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"Titantic" (6:01) - Photo by Celise McLaughlin

"What good is the warmth of summer without the cold of winter to give it sweetness?"
------John Steinbeck


Tradition Community Newsletter is published by and for
the Homeowners of the Tradition Community
Editor: Celise McLaughlin

The printed edition will be
delivered to your mailbox in mid July.
Published by Plantation Printing
Advertisers: contact Bill Renault

March, July & November
Deadline to submit articles
for final 2015 edition will be October 25, 2015.

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Photo By John Seffick

President POA Frank D'Amato 235-8885
Clubhouse Paul Hayes 237-3832
Covenants Jeanette Renault 235-3566
ARB Vince Civitarese 237-3568
Grounds Alex Herndon 843-241-3287 (Emergencies Only)
Vince Franco - Web Site Manager 237-9190

Board of Directors
Frank D'Amato, President 235-8885
Art Voltaire, Vice President 314-3728
John Bartha, Secretary 235-9998
Dick Baughman, Treasurer 655-0327
Merry Cotton, Director 235-6862
Phil McLeod - Kuester Management 839-9704

Board Meetings Fourth Thursday Meeting
3:00 p.m. Resident's club house
(subject to change)
All board meetings are open to the community

Neither Vince Civitarese nor John McLaughlin will be available to handle applications or questions for the July ARB meeting. All ARB questions and applications should be directed to either

Bill Cotton at 66 Patriot Lane
Francis Moeller at 673 Tradition Club Drive or
John Plesha at 24 Revolution Court

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Page 2

By Frank D'Amato
Your board of directors along with our maintenance manager has been very busy and I would like to update everyone on our activities.

The Board of Directors
Unfortunately after a long battle with cancer we lost our fellow board member Tom Ellison. Tom has been a great friend to both the board and our neighborhood and he will be sorely missed.

The board of directors has appointed Dick Baughman to the remainder of Tom’s term on the board. Dick was an easy choice as his background comes from managing a large HOA in Virginia. Dick understands our community issues and what we are trying to achieve in the Tradition for all our members.

Seal Coating
Seal Coating for 2015 has been completed. For the most part the seal coating went well and has upgraded our streets. This activity seals cracks in the black top and prevents potholes as well as enhancing the street appearance. The Tradition streets are 20 years old and in my opinion look pretty good.

I want to thank Ron Brugge, Dick Baughman and Alex Herndon for their daily help with traffic and transporting folks from homes to cars and back.

Pool House
We purchased a new side by side refrigerator for the pool house but it was determined to be non-functional. So we traded it out for a top freezer which has the wider doors to accommodate large trays of food. This was done at no extra cost.

Tennis Courts
The Tennis Courts have been lined with yellow paint to incorporate the playing of Pickle Ball. Pickle Ball can be played anytime that does not interfere with the already established tennis schedule.

Rules for both Tennis and Pickle Ball include the following:
  • Play at your own risk.
  • The courts are closed when wet.
  • You must wear appropriate tennis shoes for both games.
  • The courts are not a playground for kids but children may play if they know how to play Tennis or Pickle Ball.

Pool Area
We have added a new gas grille for use for pool house parties or just by folks using the pool. We have installed a fire extinguisher and a firewall next to the grille. Again, use at your own risk as you would at home.

Turn the gas on underneath, turn the grille handles one quarter left for the gas to flow then turn again left and listen for the click. When done, make sure everything is shut off and replace the grille cover when it cools off. You must bring your own food and utensils. It would be nice if you cleaned the grille as well. There is an awning over the grille and it should only be used if it starts to rain while grilling.

Swimming Area
It was necessary for us to remove trees from around the pool to keep both the pool and deck clean. We can’t keep painting the deck, as it will become too slippery.

As a result of removing trees we have also removed much of the shade. To improve shade we have purchased new and larger umbrellas. We have also added a Pergola and artificial lawn/turf. It would help if you would pick up furniture and not drag chairs when moving it on the new turf area.

I am receiving calls concerning the cleanliness of the pool. There are two issues here.

(1) you should not swim before the daily pool vacuuming as it stirs up the sediment that accumulates on the bottom and the attendant cannot vacuum what should be lying on the pool floor. If the attendant is vacuuming, you need to get out of the pool until he is done working. He tries to finish before 9:00 am each day.

(2) sunscreen is causing a film both on the water and on the pool tiles. I know sunscreen is necessary but you do not need to load up when going in and can add the lotion when coming out. We also have a shower next to the pool. The pool attendant will clean the tile more often for the remainder of the season.

Pool Visitors:
Members are now receiving children, grandchildren and guests as visitors and sending them to the pool with no instructions. There is no running on the deck, no diving in the pool, no ball playing, no large floating devises when the pool is crowded, no glass of any kind. They should also close the umbrellas when they leave.

We have concentrated a large amount of money to enhance the amenities center for everyone’s enjoyment and a side bonus to improve our property values.

I hope you all like the plants at the front entrance. It is a battle every year with deer and the heat. We also added larger flags. If you are moving or receiving a delivery requiring a large truck please ask them to use the Kings River Road entrance as it is wider and it will reduce the truck damage to our front entrance.

Make sure we have your e-mail addresses so that the BOD can communicate with you. Contact a board member or Vince Franco ( to add your email. When I broadcast e-mail through the mass distribution system please do not reply to that email. Vince cannot answer your questions. Your feedback must come to me. I will add my e-mail address to the broadcast or you can find my e-mail address in our phone directory and newsletter.

The board schedule and the monthly board minutes are available on the web site. The minutes are always behind as we must approve minutes at the following month's meeting before they can be posted.

Please call any board member or me if you see a problem in the community. For association emergencies you may call Alex Herndon, our buildings and grounds manager, at 843-241-3287. Please identify yourself. Talk to you soon!
Frank D’Amato
Cell # 446-6875

POOL IN 2012
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Page 3

By Vince Civitarese
Hi from the ARB.

Here we are at summertime and the heat is on. So far it has not been too hot, but it is early yet.

I would like to update you on a procedural change the ARB agreed upon at our May monthly meeting. We have now set in place a new format for issuing, what we call "off-cycle permits." These are special request permits that due to unforeseen circumstances cannot wait for our regular monthly meetings.

A common example of such a permit application request would be you asking for a permit because the neighbor next store is having a tree removed and you find out you can save $100 by doing it at the same time as your neighbor. He may already have his permit that was applied for last month but you did not plan for it, but feel you should remove a tree and take advantage of the savings.

We now will consider issuing off-cycle permits if an application is approved by 100% of the five ARB members.  Residents must contact and submit a completed ARB application with the required $25 deposit to an ARB board member.  That ARB board member will contact each ARB member to obtain approval of the application. That is, a 100% in favor of issuing the permit. The vote will be taken by phone, or Email, or by personal contact of each ARB board member. If there is one or more "no" votes OR if any board member is unavailable to vote, then the permit will not be issued but deferred to the next regular meeting.

This procedure does not apply to emergency permits such as repairs to a leaking roof or storm damage that affects the structure of the home or other damages that affect the safety or well-being of the home and/or the owners.

We are doing this to stop the practice of people calling ARB members asking for or demanding a permit be issued immediately. I hope I have been able to explain this well enough here in this article. If you have any further questions please call one of the ARB members.

ARB Members
Vince Civitarese
Bill Cotton
John McLaughlin
Francis Moeller
John Plesha

I hope we all have a great summer and that we have no storms this year.
Vincent Civitarese Chairman, ARB

You may print the ARB application from the Internet.

Go to the main page of the Tradition Website
scroll down on the left side.
OR click this link:

By Jeanette Renault
Centipede Grass - Our harsh winter has left lawns badly damaged. To help restore your lawn rake up dead grass in bare spots. This will allow the grass creepers to get moving. Also, moles are very active. Your lawn service has products to help discourage them, but they are difficult to exterminate. If you see raised tracks on your lawn, tamp them down. This allows the grass roots to re-attach.

Mailboxes and wooden posts – are another victim of winter weather. Please take a look and see if paint or rust & mold removal is needed.

Paint for mailbox posts – Residents report our paint formula is not consistent at all stores. The Murrells Inlet Sherwin Williams store has served Tradition from the beginning and has always been satisfactory. Ace Hardware named our formula “Tradition Moss,” and is also satisfactory.

Garbage cans – continue to be an issue. Please store in a timely manner according to your Covenants Booklet.

If you have concerns regarding Covenants issues, contact any volunteer member. We are here to listen and make every effort to keep Tradition looking its best.
Bill Crimmins
Ken Dewell
Al Foderaro
Phil Fleiss
Allan MacDonald
Don McDowell
Jeanette Renault
Bill Renault
Mark Stephens

Print the Recommended Vendor List (in PDF format)

Let's chat about Dog Poop. AGAIN.

It has been brought to my attention that folks in the neighborhood are walking their dogs and letting them poop where ever they want and then walking away. Come on people! This is 2015, we don't poop and leave it anymore. There are bags for that. There are receptacles for that. Pick up your dog poop and put it in your trash bin, not in the woods behind your neighbor's house or on the golf course or in someone else's garbage can. You have a responsibility, if you own a dog, to love him, feed him, walk him and take care of his poop.  

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Page 4

By Mary Grace Robic
The Ladies Bridge Group meets Wednesdays
at the Pool House from 12:30 to 4:00.
We welcome new members
(either as regular players or substitutes)
To join or for information, please call
Karen Vander Schaaf 237-8150 or Mary Grace Robic 237-8745

Come join us for a fun game of canasta.
We will teach you or refresh your memory on the game.
Call Pat @237-2678 or Jeanette @235-3566 for more details.

Water aerobics began on May 27th. The first day our heart rates elevated quite rapidly when HOLLY MORAN yelled “it’s a snake” and as we scurried for cover RETA SCHAPP came to the rescue with the pool skimmer and removed this creature from OUR pool.......

BARNEY SLICE take note! Some of us are graduates of your snake seminar and we forgot to identify the species! Now that the pool is snakeless, we are getting ship shape with all sorts of fantastic exercises.

MONIQUE PHILIPS and DEE ELY are working us hard, but we are having fun.
(Photo left)
Linda Mitchell & Phyllis Confer
Come join us with your noodles Monday, Wednesday and Fridays
at 8:50 as we start exercising at 9.
Any questions, please call Pat Shriver at 237-2678.

Women who Wine the second Wednesday of every month were at the Beach on May 13th enjoying a marvelous day. This group gets together every month either at the beach or at the pool house (during inclement weather). Attendees take turns organizing an event. Every attendee brings her own beverage, an appetizer to share and a canned good for a local food bank. If you would like to get on distribution, please send an email to Monique Philips

Tennis every Monday and Wednesday and Friday mornings at the Tradition tennis courts. We are always looking for subs....our level of play is 3.0-3.5. If you are interested, contact Monique Philips at (843) 237-0494 or Anne Hoile (843)485-0225.

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Page 5

by Sally Russell

As some of you know, I volunteer at the Smith Medical Clinic, a free clinic here in Pawleys for residents of Georgetown County who have no insurance.

Smith Medical Clinic, Inc.
116 Baskerville Drive
Pawleys Island, SC 29585

The clinic has recently opened an eye clinic to serve our patients. The eye clinic is funded by donations and private grants. The Lions Club of Pawleys Island is one of the donors.

I thought this would be a great opportunity for me to combine two projects that I believe in and spend my volunteer hours wisely. Years ago I promised my father that I would join the Lions club and continue to support all their great projects. One of those projects is Recycle for Sight, an international project that refurbishes glasses and distributes them throughout the world.

I am asking all of you to check your drawers and storage areas and donate glasses,readers,frames,contact lenses and/or cases to help change someone’s life.

Imagine if you could help a child read, An adult succeed in his job or A senior maintain their independence and provide a community with more opportunities to thrive.

You can drop your usable eyewear at:

Lion Sally Russell’s house
127 Tradition Club Drive
Lower mailbox or at my door (843-237-3646)

Thank you all for helping me support this worthy project!

If anyone in the community needs help with meals
please contact Claudia Krauth
99 Confederate Lane or call 843 237-7544.
Claudia maintains a list of volunteers
who are willing to help out.


By Brian & Cindy Kramer

The second commandment tells us to love our neighbors as ourselves. Loving your neighbor requires knowing your neighbor! So on a sweltering June 14, the residents of Confederate Lane and Revolution Court gathered for a Flag Day block party. Everyone was asked to bring a red, white, and/or blue passing dish (folks got creative!) and a dessert representing from where they hailed!

Hamburgers & hot dogs were provided, although they were, thankfully, not red, white, or blue! We found some shade, enjoyed a breeze now and then, ate lots of good food, drank lots of water...or something, and got to know each other better.

By Kathy MacSorley

Litchfield Beautification Foundation (LBF) - Summer 2015

Just south of the Litchfield corridor we are all trying to cope with the interruptions and difficulties created by the construction of the new medians.

The distance that LBF has planted and maintained since 2007 spans the highway median north from Martin Luther King Road to Sandy Island Road. A distance covering over 3 miles. Soon the new median project, implemented by the state, will overlap about one half mile of our stretch of highway just north of Martin Luther King Road.

When that project is completed and landscaped, the LBF has agreed to maintain the added section as long as it is funded by Georgetown County accommodation tax grants.

Pawleys Island Highway Beautification Program will maintain the rest of the completed project with a guarantee of funding as well. The current median landscaping on Ocean Highway has given our community its unique identity.

The LBF has accomplished this with funding from individuals, HOA/POA’s, businesses and accommodation tax grants. We greatly appreciate the community effort in this endeavor, your donations cover about 80% of the yearly cost.

Hopefully, we will get the A-Tax support necessary to cover the additional section of highway and continue the visual effect that highway beautification achieves. The Georgetown A-Tax committee decisions are published in the local papers in the spring and fall. We hope their funding choices will continue to help us keep our community beautiful.

The flags will be flown an additional day starting this year: Patriots Day, September 11. Other days that the flags are displayed are Memorial Day, Flag Day, July 4th and Veterans Day. Our thanks to all who have donated to this project and to our beautification efforts.

If you are new to the community and would like to help, check out our web site for more information.

Have a wonderful summer!
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Page 6

By Bill McElroy, President

Litchfield by the Sea

There is great news at LBTS this Summer. We have had a very active 2014-2015 business year. Our Annual meeting in February was a huge success. In my report I gave the following information that will help us all work for a better community.

We have restructured, reorganized and formed new committees.

We currently have a Security Committee, headed by Tom Leis. Committee members include Nancy Hopkinson, Carroll Player and Jamie Conner. The Security Committee has also formed a Security Task Force that includes homeowners Diane Stern, Ed Slomkowski, John Hanick, Ken Kreikemeier, Joe Banyar and Cheryl Curry of Universal Protection. The Security Committee will introduce some new procedures in the near future that will benefit LBTS as a whole.


This past year, the LBTS Board of Directors signed into effect that the Georgetown County Sheriff’s Office will have jurisdiction over the roads in River Club and LBTS. This is only the roads owned by LBTS, not the streets owned by the sub-associations. GCSO will come in to monitor vehicular moving violations. Please Be careful when you are driving after enjoying your visit to the beach.

A section of fencing at the Charlestown Grant crash gate entrance was replaced. The fence was dilapidated due to the overgrowth of vegetation. The south roundabout fountain near the tennis courts was vandalized in the fall; we have taken preventive measures so this will not happen again. The fountain is up and running.

For your safety, the Board approved to have surveillance cameras installed at the Beach House. This project is now complete. The Board of Directors will also be looking into constructing a small playground to be put in the field beside the tennis courts

The Board of Directors are also looking into other avenues for Christmas decorations. More information will come. Finally a reminder, golf carts are to be operated by licensed drivers and golf carts are not allowed to be operated from midnight till sunrise. If you do not have a sticker for your golf cart, please get one at the guard gate. (At no cost for now.)

For a complete list of LBTS contacts use the attached LINK
LBTS Contacts

On behalf of the Board Members of LBTS, we hope you enjoy a fun and safe Summer.
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Page 7

By Litchfield Books
The Wright Brothers
by David McCullough

On a winter day in 1903, in the Outer Banks of North Carolina, two unknown brothers from Ohio changed history. But it would take the world some time to believe what had happened: the age of flight had begun, with the first heavier-than-air, powered machine carrying a pilot. Far more than a couple of unschooled Dayton bicycle mechanics who happened to hit on success, they were men of exceptional courage and determination, and of far-ranging intellectual interests and ceaseless curiosity, much of which they attributed to their upbringing.

Bull Mountain
by Brian Panowich

Clayton Burroughs comes from a long line of outlaws. For generations, the clan has made its home on Bull Mountain in North Georgia, running shine, pot, and meth over six state lines, virtually untouched by the rule of law. To distance himself from his family’s criminal empire, Clayton took the job of sheriff in a neighboring community to keep what peace he can. But when an ATF agent shows up at Clayton’s office with a plan to shut down the mountain, his hidden agenda will pit brother against brother, test loyalties, and could lead him down a path to self-destruction.
In a sweeping narrative spanning decades and told from alternating points of view, the novel brilliantly evokes the atmosphere of the mountain and its inhabitants: forbidding, loyal, gritty, and ruthless. A story of family—the lengths men will go to protect it, honor it, or in some cases destroy it

The Truth According To Us
by Annie Barrows

brings to life an inquisitive young girl, her beloved aunt, and the alluring visitor who changes the course of their destiny forever. In the summer of 1938, Layla Beck’s father, a United States senator, cuts off her allowance and demands that she find employment on the Federal Writers’ Project, a New Deal jobs program. Within days, Layla finds herself far from her accustomed social whirl, assigned to cover the history of the remote mill town of Macedonia, West Virginia, and destined, in her opinion, to go completely mad with boredom.
But once she secures a room in the home of the unconventional Romeyn family, she is drawn into their complex world and soon discovers that the truth of the town is entangled in the thorny past of the Romeyn dynasty.

The Little Paris Bookshop
by Nina George
Monsieur Perdu calls himself a literary apothecary. From his floating bookstore in a barge on the Seine, he prescribes novels for the hardships of life. Using his intuitive feel for the exact book a reader needs, Perdu mends broken hearts and souls. The only person he can't seem to heal through literature is himself; he's still haunted by heartbreak after his great love disappeared. She left him with only a letter, which he has never opened. After Perdu is finally tempted to read the letter, he hauls anchor and departs on a mission to the south of France to make peace with his loss.
I Am Pilgrim by Terry Hayes
  • A breakneck race against time…and an implacable enemy.
  • An anonymous young woman murdered in a run-down hotel, all identifying characteristics dissolved by acid.
  • A father publicly beheaded in the blistering heat of a Saudi Arabian public square.
  • A notorious Syrian biotech expert found eyeless in a Damascus junkyard.
  • Smoldering human remains on a remote mountainside in Afghanistan.
  • A flawless plot to commit an appalling crime against humanity.
One path links them all, and only one man can make the journey.
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Page 8

By Dave Philips
2015 HOMEOWNER’S DIRECTORY - Updates Since 2015 Issue

    • Virginia DiMaria 120 Alexander Glennie Drive
    • Kendall Woods 29 Crab Trap Court: 314-0381,
      cell (281) 507-9621;
    • Nicholas & Barbara Alice 401 Historic Lane
      from Sewell, NJ
    • John & Mary Wilder 13 Pierpont Court
      from Charleston, SC
    • Mary Zlotnick 23 Revolution Court
    • Dirk Aucker 22 Sandfiddler Drive
      from Moncks Corner, SC; (843) 543-3720,
    • Kristin Aucker 22 Sandfiddler Drive
      from Moncks Corner, SC; (843) 543-3719,
    • William Yale & Bette McNeil 165 Tradition Club Drive
    • James & Joni Pinson 214 Tradition Club Drive
      from Pritchard, WV
    • Mary Ellen McMillen 218 Tradition Club Drive
    • Joseph & Sherry Robey 405 Tradition Club Drive
      from Fairless Hills, PA

    • William & Connie Smith -120 Alexander Glennie Drive
    • Jim & Sandy Pearson -29 Crab Trap Court
    • Robert & Lorraine Hanratty -401 Historic Lane
    • James & Sharon Emmick -13 Pierpont Court
    • Keith & Donna Fountain -23 Revolution Court
    • Anne Russ -22 Sandfiddler Drive
    • Donna Wilson -165 Tradition Club Drive
    • Patricia Mickels - 218 Tradition Club Drive
    • Dave & Jean Pessano -405 Tradition Club Drive
    • Andre & Linda Blouin -1728 Tradition Club Drive

    • John and Sally Mahon of 13 Crab Trap Court:
      delete phone number 237-1084
      add cell phone number (910) 280-1882
      change email address to
    • Barbara Bode of 41 Low Country Lane:
      change cell phone number to 461-7320
      change email address to
    • Jim Taylor of 87 Low Country Lane:
      change phone number to (864) 415-4513
      add email address
    • Charles & Mary Ann Muratore of 1412 Tradition Club Drive
      change email address to
    • Salvatore & Angela Leo of 1475 Tradition Club Drive
      add phone numbers 314-3801
      add cell (917) 207-5849
      add email address
Changes? Contact Dave Philips at 237-0494 or

Annual Shopping Day in the Tradition
Once again our community had a successful garage sale day. The weather was perfect on May 5 with sunny skies. While thirty-five garages were open for business, many of the garages had two, three, and even four families selling from each site.

Darlene Dodson was in charge of advertising. She advertised on Craig’s List, in the Myrtle Beach and Georgetown newspapers and placed “Garage Sale” signs at the front and back entrances the Monday before so that potential shoppers passing by would know of our upcoming sale day. The night before the sale each participant received a red, white, and blue helium balloon to tie to sale site mailboxes to indicate where shoppers could easily locate the bargains.

At the conclusion of the sale the Salvation Army truck came by in the afternoon for pick up of any unsold items left curbside. All in all, May 5 was a community day for the sellers as well as the buyers.

And a special thank you to Vince Franco for all the email reminders of the sale to all our residents.
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Page 9

Final Round: Brothers Remember Their Dad [Tommy O'Connell) at 18th Green
Sunday, June 21, 2015 By Ron Driscoll, USGA
Excerpts reprinted by permission of editor and USGA.

UNIVERSITY PLACE, Wash. – As the leaders play No. 18 late Sunday afternoon in Round 4 of the U.S. Open, brothers T.J. and Dan O’Connell will be in the grandstand, part of the huge gallery ringing the hole. No matter the outcome, they will be smiling, convinced that their father is watching the championship’s finish from an even better seat than theirs.

Barely 10 yards to the left of the 18th green at Chambers Bay, set in the fescue grass, lies a stone that reads, “Tommy O’Connell, devoted husband, father and golfer. Final round, May 17, 2010.” The O’Connell brothers are at the U.S. Open this Father’s Day weekend to celebrate the man who raised them and passed along a love of the game that led him to this course five years ago, when son T.J. was stationed at nearby Joint Base Lewis-McChord.

“I had just been stationed here that April,” said T.J., 43, the father of four and the commander of the 4th Airlift Squadron at the time. “That’s what brought me here, and my parents came to visit and see their grandkids. My dad saw that this course was going to host the U.S. Amateur that summer and the U.S. Open in 2015. He was a big TV golf watcher, so the idea of playing the course and then watching it on TV was a bonus for him.”

  The senior O’Connell joined three other players as a single and after he completed his round, his clubs were brought to the clubhouse at the top of the hill along with those of his playing companions, who had to catch a flight.

“I was one of the caddie managers at the time,” said Nate Spitzer. “I greeted him and I remembered seeing him after his round, sitting in the sun just as peaceful as could be. A few minutes later, someone came running into the caddie shack to tell me that someone was having a problem.”   Spitzer came out to find O’Connell on the ground. Trained in CPR, he immediately went to work with the aid of another man, performing chest compressions [until] the paramedics came.

“He never regained consciousness from when he was stricken,” said T.J., We like to think that his last waking moment was looking out at the golf course from the caddie shack, having played the course of his life.”

“I remember Nate walking us down toward No. 18, and there was a memorial stone there for someone else,” said Dan. “I asked him if we might be able to do something like that, and Mom and I came back on Father’s Day weekend after they approved the stone that we had made up. Everything was so well handled – there’s no handbook for how to handle something like this, and everyone at Chambers Bay was just great about it. They accommodated our family at every turn.”
For complete article visit the USGA website.

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Page 10

By Suzanne Strasser

On March 5th the Tradition Ladies Golf Association sponsored the Guys & Dolls tournament. The game was a Texas scramble – best score per hole of the Guy or the Doll. Red Flight Winners were: 1st Tom & Suzanne Strasser, 2nd Ed & Joan Sheldon, 3rd Bob Sanders & Sally Russell, 4th Penny Pikaart & Jim Davis, 5th Dick & Carolyn Pacella.

Blue flight winners were: 1st Ron & Pat Kemper, 2nd Harry & Joanne Stewart, 3rd Frank & Judy Gambeski, 4th Dick & Donna Culver, 5th Maureen & Paul Lempert.

The closest to the pins winners were: 5th hole Larry Judge & Kathy Judge, 2nd hole Judy Gambeski & Frank D’Amato , 12th hole Jim Massie & Carolyn Pacella, 15th hole Dick Pacella & Dale Oberg.

It was a beautiful day and the close scores made it a fun event.

The ladies played a Ringer event on April 16th & 23rd. This was a two person low net game over the 2 week period. The final score winners were: 1st Joan Sheldon & Sandy Pearson, 2nd Lucy Hajec & Joanne Stewart, 3rd Martha Gorton & Bobbie Fleiss, 4th Dot Franco & Penny Pikaart. Most improved by eleven strokes was Maureen Lempert & Rebecca Stacey.

Closest to the pins were made by Linda Lehmann #2, Pat D’Amato #5, Joan Sheldon #12 and Donna Culver #15.

Member Guest Tournament was scheduled for May 7th. The schedule included a nice breakfast and lunch with our friends but the weather called for a different kind of golf equipment.
On 6/15/2015 Wachesaw Plantation Club held its "Swing into Summer" Invitational. Maureen Lempert, not shown in the picture, was able to assist her teammates Penny Pikaart, Joanne Stewart and Suzanne Strasser in winning the 1st low gross prize in their flight. It was a steamy and fun day.

Tournaments scheduled for 2015
Member Member tournament 6/25
President’s Cup 9/15 & 9/17

Come out and meet our newest members ; Martha Gorton, Pat Gould, Bernadette Wright and Cindy Greenwald. See you on Thursdays.
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Page 11

By Jerry Mithen
About the Gold Tees
Fun Fellowship Friends
The Tradition Gold Tee Golf Association is composed of 92 great guys who play nine holes of golf from the gold tees. Players of all handicaps are welcome. Our primary purpose is to have fun, enjoy good fellowship and improve our golfing skills.

Membership includes invitations to all Gold Tee Dinners, special activities and parties held during the year. The opportunity to make friends and enjoy the company of other like minded men is a great way to get involved with the golf club and members. There are opportunities to get involved with the Gold Tee committees that make up the social climate of the Association.

Gold Tees’s Beer and Brats Social Event
March 25, 2015
The annual Tradition Gold Tee Golf Association Brats and Beer Tournament/Social for members was held at Tradition Club Pool House March 25th with 70 members participating. The Gold Tee Chefs: John Melzer, John McLaughlin, Dale Guzlas, Al Carline, and Eddie Sheldon prepared the dinner for all the members. Dinner was beer boiled and grilled bratwurst, potato salad, coleslaw, and homemade mustard courtesy of Ed Sheldon. Cold draft beer and soda was provided to all members.
Gold Tee Boutique
The Gold Tee Boutique occasionally offers association members good deals on clothing and medical items.

Join the Gold Tees and have a Great Time
The Gold Tees play nine holes at Tradition every Wednesday afternoon. Contact Vince Franco at if you are interested in joining us. Pictures of our winning teams are taken each week and then placed on our web site:

By: Mary Graef

Beautiful spring weather had ten of our ladies playing Step Aside at the nine hole Invitational at DeBordieu on Tuesday, March 17th. Since all eighteen holes of play were used, double gifts were presented. Betty Ruff's foursome won first place on the front nine by match of cards. A lovely luncheon of soup, entree and dessert was served at attractive green decorated tables including a shamrock plant as a centerpiece.

Our Member/Partner Tournament was held on March 24th. The tournament was preceded by a wonderful lunch of turkey and bacon wraps, fruit salad and homemade potato salad (the best) prepared and served by Debbie and her staff in the clubhouse. After a beautiful day of golf, we met back in the clubhouse for cookies and chit prizes were awarded to the winners:

Front Nine:
1st -Suzanne Edone & Bob Keller
2nd -Phyllis & Chet Confer
3rd -Mary Grace & Marty Robic
4th - Kathy Lenoue & Ernie Heilberg
Back Nine
1st -Brenda & Dave Rodgers
2nd -Skippy & Vinnie Esposito
3rd -Ann & Allan MacDonald1
4th -Ann & Al Carline

Ladies Night Out at the Pool House was held on April 10th. This was catered by Pawleys Island Bakery. A great dinner was enjoyed by all and the desserts were awesome!! Our April 21st Game Day - Twenty ladies played net score Individual Yellow Ball Tournament.

The winners were: First -Jan Hayes
Second -Betty Ruff/ Third -Pat Shriver
Fourth -Sue Guzlas/ Fifth -Dot Ellison

We met at True Blue for breakfast on May 5th to celebrate April, May and June Birthdays. Our birthday ladies were given a little memento and fellowship was enjoyed by all attendees. Game Day in May was T's & F's Two-Person Team Best Net. Twenty-two ladies played

the winners were:
Pat Shriver & Linda Mitchell,
Jeanette Renault & Lorraine Stellmann
Sandi Bunce & Phyllis Confer
MaryLou Goodell & Pat McCarthy

For course closings on June 2 and August 4, we will be playing other area courses and our next scheduled outing will be at the pool house for a Birthday Luncheon on August 6. Hope everyone has a wonderful summer! Enjoy!!

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By Bill Renault, Secretary
With warmer weather finally arriving The first tournament for The Men’s Club in 2015 was the “Memorial Masters” played over two rounds (March 30 and April 6 ). The format was a modified Stableford competition. Larry Barksdale once again proving tournament ready, took first place with a two week total of 84 points. Dick Baughman was second at 79 followed by Frank D’Amato with 77 and George Baker with 75.

Following a double dose of rain, The Annual “Presidents Cup” Tournament was completed on May 18th. This is a flighted “best net” event over two rounds. In the “A” flight Patrick Tole, proving youth is tough to beat, took first place with 134. Dave Philips was second at 137, Allan MacDonald third at 140 and George Baker fourth at 143. The “B” flight saw Larry Barksdale again on top with 131 followed by Dick Culver and Ron Eaglin at 141 and Al Carline with 143.


The first round of the always competitive “Member / Member” tournament format was “alternate shot” on the front nine and “best ball scramble” on the back. With a performance formula handicapping the field, the team of Dick Baughman and Paul Lempert was leading at 61.05. Henry Woltman and Rudi Schwarz were second at 62.6, Allan MacDonald and Eric Muller at 64.7, John McLaughlin and Dave “Boom Boom” Philips were at 64.9 and Vinnie Esposito and Larry Barksdale 65.0.

Round two was a “Net Better Ball of Twosome” competition. Vinnie Esposito and Larry Barksdale blew away the field with a net 55 and 2 round total of 120. Henry Woltman and Rudi Schwarz shot 62 with total of 124.6. Dick Baughman and Paul Lempert followed with 64 and total of 125.05. Allan MacDonald and Eric Muller had 62 and 126.7 and tied with Patrick Tole and Bob Caufield who had a 59 and total of 126.7.

Holiday Tournaments

Our tournament chairman Tom Strasser with plenty of help from wife Suzanne put together a fun filled Memorial Day golfing social including both 9 and 18 hole flights. With prizes for almost everyone plus great food it was a real holiday treat and Tom & Suzanne promise July 4th (a sell out) will be even better.
Coming up

Looking forward, the annual Member / Guest Tournament (August 21-22) is shaping up to be well represented with 20 teams signed up to date and hole sponsors claiming all 18. Tom Strasser and his committee will have lots of prizes for the players, plus the Saturday “cook out” following the championship play off.

Concluding, we fondly remember our friend and fellow Men’s Club member Tom Ellison. He will be missed but not forgotten
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By Vance Vandergriff, M.D.
"Food Poisoning can happen anytime..."
It's summertime again. It is the time when many of us will have family visiting. Now, unless you really enjoy cooking for a full house every day, I am sure there will be some nights out at your favorite local restaurant. Whether we are eating at a restaurant or eating at a picnic or even eating at home, food poisoning can happen anytime food is incorrectly handled or cooked.

Millions of people each year get a foodborne illness. It is estimated that several thousand will die from complications of this disease. Food poisoning is also called acute gastroenteritis. It is caused by eating food contaminated by a bacteria, virus, or parasite. Sometimes the symptoms are caused by the toxins released by an organism.

"symptoms include nausea, vomiting, adbominal cramps ...."
If you have been exposed, there are several common symptoms you can expect to see. Nausea, vomiting, abdominal cramps and watery diarrhea are the most common symptoms seen. Fever is also common, but may not always been present.

These symptoms normally occur within a few hours of exposure, but may not be seen for many days or even weeks. Most food poisonings will resolve within a few hours to a few days. Dehydration can happen very easily during a food-borne illness. It is important to stay hydrated with clear liquids.

There are many symptoms that could indicate a more serious problem worth seeking treatment from your health care provider. If you see blood in your vomit or stool, high fevers over 102, severe abdominal pains, blurred vision, muscle weakness, or signs of dehydration like dry mouth and poor urine output, then you should seek medical care.

There is a long list of possible organisms that can cause food poisoning. The following link on the Mayo Clinic website lists these causes as well as types of foods and length of onset of illness after exposure.

It is important to understand that everyone is at risk after exposure, but the elderly, those with chronic medical problems like diabetes, pregnant women, infants and young children are at highest risk.

Treatment of gastroenteritis generally requires replacement of lost fluids. For young children, Pedialyte is a good rehydrator. Another option would be half Gatorade and half water. For some bacterial infections antibiotics would be needed to clear the infection. In extreme cases, IV fluids may be needed to treat dehydration. I do not usually recommend routine use of antidiarrheal medications, as these can prolong the illness.

We can take precautions to prevent infections when cooking at home.
  • Wash hands & cooking utensils
  • Wash preparation surfaces with hot soapy water often
  • Keep raw uncooked foods away from fresh ready to eat foods to prevent cross contamination
  • Use a food thermometer to ensure foods are cooked thoroughly to the recommended temperatures
  • Refrigerate or freeze foods within 2 hours of arriving home from the grocer
  • Defrost frozen food in the refrigerator
Lastly, if you are not certain about a food item it is best to throw it away.
"When in doubt, throw it out"

I hope that you all enjoy the summer. If you have any concerns about food poisonings, or any other health care issues, please contact your health care provider. If you do not have a health care provider, I welcome you to my office at South Strand Internist & Urgent Care. We have offices in Pawleys Island and Surfside Beach to serve you. Dr. Joseph Vandergriff is board certified family practice physician.
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By Celise McLaughlin

We've all heard about "TBT" Throw Back Thursday, well this is Tradition Throw Back. Let's take a look at some of the articles and photos from our recent past in our community.
From the Tradition Newsletter - Summer 1999

From the Tradition Newsletter - Summer 2002

From the Tradition Newsletter - Summer 2004

From the Tradition Newsletter - Summer 2006
Gourmet Diners Club: On March 8th several of our members hosted a Sicilian-Italian dinner where we all feasted on Beef Bracciole, Shrimp Arugula, Gnocchi and Tiramisu. This was one the finest meals to date.

Dinner at the Home of Bob & Nori Thompson

From the Tradition Newsletter - Summer 2009

President's Corner: "After pricing repair and painting costs for the large signs used to mark individual areas within the community, we have decided to remove the signs entirely. They were originally placed by Centex to designate new areas as they were added to the Tradition community. We no longer see a need as we are all one community."

From the Tradition Newsletter - Summer 2012
..." It has been an interesting start to the water aerobic season. Early June brought us rain and cooler nights, thus there was a little chill at 9 a.m... Then the weather started getting warmer and so did the pool.

We will be in the pool (weather permitting) every Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 9 to 10. Our enthusiastic leaders, Dee Ely and Monique Philips, extend an invitation to join them. Bring your noodle!

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The first Pickleball Clinic was conducted at Tradition on Tuesday, June 2. It was attended by about 40 enthusiastic people interested in learning about Pickleball, the fastest growing sport in America. Opening day introduction and instruction was led by Tradition residents Joanne Kendall and Janette & Bill Mitchell. Everyone who wanted could participate and names were collected for those who want to be on the "play list".

Both courts were used to rotate people through training and games. Granted the day did not go without incident. Less than an hour into play a rain storm came through and a couple of our players fell and unfortunately suffered injuries but all-in-all it was a successful day.

If you are interested in playing you must have the proper equipment and appropriate tennis shoes. Paddles and outdoor pickle balls can be purchased at Dick’s Sporting Goods, Amazon, or specialty sites like and as stated in the President's Corner article The courts are closed when wet.

Once everyone gets their paddles and outdoor pickle balls, we may want to set up a specific time to play, or you can contact people on the list and play anytime the courts are available. Below is the list of available players and their contact numbers. Photos by Paul Lempert.

Contact Names for Players
Name/ Phone
Gail Lee 235-9236
Dee Phillips 235-2570
Barbara Fuller 235-9067
Dick Culver 237-7019
Larry Schaap 314-3727
Barbara Bode 314-0434
Wendy Harrigan 704-578-0034
Cindy Kramer 235-0805
Dot Ellison 235-8071
Barb Cardea 237-4120
Jan Hayes 237-3832
Jeanette & Bill Renault 235-3566
Elaine Kronski 235-3711
Don & Georgia McDowell 235-6459
Dale Guzlas 235-3006
Sharon Nowak 237-3268
Carolyn Pacella 237-7799
Cathy Michael 314-3269
Anne Hoile 485-0225
John Skibinski 518-526-5541
Mickey Lempka 845-551-1071
Joanne Kendall 237-1228
Janette & Bill Mitchell 518-390-2924

Questions? Contact Janette Mitchell


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