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A par three golf tournament will be held at the Tradition Golf Club December 6, 2009

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The trouble with retirement is that you never get a day off. – Abe Lemons
Page 2
by Frank D’Amato
Your Board of Directors (BOD) will soon be completing a very active year. Most important is that we will come in on budget. Our summer plantings have looked the best they have in many years. We have also upgraded a few common areas and will continue the work in 2010.

By the time you receive this newsletter, you should have received a letter from me as well as an introduction letter from our new management company, The Kuester Company. The mailing should have included information on how to make your monthly Regime Fee payments. You must fill out this informational sheet and the BOD strongly recommends that you sign up for automatic bank drafts to insure you never face a late charge. This will eliminate the monthly coupons. You would be surprised how many property owners pay a late fee each month.

We expect the Kuester Company and their managers to provide improved customer service for a price lower than our current management costs. We also have the good fortune to work with people who have provided excellent service in the past when employed at Chicora.

We have also contracted with Alex Heardon as our new landscaping contractor replacing Pryor Landscaping. Alex has provided all the flower plantings in 2009 and as I said above, they look great. We have signed a new 3 year contract at a cost saving to the association

I have mentioned in previous communications that the BOD contracted a Reserve Fund Study to evaluate the community assets, their replacement costs and our current Reserve Fund. We assign $11.00 of our $54.00 monthly regime fee to the Reserve Fund. The results of the study will be communicated in a December mailing. The December mailing will give you the bottom line result with only minor details. You will need to attend the Annual Property Owners meeting on February 23rd to receive more detailed information and ask questions.

All of the issues discussed above involved a great deal of work on the part of the BOD and others to achieve. We feel these decisions will benefit the association in the years to come. Unfortunately, the newsletter does not allow me the space to provide more detail. All BOD meetings are open to the owners and I would suggest you attend the Property Owners meeting in February. Two of our BOD members, Bill Renault and Ron Eaglin’s, terms will expire in February. I am hopeful that we will have members interested in filling these positions. The voting proxies will be mailed in January.

  I would like to thank our Building and Grounds Manager, Art Voltaire for helping to keep us on budget. Art manages all our contractors and makes a majority of the community repairs on his own. I am sure you see Art around the community on his golf cart working and doing his thing for the association.

As we begin to shut down our sprinkler systems for the winter the BOD expects that all homeowners experiencing rust problems will take this opportunity to clean any rusty areas associated with your property. I am afraid if this is not done you will hear from us.

The only by-law we have governing the parking of cars addresses parking in the street overnight. However, I would just like to mention that as you drive through our community more and more residences have multiple cars parked in driveways every night. There are no rules against this, but the community is beginning to look like a condo complex. I should think that after living here a year you could make room in your garage to park your cars. This is your decision but the excessive parking of cars in driveways does not help property values. This is why the covenants do not allow for outside parking of boats, motor homes, golf carts, etc.

We will be installing a security system in the pool house. Those residents with authorized keys will be contacted when ready on how to engage and disengage the alarm. Residents with pool keys may continue to enter the restrooms from the outside, without worry of the alarm, but you may not enter the main room of the pool house if you are not authorized to use the alarm system.

Please feel free to discuss and/or ask questions to any board member at any time.

The monthly board minutes are available on the community web site

Please have a great
and safe Holiday Season.
Frank D’Amato

As we express our gratitude, we must never forget that the highest appreciation is not to utter words, but to live by them - JFK
Page 3
Updates since June 2009
  • William & Sandra Bunce to 349 Tradition Club Drive from Wilmington, Delaware
  • Kathleen Illian to 1539 Tradition Club Drive from Greer, SC
  • Gene & Denise Limoli to 35 Patriot Lane from Pittstown, NJ
  • Philip & Ann Livecchi to 1605 Tradition Club Drive from Croton on Hudson, NY
  • Albert Scarchilli to 12 Revolution Court
  • Robert & Janet Caufield to 623 Tradition Club Drive
  • Craig & Kay Nelson to 45 Opera Court from Aledo. Texas
  • Dick Cash & Hazel Jackson at 26 Patriot Lane
  • Frank & Lorraine Fugaro at 61 Prentice Court
  • Tony & Debbie Lucas email
  • Denny & Carol Brenneman from 349 Tradition Club Drive
  • Nate & Alicia Fata from 12 Revolution Court
  • Jim & Debbie Massie from 623 Tradition Club Drive
  • Judy Regis from 45 Opera Court
  • Ann Ruddell from 1605 Tradition Club Drive
  • Michael & Heather Ryan from 1539 Tradition Club Drive
  • Curtis & Barbara Stathis from 35 Patriot Lane
Got Changes?
Contact Dave Philips at 237-0494 or

by Joanne Stewart

Summer is over and the Water Aerobics class was a great success. Jane Barbour did an outstanding job once again keeping us moving.

Now that is behind us - so to keep moving for the fall/winter season, join us for our Walk & Talk Group. We meet on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays at the Pool Clubhouse @ 9:00am. and walk for approximately 45 minutes.

With the Holidays coming up, lets think about trying to stay in shape. We welcome everyone and look forward to making new friends. Please join us.

The following is a list of vendors your neighbors have used for your consideration:


Dave King, 843 458-6352
Graham Lawing, 843 543-2392
John Karandisevsky 843 293-9855 (complete replacement)


Sherwin Williams, Murrells Inlet
Ace Hardware, Pawleys Island (They have our formula)


Mitch Anderson, 843 546-3330


Brett Atkins 843 602-3029 (Also landscaper)


Jim Wright, 843 215-4650


Shawn O'Neill, 843 241-4765 or 843 215-2082 (Home)
Bill Roesing, 215 4624


Arbortech, Inc., John McGrath 843 450-0921


Ronald Linnen, 843 545-1749 OR 843 344-2868
Greenco, 843 215-3003


Al Seno, Grand Strand Pressure Cleaning 843 650-5078
Tom Murphy Cleaning Serv., 843 496-7180
J & L Pressure Washing, 843 215-3669

Your Covenants Committee continues to stress the need for house numbers on both side of your mailbox for your safety. These numbers are necessary to aid EMS in locating emergencies. Please comply.


Humor is by far the most significant activity of the human brain - Edward De Bono
Page 4
By Suzanne Strasser
Sadie Hawkins Tournament

Joanne Kendall & Vinny Esposito First Place

On August 2nd, the members of the Tradition Ladies Leagues asked the men to play in the annual Sadie Hawkins tournament. The Winners of the six-six-six game were:
1st Place: Joanne Kendall & Vinnie Esposito 61 (MOC)
2nd Pat D’Amato & Harry Stewart 61 (MOC)
3rd Bonnie Eaglin & Len Vercellotti 62
4th Lee Wilson & Lewis Bowers 63 (MOC)
5th Donna Culver & Tom Strasser 63 (MOC)
6th Bobbie Fleiss - John Migas 63 (MOC)

Pat D'Amato & Harry Stewart Second Place

The closest to the pins awards went to:
Hole #2 Betty Ruff and Jim Davis
hole # 12 Joanne Stewart, Dot Ellison and Tom Leis
hole # 15 Judy Migas and Rudy Schwarz
Hole # 5 Dick Hajec.
Matches were close, Food was good and fun was had by all.

The President's Cup Tournament

TLGA President's Cup Players

The President’s Cup Tournament, was held on September 10th and 17th The winners of this two day net tournament were:
1st Suzanne Strasser [136]
2nd Lucy Hajec [138]
3rd Penny Pikarrt[144]
4th Joanne Stewart[145]
4th Betty Ruff [145] *TIE*

Lucy Hajec on hole #1
Gail McLaughlin on #15
Pat D’Amato on holes #2 & #15
Joan Sheldon hole #9 #10 #12 & # 13
Closest to the line:
Suzanne Strasser
Closest to the pin:
Nancy Malara #2
Penny Pikarrt #12
Gail McLaughlin #15
Rally for a Cure
On 9/15/09 26 TLGA ladies participated in the Litchfield Rally for a Cure. It was a great day to meet other women golfers and support a great cause.
Low Country Interclub

On 9/22 some of the TLGA ladies played in the first Low Country Interclub at True Blue. Golfers from TrueBlue, Caldonia, Wachesaw East, Wedgefield, Willbrook, Heritage & Tradition enjoyed the four women stableford event.

TLGA Club Championship

Club Champion and Flight Winner (L to R)
C. Kelly, P. Pikaart, V. Coughlin, D. Massie, J. Sheldon

The two week TLGA Club Championship, a low gross event, took place at Tradition Golf Club on October 8th and 15th.
Club Champion: Joan Sheldon [150]
"B" Flight: Debbie Massie [193]
"C" Flight: Vivian Coughlin [200]
"D" Flight: Penny Pikaart [209]
"E" Flight: Clare Kelly [233]

Closest to the pin:
Pat Kemper #2
Joanne Stewart # 12
Pat D’Amato #5
Betty Ruff #15

Pat D'Amato & Betty Ruff
A fall feast was prepared by the Tradition Club Kitchen staff and served at the Pool House.

Rebecca Stacy, Sandy Blais & Maureen Lempert

Coming Events
TLGA 2010 Board Takes Office on December 1st
Awards Luncheon on December 9th at Ocean One
In January Interclubs at Heritage and Wachesaw East

President - Joan Sheldon
1st Vice President - Maureen Lempert
2nd Vice President - Sally Russell
Treasurer - Pat D'Amato
Secretary - Linda Lehmann
Historian - Suzanne Strasser

Thanksgiving dinners take eighteen hours to prepare. They are consumed in twelve minutes.
Half-times take twelve minutes. This is not coincidence. ~Erma Bombeck
Page 5
By Jan Hayes
The Ladies 9 holers have had an active and successful end of season. Our Inter club tournament on September 15th, was a perfect day, good food, lots of fun, and needless to say, a huge success!

Our own Darlene Dodson along with Jodi Bennett of Debordieu, Rifi Schweder of River Club and Helen Engel of Myrtle Beach National took first place.

Our Member/Friend was equally as great! On October 6th we held our annual Member/Friend Tournament. First and second place prizes were awarded on the front and back nine.

First Place [Front] Bonnie Eaglin (member) and Penny Pikaart
Second Place [Front] Ann Macdonald (member) and Ruth Cox
First Place [Back] Claudia Krauth (member) and Barbara Bartha
Second Place [Back] Mary Jane Conway and Kathleen Ross

Our newly implemented Birthday Breakfast has been a huge success, the latest one on Nov 3rd. Who doesn’t like to eat!

The new season welcomes new board members and welcomes back a few oldies as well. Looking forward to some new and great ideas.

Jeanette Renault and Ann MacDonald have graciously signed up to be chair and co-chair for another year. Jan Hayes will continue to be secretary and Joan Murren accepted the position of Treasurer.
Happy Holidays from the Nine Hole Ladies League
By Vince Franco
Many of the Tradition Gold Tees members feel Wednesday is the best day of the week. Wednesday is the day we play nine holes of golf from the gold tees at the Tradition Golf Club.

The 7th Annual Gold Tee Member/Spouse Tournament was held on July 15th. Winners on the front were Celise and John McLaughlin and Sue and Dale Guzlas. Off the back, the winners were Bonnie and Ron Eaglin and Gloria and Jack Starrick.

John & Celise McLaughlin, Sue & Dale Guzlas

Jack & Gloria Starrick, Bonnie & Ron Eaglin

The 8th Annual Gold Tee Tournament was on September 16th. This year’s tournament was dedicated to the memory of our dear friend and fellow member, Dick Albright. Overall winners were Frank D’Amato, Marion Culpepper, Jerry Parks, and Ron Bossert. First on the front were John McLaughlin, Jim Conway, Al Carline, and Bill Huish. First on the back were David Philips, Dick Spangler, Ron Kemper, and Tom Ellison.

Winners of the Gold Tee Tournament

John McLaughlin and Dale Guzlas were in charge of running our annual tournaments and they did an outstanding job.
Gold Tees (continued)
Ed Sheldon and Harry Hunt cooked up a delicious dinner on September 22nd. The Autumn Gold Tee Dinner menu included shrimp cocktail, stuffed loin of pork, noodles, and green beans. Everyone loved the red cabbage prepared by Joanne Kendall and Cathy Hunt. For dessert, the gang enjoyed an old time favorite – cheesecake. These dinners are very special social occasions. They give our member-chefs an opportunity to demonstrate their culinary skills. They cook meals that are simply wonderful. No one ever goes away hungry.

The 10th Annual Gold Tee Christmas Party will be at the Applewood Restaurant on Thursday, December 3rd. This is always a night filled with good friends, good food and good cheer.
Each week, Bill Huish takes pictures of our winning teams. The pictures are then placed on our web site: Our association is composed of a great bunch of guys. Our primary purpose is to have fun, enjoy good fellowship and improve our golfing skills. Players of all handicaps are welcome. Contact Bill Huish at 237-5631 if you are interested in joining us.

I will honor Christmas in my heart, and try to keep it all the year - Charles Dickens
Page 6

By Bill McElroy, LBTS
The Litchfield Corridor Beautification Committee and its Board and Officers want to thank you for your past support of the Highway 17 project in the Litchfield Beaches area. We held an appreciation event for supporters which was sponsored by several businesses with no costs to the LCBC budget... At this event we gave a report on our finances and our plans for 2010. Unfortunately the next day we received information that Georgetown County voted down the $25,000 recommended by the A-tax advisory committee. That meant our initial request of $53,000 for maintenance for the year 2010 has been rejected for the current application period.

All is not lost. We have been told that the entire Council thinks our project is a perfect example of private/public cooperation which is necessary to get a job done. To quote a Councilman; "LCBC is the Poster Child" for esthetics necessary to attract tourism. The entire amount of funds available was given to the County Tourism Commission to promote the 2010 tourist season. They have told us that we would receive monies if we apply again in January. That funding, if approved, would be available in March.

The officers met two days later and made a decision to continue our 2009 program as scheduled. We will evaluate our resources as of January 1st and hope to continue through March on the same schedule and rely on what the county has said. We will evaluate that decision after the A-tax committee's recommendation in January and further when the County Council's final approval in March is made. Any changes to the program will be made at that time.
Our long range goal is to be self sufficient so that we will not have to rely on the semi-annual grant process. We can only do that with the support of all Property Owners Associations and individuals. In good economic times, we can expect additional support from our local businesses to reach this goal.

We are re-negotiating our maintenance contract with our provider and asking for some concessions as well as working together on how we can do our job with less money. This will be part of our 5 year contract with "4 option years." Since we receive tax dollars, we must follow county rules and regulations in the bidding process. We have done that.

We are working with Waccamaw Regional Council of Governments, Georgetown County, our elected officials, and governmental staffs to speed up our GSATS (Grand Strand Area Transportation Study) Grant. The money has been approved. The process has been delayed by the US Transportation Department changes. We should have a "letter of agreement" in early January. Those $50,000 worth of plantings would be planted next Spring or Fall by the county who is our sponsor in this process. The "Letter of Agreement" will free up the $40,000 A-Tax monies awarded in March of last year (which is being matched by the GSATS grant) in time for us to get our plants, funded by A-tax, in the ground by June first.
This may be more information that you need at this time, but we urge your continued support for the 2009 calendar year as well as 2010. If we manage to have a surplus of $10,000 at year end, this plan will work. Please consider an additional individual gift if you have already given this year. Please renew early in 2010 if possible. If you have not yet given for 2009 please make a gift at this time.

The Litchfield area is one of the most beautiful areas on this East Coast Highway. We want to continue to improve the appearance of Highway 17 and ensure our upgrading and maintenance efforts.

Our territory is from north of Sandy Island Road to Martin Luther King Road. It is important that all of our friends spread the news of this project and encourage our friends to join us in our efforts. Please feel free to contact any of our board members with questions. If you can help with this project in any way beyond your contribution please call one of the officers or notify Waccamaw Management and they will get the information to the officers.

Your contribution is greatly appreciated and we thank you for your continued participation.
President Vice President Treasurer Secretary Operations
William McElroy Lewis Bowers Ken Dewell David Teems Vic Figlar
A complaint was received from the Willbrook Board of Directors concerning Tradition dog owners walking their dogs on Willbrook property. It is not the first time. This must stop. Their residents have threatened to call the police.

Willbrook is a gated private community
It is important that we respect our neighboring associations property. This includes their golf course.
Our board of Directors, on many occasions, work with our neighbors on mutual issues.
We cannot have this kind of issue create a barrier between associations.

The Tradition board will take action against residents who do not honor our neighbor's property.

Thanksgiving Day comes, by statute, once a year;
to the honest man it comes as frequently as the heart of gratitude will allow. - Edward Sandford Martin
Page 7
By Vince Civitarese
We have almost made it through another hurricane season with no problem or even close calls. That is a good thing.

There is not much to report this time but we are seeing lots of activity on major remodeling and even a possible new home.

There have even been several resales even with this slow economy. I would hope this renewed activity will mean good things for the Tradition.

As a reminder anything you do to the outside of your home requires an ARB permit, including landscaping. Small bed and lawn changes are not included in this requirement but it might be best to check with someone on the committee before starting a project.

I hope the winter is kind to all of us and that next spring will bring good things to us all.

When you can't cook because of illness or injury
Your Neighbors will help
Call Claudia Krauth

Monday Evenings 7PM

Swine Flu: A Report

Each week the Centers for Disease Control [CDC] analyzes information about influenza disease activity in the United States and publishes findings of key flu indicators in a report called FluView [].

During October 2009, a review of the key indictors found that influenza activity continued to increase in the United States from the previous week.

What You Can Do to Stay Healthy
  • Get vaccinated. Vaccination is the best protection we have against flu. Seasonal flu vaccine is available now and initial doses of 2009 H1N1 flu vaccine also are available, with additional doses available later this year.
  • Influenza is thought to spread mainly person-to-person through coughing or sneezing of infected people
  • Take everyday actions to stay healthy
  • Cover your nose and mouth with a tissue when you cough or sneeze. Throw the tissue in the trash after you use it
  • Wash your hands often with soap and water. If soap and water are not available, use an alcohol-based hand rub
  • Avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth. Germs spread that way
  • Stay home if you get sick. CDC recommends that you stay home from work or school and limit contact with others to keep from infecting them
  • Follow public health advice regarding school closures, avoiding crowds and other social distancing measures
  • Find healthy ways to deal with stress and anxiety
  • Stay informed

The Pool House Calendar is updated each month for the current month Plus 2. Calendar is posted at the front entrance to the pool house and can be found on the community website

We can only be said to be alive in those moments when our hearts are conscious of our treasures. ~Thornton Wilder
Page 8

By Clay DuBose
I hope this finds everyone enjoying some great fall golf weather and that you have been able to get out and enjoy the golf course as frequently as you would like.

I normally send out articles about upcoming projects and events happening around the golf course but I’m going to switch gears a little this season and talk about hazards on the golf course, one in particular: Bunkers.

“The Truth about Bunkers means Good Lies and Bad Lies.”
How should these situations be interpreted? Are golfers the victim of the wrong sand, poor maintenance, or substandard design?
Or are bad lies part of the game. I have encountered course officials and golfers that at one time or another have eagerly argued all the scenarios above.

What is a bunker? According to the USGA Rules of Golf, a bunker “is a hazard consisting of a prepared area of ground, often a hollow, from which turf or soil has been removed and replaced with sand or the like.”

Although this definition is straight-forward, sometimes there is confusion among golfers regarding the definition of a hazard. I have been told multiple times by golfers that in a properly maintained hazard, in this case a bunker, there would never be any plugged lies. In fact, I am told that every time a ball enters this hazard, the lie should be consistent. Let’s begin to sort out these claims by going straight to the dictionary and check out the first two definitions of a hazard.

Hazard (haz-erd) – noun
1. An unavoidable danger or risk, even though often foreseeable.
2. Something causing unavoidable danger, peril, risk, or difficulty.

Overall, it appears this hazard in golf is not a happy place to be.

More on Bunkers..
Does design influence playability? Yes. It is generally accepted that flat bottom bunkers wash out less frequently and severely. Maintaining a firm surface will be easier in a flat bottom bunker. However, difficult lies are possible in flat bottom bunkers in the areas where the grass and sand meet. Bunkers with flashed up sand on the faces will wash out more, but balls are more likely to roll to a low spot away from the edge. Anytime sand washes out and must be replaced, it will be softer than sand that has not washed out.

Does the type of sand impact playability? Yes. However, there is no sand that will satisfy all the people all of the time. There is no bunker sand that comes with a guarantee of no bad lies.

Does maintenance impact playability? Yes, although there is a misconception among many that bunkers can be “consistent.” Nothing could be further from the truth as bunkers are influenced by sun, rain, position in relation to the sun, degree to which they wash in a rain, how golfers enter and exit, etc.

This implies that bunkers can be maintained in a consistent fashion by using the same method to groom all of them, but the outcome of golf shots hit into a bunker can vary not only from bunker to bunker, but from within the same bunker.

The Bottom Line
We are all playing an outdoor game that requires us to play the course as we find it. Bunkers were never intended to be targets for golf shots nor are there any promises as to what type of lie will result. In fact, the Rules of Golf declare that they are hazards and we know that hazards are generally associated with risk, peril, or danger.

We continue to advocate that no matter how maintenance, sand type, and design are manipulated, there will continue to be good lies in bunkers and bad ones, too. I hope you, too, will adopt this position.

If you have any questions regarding the golf club or maintenance operations please do not hesitate to contact me.

Clayton A. DuBose, CGCS General Manager/Golf Course Superintendent

Like Thanksgiving, the spirit of Christmas was never meant to be shut up into a single day - Robert Flatt
Page 9
By Steve Kronski
It's been a busy summer for your Men's Club, with a multitude of events complimented by community events on Memorial Day, the Fourth of July and Labor Day as well as the Interclub matches throughout the months. Here are our results:

Tom Swanson on #5 and Frank Gambeski on #12

President's Cup:
After qualifying rounds on June 29th and July 6th the eight qualifiers squared off in match play starting on July 13th.

First round matches
Larry Barksdale defeats Jim Pearson 2 & 1
Tom Mayerhofer best Jim Davis 6 & 5
Wes Benefield over Eric Muller after 20 holes
Ed Rice topping Autry Moore 2 & 1

Second Round matches
Larry Barksdale defeated Wes Benefield 4 & 3
Ed Rice best Tom Mayerhofer 6 & 5 in a solid drubbing

The final round
Larry Barksdale topped Ed Rice 1 up for the win
Ed Rice finishing 2nd overall
Wes Benefield finishing 3rd
4th place finisher, Tom Mayerhofer

This year's event was changed from the last few years to a "Flighted" two round, Best Ball, event. After our Thursday evening cocktail party, wonderfully catered by Debbie and her staff, during which the wagering was spirited. Play began Friday morning after breakfast and concluded with Saturday's second round. Flight winners were:
August Flight

1st Place Bud Phillips and his son, Bud jr.
2nd Place Eric Muller & Guest, Dan Molloy
  Member Guest Results (continued)
Pinehurst Flight
1st Larry Barksdale & Johnny Grubb
2nd Howard Krauth and Howard jr.
Pebble Beach Flight
1st-Vinnie Esposito & Frank Van Lintin
2nd-Tom Mayerhofer and Frank D'Antoni
Bethpage Flight
1st-Tom O'Connell and son, Dan
2nd-Ron Eaglin and Mike Brown
St. Andrews Flight
1st-Jim Conway and Mike Conway
2nd-Tom Ellison & Tom Jr.

The 1st place finishers than squared off in a modified shoot-out, starting on hole #18, then on to #13. After some great golf Bud Phillips and his son, Bud jr., pulled out the victory with a chip-in on the second hole.

Club Championships:
This year's two week qualifier rounds, in five (5) flights gave us the top four players in each grouping. Championship and the first "A" flight matches were played at scratch with the remaining flights played at net. The finals resulted in the crowning of our Club Champion----Eric Muller, after his defeat of Autry Moore. Finishing 3rd and 4th were Jim Pearson and Bud Phillips.

In the gross "A" flight Tom Strasser took the win by defeating Steve Kronski 1 up with Tom Damore topping Frank D'Amato 4 & 3 to result in our 3rd and 4th place finishers.

In the net "A" flight Pete Mohan took the honors by virtue of his defeat of Tom Cardea with Tom Mayerhofer and Rich Peterson finishing 3rd and 4th respectively.

In the first "Gold" flight Ed Rice topped Len Vercellotti for the win and Gerry Bucello finished off Tom Shaw for 3rd and 4th.

In the second "Gold" flight Al Carline bested Ron Kemper for the win with Howard Krauth and Phil Fleiss finishing out the leader board.

On a slightly more negative note we are in need of more rounds from all of our membership as our enrollment numbers continue to drop. We need to gather new members as well and hopefully an upturn in the housing market will result in more new players joining our Men's Club.

Only three events remain on our 2009 calendar.
The Great Turkey Shoot out is set for Sunday, November 29, two-week Ringer tournament in December. And the year will close with our 15th annual Christmas Party on Tuesday, December 6th at Inlet Affairs.

See you all in the Spring.
Steve Kronski
-- End of Newsletter ---
last updated October 30, 2009 by Celise McLaughlin