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"Somewhere In Time" (3:08) - Photo by Celise McLaughlin

"An unforeseen future nestled somewhere in time.
Unsuspecting victims no warnings, no signs."


Tradition Community Newsletter is published by and for
the Homeowners of the Tradition Community
Editor: Celise McLaughlin

The printed edition will be
delivered to your mailbox in mid July.
Published by Plantation Printing
Advertisers: contact Bill Renault

March, July & November
Deadline to submit articles for the next edition
(Fall & Winter 2016-2017) will be October 25th.

For past newsletters visit the Newsletter Archives Link at:

President POA Frank D'Amato 843-235-8885
Clubhouse Paul Hayes 843-237-3832
Covenants Jeanette Renault 843-235-3566
ARB Vince Civitarese 843-237-3568
Grounds Alex Herndon 843-241-3287 (Emergencies Only)
Vince Franco - Web Site Manager 843-237-9190

Board of Directors
Frank D'Amato, President 843-235-8885
Dick Baughman, Vice President 843-655-0327
John Bartha, Secretary 843-235-9998
Brian Kramer, Treasurer 843-235-0805
Merry Cotton, Director 843-235-6862
Kimber Ammerata - Kuester Management 843-839-9704

Board Meetings Fourth Thursday
3:00 p.m. Resident's club house
(subject to change)
All board meetings are open to the community

(Sunset Photo 5/3/16 LBTS Photo By Celise McLaughlin)
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Page 2

By Frank D'Amato
I hope everyone is looking forward to a great summer. Your BOD has been very active this spring and I will update you on our activity and progress.

The Board of Directors:
The Board of Directors (BOD) consists of 5 Tradition Property Owners. After many years of service to the board and community Merry Cotton has indicated that she will not seek re-election in February at the termination of her current term. We will be asking for nominations for Merry’s seat towards the end of the year.

Drainage Issues:
In the Spring Newsletter I indicated that we had completed the drainage work. Well, little did I know that several additional drainage issues would surface and the result has been costly. We are now approaching $80,000 in both repairs and new drains.

This will be our greatest unplanned repair costs going forward because broken and separated pipes in the street drains and in the piping located behind our homes cannot be forecasted.

We are finding that initial pipe installation by the developer was not the best. Piping joints and just plain cheap pipe appears to be the main issue. The problems appear to us through sinkholes along streets and in people’s yards.

The planting of summer bushes and flowers is now complete. We have also planted 18 pallets of centipede sod on Deacon and Tradition Club Drive. The BOD realizes that additional sod is needed in common areas but the heavy cost of drainage work will push additional sod to 2017.

This is the time of year that the covenants committee sends many reminders to property owners. Do not panic but correct the problem and if you strongly disagree with a letter, please contact the covenants member who sent the letter for discussion.

Pool Complex:
The new metal roof is now complete on the Pool House and I think looks very good and should be long lasting. As I write this the welcome house roof at the front entrance is being completed.

The pool bottom and sides have been repaired. New safety grips have been installed on the pool ladders.

The BOD has concerns with the way property owners and their guests are leaving the pool complex.
  • Umbrellas must be closed when you leave the pool area
  • Chairs should be returned to where you found them
  • Do NOT tape the Restroom door locks open
  • All garbage needs to be removed to the back of the pool house after parties
  • The air conditioning should be returned to 74 when leaving
  • The new grill needs to be cleaned and the cover replaced after every use

Property Owners: you are responsible for your guests.

Make sure we have your e-mail addresses so that the BOD can communicate with you. Contact a board member or Vince Franco ( to add your e-mail. When I broadcast e-mails through quality kid, please do not respond to Vince, as he cannot answer your questions. Your feedback must come from me. I will add my e-mail address to the broadcast or you can find my e-mail address in our phone directory.

The board schedule and the monthly board minutes and financial summary are available on the web site. The minutes are always behind as we must approve minutes at the following month’s meeting.

Please call any board member or me
if you see a problem in the community.
For association emergencies
you may call Alex Herndon,
our buildings and grounds manager,
at 843-241-3287.
Please identify yourself.

Thanks, have a great summer.
Frank D’Amato
Cell #843-446-6875
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Page 3

By Jeanette Renault

If you want your lawn to survive the hot summer months. Here's a tip. Set sprinkler system to water very early.

Watering the grass in the late afternoon and evening if NOT recommended. If the grass does not have time to dry before the night it can develop fungus.

Need help with bare spots & other problems? Contact your Covenants volunteer for a flyer with helpful suggestions.

Here is your latest Vendor List: Vendor List as of 7/1/16

ATTENTION everyone married 50 years
or longer in the year 2016.

As you recall, In 2012 there was a wonderful
Golden Anniversary Celebration for Tradition Residents
2012 Anniversary Celebration

Well let's do it again.

Tuesday, September 13th 5:30 pm - 9:30 pm
Pawleys Plantation $116 per couple
$25.00 nonrefundable deposit ASAP
and $91.00 balance by August 26th
Checks made payable to Bella Ribaudo
48 Prentice Court
Contact Bella Ribaudo
email or phone 843-235-9848
(prior attendees are welcome) Please join us!

Remember the #1 Billboard hit song in September of 1966?
"Cherish" By the Association


Vincent Civitarese, Chairman ARB
Well here we are again! It is back to summer - Heat, sun, storms and beach time! I hope everyone is ready.

This past spring we asked the Board of Directors to consider dropping the review fee that the ARB is required to charge for all larger project permits that are applied for by our residents. After meeting with the Board of Directors, it was decided to remove the fee for all work except the construction of new homes. I do not think this will have much effect on applications but the ARB felt that the fee was unnecessary.

Please remember that all exterior work still needs to be approved by the ARB, all deposits still need to be applied and a $25 refundable check still must accompany every ARB application.

The updated application can be printed from the internet

I hope we all have a great summer and get to enjoy all the reasons many of us came to Pawleys Island!

"We're Staying Right Here"
by Betty Farley

On the 4th of July, Ron celebrated his 80th birthday, our 4 children came in from Ohio, NH, and PA to help him celebrate.

The end of May we drove to PA to witness a grandson getting married in a beautiful setting at The Cornwall Inn in Cornwall, PA. While we were gone, our neighbors told us that an alligator took down a deer in the pond behind our house. This is the 2nd time this has happened (that we know of) and a few years ago, one of those nasty gators helped himself to another neighbor's little jack russell.

We have thought about selling the house and going into a condo, but decided that is way too much work, besides we love our neighbors and our home. We love watching all the different birds who visit the various feeders outside our kitchen window and in the backyard where we can sit and watch from the safety of our screened-in porch.

Nope! We will stay right here, we love it in Tradition.

Sunrise over the Pond at Monarch Court
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Page 4

By Bill McElroy, President
The board of Litchfield By The Sea would like to thank everyone for the concerns and cooperation related to the new bar codes and security procedures initiated this year. We also the many volunteers that work to make our community a wonderful place to live and to enjoy. There have been some small glitches and they have been solved or they are in the works to solve. We hope you have noticed the smooth flow of traffic at our entrances and exits from the Common Property of LBTS.

Please enjoy the new, completely re-built, Tennis Courts which have been upgraded and are now in use. The remaining three courts are scheduled to be rebuilt next year. Pickle Ball is stripped on court #3 as well as the tennis stripes. There is a new green space for your use and it is capable of supporting some 25 additional autos during peak usage instead of parking along the streets. It is designed to be used under the supervision of the security personnel during peak times only. It will not completely eliminate the congestion on a couple of weekends a year, but it will help with traffic on those days.


Annual Meeting

Our Annual Meeting was held this year at the new Library and was well received. The program involved Power Point presentations by several presenters. Featured were the Litchfield Beautification Foundation, by Ron Eaglin, Communications by Bob Postiglione, Treasurers’ Report by Carroll Player and the President’s Report by Bill McElroy. We hope you attended and enjoyed the coffee and goodies during the gathering time. A Special Thanks to Vince Franco for putting together these presentations.

This Fall, we will have work being done by the Georgetown County Storm Water Department that will disrupt the normal flow of traffic at the beach. The County is installing additional pipes on both the input and outflow sides of Osprey Lake. One road will always be open to access the beach. This work will begin in September and be completed before Easter. Please excuse the inconvenience while we help our neighbors upstream with their flood problems. All expenses are covered by the County.

This is a wonderful place to live and we hope you enjoy your Summer and Fall seasons.

Thank you for allowing me to serve you for another 3 years on the board.

Bill McElroy, President
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Page 5

by MaryAnn MacDonald
An alligator (approx. 5ft. long) decided he/she liked wandering into my back yard, then along side of my home, stretched out and sunned on my front lawn for a "bit".

I called 911. DNR (Department of Natural Resources) said "we only come out if it is over 6 ft." They said it was "just" looking for water. HEY! I was "just" looking for it to "move on down the road" so to speak - which eventually it did. It crossed onto the driveway, sidewalk and then straight down the middle of Tradition Club Drive where it made a left several houses down.


photos courtesy of Dale Greimann
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Page 6

By Keith Hoile
843-314-9330 -
  • Ronald and Jane Berry to 131 Cobblestone Drive from River Club
  • Timothy and Melanie Mandroc to 66 Historic Lane from Downingtown, PA
  • Robert and Janice Sliverio to 1728 Tradition Club Drive from Pawleys Island
  • Alice Cromartie to 27 Bowman Drive from Pawleys Island
  • Eric Rucker from 66 Historic Lane
  • June and Raymond Zafferani from 131 Cobblestone Drive
  • Susan Fisher from 27 Boatman Drive
  • Add phone number for Kathleen McKay (631-838-1457)
  • Add phone number for Richard McKay (631-897-8292)

BEAT THE HEAT this summer. Your neighborhood public library is open. Whether you are looking for a book or a download for your tablet or Kindle. It is all right here in air conditioned comfort. Got visitors coming and want an alternative to the beach and pool? Waccamaw Neck Branch Library has a super Summer Reading Program until July 28th. You will find performers, activities, movies, crafts and fun for all ages. Just drop by the children’s area or check out the website at Call 843-545-3349, or email for more information.
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Page 7

By Kathy MacSorley
To all the online shoppers out there, the Litchfield Beautification Foundation (LBF) has registered with AmazonSmile, giving us an opportunity to benefit from your shopping on Amazon at no cost to you. I copied a paragraph below from the Amazon web site that will give you an idea of how it works. Check it out and please consider adding Litchfield Beautification Foundation as your charity. It’s really simple:

What is AmazonSmile?
“AmazonSmile is a simple and automatic way for you to support your favorite charitable organization every time you shop, at no cost to you. When you shop at, you’ll find the exact same low prices, vast selection and convenient shopping experience as, with the added bonus that Amazon will donate a portion of the purchase price to your favorite charitable organization. You can choose from nearly one million organizations to support.”

Its summer at the beach and that means plenty of visitors and the chance that of some of them will stray into our plantings. The damaged viburnum near Boyle Road have been replaced and we continue to monitor the medians for further problems.

The three new beds installed by the SCDOT just before Martin Luther King Road had mounting weeds which required a call to SCDOT to get the job done. There was hydro seeding completed on the south end and it is growing!

And the beat goes on!

This year we increased the flag display days from five to seven days and all of them have been financially sponsored. Our next Flag display will be on Independence Day and we expect to have two new signs at the Willbrook Road/ Hwy 17 intersection acknowledging the sponsor for that day. Our thanks go out to all of them for their contribution to the community.

  The 2016 Flag sponsors are:
Armed Forces Day, May 21 Cary & Marilyn Smith
Memorial Day, May 30 Marty & Carole Farrell
Flag Day, June 14 Tradition Winey Wednesday Ladies
Independence Day, July 4 Knights of Columbus Assembly 3272, Pawleys Island
Patriots Day, September 11 Joan & Ed Sheldon
Veterans Day, November 11 Joan & Ed Sheldon, Skippy & Vinnie Esposito, Daune & Larry Barksdale, Joanne & Bill Kendall, Dot & Vince Franco
Labor Day, September 5 Dave & Irene Krepps

We have added an additional shorter web site name,, along with Either one will get to the same place. If you are new to the Tradition community please check it out. All our information is there, including board contacts, Flag Project, AmazonSmile, and ways to donate. We maintain the Litchfield corridor medians through the generosity of our donors. Have a great summer!
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Page 8

By Monique Philips
Winey Wednesday has had a VERY busy 6 months. One of our guests suggested we collect money for the Litchfield Beautification Foundation to "purchase" a flag. We went one step further; we collected monies and we were able to SPONSOR the flags for Flag Day! Way to go, ladies!

We presented Ron Eaglin, president of LBF, with a check for $200 at our March Winey Wednesday which was held at the beach house at LBTS (what a treat to use the beach house).

In April, we "traveled" to TTOT (The Talk of the Town) which is located next to Bistro 217; the owners hosted us so we could have a peak at all their lovely gifts. If you haven't been there yet, PLEASE visit their store. They have sweet hostess gifts and home items at reasonable prices! Shop local!

And Mother Nature has cooperated this season. We have been able to go to the beach for Winey Wednesdays in May and June!

This Fall more surprises..... Simply Divine has learned of our "travels" and has invited us to visit her store for wine (we provide the snacks) and a style show in September. (more to come) and The Talk of the Town would like us to come back in December to see their Holiday gifts.

If you have not attended Winey Wednesday, here's the scoop. We meet the 2nd Wednesday of the month normally at the beach or the Tradition pool house at 5PM till 7ish (Monique Philips sends out e-mails to remind the group) We bring finger food to share and of course, your own "adult" beverage. We normally have a "food drive" for the local food pantry too.

IF you are not on the Winey Wednesday e-mail list, please contact Monique at; she will be happy to include you. It's a great way to catch up with old and new neighbors!

Hope to see you at our next Winey Wednesday.
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Page 9

By Jerry Mithen
Hole-In-One On April 16th Larry Barksdale had his first Hole-In-One on #6 Heritage Golf Club. He hit a 6 iron 160 yards that fell into the hole to the applause of his partners.

Gold Tee Founder’s Birthday
Paul Kelly, a founder of the Gold Tees Golf at tradition, turned 81 on April 13th. A reception was held at the Tradition Club House to celebrate with all his Gold Tee Friends.
Gold Tees 17th Anniversary Dinner
April 19, 2016

A special celebration dinner for Gold Tee members was held at the Tradition Pool House. Chef John Melzer and his assistants John McLaughlin, Ed Sheldon, Don McDowell, Al Carline prepared the wonderful meal for 50 sitting members in honor of the 17th Anniversary of the Gold Tees Club.

The menu consisted of Shrimp Cocktail with cocktail sauce, Spring Rolls with sweet sauce, Lobster Tails, Tenderloin Steak cooked on the grill and sliced to order, Hasselback Potatoes, Corn on the Cob, Cheesecake with Cherry and Blueberry sauce. Beer, wine and soda rounded out the dinner.

Gold Tees Dinner
May 25th

A Gold Tee summer dinner was held at the pool house after golf catered by Hog Heaven.

The dinner of chicken, pulled pork, beans, slaw, rolls and cheesecake was enjoyed by all.
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Page 10

By Suzanne Strasser
The Guys & Dolls tournament was held at Tradition Golf Course on 3/3. The format was a Texas scramble 2 low nets of a four person team. The winners were; 1st place Daune & Larry Barksdale/ Nancy Higgins & Dave Gould (107), 2nd place Maureen & Paul Lempert/ Joanne & Harry Stewart (110moc), 3rd place Joan & Ed Sheldon/ Penny Pikarrt & Jim Davis (110), 4th place Diane Hicks & Rudy Schwarz/ Sally Russell & Bob Sanders (112). Closest to the pin winners were; hole #2 Bob Sanders, hole # 5 Dick Culver & Maureen Lempert, hole # 12 Frank Gambeski & Penny Pikarrt and hole # 15 Larry Barksdale & Pat Kemper. It was a little chilly but a fun day was had by all.

Guys & Dolls Winners

HOLE IN ONE - Pat Kemper

On 4/19 ,Tradition lady golfer, Pat Kemper made her first Hole in One at River Club Golf course.

She hit 80 plus yards with an 8 iron on the 2nd hole. Her friends, Joan Sheldon, Daune Barksdale and Judy Gambeski heard the ball role in.

Congratulations Pat!

Ringer Tournament

The Tradition Ladies Golf Association played their Ringer Tournament for two weeks, 4/14 and 4/21. The winners were; 1st Pat Kemper/Sally Russell (52), 2nd Nancy Higgins/Carolyn Pacella (53moc), 3rd Debbie Massie/Joanne Stewart (53moc), 4th Joan Sheldon/Dot Franco (54moc). Maureen Lempert /Sandy Pearson improved 11 strokes from week 1 to week 2 (67/56). Closest to the pin winners were; holes #2 Peggy Martz, #5 Pat D’Amato, #12 Suzanne Strasser and #15 Joanne Stewart.

Ringer Tournament Winners

Member Guest Winners
The Tradition Ladies Golf Association played their Member Guest tournament on 5/5/2016. The Low Gross winners were; Daune Barksdale, Dee Kramer, Nancy Higgins, Jackie Amthauer (164), Carolyn Pacella, Jo Ann Sgorrano, Cindy Greenwald, Carol Watters (164 moc). Low Net winners were; Donna Culver, Sue Guzlas, Joanne Stewart, Donna Scott (113), Judy Gambeski, Georgia McDowell, Joan Sheldon, Adrienne Molloy (115), Bobbie Fleiss, Joan Bertolucci, Diane Hicks, Rose Plesha (120).

Closest to the pin winners
Closest to the pins were made by: hole #2 Joan Sheldon & Barbara Cardea, hole # 5 Cindy Greenwald & Leesa Ruscio, hole #12 Pat D’Amato & Chris Pikarrt and hole #15 Maureen Lempert & Carol Watters. We had two fun days of ring toss, word games and a card games and of course, golf. It was a lovely tournament and fun with friends.

The ladies had the first quarter birthday party with Linda’s famous homemade chocolate cup cakes. Golf was ok, cup cakes very good!!!

On 6/23 the Tradition Ladies Golf League played the Member Member two person team tournament. The winners were; low gross Pat D’Amato & Maureen Lempert (81moc) , 1st low net Nancy Higgins & Donna Culver(55), 2nd low net Lucy Hajec & Joanne Stewart (56), 3rd low net Suzanne Strasser & Amy Monaghan (57), 4th low net Linda Lehmann & Carolyn Pacella (61moc). Closest to the pin prizes were won by Nancy Higgins, Linda Lehmann and, Pat D’Amato.

Member/Member Winners

In September the league will hold the annual President’s Cup Tournament.
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Page 11

By Bill Renault, Secretary
While our weather and course conditions the first week paled in comparison to Augusta, the second week (April 4th) of the annual “Memorial Masters” tournament was played under beautiful sunny skies and kicked off the 2016 tournament schedule for the Tradition Men.

Using a modified “Stableford” scoring system, Dan Molloy won the event with a 2 round total of 84 points. This included a gross 76 the second round. Don McDowell a 25 handicap followed with 83 points with club champion Craig Monaghan at 81 and Al Carline and Dick Culver at 79.

The “Presidents Cup” tournament was held in early May. This is a flighted 36 hole tournament using individual low nets with 100% handicaps. Harry Stewart was the winner in the “A” flight with rounds of 66-67=133 followed by Craig Monaghan 69-69=138 and Dick Pacella 69-70=139. Rudi Schwarz was the “B” flight winner with rounds of 69-65=134. Phil Fleiss was second with 68-68=136 and Frank Hawkins third at 65-73=138.

  Of special note is the “Hole in One” shots by members Larry Barksdale and Bud Phillips. Larry’s came at the “Heritage Club” on the seventh hole. Bud Phillips celebrated his 74th birthday with a round at “Caledonia Golf and Fish Club” that included an “ACE’ on the difficult 160 yard third hole. Playing with friends Dick Baughman and Tommy Lanzano, Bud used his # 5 hybrid and watched his ball hit left of the pin, roll along the contour of the green and drop in. Another shot worth mentioning was the ‘Eagle” by Allan MacDonald at The Tradition’s first hole. Playing at 323 yards, Allan used driver/9 iron to clear the large greenside tree and watch his ball bounce once and drop in the hole. Witnessing Allan’s shot were Tom Strasser, Jim Conway and Bill Renault.

President's Cup Tournament Winners

Looking forward, The Tradition Men will play their Member/Member Tournament in mid-July (usually played in June); the Member/Guest in mid-August and the club championship in September. Hopefully, our greens will have healed, our cart paths will have been repaired and the weather will cooperate.
Sunrise Over the 15th Hole
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Page 12
By Mary Graef
Thank you
We want to thank Elaine Kronski for serving as our League Chair; She resigned on May 22nd. We wish her well in her move and thank her for her leadership. Suzanne Edone has become our new Chair and Janice Hayes volunteered to take on the duty as Co-Chair. They have already been hard at work on updating our By-Laws.

Our first Invitational was held at Pawleys Plantation on March 10th. We started off with a delicious lunch of tacos and fajitas. The theme was the Olympics. Brenda Rodgers was a Bronze winner, Andrea Kalat won a Silver and Sue Edone brought home the Gold. Congrats to these Tradition ladies that placed in every category. Also, Phyllis Confer won a door prize.

Wachesaw Plantation hosted the May 5th Interclub. The weather cooperated with lots of blue sky. A “Tea Party” started at 9 am, followed by lunch at Kimbels. The baked brie, salad and chicken salad were wonderful only to be outdone by a delicious strawberry shortcake biscuit. Prizes were given for both front and back. We were represented on both sides with Mildred Culpepper and Annie Brown among the winners.

June 6th Invitational at River Club was rained out but did not put a damper on a wonderful lunch. The River Club gals did a great job decorating to the theme of Up, Up and Away...Hot Air Balloons! Lunch was green salad, fruit salad, Greek meatballs, wraps and Italian sub sandwiches along with cake and homemade cookies for dessert. Prizes were raffled off but none of our ladies were winners. Rain checks were given to all.

Next Invitational will be at Indigo Creek on October 18th.

A Birthday recognition was held at True Blue on February 16 and again on May 5th. Each special birthday girl was given a lovely scented candle.

We had several Game Days this spring.
On March 22nd “Step Aside” winners First place: Lee Wilson, Pat McCarthy, Linda Mitchell and Jan Hayes, 42. Second place: Anne Brown, Bonnie Eaglin, Mildred Culpepper and guest, Marsha DeFlumeri, 42.

April 26 we played “Best Low Gross” winners First place: Sue Edone and Faye Britsch, 46 Second place: Lee Wilson and Mildred Culpepper, 47

“Choose 4 Clubs” was the game on May 24. Mildred Culpepper came in first and Sue Edone was second.

On April 5th we held the “Member/Friend/Partner Tournament with a Captains Choice game. Winners were First on Front: Janette Mitchell and JoAnne Kendall – 27.5 Second on Front: Ann Carline and Judy Gambeski - 30 First on Back: Jeanette and Bill Renault – 30.6 Second on Back: Al and Faye Britsch – 31.4

After play, we had refreshments and appetizers until everyone came in followed by a dinner of Chicken Francese, Garlic Roast Potatoes, Glazed Baby Carrots, Steamed Broccoli, Rolls and butter. Mud pies with hot fudge for our dessert. Kudos to the chef, Social Committee and helpers for the well planned event.
Tropical Ladies Night Out
Photos By Anne Brown

Last but not least the Social Committee put together “Tropical Ladies Night Out” at the pool house on June 7th. Very festive huge tissue flowers decorated everything. A picture corner with huge sunglasses, leis and picture frames gaves us all a chance to laugh with one another.

Fruit sangria and many appetizers were enjoyed before the buffet of Salmon with mango sauce and pineapple. Yummmmmm!!! Of course there was dessert followed by a little line-dancing led by Anne Brown. Sharon Valentine and Annie Brown outdid themselves. All present had such a great time!!!!

Ann Brown & Sharon Valentine

Dot Ellison & Claudia Krauth

Mary Graef & Betty Ruff

Wishing everyone a terrific summer!
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Page 13

By Dr. Vance Vandergriff

Summer is finally upon us. Many of you will be more active either in sports or hobbies during the next few months. Unfortunately, some of you may develop a condition called bursitis as a result of this increased activity.

Bursa are fluid filled sacs that act as a cushion between bone, tendons, and joints. When these sacs get inflamed the condition is called bursitis and the most common areas to have bursitis include the elbow, shoulder, knee, ankle and hip.

Bursitis can be a result of an injury, repetitive use, prolonged pressure on a joint or in some cases, an infection. Certain risk factors increase the likelihood for bursitis. These include increased age, work, exercises or hobbies that require repetitive movement or pressure on a joint. Also diseases of inflammation like rheumatoid arthritis, gout, or diabetes may be a contributing factor.

Symptoms of bursitis include swelling, pain, and loss of movement. Treatment normally consists of NSAIDs (Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs) like ibuprofen or naproxen. In some case, oral steroids or steroid shots into the bursa sac are needed. Physical therapy can be very helpful in both recovery from the acute illness, and strengthening the joint to prevent future inflammation.


If infection is suspected, drainage of the affected bursa and antibiotics would be needed. In addition to medication, other treatments include rest, ice and elevation. Most cases of bursitis can be treated at home.

If you are not responding to home treatment, or if you are having any fevers, then seek the care of your health care provider. If you do not have a health care provider, we have offices in Pawleys Island, Surfside, and Carolina Forest to meet your health care needs. We accept appointments or walk ins. Visit us at for more information.

I wish you all an injury and pain free summer.


Each summer the community along with the Tradition Golf Club holds three holiday tournaments. Memorial Day, 4th of July and Labor Day. The tournament includes either 9 or 18 holes of golf in a captains choice format followed by a luncheon prepared by Debbie Jackson and her staff at the Tradition Golf Club. Tradition residents have been enjoying these fun events for about 20 years. Below are some photos of the Memorial Day Tournament organized by Tom Strasser and held on May 29th this year.

The Tradition Club House Decorated for the Holiday>

Amy Monaghan & Betty Ruff waiting in the chow line
Flight Winners

Sue & Dale Guzlas with friends
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Page 14


To describe what we do in water aerobics is certainly hard to do! We have geography lessons from Monique and some of us are directionally challenged.

She is really working hard with us on this aspect of our exercises. And sometimes she also gives us French lessons.

And then we also do "the arabesque" "the developpe" "the echappe" "the plie" (not sure if it is demi or grande) and "the releve".

I can hardly spell these terms but Dee assures us these ballet moves will help our waistlines.

The weather has been delightful and we can all say we are enjoying our water aerobics.

Come join us on Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings at 8:50. Class starts at 9. Bring your noodle and some water for these hot days.

Ladies! Tennis is in the swing again..
we meet every Monday and Wednesday
at 7:30AM (our summer hours)
at the Tradition tennis courts.
We are always looking for subs.
our level of play is 3.0-3.5.
If you are interested in subbing
please contact Monique Philips at 237-0494

Pool House Fridays at 10a.m.

Contact Paul Hayes 843-237-3832
Calendar is updated on the website periodically
2016 Calendar
Please call for availability


Ladies Bridge Group meets Wednesdays
at the Pool House from 12:30 to 4:00.
We welcome new members.
To join or for information please call
Karen Vander Schaaf 843-237-8150 or
Mary Grace Robic 843-237-8745

Thank you by Mary Ellen McMillen

I am a new Tradition homeowner. I was invited to attend a Canasta group that meets regularly at the Pool Club House. My initial response was "I have not played Canasta since I was in Elementary School" (a very long time ago).

Pat and Jeanette, the Mother superiors of the Group, assured me that knowledge and talent are not a requirement. They were right, but there are many card savvy women who play with strategies that I need to learn.

I was welcomed and have learned the basics-- thanks to everyone's help. It is a friendly, supportive group and there is no obligation to attend every event. I want to thank Pat and Jeannette and all of the other women who have welcomed me and taught me the game (which is not like the game I played in 3rd grade).

We are now playing on the 1st & 3rd Fridays AND the 2nd & 4th Mondays. On the 5th Friday we go to lunch and play afterward. Mark your calendar and join us!

Call Pat @237-2678 or
Jeanette @235-3566 for more details.
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From Goodreads Authors
In this dazzling new novel, Emily Giffin, the #1 New York Times bestselling author introduces a pair of sisters who find themselves at a crossroads. Growing up, Josie and Meredith Garland shared a loving, if sometimes contentious relationship. Now in their late thirties they are following very different paths. Josie, a first grade teacher, is single and close to swearing off dating for good. Meredith has the "perfect" life. A successful attorney, she’s married to a wonderful man, and together they’re raising a beautiful four-year-old daughter.
As the anniversary of a childhood tragedy looms and painful secrets from the past begin to surface, Josie and Meredith must not only confront the issues that divide them, but also come to terms with their own choices. Emotionally honest and utterly enthralling, First Comes Love is a story about family, friendship, and the courage to follow your own heart—wherever that may lead.

The Butterfly Garden by Dot Hutchison In this gruesome crime novel, lies a beautiful garden with luscious flowers, shady trees…and a collection of precious “butterflies”—young women who have been kidnapped and intricately tattooed to resemble their namesakes. The overseer is a brutal, twisted man obsessed with capturing and preserving his lovely specimens.

When the garden is discovered, a young girl survivor is found and two FBI agents are tasked with piecing together the most stomach-churning case of their careers.
But the girl proves to be a puzzle herself. As her story twists and turns, slowly shedding light on life in the Butterfly Garden, she reveals old grudges, new saviors, and horrific tales of a man who’d go to any length to hold beauty captive. But the more she shares, the more the agents have to wonder what she’s still hiding.
Bill Hodges trilogy #3 Retired police detective Bill Hodges, the unlikely hero of Mr. Mercedes and Finders Keepers, now runs an investigation agency with his partner, Holly Gibney.

When called to a murder-suicide with ties to the Mercedes Massacre, they find themselves pulled into their most dangerous case yet. Because Brady Hartsfield, perpetrator of the Mercedes Massacre, is back. Despite the fact he has been in a vegetative state in a Brain Injury Clinic for five years, He is awake,
and in possession of deadly new powers that allow him to plan revenge not just on Bill Hodges and his friends, but on an entire city without ever leaving his hospital room. In End of Watch, Stephen King brings the Hodges trilogy to a sublimely terrifying conclusion, combining the detective fiction of Mr. Mercedes and Finders Keepers with the supernatural suspense that is his trademark.

Here's to Us by Elin Hilderbrand The story of three remarkable, spirited women, who share two things; a love for the man they all married and a passionate dislike of one another. A high school sweetheart, a high-maintenance Hollywood diva and a sexy southern belle have established a delicate understanding over the years to avoid each other at all costs. But after their former husband's tragic death they find themselves crowded into a Nantucket cottage to pick up his mess. A place where each of them had made
their own memories and all have secrets to hide. Before the weekend is over, there are enough accusations, lies, tears, and drama to turn even the best of friends-- let alone three women who married the same man--into adversaries. As his unlikely family says good-bye to the man who brought them together --for better or worse--will they be able to put aside their differences long enough to raise a glass in his honor?
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There are a few things I love about summer, perhaps not as many as I love about other seasons, but there are some. One, of course, is Friday Night Delights. Although some of us attempt to use the Litchfield By the Sea deck for Friday Night cocktails and dinner year round, sometimes those winter nights just get so cold the thought of sitting at the beach is not enticing.

December 4, 2015 Brrrr

However, during the spring and summer we are guaranteed to find many of our friends and neighbors visiting LBTS either to enjoy the deck or to walk the beach. Sometimes, especially on Holiday weekends it is difficult to find a table and or chairs with all the tourists in town.

Memorial Day Weekend 2016

If you get to the deck at the right time, (between ingress and egress) you can secure the prime location protected from the sun.

MacSorley's, Davis' and Kemper's score the ideal spot


Philips, Blouins, Guzlas and friends relegated to the upper deck.
During the hottest months the upper deck has great views and may attract more breezes, but it also gets more sun.

Anyone who lives here knows that the beach is not always hot and sunny in the summer.

Beach goers heading for safety
Sometimes, like Friday evening June 24, 2016, a nasty storm rolls in from the north or west bringing heavy rain, winds, lightning and thunder. These heavy clouds had us skedaddling off the beach that night. Other than the restrooms, there would have been no place to keep dry during that thunderstorm.

Eileen Belbutowski heads for home along with the others

This summer or autumn when you come down to the beach on Friday nights, make sure you stop by to say hello. If you should get there first and find a good spot, save us a seat. We have snacks and we share.
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By Harry & Joanne Stewart
We did a 1,850 mile road trip in May. The first stop was at the Players Golf Tournament at TPC Sawgrass with our son's and their families.

Early Sunday morning we drove to Biloxi Mississippi and stayed over at Beau Rivage a popular resort/casino.

The following day we drove to New Orleans to start our three day visit there.

The highlights of the stay were the World War II museum, the paddle wheel Steamer Natchez, and of course Bourbon Street.
Joanne is pictured on Bourbon Street with two Louisiana State Troopers.
  One afternoon we boarded the Steamer Natchez for a cruise on the Mississippi.

Harry Steward cruising the Mississippi

While at the World War II museum we met Bill Cassidy age 92 one of the builders of the Higgins Boat used for the invasion of France better known as "D" Day. We had a nice chat with Mr. Cassidy and told him that Joanne's father landed in a Higgins boat on Utah beach in June 1944.

We enjoyed our New Orleans visit, but we indulged in way too many beignets.....powdered sugar everywhere !!!
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From "inspirational writings and sermons" By Barnie Slice

This phrase can be seen all over America every day. It is plainly displayed on state, federal and other public buildings, in courtrooms across the land, on our money and even on license plates. We see it everywhere and it is quoted in many important documents and by people everywhere in the Free World.

But, do we really believe that? Do we really put our trust in God? It’s all too easy to say that we do but to put it in practice requires a great deal of faith, not just ordinary faith but blind faith, totally putting our lives in God’s capable hands on a day-to-day basis. We must completely give our lives over to God to provide for us in order to completely trust in Him.

Not many of us have the kind of faith in anything that would cause us to willingly surrender our very being to it. Everything we trust in here on earth lets us down. Our friends, our families, even the machines we count on, such as our cars and appliances, will fail at some point. Our homes crumble and deteriorate. Even relationships end without warning. We can’t even trust in ourselves to provide what we need. Everything seems to have a limited life span and so we have learned, over the years, not to put our complete trust into anything.

Oh, we try very hard to trust in things. We save our money in banks and trust that someday it will build up to be a nice nest egg so we can live a happy and carefree life when we retire but that, too, is not a certain thing. We attend schools of higher learning and get degrees so that we can land a high paying job to provide financial security for ourselves and our families. We even play the lottery in hopes of becoming rich. We dream of being independent by having plenty of money and assets that we can use whenever we want. The quest for money, and lots of it, occupies much of time as we chase this dream throughout our lives.
But, alas, the recent recession in the USA has shaken us to the core and much of what we have put aside has been lost.

Our savings have dwindled and we have learned that not even financial security is to be trusted. We are learning not to put our trust in anything, especially our government, which is supposed to look after our wellbeing. We certainly don’t trust any of our politicians as most of them have let us down in one way or another.

Even in our childhood, when we were innocent children, we learned all too quickly that people will lie to us and disappoint us. We have disappointed other people, too, and they learn not to put their trust in us. Our best friends will sometimes let us down and break that trust. Even married couples will cheat on and lie to each other. Who or in what can we put our trust then? There can only be one answer: In God alone.

How do we know that we cannot make it on our own and not have to trust in God? Let’s examine our own track record and see for ourselves. Do we sometimes trust in silly objects like a rabbit’s foot or good luck charms to bring us good luck? Do we put our trust into horoscopes and predictions by men of old who guess at the future? Do we visit palm readers and gypsy soothsayers to read our fortunes and predict the future? Do we flip a coin to determine a choice we need to make? Do we believe in people who take Bible verses out of context and try to tell us that the end of the world is near? Do we trust in the roll of the dice when making important decision in our lives?

If we believe in any of these things we are not putting our trust in God as we ought. We are relying only on our own knowledge and beliefs to make decisions that affect our lives. We listen to what others say about how we ought to live our lives especially on TV commercials, where they tell us that, if we use their product, we can be beautiful and will live a happy and healthy life.
We search the internet for things that will make us happy and bring us peace. If we believe in these things we are relying on things that will surely fail us. We can’t even rely on our own health for that, too, may fail us at some point in our lives. To completely turn our lives over to God, not just our spiritual life but our entire lives, will take the kind of faith God wants us to have. To completely trust in anything we have to know and understand all we can about it.

How do we come to trust in anything? We research it, we study it, we live with it, we question it, we explore its capabilities and we get to know it inside and out. Only then can it deserve our trust.

The same is true about trusting in God. It doesn’t come to us in an instant. We may take a life time to fully grasp what trusting in God means. We must study His word in the Bible on a regular basis. We must pray to God daily and establish a close relationship with Him and we must believe that God loves us, forgives us and provides for us everything we need to live a happy and peaceful life.

We must also believe that everything we have, including our talents, our possessions and, yes, even our money and health, is a gift from God. Nothing we do on our own can earn us any of these things. They are gifts from a loving God who gives us every breath, every heart beat and every moment we live. Believing that God did all of this is putting our trust in Him and believing that God will continue to provide the things we need to live. To trust in God has one great side effect and that is the freedom to live our lives worry-free.
It is so easy to let the cares of this world get us down. We worry about everything; how secure will our jobs be, will there will be any Social Security by the time we retire, about whether our health will hold out for a few more years or about the pessimistic events in our lives like the recent recession and failing government.
We also worry about how much we owe and even about that grey hair we found this morning in the mirror. We worry about our children and grandchildren, about taxes and, yes, we worry about death, too.

We are a worrying people and that is what causes so much stress and fear and distrust in our lives. If only we would learn to trust God and Him completely. God made us and loves us and He wants us to love Him in return and trust that He will provide for all our needs. God reaches out to us constantly hoping that we will turn to Him. God shows us how much He loves us by sending Jesus, His only begotten son, to forgive our sins by dying for us on the cross. God even shows us that we need not worry about death either by setting Jesus free from the tomb at the Resurrection. How then, can a God, who did all of that, not be trusted?

The next time we see “In God We Trust” let us remember that God is reaching out to us at this very moment. God wants us to put our lives and trust in His care. Pray that God will bless us with enough faith to completely put our trust in Him. Only then, can we find the peace, joy and happiness we so desperately need. Give God a chance. Put your trust in Him and Him alone. All else has failed us. God will never let you down.

Painting by Barnie Slice
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