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Tradition Community Newsletter
Fall & Winter 2012-2013

Golden Anniversary Dinner - September 18, 2012
Couples Celebrating 50 years or more of wedded bliss
  - Photos By Sue Guzlas
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The 2013 Editions of the Newsletter will be published in March, July and November. Deadline for articles for the next edition of the community newsletter will be February 28th, 2013.

WELCOME to the online version of the Fall & Winter Edition of the Tradition Community Newsletter. The Tradition Community Newsletter is published by and for the Homeowners of the Tradition Community
The printed edition will be delivered to your
mailbox by the end of November.

Editor: Celise McLaughlin
Advertisers: contact Bill Renault
Tradition Newsletters 1999 through 2012 are archived at Newsletter Archives Link

I want to congratulate the couples of Tradition who celebrated 50 years or more of marriage whose photographs grace this edition.
I also want to thank all our readers who contributed articles.

President POA Frank D'Amato 235-8885
Clubhouse Tom Ellison 235-8071
Covenants  Jeanette Renault 235-3566
ARB Vince Civitarese 237-3568
Web Site Manager Vince Franco 237-9190
Grounds  Alex Heardon 843-241-3287
  REMINDER - Do not do any work on the outside of your home without an ARB permit or without asking if a permit is required. Permit requests must be in the week before the scheduled meeting. If your permit request is not received in time for the monthly meeting, you will have to wait until the next month’s meeting.

BE ADVISED - In accordance with the Tradition Covenants: No furniture, yard ornaments (bird baths, fountains, statues, etc.) shall be permitted or placed in front yard of the house. Removal date is by December 31, 2012.

For more information on the Covenants and Architecture Review Board process see Page 3.

Tradition Community
Board of Directors 2012

Frank D'Amato 235-8885
Tom Ellison235-8071
Merry Cotton235-6862
Dave Rubin314-3712
John Bartha235-9998
Phil McLeod
Kuester Management

Board Minutes are published each month
and posted on the website

Page 2

By Frank D'Amato
As I write this letter Sandy is just passing us by and I am hoping we made it through another hurricane season. We did experience a heavy rainstorm in August and it did cost the association. We experienced two sink holes, one on Tradition Club Drive and one in a property owner’s back yard. They were both broken pipes from the association drainage system. We also added another drain system on Historic Lane. Total cost for this work was $6,865.00


Our financials are in excellent condition. The following numbers reflect through September 30. The Reserve Fund stands at $544,000 and the Operating Budget has approximately $73,600.

ARB Issues:

The Board of Directors and the ARB committee are made up of people that are your neighbors. Recently property owners have been ignoring our Covenants and either hiring contractors or doing their own projects on the exterior of their property without ARB approval. We have been good neighbors and have not stopped work nor have we been applying fines.

Our attorneys and our management company have directed us to apply the covenants and take proper action against property owners for not following the rules regulating work on the exterior of homes. If we do not do this, we jeopardize our covenants. We have watched folks changing roofs, driveways, and sidewalks, take down trees, add new beds to lawns, paint shutters and doors and more without permits. Some folks ask for a permit and do the work before it is voted on and a permit issued by the ARB because their neighbor is having the same work done and they want to use the same contractor. It is very rare for the ARB to refuse a permit if it is properly presented and meets our guidelines.

I indicated in the last newsletter that we would put in place a fine system. The issuing of the fine schedule has been delayed due to the board running it past our attorneys. This is now complete and you will receive the Fine Schedule in a later mailing. I think you will find it is very reasonable.

Pool Issues:

The pool work is now complete. We have repaired the inner tiles, water jets and recoated with an epoxy coating the entire inside of the pool. The pool has not been recoated since it’s opening approximately 17 years ago.

Rust Issues:

The association has drilled a new well in the common area at the western end of Tradition Club Drive. This area has been an eye sore for a long time. We would clean the rust and it would reappear in less than a week. The new well is now 580 feet deep and it has clean water.

The watering season is coming to an end and I would hope when you shut down your watering system that you will clean any rust on your property including sidewalks and curbs. The association also has areas that now need cleaning and it will be done shortly.


We have transitioned to winter flowers and hope you enjoy the color.

Christmas Lights:

We are going to upgrade the Christmas decorations and add lighting. In January you will be asked to vote on the permanent addition of lights.


Make sure we have your e-mail addresses so that the BOD can communicate with you. Contact a board member or Vince Franco (

Please feel free to discuss and/or ask questions to any board member at any time.

The board schedule and the monthly board minutes are available on the The minutes are always behind as we must approve minutes at the following months meeting.

Please call any board member or me if you see a problem in the community. For association emergencies you may call Alex Herndon, our buildings and grounds manager,
at 843-241-3287. Please identify yourself. Have a great Holiday Season.

Frank D’Amato
Cell # 446-6875
Page 3

By Jeanette Renault
Helpful Hints:

Advice on how to repair things around the house can be found by going to Choose DIY Home Improvement – DIY House Repairs.

The Covenants Committee has a booklet put together by Harry Stewart on mailbox repair and replacement. Detailed drawings and measurements with step-by-step directions will guide you from start to finish. This booklet is available to all residents. Call a Covenants member.

As flower pots (some beautiful; some not so) are the most prevalent addition to our front lawns, a flyer is being distributed asking they be relocated.

The covenants booklet, page 11 reads:

  1. No furniture, yard ornaments (bird baths, fountains, statues, etc.) shall be permitted or placed in front yard of the house.
  2. Small yard ornaments or plants may be placed on the front steps of the home.
Removal date is by December 31, 2012. Removal is necessary to comply with our covenants. We regret any inconvenience this may cause.

By Vince Civitarese
Hello everyone. Here we are in fall already. It sure was a quick summer. I would think that most of our outdoor projects are complete or are in the process of being completed. I do hope it was a good summer for all of you. The ARB has also had a busy summer. A lot of permits were issued for lots of different projects.

The first item to bring up today is the need for people to serve on the ARB. We have 2 positions available now. That means we have only three working board members and one who has offered to stay on until his replacement is found. The positions are not difficult and they do not require a lot of your time. You need not have construction experience; anyone can serve - male or female. We meet once a month and occasionally attend a few other meetings with the board of directors.

This is an opportunity to give back something to the community that we love and enjoy. If you are thinking about the position, please contact one of the ARB members and we will try to answer any questions that you might have. Please think about serving on our board.

The second item today is just an update on times of meetings and so on. The ARB meets once a month on the 3rd Wednesday of the month. Because of holiday travel we may not meet in November or December.

Permits applications can be obtained on the internet at the Tradition web site and at the club house in a tube next to the bulletin board. When the permit is filled out, it can be delivered to any ARB member. Please keep in mind that permit requests must be in the week before the scheduled meeting. If your permit request is not received in time for the meeting, you will have to wait until the next month’s meeting. The ARB will not issue permits outside of the meetings unless it is an emergency. The permit is good for up to 6 months so please plan ahead of time. The permit can also be extended if necessary.

There is a $25 application fee for all permits. This fee is refunded after the work is complete. We will destroy the check unless you request it be returned to you. Please do not do any work on the outside of your home without a permit or without asking if a permit is required.

Another reminder to please consider giving your time to serve on the ARB.

ARB Members
Vincent Civitarese 57 Monarch Court 237-3568
John McLaughlin 71 Monarch Court 235-8532
Bill Cotton 66 Patriot Lane 235-6862

Page 4

A Beautiful Night to Remember By Gloria Starrick & Claudia Krauth

At a party this past New Year's Eve while Gloria and Claudia were enjoying champagne they were looking back on the year that was soon to be ending and the year ahead. During the conversation they both remarked they had 50th wedding anniversaries coming up in 2012. "Well" they said, "Let's go out to dinner to Celebrate!"
Another champagne sip or two they mentioned that there must be a few other couples in the Tradition married 50 or more years - maybe 4 or 5. They decided to see if those couples would also like to go out for dinner. Little did they know! And that is how the Golden Anniversary Dinner for Tradition couples married 50 or more years came about.

Twenty-four couples joined in a night of fun, great food and wonderful memories at Nosh Banquet Hall in Pawleys Island on September 18, 2012. The couples' wedding photos were artfully placed around the reception area and also the dining room and tiny lit candles highlighted each picture. As the couples arrived, they were given a list of those attending and had to try to match up the couples and their wedding photos. It proved to be a bit challenging.

"The evening was a beautiful and touching celebration of marriage and love"

After cocktails and hors d'oeuvres, the couples were seated at their reserved places. The tables were elegantly dressed in floor length white linen covered with a cream top cloth adorned by a centerpiece candle with fresh greens. Soft lighting and music, including the couples' wedding songs, set a romantic background. The couples were served a delicious spinach and roasted pear salad course followed by the entree of their choice. The dinner, meticulously served by professional wait staff, was tremendously enjoyed by all.

Woven into the evening were several heartfelt speeches and a wedding photo slide show presentation complete with music accompaniment created by Ron & Bonnie Eaglin.
A custom designed multi-tiered anniversary cake and champagne toast added to the specialness of the occasion and a sweet ending to a beautiful evening.

Golden Anniversary Attendees
Mr. & Mrs. Richard Becker  ~  Mr. & Mrs. James Conway  ~  Mr. & Mrs. Marion Culpepper  ~  Mr. & Mrs. William Davitt
Mr. & Mrs. Hugh Espey  ~  Mr. & Mrs. Ron Eaglin  ~  Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Ellison  ~  Mr. & Mrs. Alan Farley
Mr. & Mrs. Ron Farley  ~  Mr. & Mrs. Vince Franco  ~  Mr. & Mrs. Howard C. Krauth  ~  Mr. & Mrs. Robert Keller
Mr. & Mrs. William Kendall  ~  Mr. & Mrs. Alan MacDonald  ~  Mr. & Mrs. Ted Moore  ~  Mr. & Mrs. William Quadruzzi
Mr. & Mrs. Al Ruff  ~  Mr. & Mrs. Edward Rice  ~  Mr. & Mrs. Martin Robic  ~  Mr. & Mrs. William Renault
Mr. & Mrs. Ernest Sementilli  ~  Mr. & Mrs. Jack Shriver  ~  Mr. & Mrs. Jack Starrick  ~  Mr. & Mrs. Derek Vander Schaaf

Play Golden Anniversary Video

Photography By Sue & Dale Guzlas
Page 5

Tradition Community Summer
Get-Together Wrap-Up

Your Board of Directors (Frank D'Amato, Tom Ellison, Dave Rubin, Merry Cotton, and John Bartha) wish to express our sincerest appreciation to those Tradition residents who attended our Summer Get-Together and made this event an outstanding success.

Here are some interesting stats:
A. Two hundred and sixty-one Tradition residents confirmed their attendance
B. More than 80 residents offered to help in some manner
C. Two hundred and forty-six residents were in actual attendance
D. Ten dinners were carried out
E. There were only 5 no-shows. That is absolutely outstanding!!

Specifically, the Board would like to thank all those Tradition residents who gave of their time and talents to assure the success of our event. Also, the Board would like to express our sincere appreciation to those residents who shouldered some specific responsibilities. To Wit: Jim Conway, Ann Marie Patterson, Monique Philips, Janet Caulfield, Rosemary Plesha, and Board Member Merry Cotton constituted the Steering Committee for our event. These residents gave us a good deal of their time and were responsible for the planning, tweaking, and implementation of the entire event process. In addition to their committee responsibilities, each of these residents took on specific duties and responsibilities and provided leadership in these roles. For each of them, it was an exercise in "See what needs to be done, and then DO IT!"

If you are interested in supplying a meal for some of our Tradition Homeowners or if you are a neighbor in need please contact
Claudia Krauth
or call 237-7544

Eaglin's Honored at Morehead State University
On October 27 Ron and Bonnie Eaglin will be honored as two of the top 125 people who had a positive influence on the development of Eastern Kentucky at a banquet on the campus of Morehead State University. Bonnie and Ron both received honorary Doctorates in public service and Bonnie was honored for her work for sexually abused children when the county named its child advocacy building the "Bonnie M. Eaglin Child Advocacy Center" Bonnie raised the money to buy the center and used students and town volunteers to renovate the building. The project was honored by the then governor Paul Patton and his wife and is operated by the Gateway Child Advocacy Center serves five counties in Eastern Kentucky.

MSU's 10th first lady, had significant involvement in the campus and local community. She started the Annual Spring Gala, which continues as the University's biggest one night fundraising event. She also helped to establish the local child advocacy center.

The GCAC is a child friendly facility that offers a nurturing supportive environment for child victims of sexual abuse and their families. It is the center's mission to minimize any additional trauma to a child by coordination of a variety of important services at one location where the needs of the child remain the first priority. This mission is possible only through the collaborative efforts of the various professionals that use to intervene when a child discloses abuse. We want to promote justice and healing.

Winey Wednesday Passing the Reigns...

After several years of pulling Whiney Wednesdays together for the ladies of the neck, Monique Philips has decided it's time to step down. Monique has done a marvelous job organizing this second Wednesday monthly event in addition to occasional side ventures for the camaraderie of Tradition Residents and others. It has been no small task coordinating this event, the logistics alone were daunting, often a game time decision based upon the weather. The distribution list was more than 100 women! Can you imagine??

Thanks to all who attended the wine tasting party (by Litchfield Wine and Liquor) at the beach despite the bad "no see'ums"! Also the lovely evening compliments of Social Garden both held in October.

There will be no Winey Wednesday scheduled for December. Beginning in 2013 you will be receiving notifications from either Bella Ribaudo or Barbara Fuller who have graciously agreed to take over.
Raise your wine glass for a toast of thanks to Monique Philips. Wishing everyone Happy Holidays.

Page 6

By Barbara Mithen
Anyone who knows me will tell you that I really love to bake. At no time of the year do I love to bake more than during the holidays because that’s when I make special family recipes that have been handed down from my Grandmother Mentje (Minnie) and generations of my family before her.

All of my grandparents immigrated to the United States from Holland so these are genuine Dutch treats, such as Olie Koeken (apple-raisin doughnuts) or Jan Hagel cookies. But, if you were to ask me or any of my relatives what is THE single most important family heirloom recipe, I know that our answer would be unanimous: Banket. Pronounced “bahn-KET”, it is a delicate flaky pastry that encompasses a rich almond paste filling. Invariably, it is always the first thing that vanishes from the holiday sweets platter at our gatherings. Some people form the pastries into letters before baking to spell out words to display on the dessert table or just simply family initials, which is why they are sometimes referred to as “Dutch Letters”. I was fortunate enough to be born with the last name of DeGraaf so a “D” was easy for me to shape. I still hold the family title of “Official Baker of the Banket” although I have been slowly training one of my nieces to take over some day….hopefully a long way away!

It’s quite unique and a little time-consuming to make but to me it’s totally worth the effort. I’m not merely baking a holiday treat…I’m recreating a long-standing Dutch tradition. What a delicious way to honor the past while continuing to make new family memories!

BANKET (Dutch Letters) Makes 8 loaves

4 sticks cold margarine or butter (I use margarine)
4 c. flour 1/2 tsp. salt
1 c. ice water

Combine salt with flour. Cut margarine into flour with pastry blender (as for pie crust). Add ice water and mix well, combining into large ball. Divide into 4 equal pieces and wrap each in plastic wrap. Refrigerate overnight.

2 lbs. almond paste (not marzipan)
3 large whole eggs
1-1/2 c. sugar
1 tsp. lemon juice
1/2 tsp. almond extract
White of 1 egg, unbeaten (to brush on top before baking)
Using electric mixer, combine almond paste, sugar, almond extract, 3 eggs & lemon juice until well blended. Divide into 4 equal parts and wrap each in plastic wrap. Refrigerate overnight.

When ready to bake, roll out one piece of pastry at a time (approx.13” x 6”), then cut in half lengthwise. Take out 1 portion of filling from refrigerator and divide in half. Rolling quickly with hands or on a plastic cutting board, form portion into log shape about the size of 1 section of the rolled out pastry and place on top of it (filling will be sticky).

Fold dough over filling, pinch seam and ends shut then fold under. If necessary, reshape roll into even log. If desired, form into a letter of the alphabet. Brush with unbeaten egg white, then prick with fork every 1-2”. (SEE *NOTE* BELOW)

Bake seam-side down in preheated 375 degree oven for 30-40 minutes or until light golden brown. Cool completely on rack. Cut into small pieces when ready to serve. Freezes well.

*NOTE*: Keep pastry dough and filling in refrigerator until ready to roll out, fill and bake 2 at a time. (They retain their shape better when prepared this way).

HALF RECIPE: For a smaller batch of Banket, halve all the ingredients using 1 whole egg and 1 egg yolk in the almond filling. (Save the extra egg white for brushing on top before baking) Divide the dough into two equal parts, roll each out and cut in half to make a total of four 13” x 6” strips.

Gingerbread - A Christmas Tradition
Celise McLaughlin
I baked and decorated my first gingerbread house in the early 80's with my Mom. We had found a pattern in a December magazine and constructed this beautiful Victorian mansion, turret and all. We kept it for several years, wrapped in plastic and stored safely with the Christmas decorations.

Some years later when my kids were older, we'd invite some of their friends over in early December for a gingerbread decorating party. Each girl would put together her own little house and take it home.

For some reason this year I've got the itch again. My grand daughters are much too young to participate. Did I mention 3000 miles away? So I asked by baking buddy, Barbara, if she would like to join me to resurrect a tradition.

I tried to find the magazine online with the pattern for that Victorian house we had put together 30 years ago, but I had no luck. There are a lot of similar designs available so I'm sure we'll find something perfect. Once Thanksgiving has passed it'll be time to head out to the candy store for supplies. I'm looking forward to it.

Page 7

By Jeanette Renault

Every month on the first and third Fridays you will find a group of residents dealing cards for CANASTA.

When: first and third Fridays
The time: 1 PM
The place: the pool house

If you’ve never played or remember playing years ago, not to worry. You will be surprised at how easy it is learn or to pick up again. This is a fun – no pressure game.

If interested, please come – remember the 1st and 3rd Fridays. For further information, call Pat Shriver 237-2678 or Jeanette Renault 235-3566.

The "Needleworkers" group has been meeting at the Pool House on Fridays 10a.m. to noon for more than 10 years. Welcomed each week by founder, Loretta Espey, Tradition Residents find a peaceful haven with good lighting to work on various projects from cross stitch, knitting, quilting, crewel, embroidery and smocking.

Candy Gallop & Loretta Espey

Although the needle workers' faces have changed over the years as old friends move away and new folks move in, the craft continues. There are currently 6 to 8 women who work on their project initiatives.

The group meets every Friday from 10a.m. to Noon (excluding major holidays). Residents are welcome. Bring a project, or they will help you start one Contact Loretta Espey 235-3518 or

By Pat Shriver
Planes, Trains and Automobiles
" Tradition Style "
Walk, Golf Cart, Cars or Bikes

However you describe it, ladies come walking, ladies ride their bikes, ladies drive their golf carts, ladies drive their cars, ladies drop their tennis rackets and run to the pool, because we are not late for our water aerobics group.

We’ve had a wonderful year trimming our waistlines with jumping jacks, cross country skiing, skateboarding, frogs, flamingoes, rocking horses, bells and many, many more water exercises. Dee Ely, Monique Philips, and Juanita Moore took us to new heights with their wonderful leadership.

Believe it or not, we had 1,065 visits with 70 Tradition residents participating throughout the year along with 22 relatives or friends and a BIG, BIG splash on July 16th when 46 gals showed up to exercise.

Speaking for all our leaders, Dee says, “We had a wonderful season with outstanding participation. The gals started off at a slow pace, but by the end of July we were reaching the highest level of cardio workout. We all worked hard to increase our stamina and heart rates. By the end we had increased the aerobics sector to 50 minutes with just 10 minutes of stretching and noodles. And besides that we enjoyed lots of laughter and fun as we worked to improve our health.”

We had a wonderful breakfast at Applewoods on September 28th planned by Jan Shepherd and assisted by Pat Castanera and Eileen Mayfield. Monique, Dee and Juanita thank all for their kind and generous gift. All of us look forward to next year in our refurbished pool!

Page 8

By Bill McElroy President
Winter is coming - we are prepared at Litchfield by the Sea

The Rye Grass has been planted and should be shiny green by the time this newsletter is in your hands. Landscaping of the South “Owners Gate” is being reworked to beautify the area and plants will replace bare ground in that median. The sides of the road are being cleared for a better view of the pond next to the highway. Cooler days usually mean less usage of the Beach Club Decks and the Beach, but so far this year the crowds have been continuing to use the facilities longer than in the past. Those folks who use the community north and south crossovers will find the South one rebuilt and the North one should be finished soon.

Just a reminder, the “No Fireworks Areas” are enforced year around and not just on holidays. Even though the season is about over, The Litchfield by the Sea Swimming Pool located inside the River Club gate has been completely reworked and is always open to all members for you to use if you are a LBTS member. Also, new lighting was installed on Retreat Beach Drive to the south of the main gate and makes for safer driving and walking.

When you get your “bulk cable” bill for next year you will see a one time $36 credit for the reduced rate which was negotiated in June and represents a $6 per month reduction for July-December. Next year’s bill will also be $6 a month less which will save you $72 for the year 2013.

You will get a new “Rules and Regulations” booklet before the end of the year with a few minor changes which will be noted in bold face.

Finally, the Board of Directors have paid off the final line of credit loan on the enhancement project and are using reserves that have been set aside for that purpose. We are paying into the Reserves at a higher rate than suggested by our Reserve Study. By February we will probably be able to close that ledger and call the enhancement complete. Conversations with Myrtle Beach National indicate that they are still committed to their project and LBTS.

It has been a privilege to serve as your President this year. Thank you for your support.

By Kathy MacSorley

Forty flags will be flying along the medians on Veterans Day, November 11th , as part of the Litchfield Beautification Flag Project. The flags will be up on patriotic holidays throughout the year as a salute to our country and those that defend our freedoms. The LCBC web site
now features the “IN HONOR OF…” scroll with names of citizens and service member, past and present.

You may honor a person on the web site, and receive a personalized card acknowledging the individual with a $25 contribution to the Flag Project. All monies given to support the flag fund will be used to purchase, replace, and install the flags. The web site has a link to a donor form that can be printed and mailed to Waccamaw Management, 31 Maintenance Road, Pawleys Island, S.C.

This is also the place to become a member of the LCBC with financial support, to maintain the unique visual identity of the medians on our main street. Our web site has more information about the LCBC, including board and officer contacts, supporters, news, and a video.

Our Annual Meeting and member appreciation party was held on October 15th at the Litchfield-By-The-Sea beach house. Generous food and beverage donations from local restaurants and markets were greatly appreciated and helped make the meeting a great event to meet friends and neighbors that support the efforts of the Beautification Committee. The officers for 2013 are: Tom Leis, President; Lewis Bowers, Vice President; Ken Dewell, Treasurer; Vic Figlar, Operations Director; Mark Gilles, Secretary; Regan Ormand, Information Officer; Kathy MacSorley, Public Relations; and Bill McElroy, Advisory Board Director. Please contact any officer for more information.

In other news, Litchfield Style magazine, published by The Litchfield Company, has done a two page feature article on the Litchfield Corridor in their latest edition. Look for the magazine in banks, and businesses around town, or stop by The Litchfield Company office, to the left of the LBTS entrance, to pick up a copy. We appreciate their support.
Page 9

Technology: A bite of apple.
By Celise McLaughlin

I grew up on IBM and DOS, literally, I knew from the young age of 14 that I wanted to be a computer programmer and I set my sights on becoming one. And so I did. My first experience with stand alone desktop computing was the IBM Personal Computer in the early 80's, then we migrated to the PC-XT and PC-AT. Soon I was networking desktop computers, syncing them to mainframes, mid-ranges and minis. By the early 90's I was introduced to Microsoft Windows and its suite of products. For about 30 years I have been content working on desktops and laptops running the Windows du jour operating systems. Whether it was an IBM, Toshiba, Gateway, Dell or similar, the operating systems allowed me to do emails, documents, spreadsheets, databases, internet and web design. It was great.

My first purchase when I retired from my systems architecture career was a 2003 Dell 8600 Inspiron laptop running Windows XP. During 9 years of heavy use the available contiguous memory began to wane and the simple task of logging on became a tedious, time-consuming and frustrating event. There was no longer an opportunity for a “quick” fix or update. Every painstaking keystroke resulted in a wait state as cobwebs formed simultaneously on my screen and my brain. My once favorite pastime became about as enticing as going for a root canal.

When my laptop "work horse" finally succumbed to its demise earlier this year, spewing its innards all over the blue screen, it was time to take a break. I spent about eight months struggling with the decision of what direction to go with my next generation of computing technology.

I am not a phone person, I never have been. Nothing irks me more than someone who is yakking on the cell phone and not paying attention to what they are doing. So rude! Although I like the technology of the smart phone to be able to do internet and email, I am not keen on the voice aspect and the cost associated with it. I have a Tracfone, it works well enough to give me emergency mobile and the necessary telephone service when traveling. I buy 120 minutes every 6 months; they usually expire before they run out.

I finally made a decision and on tax-free weekend this year I went to City Mac at Market Common to buy an IPAD. I honed in on the 3rd generation 16GB with AT&T 4G LTE. I even got my picture in the Sun News. I have to admit I was apprehensive about spending a sizable wad of cash on a "toy." Never having experienced Apple technology, I really had no idea was I was getting.

My previous experience with the "MAC" was that it did not perform the same as a Windows Operating System; many of the applications and tools I was familiar with were inoperable on the device. For example "SAFARI" did not recognize File Transfer Protocol which was the basis for my web development. I was leery that purchasing a product that would not enable me to do "work" might be a waste of time and money. But I did it anyway.

I was most impressed with the simplicity of the IPAD, how easy it was to "get started". Instantaneous response, unbelievable! The apple store offers thousands of applications, many of which are free to download. Each "app" has honest reviews by users who give you guidance to install or not. During the first week I owned my IPAD I sought out an application for web development and file transfer. I did not find any positive reviews for any products, but then I searched for a text editor, since I write my own HTML code, I decided that a notepad equivalent would suffice. During my search I stumbled upon an application called "Textastic". It had excellent reviews and I found it at the Apple Store. $4.99. Four dollars and ninety-nine cents. I had spent hundreds of dollars on the Microsoft suite of professional applications, this would not break the bank. The application is an HTML coder's dream come true. To begin with the File transfer portion is easier to use than Internet FTP, once set up, it remembers. That is one of the outstanding characteristics of Apple technology, it REMEMBERS. That becomes so important the older we get. So now I'm flinging ebooks, wording with friends, yelping, pinteresting and doing anything and everything else I want to do at lightening speeds.

As I'm developing this newsletter, I am testing out both Explorer and Safari versions to make certain we can operate on both platforms. Who knows, someday I may develop an app for that.
Page 10

By Suzanne Strasser, Historian

On 9/20,2012 the Tradition Ladies League played The Presidents Cup, a low net tournament. The winners were: 1st place champion Donna Culver, 2nd Deb Passig, 3rd Penny Pikaart, 4th Pat Reed, 5th Suzanne Strasser, 6th Lucy Hajec, 7th Joan Sheldon, 8th Judy Gambeski. Winners of closest to the pins: hole 2 Pat Reed, hole 5 Pat Kemper, hole 12 Grace Davis, hole 15 Joanne Stewart.

Donna Culver, Deb Passig & Penny Pikaart
On October 16th the Tradition Ladies League held their Club Championship tournament. TLGA club champion is Joan Sheldon.
Joan will represent Tradition at the State Tournament of Champions in 2013.

Champion Joan Sheldon & Players

TLGA Website

The Sadie Hawkins tournament was held on 8/5 at Tradition Golf Course. The overall winners were: 1st Bobbie Fleiss/John Reed (59), 2nd Joanne Stewart/Dick Culver (60), 3rd Donna Culver/Harry Stewart (62). Segment winners were; low net Suzanne Strasser/Craig Monaghan (17). Alternate shot Sandy Pearson/Paul Hayes (21), Sadies Choice Maureen Lempert/Jim Massie (22). Closest to the pin prizes were won by; Hole #2 Dot Ellison/Tom Strasser, hole #5 Joan Sheldon/Craig Monaghan, hole #12 Joan Sheldon/John Reed, hole #15 Amy Monaghan/Bob Caufield. This was a very close competition and a fun day!

The Labor Day Tournament at Tradition Golf Club 9/2/2012 was a lovely day. The winners were: Red flight 1st John & Pat Reed / Larry & Daune Barksdale, 2nd Donna & Dick Culver/ Debbie & Jim Massie, Red-Blue Flight 1st Vinnie & Skippy Esposito/ Ed & Joan Sheldon, 2nd Craig & Amy Monaghan/ John & Donna Meltzer, Blue Flight 1st Frank & Judy Gambeski/ Ron & Nancy Mokrynka, 2nd Alan & Ann MacDonald/ Bob Caufield & Betty Ruff.

Closest to the pins were made by: hole #2 Marion Culpepper & Joanne Stewart, hole # 5 Bob Caufield & Joan Sheldon, hole # 12 Harry Stewart & Barbara Cook, hole # 15 Bill Renault & Barbara Cardea.

In September, our pro Kevin Williamson was surprised by a wedding shower with some very unusual gifts. Congratulations from TLGA!

On 9/14 the Tradition Ladies League held the “Tough Break “ competition. It was a contest of putting, sand trap play and chipping skills. The winner showed her skills with 17 points, 1st place Betty Ruff.

What is coming up?
November: Kings & Queens tournament
December: Awards Luncheon
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By Jerry Mithen

About the Gold Tees

The Tradition Gold Tee Golf Association is composed of 92 great guys who play nine holes of golf from the gold tees. Players of all handicaps are welcome. Our primary purpose is to have fun, enjoy good fellowship and improve our golfing skills. Membership includes invitations to all Gold Tee Dinners, special activities and parties held during the year. The opportunity to make friends and enjoy the company of other like minded men is a great way to get involved with the golf club and members. There are opportunities to get involved with the Gold Tee committees that make up the social climate of the Association.

Gold Tee Boutique

The Gold Tee Boutique occasionally offers association members good deals on clothing and medical items. Additionally, the Gold Tees website has offers for seniors from merchants in the area.

Autumn Dinner

This year the Gold Tee Golf Association held a dinner on October 9th at the Tradition Pool House. The 7 cooks plus numerous helpers made the night a great success and a fun time. All meals are prepare by our Gold Tee members and are enjoyed by all members with cocktails and good food.

Gold Tees Road Trip

The Gold Tees recently played an away game at Founders’ Club after golf we went to Carolina Wings for drinks and appetizers, despite seven inches or rain. Getting involved with the Golf Tees is fun and great camaraderie.

Member Spouse Tournament

The Member Spouse Tournament was held on the Tradition Golf Course September 26th. This was a hit with the ladies who joined with friends and husbands to golf, share laughs and eat great food after the tournament. Prizes were awarded with chits for use in the Pro Shop. You can see by the smiles that everyone was a winner and had a good time.
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By Claudia Krauth
Ladies Nine Hole Website

The Nine Hole Ladies League recently held a Member/Friend Tournament at Tradition Club House followed by a luncheon held at the Club. Several members participated in the Rally For a Cure Tournament held at Litchfield Country Club in August.

Nine Hole South Strand Interclub Tournaments were held at Indigo Creek, Wachesaw and an additional one is to be held in November at Pawleys Plantation.

A mini seminar was held in October called TPI (Titleist Performance Institute) Golf Conditioning with Richard Morris from Health Point as Instructor. A dozen of our members enjoyed this instructive course.

We welcome two new members, Andrea Kalat and Donna Saguto.

Our Holiday Awards Luncheon is scheduled at Carefree Catering on December 5th. At that time we will announce our new slate of officers for 2013.

The Halloween Monster Mash

By Jerry Mithen

The Tradition Club members had a great time at the Monster Mash pre Halloween feast. Held at the clubhouse everyone enjoyed a Monster meal of Mummy Fingers, Tell Tale Heart Stew, Hands of Zombies, Rat Gnawed Cheese Montezuma’s Revenge Salsa and Chips and Blood Punch.

Some club members created a group them called the Drill Team complete with orange shirts and drills. Friendship and fun is the trait of the Tradition Club members. See ya next year!!


Mens Club website
Tradition Men's Golf Club
By Bill Renault (Club Secretary)

Even with the cancellation of The Annual Member / Guest Tournament, it was an active summer for The Tradition Men's Club. June saw John Reed and Bob Thompson win the Member / Member Tournament in a close match. It seems John continues to play good solid golf even into his 70's and from the white tees. Your humble correspondent would be thrilled to come close from the gold.

The always popular Member / Spouse event saw the Barksdale's (Larry and Daune) once again prove they are a formidable pair. Playing off one another's' strengths they out classed the field and won for the second year in a row. Maybe next year?

The July / August Club Championship matches were divided into four (4) flights. The Championship flight played from the white tees had Eric Muller successfully defend his title and win for the second year. Eric is proof that size doesn't matter if you have the skill that Eric has week in and week out. Talking about size, how about Vinnie Esposito winning the 1st flight (white tees) Like Eric, Vinnie continues to practice and play good golf. Our Community President Frank D'Amato somehow finds time to play and practice. He won the 2nd flight (gold tees) proving that busy is not an excuse.
July 16 to August 17, 2012 Club Championship
Finally, Dale Guzlas won the much coveted Gold Tee 3rd flight (handicaps used). Dale said it was his first tournament win and he was thrilled. Good job Dale!!

Coming up in November (Thanksgiving Sunday) is The Steve Kronski Memorial "Great Turkey Shootout". Always a popular event, it takes on even greater significance this year and will honor our friend and past club president.

December will again feature "The Ringer" Tournament on the 3rd & 10th and the Annual Christmas Dinner - December 11th
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Air Conditioning/Heating
SR Air Conditioning, Andy 237-5305
Concrete Work – Patios/Driveways/DW Coating
Larry Upchurch, 843 798-7180
Jim Wright, 215-4650; Cell 843 458-1574
Thomas Cowieson (Pawleys Is) 325-6116
Fire & Water Restoration
FSA, 843 626-7391
Garage Door Openers
A&A Garage Repair, Jeff Cudd, 455-3688
Gas Fireplace Maintenance
Mike’s Mechanical, 357-9833
Handymen (Also Mailbox Repair)
Graham Lawing, 543-2392
Dave King, 458-6352
Dick Graham, 843 241-3538
Home Care & Maintenance
K&M Home Service, Brian Kronski 215-6558; 843 240-2245
Home Remodeling, Construction, Repairs
Bobby Struck Construction LLC Cell 458-9704, Fax 843 235-8440
Lawn Service ( * also Irrigation Systems)
* Brett Atkins, 843 602-3029 843 602-3029
* Mastercare Lawn Service, 843 215-3511, 848-8733
Ronald Linnen, 843 545-1749, Cell 843 344-2868
Pritchett Lawn Service, 843 340-0126
Mailbox (Size: 10 7/8 H, 8 ½ W, 20 ¼ L)
John K, Sign-It-Quick 843 293-9855 (complete replacement)
Paint: Sherwin Williams,Home Depot, Ace Hardware
Painting & Staining
Jernie’s Painting & Staining
DS Plumbing, (Pawleys Is) 979-9977; 357-9977
Frank D’Antoni, Cell 458-1805
Bill Roesing, 215-4624
Pressure Washing
Ed McDonald, Quality Pressure Cleaning, 458-4419
Al Seno, Grand Strand Pressure Cleaning 650-5078
Roof Repair
Mitch Anderson, 546-3330 (Evenings)
Roof Cleaning
Ryan Wright, 240-4830
Minton Braddy, 843 385-8500
Tree Trimming/Removal
Arbortech, John McGrath, 843 450-0921
Allgreen Tree Service, Kevin Nichols, 626-7065

Updates since Summer 2012 Newsletter
By David Philips

  • John & Leesa Ruscio at 114 Boatmen Drive: add phone number (603) 261-7061 and email address
  • Keith & Anne Hoile at 398 Historic Lane: add phone number 485-0225 and email address
  • Lorraine Stellmann at 417 Tradition Club Drive: add cellphone number (352) 205-2095 and email address
  • Marilyn Nagele at 325 Deacon Drive: add phone number (215) 859-6646 and email address
  • Phil Nagele at 325 Deacon Drive: add phone number (267) 885-8223 and email address
  • Francis & Debbie Moeller at 673 Tradition Club Drive: add phone number 808-8181 and email address
  • Sally Russell at 127 Tradition Club Drive: change email address to
  • Robert & Marilynn Sue Hagan at 1642 Tradition Club Drive: change phone number to (678) 294-9504 and add email address
  • Kevin & Deborah Baldessari at 71 Confederate Lane: add phone number (516) 263-0217
  • Lori Clark to 12 Revolution Court from Homer Glen, Illinois
  • Pat Dunn to 28 Thrasher Court from Massachusetts; (413) 222-2052,
  • Sheila Cooper and Mark Stephens to 104 Deacon Drive
  • Carol Perry to 140 Boatmen Drive
  • Albert Scarchilli from 12 Revolution Court
  • Charlie & Nancy Malara from 28 Thrasher Court
  • Karla Cross from 104 Deacon Drive
  • Lawrence & Rosemarie Ward from 140 Boatmen Drive
  • Judy Gammell from 127 Tradition Club Drive
Changes? Contact Dave Philips at 237-0494 or
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Where were you in 62?
Many couples in the community were having families or getting married in 1962. It was a big year for the world. Below is some trivia from 50 years ago.
Reprinted from
(national assoc of baby boomers)

1962 Events & Facts
  • Soviet missile bases detected in Cuba
  • Nazi war criminal Adolf Eichmann executed in Israel
  • U.S. establishes semi-permanent military presence in Vietnam
  • Lt. Col. John H. Glenn, Jr. becomes first American to achieve earth orbit
  • Ranger IV first U.S. space probe to reach the moon
  • Telstar becomes the first communications satellite to relay signals between North America and Europe
  • Rachel Carson publishes Silent Spring, bringing attention to an environmental crises
  • Phil Knight develops the first Nike running shoe
  • World Series: New York Yankees over San Francisco, 4-3
  • Songs: Blowin’ in the Wind, Go Away Little Girl, Sherry & Big Girls Don’t Cry
  • TV Shows: I’ve Got a Secret, Beverly Hillbillies, Route 66 & Ben Casey
  • Books: Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?, One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest
  • Marilyn Monroe dies from an overdose

5 Ways to Make 2013 Your Best Year Ever
Michelle Becker

The holidays and New Year are times of reflection. Of remembering how far we’ve come, and evaluating where we are going. And, the older we get, the more this time of year reinforces the idea that time goes by much more quickly than we’d like it to. Whether you like it or not, time passes and things change. But you can choose the way you deal with it. Here’s how to approach this season with an attitude of gratitude, and become happier, healthier, and enjoy a richer life in the process.
Here’s how to do it:
  1. Let it go. Chances are when you moved here, you had to “let go” of a lot of “stuff” you accumulated over the years. At the time, everything had “sentimental value”, and it wasn’t easy, but with the goal of living here firmly in your mind, you left some of your past behind in order to make space for your future. On the other side, you can see how lightening your load can give you the space you need to let new things in. This is the perfect time of year to take a look your clutter and lighten your load of the things, situations and people who don’t add value to your life. If it’s not helping you grow, you gotta let it go.
  2. Believe you can. “You are never too old to set another goal or dream a new dream…” C.S. Lewis. No dream that is in your heart was put there by accident. It is there to help you grow into the best version of yourself. The biggest obstacle in not achieving a goal? Not believing that you can. The second biggest obstacle? Not starting today.
  3. Focus your lens. With all of today’s modern conveniences, it seems that we are more scattered, stressed and overwhelmed than ever. If you followed Step 1, (subtract the things that aren’t adding value to your life) and Step 2, (establish a goal or dream), then the next step is obvious. You’ve figured out what you want to focus on, now all you have to do is apply your energy in one or two areas of your life where you want to see big results. When you get rid of all the other “stuff”, it’s easier to work toward the things you really desire.
  4. Embrace Change. Decide that change is good. Where we’ve been–the struggles, the victories, the joy, the pain–they create our life’s story. Each change gives us an opportunity to grow and discover something new about ourselves. These days, change happens at breakneck speed--new products, new technology-- and it often feels like we are getting left behind. Decide that change is a necessary “growing pain”, and your attitude will help you sail through the changing tides.
  5. Enjoy where you are now. It’s not happy people who are thankful, it’s thankful people who are happy. Sometimes we can get so caught up in where we’re going, that we don’t enjoy where we are. Every day of your past brought you to this day, this hour, this moment. It may not have turned out exactly as you planned, but it’s exactly where you’re supposed to be. So live consciously in this moment, and enjoy life as it unfolds, one imperfect day at a time.
Wishing you Happy Holidays, and a Bright and Shiny New Year!- Michelle Becker
Michelle and her husband, Tom, are Tradition Residents and the award-winning musical duo, Latitude.
To find out more about Michelle and Latitude, please visit:
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