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Forrest Gump Feathers ~ Photo By Celise McLaughlin


Tradition Community Newsletter is published by and for
the Homeowners of the Tradition Community
The printed edition will be delivered to your mailbox during the month of July.

Editor: Celise McLaughlin
Advertisers: contact Bill Renault

The 2013 Editions are published in March, July and November.
Deadline for articles for the Fall and Winter edition will be October 25, 2013.
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"Life is like a box of chocolates
you never know what you're going to get"

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Covenants Jeanette Renault 235-3566
ARB Vince Civitarese 237-3568
Grounds Alex Heardon 843-241-3287
[Emergencies Only)

Board of Directors
Frank D'Amato, President 235-8885
Tom Ellison, Vice President 235-8071
John Bartha, Secretary 235-9998
Art Voltaire, Treasurer 655-6025
Merry Cotton, Director 235-6862
Phil McLeod - Kuester Management 839-9704

Board Meeting Minutes:

Pool House Calendar:


Third Friday Each Month this Summer
Bring your own beverage (NO GLASS)
a lawn chair and an appetizer to share
Paper products will be provided!
It's a great way to meet and see your neighbors!
Any questions, please contact Monique Philips, or 237-0494.

If you are interested in volunteering to supply a meal
for our Tradition residents - OR -
if you are a neighbor in need
please contact Claudia Krauth
via email at: or phone 237-7544
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By Frank D'Amato
Summer is here and there is a great deal of work going on throughout the community both by the association and the property owners. The association has mulched beds and planted summer flowers in the common areas. I see many residents working on roofs, driveways and landscaping. All of these improvements help the appearance of the community.

Our financials are in excellent condition. The following numbers reflect through April 30. The Reserve Fund stands at $570,857 and the Operating Budget has approximately $60,736. The Operating funds have decreased due to daily operational costs.

Director John Bartha has accepted the challenge of instituting a volunteer program for the association. This was a result of discussions at the Annual Meeting. We have about 20 volunteers that have stepped up and we have started some of the projects.

Many of you are doing work on the outside of your homes. You may change plantings in existing beds without ARB approval however everything else requires a permit from the ARB. Please follow this procedure and the ARB will do its best to help you.

Many of you will receive letters from the Covenants Committee during the growing and watering season. Please do not get excited and correct the issue. If you believe it requires a conversation with the covenants member who wrote the letter, please call them and discuss. If you do not correct issues and do not respond to us we will assume that you are ignoring our letters. You should have a Covenants Book and we will ask you to follow these covenants.

Construction Work:
The board has completed major drain work on Confederate Lane and has also seal coated both Confederate and Reunion. We have also patched several potholes throughout the community with blacktop.

We have refreshed the bricks at the front entrance, repaired stucco at both the front and back entrances and power washed the existing stucco. Volunteers will paint the bridge walls and the front bridge lights. We have either painted or purchased new Tradition signs for the front and back entrances. They will be reinstalled after the painting is completed.

Holiday Lights:
Last Holiday season we decorated the front and back entrances with seasonal lights. You will recall that it cost us $5,300. We have negotiated a new contract with the contractor for $3,700. This is a result of us being a return customer and the fact that we do not have to buy the lights again.

Contact Information:
Approximately five years ago a house burned to the ground in my neighborhood and one of the residents lost their life in the fire while the other resident was in serious condition. It became an issue on how to contact relatives and their insurance company. As I write this issue we are again facing the same circumstances with a family on Tradition Club Drive. They are elderly, sickly and no one knows their whereabouts. I am not going to discuss details but I am trying to make a point. You need to give neighbors your family contacts.
Below is an Example:

We have 24 homes in my neighborhood and almost all are on our shared computer spreadsheet for contacts of family members and insurance companies. I suggest you talk to your neighbors about sharing information. If any neighborhood needs a spreadsheet, I can supply it.

I want to make my position clear on bicycles. All residents, family members and house guests are welcome to ride anywhere in the community. Outside clubs/groups are not welcome. This is a private community and I am concerned about the safety of our residents. We now know the resident who rides with these outsiders and we ask that he adhere to our covenants.

Make sure we have your e-mail addresses so that the BOD can communicate with you. Contact a board member or Vince Franco (

Please feel free to discuss and/or ask questions to any board member at any time.

The board schedule and the monthly board minutes are available on the web site. The minutes are always behind as we must approve minutes at the following months meeting.

Please call any board member or me if you see a problem in the community. For association emergencies you may call Alex Herndon, our buildings and grounds manager, at 843-241-3287. Please identify yourself.

Have a great summer!

Thanks, Frank D’Amato
Cell # 446-6875 - email:
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By Kathy MacSorley
In 2012, the Litchfield Beautification officers and board began a project to create a display of U.S. flags along the medians on patriotic holidays, as a salute to our country, and those that defend our freedom.

The Litchfield Beautification web site features the “IN HONOR OF…” scroll with names of citizens and service members, past and present. You may honor an individual on the web site, and receive a personalized card acknowledging them with a $25 contribution to the flag project. All monies given to support the fund will be used to defray the cost of the flags, four installations each year ($9600), and replacement of the flags when needed.

Currently, the flags will be on display each Memorial Day, Flag Day (June 14), July 4th, and Veterans Day (Nov. 11). If you enjoy the flag display, please consider a contribution to support the ongoing cost of the highway maintenance and the flags. This is our community. The corridor is our front door. Your support makes it a great community! The web site has a link to a donor form that can be printed and mailed to Waccamaw Management.

Copies of all flag cards will be on display at our Annual Members Meeting. To the right are the current honorees.

American Flags on Willbrook Boulevard - Proud to be an American!
The heads of Reserve, Willbrook, Tradition and the Willbrook Road District met to discuss flags on Willbrook Boulevard. The results were that we would extend the flags from Reserve all the way down to the Pig area. The associations agreed to a one time subsidy for the project. Carmine Grecco, a Willbrook resident, started and is managing the project. Tradition Resident volunteers will be used each holiday to mount and dismount the flags along the route.

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By Michelle Becker

Your “To-Don’t" List
Even living here in laidback Pawleys Island, chances are you’ve still got a “to-do” list, a “honey-do” list, or some way of keeping track of all of the daily tasks that seem to pile up on you, despite your best efforts. If, like most people, you are adding more items than you are crossing off, maybe you need to try a different approach.

Try using this “To-Don’t” list to help keep life in balance. You’ll find that checking off the items on your “To-Don’t” will not only put you in a better mood, it will make checking off the items on your “To Do” list a breeze!
1.Don’t spend too much time with TV people. Years ago, we were hooked on “General Hospital” or “Dallas”, and everyone talked about these characters as if they were real people. Today, it’s “reality” shows. And, we talk about these people as if we actually know them. After all, they’re in our living room every week. But guess what? The residents of “Myrtle Manor” do not care about you. And the people on “Duck Dynasty” don’t know you exist. They won’t notice if you miss an episode (or two, or three…). All of these TV friends take time away from the people you care about the most: your spouse, your children, your siblings, your extended family and your friends. Aren’t these the people you should be spending your time with? If you are spending more time with the cast of “Jersey Shore” than with family and friends, it’s time to re-balance.
2. Don’t focus all your attention on the future instead of the present. You will never be this young again. While there is time that needs to be spent planning for the future, there is a greater amount of time that needs to be spent embracing each day. Appreciate the small moments, because it is these seemingly uneventful moments, which make up your life. To quote a famous soap, “Like sands through the hourglass, so are the days of our lives.” Remember, you are creating tomorrow’s memories today.
3. Don’t delay decisions. This is one I struggle with. Yes, there is such a thing as over analyzing! I waste too much time in “limbo land”, looking at the positives and negatives of each choice, rowing my boat in a circle with a 100% chance of getting nowhere. Making a decision gives you the freedom to “go somewhere”. Not making one decision, only leads to not making more decisions. And, when they pile up, you’re even more overwhelmed. Once you decide, all of the anxiety goes away, and all of that bad energy can now be used in a positive way – toward accomplishing your goal. Because now you know where you’re going.
4. Don’t Say yes, when you really mean no. As soon as the word “yes” comes out of your mouth, that voice inside you says, “You know you didn’t want to commit to that. Why did you say ‘yes’?” Now, you’ve obligated your time to something you don’t want to do, taking time away from something you do want to do. It’s hard say “no”. But, it’s even more difficult to live your life satisfying others’ needs by adding stress to your own. It is not selfish to desire a stress free, balanced life.
5. Don’t buy stuff you don’t need. Everyone knows they do not need a particular car, pair of sunglasses or brand of clothing to be happy, but advertisers are paid big bucks to analyze what triggers consumers to spend. And, trying to keep up with the Joneses only adds to the problem. In addition to the unnecessary expense, you are losing your individuality. Stand strong, create your own personal style, and others will be trying to be like YOU!
6. Don’t Gossip. This is one of the biggest time wasters of all. And, one of the most costly in terms of your relationships. If you are willing to engage in gossip, chances are these same people are also talking about you. And harmful words always have a way of getting back to the person in question. If you take the high road, it won’t take long for people to notice, and they will find something else to talk about when they are talking to you. You have just saved yourself many hours of meaningless, harmful conversations, and the need to defend yourself when your words come back to haunt you somewhere down the road. And, you’ll sleep better!
7. Don’t fill every waking moment with activity. There is a difference between being busy and being productive. When you are getting ready to go on vacation, it’s amazing all the things you can get done – because you made a list and have a deadline. If you are productive with your time, you can accomplish tasks much more quickly, and get more enjoyable hours out of your life. Then, you’ll have time for just “being”. Remember, we are human “beings”, not human “doings”. Having no schedule, no plans, just quiet “you time” in whatever way brings you joy, is vital to your happiness. So, make “you time” a part of your daily life.
When you eliminate the things you don’t want, you create more room for the things you do want,
so spend a little time on your “to-don’t” list and see what happens!

Michelle is a Tradition resident and 5-time National Female Vocalist of the Year. She has appeared with Music Legends and Grammy winners.
She and her husband, Tom, perform together as the duo, Latitude. For more information, please visit:

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Joan Wood recognized for volunteering at Brookgreen.
By Merry Cotton

One of our Tradition residents is one of our few native southerners…Joan Wood was born in North Carolina and came to the Tradition in 2004 with her late husband Chet. They had visited in Pawleys Island in 1996 where she first enjoyed Brookgreen and never imagined she’d be back some day to not just live here in Pawleys Island but to be a volunteer at Brookgreen.

She has been a volunteer for eight and a half years but this year volunteered over 1,000 hours. She surpassed her own record of last year when she gave over 800 hours of her time. Only 8 out of 400 volunteers worked over a thousand hours this year. For her large number of volunteer hours, she has earned a position on the volunteer chairman’s council and has her name on the Wall of Honor at the gardens.

When Joan was asked what she did to earn the status of a volunteer with so many hours, she said for one thing she mentors new volunteers. Some of those duties include an introductory trip through Brookgreen gardens, a bit of history about the benefactors Archer and Anne Huntington, more history on what plantation life was like, and another area is helping the new volunteers choose areas where their talents can best be used.

Joan Wood volunteered over 1,000 hours at Brookgreen Gardens

Her personal favorite area to work is horticulture with the sixteen different gardens where she claims she plants, weeds, prunes and even dead heads spent flowers. She mentioned that the gardens are changed three times a year which offers lots of opportunities for her to ply her horticultural skills.

In addition she volunteers in the Sculpture Gallery where she has had endless opportunities to meet the artists and talk personally about their inspiration for art. She is interested in education and enjoys working with the second, third, and fourth graders especially on the “Dirt and Worms” and “Gullah, Gullah” programs. In the first one, the students learn about soil, its components and the importance of earthworms. They make a terrarium that they can take to their schools. In the “Gullah, Gullah” program Joan assists the children with Gullah songs accompanied with tambourines and also to traditional Gullah foods.

Joan noted that she helps at Brookgreen’s fall festival, (psst, she is a Scare Crow) and at Night of a Thousand Candles where she helps set up for the annual December event.

If you happen to see Joan walking her dog Gigi near her Patriot Lane home, say hello and let her know she is appreciated here in the Tradition for her work at Brookgreen.

Barbara Nuding Receives Red Cross Recognition

Waccamaw Times 6/20/2013
Tradition's Barbara Nuding received the Erma Rosen Volunteer of the Year Award at the Coastal SC Chapter of the American Red Cross. Dick Rosen, Erma's son presented the award. Barbara established and chaired the Chapter's Clara Barton Society and under her leadership raised close to $500,000 to support local services.

She wore many hats as a volunteer for the chapter since 1997. She was instrumental in the building of the Georgetown offices where she served as Chapter Chair, participated on the Disaster Action Team and instructed various red cross courses. She has the distinct honor of being the only person to receive the Erma Rosen Volunteer of Year award twice.

Barbara recently relocated to Mt. Pleasant to be closer to medical services required for her husband, Norm. Congratulations Barbara for your outstanding achievements and we will miss you at Tradition.

We welcome any new members who would like to learn or relearn canasta. Get in the game or back in the game. We play at 1 PM on the 1st and 3rd Friday of each month at the pool house. Please contact Jeanette Renault @235-3566 or Pat Shriver @237-2678. We play a relaxed game - come as many or as few times as you like.

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Garage Sale 2013 -- By Merry Cotton
While May 4 did not bring us sunshine and blue skies, the Tradition did have lots of garage sales—forty-one open garages. Many of the forty-one had more than one family participating in what was to be a very successful day.

Many purchases were made for picture frames, vases, games, sporting equipment, books, furniture and lots of dishes and other house wares.

The increased homeowner participation this year can be partially attributed to a new procedure for distributing garage sale sign-up forms. Celise McLaughlin designed the new form and included it in both the on-line and printed versions of the spring newsletter. And, of course, to Vince Franco who sent out many email reminders to sign up and attend the garage sale.

Darlene Dodson was in charge of advertising which included ads in the Myrtle Beach Sun News, Georgetown Times, Coastal Observer and this year, Tradition’s garage sale was posted on Craig’s list. Darlene also distributed the red, white, and blue balloons for each garage seller's mailbox. As always, the balloons gave clear indication of which garage was open “for business.”

One very successful addition was having the Salvation Army pick up any merchandise not sold and was left on the curb. The Salvation Army truck had to make a couple of trips and called to ask if the pick up had been well-received by the residents.

For next year, we are considering purchasing a reusable banner to place at the entrance of Tradition the week preceding the sale.

Until then, if you have any further suggestions for improvement for our sale, bring them to our Board meeting. Thank you to all who participated in making this year's garage sale a major success.


Resident Establishes a Family Tradition
By Merry Cotton
One of Tradition’s Talented Men, Jack Shriver, a long-time resident of the Tradition, really believes in traditions. When he heard he was to become a first time great-grandfather, he felt his family needed to begin a family tradition of its own. So, he began constructing a cradle for the soon-to-be great grandchild. Turner, the great grandson, arrived on May 27.

Since woodworking has always been Jack’s hobby, he knew exactly what he wanted to create and how to go about it. Using clean pine wood, one half inch thick, and four inches wide, he began building his great-grandson’s cradle that will also be used to welcome future great-grandchildren. This construction task, which Jack skillfully performed, required 300 hours of his loving time.

Jack signed the bottom of the cradle so that future great-grandchildren will have a touchstone for remembering.

Jack has been an inspiration to all of the neighbors as we have watched the progression of the creation of this very special gift to not just Turner but to future generations.
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By Jerry Mithen
About the Gold Tees

The Tradition Gold Tee Golf Association is composed of 92 great guys who play nine holes of golf from the gold tees. Players of all handicaps are welcome. Our primary purpose is to have fun, enjoy good fellowship and improve our golfing skills. Membership includes invitations to all Gold Tee Dinners, special activities and parties held during the year. The opportunity to make friends and enjoy the company of other like minded men is a great way to get involved with the golf club and members. There are opportunities to get involved with the Gold Tee committees that make up the social climate of the Association.

The Gold Tee Boutique occasionally offers association members good deals on clothing and medical items.

Coming Events

The Annual Member Spouse Tournament is scheduled for July 17th at the Tradition Golf Course. This friendly event is always a hit with the ladies who joined with friends and husbands to golf, share laughs and eat great food after the tournament. Prizes are awarded with chits for use in the Pro Shop.

Gold Tee Tournament: This annual tournament is again scheduled for September 18th. Winners will have pictures taken and published in local newspapers and enshrined in the Tradition Club House. All handicaps are eligible and this makes for a fair game and a good time for all Gold Tee Members.

Happy Birthday, David Philips

Gold Tee Fun Times
The Gold Tees are about friends and good times after gold including events like Dave Philip’s Birthday party at the clubhouse. Everyone sang Happy Birthday and shared in the gold themed beautiful cake. Members had a choice of light or dark beer to wash down the cake. A good time was had by all and the surprise was on Dave.

Member Hole In One May 8, 2013

Patrick Tole a Gold Tee member had his first Hole in One on Hole 15 Tradition Golf Course. The 136 yard par 3 was set up to be difficult with a sloping green and pin placement. Patrick was the last in his foursome to hit and hit the ball right to the flag. The ball hit 8 inches in front of the hole and with one hop bounced in the hole. His foursome congratulated him and he was greeted by all members in the clubhouse.
Join the Golf Tees and have a Great Time Contact Vince Franco at if you are interested in joining us. Pictures of our winning teams are taken each week and then placed on our web

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by Jeanette Renault
The Vendors List in this issue is updated. If you try to contact anyone and get no response or one who is no longer offering their services, please let us know. We do our best to keep the list accurate.

Following is information for anyone interested in roof replacement. If you are unaware of this offering, you may contact a company called Compass Designs

4924 Hwy 17 By-Pass South
Brad Stone: 843 602-4500
Dan Bowden 843 455-2587

This company works with the state implementing the “Safe Home” project. Call them and make an appointment for a ‘safe home wind inspection.’ The charge is $150. If you qualify, they help you fill out a form to apply for a grant. If you are approved by the state, you will be reimbursed the amount of this grant toward roof replacement cost. Added info: The wait is at least a year for completion, so get started, if you are interested. Compass Designs recommends contractors. Check firms out for yourself to get the best price.

You must have a permit issued by the Architecture Review Board BEFORE any contractors may begin work so plan accordingly.

By Vince Civitarese, ARB Chairman

Hello to all! Here we are again going into another summer and looking forward to it. I hope you all had a great winter and that you also are looking forward to another warm summer is SC.

The ARB has had a very busy winter and spring. We have been issuing a large number of permits for new roofs, exterior repairs and painting. I do not have the exact numbers yet but it now appears that new roof permits have outnumbered tree removal permits. That is the first time anything has topped tree removal. It is a sign of the times.

The ARB has had some problems recently with members wanting permits in a short period of time. We have tried to make it clear that we issue permits only at the regular meetings. We have tried to do it on an as needed basis in the past and it became a big problem tracking the permits and contacting all the board members to OK the permit. Please keep in mind that we will only issue permits at the meetings. The only exceptions would be for emergency repairs. That would be for something like a roof leak or a broken window. A better price on something for starting now or a contractor wanting to start before the meeting does not cause an emergency. Please plan ahead.

Have a great summer!.
Vince Civitarese Chairman ARB

The ARB application is available on the internet, (
copies are also available outside the front entrance to the Pool House.
Air Conditioning/Heating
SR Air Conditioning, Andy 237-5305
Concrete Work – Patios/Driveways/DW Coating
Larry Upchurch, 843 798-7180
Jim Wright, 215-4650; Cell 843 458-1574
Thomas Cowieson (Pawleys Is) 325-6116
Fire & Water Restoration
A&I, 353-4296 FSA, 626-7391
Garage Door Openers
Overhead Door, 448-9124
Carolina Garage Door, 663-4600
Gas Fireplace Maintenance
Mike’s Mechanical, 357-9833
Handyman (Also Mailbox Repair)
Graham Lawing, 543-2392
Home Care & Maintenance
K&M Home Service, Brian Kronski
215-6558; 240-2245 Full range of home services
Home Remodeling, Construction, Repairs
Dave King Construction Co. LLC, 458-6352
Bobby Struck Construction LLC, Cell 458-9704
Lawn Service ( * also Irrigation Systems)
*Image Lawn Care 655-3194,Dave&Justin DeLaet
* Brett Atkins, 843 602-3029 843 602-3029
Pritchett Lawn Service, 843 340-0126
Mailbox (Size: 10 7/8 H, 8 ½ W, 20 ¼ L)
John K, Sign-It-Quick 293-9855 (full replacement)
Paint: Sherwin Williams, Home Depot, Ace Hardware
Steve Coats 333-0305
Bill Roesing, 238-4624
Frank D’Antoni, Cell 458-1805
DS Plumbing, (Pawleys Is) 979-9977
Pressure Washing
Ed McDonald, Quality Pressure Cleaning, 458-4419
Al Seno, Grand Strand Pressure Cleaning 650-5078
Roof Work
Roof Repair - Mitch Anderson, 546-3330 (Evenings)
Roof Cleaning - Ryan Wright, 240-4830
Minton Braddy, 843 385-8500
Contract Exteriors 222-3574, 357-9234
Tile & Marble
Bartha Tile & Marble 217-6095, 717-659-6459
Tree Trimming/Removal
Ed’s Tree Service
137 Dornoch Dr, P.I., 226-1929

To Print the ARB application, click on the photo below

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By Rose Plesha, Historian
On March 21st the TLGA invited the Tradition 9-hole women to play an 18 hole tournament.

First place team with a gross of 76 was Linda Lehmann, Beverly Hurd, Sandy Pearson and Jan Hayes. Second place with a score of 79 was Joan Sheldon, Dee Ely, Betty Ruff and Claudia Krauth.

Most drives in the fairway: Amy Monaghan, Sue Guzlas, Suzanne Strasser, Mildred Culpepper. Most Greenies on Par 3's: Donna Culver, Kathy Lenoue, Andrea Kalat, Mary Grace Robic. Most Birdies: Rose Plesha, Donna Scott, Judy Gambeski, Ann Carline. Most one putts was a tie with 11 and the winners were Georgia McDowell, Jean Vegliante, Dot Franco, Skippy Esposito, Diane Hicks, Faye Britsch, Bobbie Fleiss, Bonnie Eaglin. Chip-ins: Daune Barksdale, Donna Saguto, Joanne Stewart and Jan Jennings. Golf was followed by a cocktail hour and dinner.

The two-day Ringer Tournament was held in April. The tournament chairpersons were Joan Sheldon and Betty Ruff. The team winners were: First: Donna Melzer, Joanne Stewart; Second: Lucy Hajec, Debbie Massie; Third: Rose Plesha, Sally Russell; Fourth: Judy Gambeski, Susan Strasser. Most improved: Dot Franco, Pat Kemper. Birdies: Rose Plesha, Betty Ruff, Dot Franco. Closest to Pin: Donna Melzer, Maureen Lempert, Judy Gambeski, Lucy Hajec.

The theme for the 2013 TLGA Member/Guest tournament was Gambling. Chairwoman, Donna Culver, and her committee did a wonderful job of decorating and having games at the cocktail party. The women especially enjoyed betting on the "horses" that didn't really run very fast. Congratulations to the winners.

Low Gross 1st Place: Maureen Lempert, Cecelia Barksdale, Pat D’Amato, Mary Jane Duryee 2nd Place: Linda Lehmann, Nancy Hart, Carolyn Pacella, Diane Belair

Low Net 1st Place: Sandy Pearson, Carol Sacco, Liz Lacy, Alyse Wosniak 2nd Place: Judy Gambeski, Maureen O’Connell, Rose Plesha, Gale Craske 3rd Place: Diane Hicks, Leesa Ruscio, Bobbie Fleiss, Joan Bertalucci 4th Place: Betty Ruff, Suzanne Connell, Kathy MacSorley, Nancy Malara

Closest to the Pin Hole #2: Suzanne Strasser & Joan Bertalucci Hole #5: Joan Sheldon & Wendy Sander Hole #12: Kathy MacSorley & Beth Eddy Hole #15: Joanne Stewart & Cecelia Barksdale

The ladies of the TLGA would like to acknowledge and sincerely thank all the men and women of the pro shop, bag handlers, and kitchen staff for their outstanding cooperation and professionalism extended to our group and guests throughout the year and especially during our tournaments. We have heard so many good comments about the friendliness of the staff and the exceptionally good meals served at our tournament luncheons. Good job!
Ladies 9 and 18 Hole League Invitational

First & Second Place Winners

Low Gross Winners - Member Guest Tournament

Closest to Pin - Member Guest
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By Dave Philips - Updates since Spring 2013 Newsletter
  • Dale & Joyce DeConcilis to 156 Alexander Glennie Drive from Washington, PA
  • Brian & Mary Grady to 42 Heston Court from Delmar, NY
  • Dieter & Sondra Wegner to 67 Historic Lane
  • Robert Scott to 453 Tradition Club Drive
  • Donald & Linda Green from 156 Alexander Glennie Drive
  • Lewis & Adene Frizzell from 42 Heston Court
  • Ethel Walker from 67 Historic Lane
  • Jeffrey & Lori Ann Appel from 453 Tradition Club Drive
  • Ken & Gale Emery at 30 Boatmen Drive: married, combine listing, add email address
  • Gale Schwindt & Kenneth Emery at 30 Boatmen Drive: delete separate listing
  • Michael & Donna Gendron at 69 Low Country Lane: add cell phone number (518) 573-8044
  • Catherine Nielsen at 9 Thrasher Court: correct spelling of last name
  • Richard Nielsen at 9 Thrasher Court: correct spelling of last name
Changes? Contact Dave Philips at 237-0494 or

by Faye Britsch

WELCOME TO TRADITION!!!!! Our Tradition Community welcomes all our new neighbors with a visit from our “welcoming committee” along with a “welcome basket”. It is so very nice to personally meet our new neighbors and to also include in their baskets some important information.
    In the Basket:
  • The newest Tradition Directory
  • Listings of whom to contact for various information (POA – Kuester Mgmt, Garbage, LBTS Beach dues/stickers, Time Warner Cable, Rental of Pool House)
  • Welcome letter from the President of TMGC – John McLaughlin (235-8532) describing our various leagues (Men’s 18 Hole Club, Men’s 9 Hole Group, Women’s 18 Hole Club, Women's 9 Hole Group)
  • Important new neighbor information sheet (name, address, telephone, email, special interests and/or hobbies) which is submitted to David Philips ( and to our Tradition President – Frank D’Amato ( and to Vince Franco ( who emails Tradition updates.
Welcome to our newest 2013 neighbors:
  • Art and Debra Voltaire 220 Tradition
  • Vincent and Bonita Link 91 Prentice Court
  • Doug and Diane Phillips 61 Prentice Court
  • Brian and Mary Grady 42 Heston Court
  • Dale and Joyce DeConcilis 156 Alexander Glennie Drive
  • Bob Scott 453 Tradition
  • Dieter and Sondra Wegner 67 Historic Lane

Your Welcoming Committee:
Faye Britsch (your contact person)
Janice Hayes, Rose Plesha
Feel free to contact us if you have any questions. Enjoy your new life in "Pawley's Paradise"!

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By Bill McElroy, LBTS President
I want to thank the owners of LBTS and especially all of the residents of The Tradition for the continued opportunity to serve you as a board member at LBTS. Following the May Annual Meeting I was re-elected President and it is an honor to serve.

I would like to let you know what has happening as a result of the board's work.
  1. The 4th of July 2012 has come and gone and the parking and the elimination of visitors that did not belong on our property was handled very well at the front gate. Hopefully you saw the same process this year. The lack of fireworks eliminated many visitors wanting to come and eased the crowd that had not entered as a legitimate guest of an owner.
  2. We are very proud of the improvements to the security system. More changes are on the way to better serve your needs of safety and the matter of eliminating uninvited guests. The turn around at the front gate is working well. Remember this is our busiest day of the year and will always present parking problems. Last year's plan worked well and we anticipate the same this year.
  3. Remember the LBTS Pool located on the River Club portion of our LBTS property is always available for your use.
  4. The Club House rentals are progressing as expected. More POA's are using the Beach Club according to the plan, and increased availability for private events are working well for our owners. The new rules have made it easier for owners to say "I cannot get the Beach Club House for you...You are not an owner." Usage is improved and the income is in line with expectations. Remember, rental rates decrease when you reserve the space less than 30 days from your event.
  5. Tradition resident Vince Franco has accepted the chairmanship of the "Communications Committee" which is working to make our Web Site more user friendly and more accessible for our owners. In addition it will improve our exposure to the public and make our area one to be desired for individuals on vacation, potential residents, and potential business. It is hoped to be up and running by sometime in September.
PLEASE Remember, golf carts being driven by unlicensed children is a major problem, not only on the beachfront property, but on the bike path going to the beach and in various neighborhoods. A state law requires that golf carts be permitted by the state, and that only licensed drivers be allowed to control the vehicle. That essentially under-age children. You are risking very serious liability in the likelihood of an accident. This is informational and intended for your safety.

Your LBTS board wishes you a Happy and Pleasant Summer. Enjoy the beach.

Ladies Bridge Looking for Bridge players! Come join us Wednesday afternoons 12:30 to 4:00. Play when you are available. Call Mary Grace Robic 237-8745.

By J. Vance Vandergriff, M.D.
As the summer is now upon us, we often have family visiting. There are many outdoor opportunities in our area to enjoy spending time with family. After all, we do live in a resort community, and want to enjoy the great outdoors with our friends and family. But, we must also take precautions to maintain our health. I have recently had to see a couple of patients that succumbed to heat exhaustion. Heat exhaustion and heat stroke are conditions characterized by dehydration, electrolyte losses, and failure of the internal temperature regulation. In the case of heat stroke, a person can develop neurologic failures similar to symptoms of a stroke.

Signs of heat exhaustion include fatigue and lethargy, weakness, dizziness, nausea and vomiting, muscle aches, headaches, rapid heart rate, low blood pressure, and lack of coordination. Heat stroke occurs when the above symptoms progress to the point of confusion and disorientation, and may even be so severe as to induce a coma. This is a medical emergency. Factors that increase the risk of heat exhaustion and heat stroke include strenuous exertion in high temperatures, poor physical conditioning and obesity, loss of salt or water (like via water pills), heavy restrictive clothing, chronic illnesses that are poorly controlled (diabetes, hypertension, heart disease), and alcohol use.

Treatment of heat exhaustion can often be accomplished by fluid replacement through oral hydration. Use cold clear liquids – not caffeinated or carbonated drinks. Gatorade is actually a good option in this case, as it has the salt that is often depleted in heat exhaustion. Make sure to rest in a cool place with legs elevated. In extreme situations, or if heat stroke is suspected, do not hesitate to be evaluated in an emergency room setting.

Heat exhaustion and heat stroke can be prevented. Try to maintain good conditioning and regular physical activity year round. Keep as much skin exposed as possible to allow heat dissipation, while maintaining proper sun block protection. Stay hydrated with plenty of water during activity or exercise. If you feel any of the above symptoms, find a cool place to rest as soon as possible. So enjoy the summer months, but make sure you stay safe as well.

Dr. Vandergriff is a board certified family practice physician from Murrells Inlet who has been practicing medicine in the area for 13 years. He graciously offered to write on subjects pertaining to health and fitness that interest our community. Thank you, Dr. Vandergriff, and welcome!

Needle workers Come join us Friday mornings 10 to 12 at the resident's club house. Bring a project, or we'll help you start one. Contact Loretta Espey 235-3518
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"Flag Day" Photo By Celise McLaughlin

Men's Golf Club - By Bill Renault
Men's Golf Club website
Following up on his victory in December's "Ringer Tournament" and flashing a new driver, Howard Krauth dominated the first tournament of 2013 The "Memorial Masters". Shooting back to back 43 points in the Stableford format Howard finished 11 points higher than his nearest competitor Eric Muller (75 points).

Unfortunately, Howard's momentum ended with May's "Presidents Cup Tournament" which Dick Culver won with three "Low Net" rounds of 68,67,66 total 201. Runners up to Dick were Larry Barksdale (206), Wayne Johnson (207) and Vinnie Esposito (209).

As this column is being written, preparations are taking place for the popular 2 week Member/Member Tournament, to be followed by the annual July 4th Scramble. Always fun, the July 4th tournament will include Mulligans, Closest To Pin prizes, Raffles and the traditional hot dogs, hamburgers etc:

John Plesha and his tournament committee are hard at work putting the finishing touches on the August Member/Guest Tournament. Following last years cancellation, this years tournament has filled up with at least 20 teams, is flighted and guaranteed to be played.

Our Club Championship Tournament will fill September with a two round qualifier and two round match play finals..

September will also include the annual Labor Day Scramble.

This Summer eleven(11) clubs are participating in an Inter Club competition put together by Tom Strasser and Craig Monaghan. The Tradition is currently 4th in the Modified Stableford Format with 859 points after 3 matches. We have a strong team with some of our best players competing to play.
Tradition Golf Club - By Clay Dubose
I would like to provide everyone with a quick snapshot of some of the work that was performed on the golf course while we were closed the second week of June, this should help you to understand the complexity of the process.

The list I will make out is the sequence of each cultural practice that took place:
  • Top dressed greens with 75 tons of sand, yep that’s a lot of sand!
  • Aerifed greens with 5/8 inch tines on 2 x 2 centers pulling and removing the cores
  • Drug with a steel matt and blew off the remaining debris
  • Rolled greens two directions
  • Verticut greens @ a depth of 1/8 inch two directions.
  • Brushed in remaining sand to completely fill all the holes
  • Deep tine aerified greens with 1/2 inch solid tines penetrating the surface 10 inches deep.
  • Coco Matt brushed in sand again and to fill any voids
  • Rolled greens for the third time to level out the surface from the deep tine aerification
  • Fertilizer and soil amendments applied as needed. WATER!

    The end result is turning out exactly the way we planned it, all of the core aerification holes have been completely filled to the surface; you will still see the deep tine solid holes in the greens for a few days which will serve as channels for roots and water to penetrate down into the greens mix and will ensure the greens have a long and healthy summer.

    The goal during a solid deep tine aerification is to leave those holes open for oxygen, gas exchange, and root development. The holes made during the coring process were completely filled to the surface. Healing time for the entire process is expected to be right around 2 – 2 ½ weeks for complete healing with cooperation from mother nature and some sunlight!

    The tees were also aerified but obviously not to the extent of the greens. Some sod work also took place around select areas of the golf course which will not affect the playability in the coming weeks.

    Should you have any questions about the process please don’t hesitate to contact me with them so I can provide you with the answers you may need.

    Thanks for all that you do for Tradition Club!
    Clayton A. DuBose, CGCS
    General Manager/Golf Course Superintendent
    (843) 237-4660 - Office
    (843) 241-1721 - Mobile

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    By Pat Shriver

    We began our 16th year of water aerobics with a breakfast at Applewoods on May 21st. and six of the original gals were there to kick off the season.

    Usually at the start of the season, we tiptoe into a cold pool at 9 a.m., but this year the water was warmish however, the June 3rd sky was cloudy with “Andrea” and thirteen fearless participants no sooner got in the pool when the skies opened up and we got wetter. BUT we are fearless if it is just rain and we continued an hours worth of aerobics before we scurried to our cars. The thunder and lightning came by 11 a.m. but we were all safely home.

    We look forward to a wonderful season with Monique Philips and Dee Ely leading us. Please bring your noodles and join us. We are a fun group and it is a great way to meet new friends.

    For anyone wanting to continue Walk & Talk through the summer, plan to meet at the Pool House on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Keep that body moving.

    Photos by Bonnie Eaglin

    The Ladies Nine Hole Golf Association is organized for:

    - Scheduled weekly play of golf
    - Improvement of an individual's game.
    - Observing the rules and etiquette of golf.
    - Promoting good sportsmanship

    Ladies Nine Hole Website

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    By Monique Philips
    Thank you everyone for making the first Tradition Pool Party on June 21st a success.
    We had about 100 friends and neighbors join us for a wonderful evening.
    The next TGIF at the pool will be Friday, July 19th at 5pm. Great food, wonderful neighbors.. you cannot beat that.


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