesday, Friday from 9 to 10 AM. Join us for easy water exercises and aerobics in the refreshing water of our pool. Extra bonus for attending. The great company of your neighbors. Leaders: Jane Barbour, 237-7998; Merry Cotton, 235-6862; Pat Shriver, 237-2678.

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Frank D'Amato, President235-8885
Bill Renault, Vice President235-3566
Tom Ellison, Secretary235-8071
Celise McLaughlin, Treasurer235-8532
Ron Eaglin, Director235-9160
Jim McPhail, Association Mgr

Pool hours are 8:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m.
Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays the pool is used for Water Aerobics from 9:00 to 10:00 a.m. Only persons participating in aerobics will be permitted in the pool.
Pool Use Reminders
  • Persons using the facility do so at their own risk
  • All swimmers must take a shower before entering the pool
  • Children under 12 must be accompanied by an adult. No running or jumping
  • Plastic containers only, no glass permitted in pool area
  • Appropriate attire will conform to conventional swimsuits
  • Floats, except for swimming aids, are not permitted in the pool
  • Adults and children in diapers must wear state approved pool diapers
  • Pets are forbidden in the pool area
  • The use of radios is discouraged
  • Each resident has a pool key, please do not open the gate for others
The community pool is a private pool. You must be a current Tradition property owner, renter or a visiting family member to use the pool on your own. Visiting guests MUST be accompanied at the pool. Please respect the hours of operation and rules so that all residents can enjoy a safe and healthy pool environment.

Ladies Bridge Wednesdays at the clubhouse
12:30 to 4:00
Contact Suzie Albright at 237-1594
for more information

Fridays 10am to Noon
Call Loretta Espey
Lynn Autorino

Georgetown County Information Hotline
(for the latest storm information):
available 24 hours a day when EOC is activated

Georgetown County Emergency Preparedness
Phone: 843-545-3273
S C DOT Information
1-888-877-9151 Toll Free
Evacuation & Shelter Information
1-866-246-0133 Toll Free

Pleasant Hill Elementary School
127 School House Drive (Hwy 513)
Hemingway, SC 29554
Andrews Elementary School
13072 County Line Road (Hwy 41)
Andrews, SC 29510
For shelter information, contact
Coastal SC Chapter of the American Red Cross
Myrtle Beach Headquarters 843-477-0020
Georgetown Service Center 843 546-5422

By Marion Culpepper
All Tradition residents and their guests are eligible to play with us on the various golf courses. To date, we have played more than 30 of the 90 courses in the Grand Strand open to the public and several of our favorites we play almost annually. This year we have played Wedgefield and Prestwick and have scheduled the following:

The "Sign-up" sheet is located in the Member's room of the Tradition golf club. If you have questions you may call me or other committee member Tom Ellison, Tom Bowen, Clare Kelly, John McLaughlin, or Marty Robic.

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By Kathy MacSorley  
The TLGA kicked off the 2007 season with a league dinner at the Pool Club House on March 27th. The delicious food, prepared and served by Eddie and the Shrimp Peelers was a real treat. We could get used to that kind of service! Thanks guys for a great beginning.
Note from the Editor: Everyone enjoyed the spectacular slide show of pictures and events from TLGA Historian Kathy MacSorley - a magnificent work of art.

J.Sheldon,D.Barksdale,B.Ruff, D.Franco,C.Pacella

The first Tournament of the year was a 2 day Ringer Tournament played as best net of a twosome, chaired by Celise McLaughlin. The first day was a spot of comic relief when teams showed up in their favorite comic character costume. Groucho and Harpo flirted with the Tweety Birds. Spiderman and Batman mingled with some beach babes and I saw the Blues Brothers checking out Superman. This party was all thought up for the fun of it by Underdog. She succeeded!

The final results were:
1st place: Vivian Coughlin & Daune Barksdale
2nd place: Pat Kemper & Kathy MacSorley
3rd place: Joanne Kendall & Dot Franco

Daune Barksdale & Vivian Coughlin

Most Improved Award went to Maryann Keller & Suzanne Strasser for most improved over 2 days and the Good Sportsmanship award was presented to Bev Brown and Pat Cocuzza.
"Girls Just Want to Have Fun"
May 17th was our Member-Guest Tournament with 32 teams participating. The cocktail party the evening before put everyone in the mood for a great event.

Committee:J. Stewart, S. Strasser, L. Doherty & A. Monaghan

Tournament winners were:
1st Low Gross: Maureen Lempert & Cecelia Barksdale
2nd Low Gross: Pat D’Amato & Marge Miller
1st Low Net: Sue Guzlas & Neats Blackhurst
2nd Low Net: Vivian Coughlin & Jeanette Renault
3rd Low Net: Clare Kelly & Patricia Roehrl
4th Low Net: Kathy MacSorley & Ruth Cox
5th Low Net: Judy Migas & Micky Adams
6th Low Net: Sally Russell & Tanya Brown-Rigg

Maureen & Cecilia (Low Gross)   Neats & Sue (Low Net)

Closest to the Pin: Daune Barksdale, Martha Smith, Viv Coughlin, Marge Miller, Joan Sheldon, Cecelia Barksdale, Maureen Lempert
June 21st Member-Member
July 15th “Shoot Out” - Save your money!


MAY 22, 2007 15th HOLE

This is Marge's Second Hole-in-One on #15

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Tradition Covenants
Jeanette Renault

We are having an epidemic of Centipede grass problems (bare/dead areas) in Tradition. Following are some theories on these problems:

  • the long dry period
  • faulty sprinkler settings
  • wells not functioning properly
  • nearby trees
  • maintenance neglect
  • unknown factors.

    We have a handout from Clemson Extension you might find helpful, or you may phone them at 546-4481. Please pass on any good information you have to Covenants. In some cases, as a last resort, there is no answer but to re-sod your property. Please address your lawn problems as best and quickly as you can.

    As a suggestion: if you haven't already, we ask that you plant shrubs in front of the green power boxes in your front yard. This is not a covenant requirement, but will beautify not only your front lawn but the neighborhood.

    We continue to get complaints about dog waste. We thank owners for picking up after their dogs, but please dispose of this at your own home. Some residents are finding bags in their trash cans which are outside on pick up day. This is most unpleasant if Waste Management has already picked up and the trash can must remain around a few days especially in the hot weather.

    Do not drive through your neighbor's yard
  • Tradition
    Architecture Review Board

    Vince Civitarese

    Hello Tradition neighbors,

    We are starting another summer season and the heat will soon be upon us. Last year was a quiet one with regards to storms. I hope this year will be just as calm.

    The ARB has been working with residents to help ease the fear of falling trees and storm damage due to trees. The majority of our permits are for tree removal.

    Please try to remember that all permits require time to review. The ARB requires two weeks to review permit applications of any kind. I urge you to please refrain from calling an ARB member to get a permit with only a few days notice. The only exceptions to this would be for emergencies. We need time to review all applications fairly.

    ARB applications are available outside the Resident's Club House in a tube above the glass case. Or you can print your own application from the Tradition website Main Page ARB Application

    If you should have any questions, please feel free to call any ARB member. Have a great summer!

    Tradition's classified are featured on our newest web page edition. Buy, Sell, Share... advertise it here. Please include name, phone, address, description of item(s) and asking price. Don't have a computer? No problem! Just drop a hard copy ad in the paper box at 80 Prentice Ct.

    Ads submitted by Friday each week will be published on the webpage by the following Monday. eTreasures@ Tradition is a non-profit service created by and for the Tradition Community Residents.

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    By Vince Franco
    The Annual Spring Gold Tee Dinner was held at the Pool House on May 15th. Eddie Sheldon made all the arrangements with South Island Steak House to cater a dinner of fresh shrimp, ribs, chicken, beans, slaw and the perennial favorite, cheesecake. It was a wonderful dinner. Bob Thompson provided the liquid refreshments. Assisting Eddie was the kitchen crew and shrimp peelers consisting of the usual suspects: Vinnie Esposito, John McLaughlin, Bill Kendall, Jack Starrick, Jim Conway, Steve Boggess, and Tom Ellison. Our next dinner is planned for August.

    Our members received their new Gold Tee jackets in April. You may see the blue jackets with the Gold Tee logo on cool summer nights

    Upcoming events: The Gold Tee 4th Annual Member Spouse Partner Tournament is planned for July 18th. Last year was a great day with a shotgun start of ninety two players. The 5th Annual Gold Tee Tournament will be on September 12th.
    The Tradition Gold Tee Golf Association is composed of a great bunch of guys who play nine holes of golf from the gold tees on Wednesdays. Our primary purpose is to have fun, enjoy good fellowship and improve our golfing skills. Players of all handicaps are welcome.

    Contact Bill Huish at 237-5631 if you are interested in joining us. Bill takes pictures of our winning teams each week. The pictures are then placed on our web site:
    Jon Fritz
    Tradition Golf Club Pro
    As the busy spring season of 2007 grinds to a halt, Tradition club welcomes both the hot weather and the motorcycles to the Southern Strand. The months of March and April generated plenty of package play for the course and hopefully all members played their fill of Tradition.

    As for the upcoming summer, Tradition is hosting a handful of tournaments. As usual, the July 4th and Pre-Labor Day Holiday tournaments are scheduled at the course. For the July 4th tournament, I will have a member sale in the pro shop similar to the Christmas Sale. Merchandise will be 30% off for that day only, so save up your chits!

    We will also be hosting the Men's Club Member/Spouse on 6/22, the Pawleys Island Masonic Lodge on 7/7, the MB Golf Directors 7/25, and the United Methodist Church on 7/28, along with many other member events and interclub matches.

    The ladies member/guest was a success last month, and I am looking forward to another successful men’s member/guest in August.

    Please get to know a few new staff members to the family. Bill Silvers and Terry Coffin will be helping out in the shop a few days a week. Both obviously do not know every member yet, so introduce yourselves as you meet them.

    I want to thank all the members for their patience with the Tradition Management as changes are made constantly. We are in a situation with both heavy member play and heavy tourist play where juggling both can sometimes be challenging. But be assured, we will always do our best to ensure a valued membership at a great facility.

    Any questions, my door is always open. Jon.

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    Heart of the Community
    Volunteer Recognition
    Spotlight on Phil & Bobbie Fleiss for their volunteer efforts for the community. Originally from White Lake, Michigan, Phil worked as an engineer with The Gates Rubber Company and Bobbie was a marketing representative for an aerospace company.

    Since moving to Pawleys Island in 1998 the Fleiss family has been actively involved in the community. Bobbie was a former editor of this newsletter, held many positions on the Ladies Golf Association (including president) and founded the Women's 18 Hole South Strand Interclub. Phil has served on the Tradition Covenants committee since December of 2002. Bobbie says "he throws nothing away" which makes him a good resource for community archives. Both Phil and Bobbie volunteer for local LPGA and Senior Tournaments; They have one married daughter who lives in Rocky Mount.

    Thank you, Heart of the Community couple,
    Bobbie & Phil Fleiss.
    By Jeanette Renault
    Several members of the league attended a South Strand Ladies Nine Hole tournament this spring at Debordieu Golf Club. The next South Strand event will be at Pawleys Plantation.

    The Nine Holers are planning their annual "Bring a Friend to Golf Day" where each member invites a guest to join in for a nine hole golf outing. This event is scheduled for September and will feature a decadent dessert bar for all attendees after golf.

    The league is planning a dinner at the Pool House later this year with Pizza and Salad.

    The nine holers play every Tuesday at the Tradition Golf Club, the format is "play for fun" with one day each month dedicated as "game day". Come out and join us.

    For more information visit our webpage at: or contact the league chairman: Pat Bowen at 235-8981.

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    Stephan Cregger & Chuck Wike

    Quick Tips for Summertime Improvement

    The tour player’s that I work with all spend more time practicing their putting than any other part of their game. Putting is 40% of every player’s score regardless of ability level. Here are some great tips to help your game:

    Tip #1- Grip- remove your glove. Your fingers are very sensitive. Allowing them to touch the grip improves sensitivity and should help with distance control.

    Tip #2- Setup with your dominate eye over the ball. You will see the line you have chosen to the ball on much more clearly.

    Tip #3- Control distance through length of motion, not how hard you h it the putt. I like for my players to have the same pace and feel from 10 feet as they do from 30 feet. Just change the length of the stroke to accommodate the length of putt. In time you will putt better guaranteed.

    Tip #4- Make a decision. Everyday, I hear players say the putt might do this or maybe that. Read the putt and trust your read. If it’s a poor read learn from it. Do not stand there guessing and hoping. For right or for wrong, you must trust that decision.

    Those are just a few tips. Have a great summer

    Chuck Wike Owner/Operator
    The Chuck Wike Golf School
    PGA Teaching Professional
    2005 CPGA Teacher of the Year

    Telephone Directory
    Dave Philips


    Cole & Sue Brown @ 463 Tradition Club Drive
    Jerrydine Schmidt @ 448 Tradition Club Drive
    Sarah Dedmon @ 91 Deacon Drive
    Linda Jordan @ 91 Deacon Drive
    John & Darlene Moran @ 48 Pierpont Court
    Elma DiMona @ 47 Basketmaker Court (302) 260-9070
    Susan Ebbitt @ 47 Basketmaker Court (302) 260-9070


    Linda Mendicino @ 91 Deacon Drive
    Michael & Valerie Cole @ 48 Pierpont Court
    Barbara Dymond @ 448 Tradition Club Drive
    Ed & Lorraine Dwyer @ 463 Tradition Club Drive


    Richard Clark @ 54 Patriot Lane: delete email address
    Alan & Carol Gardner @ 14
    Thomas & Lynn Jackubowski @ 28 Opera Court: 235-2963
    James & Joan Parker @ 1656 Tradition Club Drive
    John & Jan Shepherd @72
    Arthur & Debra Voltaire @ 39


    When you can't cook due to surgery or illness;
    Your Neighbors will help
    Contact Claudia Krauth at 237-7544

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    by Barnie Slice
    Being raised here in South Carolina has given me a lifetime association of our crawling creatures, the snakes. Most of you are from other parts of the country and are encountering some snakes that you have never seen before. This article is to help you identify the snakes you may or may not encounter around your home.

    First of all I would like to dispel the notion that all snakes are poisonous and should be killed. Snakes, whether poisonous or not, kill and eat a great many pests that bother us on a daily basis such as insects, rats, lizards and, yes, other snakes. Snakes, as gross and frightening as they may seem to us, are a very important part of our environment. They provide a very necessary function in keeping the pests of our neighborhood in check.

    Most snakes we encounter in our yard are usually just passing through and, if left alone, will be gone in a few minutes never to be seen again. Do not approach them or kill them; just leave them alone. Ninety five percent of all snake bites are attributed to handling or provoking a snake. In rare occasions a snake may linger around your yard for a few days or possibly a week. If it does not go away on its own, you may want to call an animal control service.

    The snakes that you may encounter around your house falls in two categories: poisonous and non-poisonous. Let’s identify the poisonous ones first.

    Poisonous snakes. The most common poisonous snake you will encounter around our neighborhood is the copperhead. There are other poisonous snakes in the area but they are so rare you will probably never see one. The copperhead moves very slowly and is not aggressive unless provoked. It is not the most toxic snake and it is rare that a copperhead bite is deadly. There are times when a copperhead gives a “dry” bite which means it does not eject venom into the bite. You see, it takes a while for a copperhead to produce venom to store in its gland so it will some-times give a dry “warning bite” to save its venom. However, you will not know if it is a dry bite or not so seek immediate medical attention if bitten.

    A copperhead is usually beige in color with burnt orange or brown blotches on its back.

    There are other poisonous snakes, including several species of rattlesnakes and the coral snake, but they are very rare. The Coral snake is bright yellow, red and black striped with the red and yellow bands touching each other.
    A more common poisonous snake, the scarlet king snake has the same three colors but the red and black bands are the only bands that touch each other. A short poem may help you to remember about poisonous snakes:
    “Red and yellow-kill a fellow, red and black-venom lack”

    Another venomous snake in our area is the cottonmouth moccasin. It resides mostly in the ponds and rivers in our area. There are several species of water snakes that resemble the cottonmouth so it would be wise to leave all water snakes alone and avoid them, when possible.

    Non-poisonous snakes. The most common snake that you will encounter is the black snake. There are several types of black snakes - all are non-poisonous. The black race runner, black rat snake, indigo black snake and the king snake. The King snake's main diet is other snakes. It is immune to venom and will readily eat rattlesnakes and copperheads. They are identified by their shiny black scales and white marking on their backs.

    The black snakes may grow to 4 feet or larger. They are a gentle, harmless snakes. Just leave them alone and they will be gone.

    Other harmless snakes that you may encounter is the green grass snake, the ribbon snake (which looks just like a garter snake) and the mud snake which may be found around swampy wet areas and it is identified by its shiny black back and bright red stomach. When digging in your flower beds you may also encounter the worm snake. They resemble a fat worm six to eight inches in length, reddish-brown in color and it’s hard to distinguish between their head and tail.

    Although there are some exceptions, the general rule about snakes is: if a snake is long and thin it is usually non-poisonous. If it is thick and heavy it is probably poisonous.

    When you encounter a snake of any kind just leave them be. Don’t reach for the hoe or shovel and kill them without considering that they may be keeping the rats out of your garage or house. Even though they may frighten us they are a very important part of our beautiful natural world and should be protected. If you encounter a snake you can’t identify please call me at 843-602-3369 or 235-9531. I will be happy to come and help you identify it.

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    Letters to the Editor
    By Tom Ellison
    I THINK that I shall never see
    A poem lovely as a tree.

    A tree whose hungry mouth is prest
    Against the sweet earth's flowing breast;
    A tree that looks at God all day,
    And lifts her leafy arms to pray;

    A tree that may in summer wear
    A nest of robins in her hair;
    Upon whose bosom snow has lain;
    Who intimately lives with rain.

    Poems are made by fools like me,
    But only God can make a tree.
    Joyce Kilmer. 1886–1918

    In case you haven’t noticed, there has been much discussion in the news of late, regarding trees. The “Global Warming” crowd points to the devastation of trees as a leading cause for the increase in carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. Here on the southern coast there have been articles about the loss of the beautiful live oaks and long leaf pines due to rapid development and logging. The long leaf pines used to be the predominate tree in this area but, since they grow slowly, loggers prefer to replace them with other varieties. We often see letters-to-the-editor complaining about developer clear cutting practices.

    A number of Carolina coastal communities are tightening their tree restrictions including Myrtle Beach and Hilton head. The latter is considering a requirement to plant two trees for every one removed. South Carolina is considering a program to reimburse people for planting trees. I am sure that most of us, including myself, moved to Tradition Club because of its overall appearance and trees are a very important part of that. There are plenty of Myrtle Beach area developments that have no trees if you don’t care about them.

    Last year we removed over 100 trees. I’m sure that most were for very valid reasons, such as; the tree was dead or dying, to promote tree growth by eliminating crowding, it was struck by lightening and therefore weakened, or it was so close to the house that a strong wind could cause damage to the house. A lot of us Northerners are afraid that a hurricane will bring even healthy trees down on the house. Remember that most of our tall pines survived Hurricane Hugo in 1989. However, other trees have been removed for marginal reasons such as creating more sunlight to grow grass or flowers or to minimize cleanup.

    So before coming to the ARB or Board let’s make sure that you really need that tree down and, when asked, honor your pledge to plant a suitable replacement tree.

    Tom Ellison
    Resident tree hugger

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