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FALL & WINTER 2015 - 2016
"Hallelujah" (3:03) - Photo by Celise McLaughlin

"The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched.
They must be felt with the heart."
------Helen Keller


Tradition Community Newsletter is published by and for
the Homeowners of the Tradition Community
Editor: Celise McLaughlin

The printed edition will be
delivered to your mailbox in mid November.
Published by Plantation Printing
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March, July & November
Deadline to submit articles for the next edition
(Spring 2016) will be February 25th.

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President POA Frank D'Amato 235-8885
Clubhouse Paul Hayes 237-3832
Covenants Jeanette Renault 235-3566
ARB Vince Civitarese 237-3568
Grounds Alex Herndon 843-241-3287 (Emergencies Only)
Vince Franco - Web Site Manager 237-9190

Board of Directors
Frank D'Amato, President 235-8885
Art Voltaire, Vice President 314-3728
John Bartha, Secretary 235-9998
Dick Baughman, Treasurer 655-0327
Merry Cotton, Director 235-6862
Phil McLeod - Kuester Management 839-9704

Board Meetings Fourth Thursday Meeting
3:00 p.m. Resident's club house
(subject to change)
All board meetings are open to the community

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Page 2

By Frank D'Amato
Your board of directors, along with our building and grounds manager, has been very busy and I would like to update everyone on our activities.

The Big Storm:
The good news is that no one reported to the board that water entered their homes. Street drains worked very well considering the amount of rain they dealt with over a week’s time.

The bad news is that community ponds were high, golf course ponds overflowed and yards were flooded in some areas mostly along the golf course. This was caused by run off from areas where the golf course property was higher than community property. There were also four sinkholes on neighbor’s property from community drains where piping issues were identified. You might have noticed locations on Tradition Club Drive where sand and running water appeared after the storm ended. This was due to a high water level under the streets and the water forced base material to squeeze out between cracks along the side of the street and the curbing.

The storm identified areas that need drainage pipe repairs as well as two areas we feel will need the installation of new drains to protect homes from water damage. We are currently waiting for construction costs from our contractor to begin some of the work.

Tradition Club Drive has been blown off and we are looking for normal rain days to help with the white looking areas to clear. If the rain does not help the situation we will consider other alternatives.

I want to thank Clay DuBose, the golf course superintendent, for his help and cooperation during the storm.

Capital improvements for 2015 have been at the Amenities Center: pool area, clubhouse and tennis courts. The upgrades were for the enjoyment of residents and to increase our home values. For 2016 our emphasis will be on landscaping. I believe you will agree the planting of red plants and new holly bushes at the front entrance improved the look as you entered the community.

We are currently removing trees from common areas around the community that have been there for 20 years and just do not look good. We will also cut back trees along streets and sidewalks that over the years have become overgrown. The plan is for sodding and planting of new bushes in many of these areas in the spring. You will need to be patient over the winter until we get into the planting season.

We will not be overseeding with winter grass this year along with LBTS and the Willbrook Road District. The feeling is that the soil and summer grass needs a break from fighting other grasses every so often.
I hope everyone has noticed our volunteer neighbors, who under the direction of John Bartha, have been painting signs around the neighborhood. Director Art Voltaire and neighbor Tom Billings are repairing signs that need repairs. All of these people should be thanked for their time and work as they improve the look of the community.

I have received reports of break-ins all in the same week of October. Three calls were for vehicles that were entered in driveways and all three were not locked. The other break-in was a home. The owner was working in his garage while someone entered the back door, which was unlocked. The moral of this story is that you need to keep car doors and home doors locked when not in use. You also need to keep your eyes open in the community for unusual activities. Most likely outside contractors could be the problem.

The Board of Directors
There will be a notice going out in December indicating that there will be two board seats opening in February. The terms of John Bartha and Art Voltaire will expire. John has indicated he will run again. I urge everyone to vote for John as he has done an outstanding job for us. Art will not be running for another term as his travel plans to spend time with family will prevent him from attending many board meetings. Art has indicated he will continue to lend his maintenance talents to the board whenever requested.

Any property owner wishing to run for a board position should apply to a board member after receiving the announcement from Kuester in December. A short resume is required.

Willbrook Road District:
Tradition property owner Dave Philips will be running for another term on the Willbrook Road District. Dave is currently the WRD president. I strongly urge all Tradition members to vote for Dave when the proxy cards become available.

Please look for mailings from Kuester and myself in December and January leading up to February’s Annual Home Owners Meeting.

Make sure we have your e-mail addresses so that the BOD can communicate with you. Contact a board member or Vince Franco ( to add your e-mail. When I broadcast e-mail through quality kid, please do not respond to Vince, as he cannot answer your questions. Your feedback must come to me. I will add my e-mail address to the broadcast or you can find my e-mail address in our phone directory.

The board schedule and the monthly board minutes are available on the web site. The minutes are always behind as we must approve minutes at the following month's meeting before they can be posted.

Please call any board member or me if you see a problem in the community. For association emergencies you may call Alex Herndon, our buildings and grounds manager, at 843-241-3287. Please identify yourself.

On behalf of the Board of Director and my Family
I wish you a very Happy Holiday Season and a Healthy New Year.
Frank D’Amato
Cell # 843-446-6875
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Page 3

By Vince Civitarese
Hello to everyone. I hope all of you had a good summer and that all is well. Now that fall is here we start to think about getting ready for winter and the cooler weather. The recent rain event was something all of us will remember for years to come. It does appear that The Tradition came through the storm in good shape. I have not heard of any major damage to the area. I hope that all of you are dry.

Things from the ARB standpoint are going well. With the homes getting a little older we are now seeing more permits for exterior improvements. Things like new roofs, siding, windows and landscaping. We take this to be a good thing because it means that our owners are improving our community with each passing day. These exterior updates are signs that owners are still very involved with their homes and the general looks of the community as a whole.

The ARB asks that you remember that any changes to the exterior of your home need to be approved, including major landscaping projects and painting. There is no cost to you to obtain a permit for this kind of work and therefore it should not keep you from applying for the permits. We are here to help you with any question you might have regarding applying for a permit.

I hope everyone has a great holiday season with lots of fun and happiness to get us through another winter.

Vincent Civitarese
Chairman ARB

ARB Members
Vince Civitarese
Bill Cotton
John McLaughlin
Francis Moeller
John Plesha


By Jeanette Renault
Mailbox wooden assembly paint is showing up in various colors. The only store to correctly mix the formula is Murrells Inlet Sherwin Williams. Please use the Murrells Inlet store to get the correct shade. Tell them you are from Tradition. The formula is: B1 3/32 1/64, Y3 8/32 1/64, R2 1/128.

We make every effort to have reliable vendors on our Suggested Vendors List. Any complaints, please let us know.

If you receive a “Friendly Reminder” from us, please stay friends with us. Our intentions are for the good of our community. A visitor recently commented on how well Tradition looks. A special ‘thank you’ to all for these welcomed words!

Bill Crimmins
Ken Dewell
Al Foderaro
Phil Fleiss
Allan MacDonald
Don McDowell
Jeanette Renault
Bill Renault
Mark Stephens

Print the Recommended Vendor List (in PDF format)

You may print the ARB application from the Internet.

Go to the main page of the Tradition Website
scroll down on the left side.
OR click this link:
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Page 4

By Kathy MacSorley
For the Litchfield Beautification Foundation (LBF) October is the annual Donor Appreciation Party at the LBTS beach house. All our donors are invited to celebrate and receive an update of the activities along the median while enjoying some food and refreshments. The Tradition community was well represented so I took a few pictures to share.

Tracy Jones, Manager Georgetown County Stormwater

This year we had a talk by Tracy Jones, the Georgetown County Stormwater Division Manager. She has implemented a study of the drainage in our area. With the large map of Litchfield on display we were invited to mark a poor drainage spot in our community that the county may not be aware of. She will be following up with the board on the results of the study and landscaped areas along the median that may be adjusted to better manage storm runoff.

The Hwy. 17 Median Project, implemented by the state, has been completed. LBF has agreed to maintain the first 3 beds, approximately ˝ mile on the south end, up to Martin Luther King Road as long as it is funded by A Tax grants.

Ron Kemper, Pat Kemper & Sally Russell

Pawleys Island Highway Beautification Program will maintain the rest of the completed project. Our stretch of median has Muhly grasses (white and pink), Fortnight Lily, Sabal Minor Palms and Asiatic Jasmine. To maintain the appearance of The Litchfield Corridor medians, LBF decided to replace 148 dead and damaged plant material. The same plant size similar to ones originally installed were used to ensure survivability. Because of the prolonged summer heat and humidity many trees, including the Crepe Myrtles, suffered a bagworm infestation in early August. Using A-Tax monies all medians were treated at that time to prevent any carry over life cycles of the insects into next year. It has proven effective.

Kendalls, Francos, Espositos and Joan Sheldon

 The flood that invaded the area over the first weekend in October submerged the medians for days. A fungus developed in a newly seeded median because of the quantity of the water that moved across the street in that area. It has been treated. Hopefully once the seasonal rye takes hold all the grass will look better. So far the other plant material has fared well.

Ann Hoile & Bobbie Fleiss with Jane Barbour

The LBF is so fortunate to have Vonne Pannucci, our Landscape Director, work with Waccamaw Landscaping to oversee and fine tune all the projects that keep the corridor beautiful.

Larry & Daune Barksdale

Thank you all for the support that enables us to keep the front door to our community looking beautiful. Visit for more information. Our newsletter is there with articles and reports, including flag days, treasurer report, and an EPA article for homeowners on healthy habits for clean water.

By Bill McElroy

LBTS UPDATE: Litchfield By the Sea is making a major change in the way we control access to the Beach and the LBTS pool at River Club. This is the result of years of owners pushing for change to prevent unauthorized people from coming in without being the guest of an owner. We have been planning for this for years and are now being forced to do it now due to equipment and software being outdated and ineffective. Please be patient as this occurs. Much work and input has been done by a representative group of folks who live behind gates.

This link to a letter from the security committee explains the upcoming changes. Security Update as of 10/20/15

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Page 5



If you are moving, cleaning, remodeling or downsizing I’d like to encourage you to consider donating gently used household items, electronics, furniture, appliances and cabinets to HABITAT FOR HUMANITY, GEORGETOWN COUNTY.

Your donated items are TAX DEDUCTIBLE and will help stock the shelves in our new RESTORE in Georgetown. Sales of items from this retail outlet will enhance our ability to continue to fund the building of simple, decent and affordable homes for those citizens of Georgetown who are in need.

HABITAT FOR HUMANITY, GEORGETOWN COUNTY, offers a “hands up”, not a “hand out” opportunity for folks to realize their dream of owning a home. Clients are required to work 400 hours of sweat equity in the building of the home, must have a steady source of income, be able to pay off a 35 year mortgage and are subject to foreclosure if they default on the loan.

Act now to schedule a fast and free pick-up.
Call 843-545-5868.

Also, the next time you are in Georgetown visit the RESTORE
Winyah Shopping Center
1145 North Fraser Street.

Thanks for your consideration,
Jim Mallow, Tradition resident
Member of Board of Directors of Habitat for Humanity,
Georgetown County

By Charles Cocores

A Tradition resident (as much as possible) and Habitat for Humanity Global Village team leader is recruiting a team of volunteers to go to a Costa Rican beach area and build a house there on January 9th -17th, 2016.

Generally, these trips are tax deductible for those who participate and a really great way to travel and help others.

The trip cost is $1990.00 (not including travel). This covers food, hotel, local transportation and building materials. Airfare is extra.Your personal expenses can be raised via Habitat for Humanity fund raising site or Often participants extend their visit to take in some vacation time as well.

If you’re interested please contact Charlie Cocores at or call 860-304-2668

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Page 6

By David Philips
Changes? Contact Dave Philips at 237-0494 or

Updates Since Summer Newsletter

Don't Forget all our numbers need an Area Code (843) when dialed
  • Martin Blackwell to 1422 Tradition Club Drive
    from Newton, NJ
  • Patricia Bryant to 76 Historic Lane
  • Paul & Bonnie Lasinski to 1020 Tradition Club Drive
    from Greenlawn, NY
  • Joe & Gail Marcolini to 24 Pierpont Court
    Add phone 843-314-0787 & email
  • Dan & Cynthia Phillips to 66 Basketmaker Court
  • Robert & Elizabeth Tuttle to 105 Confederate Lane
    from Hobe Sound, FL
  • Boyd & Lisette Haigler from 105 Confederate Lane
  • Clare Kelly from 1422 Tradition Club Drive
  • Pat Kitowiz from 1020 Tradition Club Drive
  • Gerard & Maureen Pirozek from 24 Pierpont Court
  • John & Lee Wilson from 66 Basketmaker Court
  • Joe & Ann English at 1742 Tradition Club Drive:
    delete email address
  • Daniel & Teresa Loonam at 361 Tradition Club Drive:
    change phone numbers to 843-314-9211; cell (516) 987-3371
  • Joe & Sherry Robey at 405 Tradition Club Drive:
    add phone numbers (215) 943-8859 and Joe’s cell (267) 515-4329
    add email addresses and
  • Dieter & Sondra Wegner at 67 Historic Lane::
    add telephone number (843) 979-0767

Dave Philips & Friends "why we love it here"

By Celise McLaughlin

Outlanders Celebrate Oktoberfest

Celebration in the Neighborhood
On Friday, October 23rd, the "outlanders" of Sandfiddler, Brookridge, Monarch and Lamplighter streets held the annual Oktoberfest. In past years the event was held at the end of the Sandfiddler Cul-de-sac. This year because of the cool weather and infestation of mosquitoes following the flood waters the planning committee decided to use the Pool House.

It was a huge success. We did not have to haul tables and chairs to the curbside, eat on our laps, fear the weather or get eaten alive. Why had we not thought of this before?

The new grill that was installed this year was perfect for our bratwurst, we had appetizers on the pooldeck under the pagoda and then moved indoors for the main course. 52 of our closest neighbors joined us for a wonderful social outing. Everyone brought a dish to share. We had plenty of food. It was a great event.

Sue Guzlas & Celise McLaughlin Oktoberfest Committee

The pool house is available for anyone in the community to use for a $25 fee. If you are thinking of throwing a house party, want a get together for neighbors or have a special occasion you want to celebrate don't forget about the pool house.

Check the calendar online for availability a contact Paul Hayes for reservations.

Clubhouse Paul Hayes 237-3832
2015 Calendar

If you hold an event for the entire community, the fee will be waived. Just remember there is a maximum number of people allowed inside due to fire code and no glass of any kind can be on the pool deck. Take photos and share them in the newsletter!
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Page 7

Pat Shriver Shares a Story of Special Memories
I have no bucket list---but my birthdays always seem to keep coming, so my children insisted my 80th should be memorable. So off to our ROOTS we went to celebrate.

Pat Shriver Celebrates her 80th Birthday in Style

From the 18th floor of the Hilton in Baltimore we could see all of the harbor, Fort McHenry and watch the Orioles and Yankees play in Camden Yards. The brick wall of Camden Yards headquarters at one time had been B & O offices where my children’s great grandmother had worked.

Every day in Baltimore we were out to lunch and dinner where I had Maryland crab soup, crab cakes, crab dip, and crab salad. Yummy!

We went to visit my childhood home, where our grandparents and great grandparents lived and where I met my husband Jack. We visited the Church where I attended Sunday Mass; the very same church where Jack and I were married.

Church Where Pat & Jack Shriver Married

We definitely noticed some changes in the neighborhoods and the homes all looked so much smaller to my children than they had remembered.

Later that week, we were off to Emmitsburg, Maryland where we presented Don Briggs, the town's mayor, a hand drawn land plat from 1858 of a farm house located in Emmitsburg. This artifact was discovered in our garage.

Presenting the Mayor with an artifact found in the family garage

This photo might have made the front page of their local newspaper if President Obama hadn’t upstaged us and decided to visit this little borough that same weekend.

One of the highlights of my visit was a private tour of Union Mills Homestead and Grist Mill located in Westminster, Maryland. The Union Mills Homestead, built in 1797, was the Shriver family homestead for six generations. It is located in northern Maryland just south of Gettysburg, PA. The Homestead is now a museum of American culture, operated by the Union Mills Homestead Foundation, a non-profit foundation with all proceeds dedicated to its preservation and restoration.

It was this home on Littleton Pike that fed J.E.B. Stuarts' Calvary before they traveled 8 miles up the road to Gettysburg. Just 4 hours later Union soldiers arrived and General Barnes made the main house his headquarters. It is filled with interesting artifacts.

We brought home grits, corn meal and different types of flours that are still ground at the grist mill today. It was wonderful sharing this history and heritage with my children since we had not been there since 1997.

Pat Shriver and Her Children on the Homestead Porch

We asked our tour guide to take a picture of all of us on the front porch of the Shriver Homestead. And as we sat and thought about it, this was the first time since the 1980’s that my four children were all together without their spouses, children or grandchildren.

It’s wonderful to share memories!
A note from the editor:
I want to thank Pat Shriver for sharing a part of her family's history with us. After reading her article I did some research on the property and found that one of the foundations' fund raiser projects is a book written about their ancestors. Brother against brother in the Civil War.

Life & Love on the Homefront
During the Civil War, 1861-1865
Edited by Helen Drury Macsherry
for the Union Mills Homestead Foundation
Union Mills Homestead Foundation
paperback on sale June 2013
ISBN: 978-0-9891408-0-5
$22.00 ($20 members)
362 pages
The book is also available through Amazon
 Pastime: Life & Love on the Homefront
Located at an important crossroads in rural Carroll County, Maryland, two Shriver families lived across the road from one another in the 1860s, one family operating a grist mill, the other a tannery. At the outset of war in 1861, the Shrivers of Union Mills, headed by two brothers born six years apart, were divided by more than just a country road.

Pastime: Life & Love On The Homefront During the Civil War, 1861-1865 presents a behind-the-scenes look at Maryland rural life during the Civil War, recording the lives of two families united in love, but divided by war.

A project of the Union Mills Homestead Foundation, Pastime uses many never-before-published materials from the vast Shriver family archives. It shifts the focus from the battlefield to the homefront, using first-person accounts found in the diaries and letters of the Shriver family. These original sources take the reader on a journey back in time, revealing the thoughts and feelings expressed by a family torn by a nation in crisis.

Pastime offers a closer look at the daily life of the Shrivers, giving the reader a better understanding of how “life must go on” even as war rages nearby. Beyond life’s everyday tasks, and the web of family and community connections, there is the stark division in loyalties between North and South, and the arrival of Armies of both sides in late June 1863 in the lead-up to the Battle of Gettysburg.

Editor and Shriver descendant Helen Drury Macsherry, working with the Foundation’s Curator Committee, has provided an invaluable work commemorating the Sesquicentennial of the Civil War that both the general reader and the historian will find fascinating and informative.
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Page 8

By Celise McLaughlin
I returned from babysitting my grandson in San Francisco on the evening of Saturday, October 3rd. I had a bumpy landing in Myrtle Beach, but the roads were clear driving home. It was a good thing I came in when I did because on Sunday the gully washer hit and I may not have made it home.

More than 20 inches of rain fell that weekend in areas of our state, the most rain in a thousand years, it was said. We were extremely lucky here, our homes weren't flooded. The causeway roads were closed stranding people on the island and Georgetown suffered greatly, both in town and in the country. Georgetown County Schools were closed for a full week. At this time, three weeks later, our bike path is still underwater across from the golf course; it's hard to say when it will dry out.

Severe Beach Erosion

Litchfield Beach House

The Dunes Wall

Litchfield By The Sea Lake - water over the road
 The collection of photos were taken Monday, October 5th in and around Tradition.

The Lake at Hampton

Willbrook Blvd Near School Entrance

7th Hole Island Green

The Bike Path across from the Golf Course

Do you think? Photo taken by Dick Baughman
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Page 9

By Mary Graef
As the Fall golf season is now underway, we look back and wonder about all we did during the hot summer weather. It's amazing!!

Interclub Play News:
On June 18th, nine Tradition ladies played at Litchfield in 90 degree weather. A lunch of a delicious chicken wrap and fruit plate was served. During play, staff servers brought much appreciated ice and ice water out onto the course in an effort to keep us cool. At the end of play, an awesome dessert was served. Tradition player, Ann Carline took First Place along with Linda Mitchell and Mildred Culpepper for Third Place. Linda Mitchell won closest to the pin drawing.

On September 16th, we were at Island Green. We were greeted and served pastries before play and an assortment of sandwiches and salads were enjoyed after nine holes of "Step-A-Side" play. Winners from Tradition were: First Place team with Pat McCarthy and Second place team with Anne Brown. By a throw of dice at each foursome table, a pretty pot of mums was won by Joan Simko.

Wachesaw Plantation hosted the October 22nd Interclub tournament with a "spooky" Witch Golfers Theme followed by a delicious luncheon. Encouraging Golfer Signs were placed at each hole; for example:
  1. Golf isn't just an exercise, it is an adventure, a romantic Shakespearian play in which disaster and comedy are intertwined.
  2. "May thy ball lie in green pastures and not in still waters"
  3. Golfers three ugliest words: "Still your shot"

We are at presently planning for our Tradition Interclub Tournament to be held on November 17th.

Game Day Play:
June 23:Four member Captains Choice winners: First place: Anne Brown, Phyllis Confer, Lorraine Stellmann and Bev Hurd with a 39 and Second place: Sue Edone, Betty Ruff, Kathy Lenoue and Elaine Kronski with a 40.
July 21: Bingo, Bango, Bongo winners were: First, Sue Guzlas; Second, Dot Ellison; Third, Peg Boden.
August 18:Step Aside winners were: Front Nine : Barbara Bode, Mildred Culpepper, Suzanne Edone, and Bev Hurd, 39. Back Nine : Sandi Bunce, Jan Hayes, Elaine Kronski and Linda Mitchell with a 44.
September 22:Texas Scramble 1,2,3 winners were: Phyllis Confer, Mildred Culpepper, Bev Jackson and Peg Boden, 56 for First place. Second place: 57 for Lorraine Stellmann, Anne Brown, MaryLou Goodell and Kathy Lenoue.
October 20:Animal Points : By match of cards, First, Lee Wilson; Second, Mary Graef; Third, Ann MacDonald, all with 3 points; Fourth, Pat McCarthy and Fifth, Peg Boden with 4 points.

Game Day 6/23 - Lorraine Stellmann, Phyllis Confer, Anne Brown & Bev Hurd

Birthday Recognition:
A Birthday Luncheon at the poolhouse catered by Bagel Cafe was held on August 6th. Three salads were served with a selection of fish, chicken or veggie roll ups followed up with Two trays of mixed desserts.

Mildred Culpepper, Betty Ruff, Ann Carline, Loraine Stellmann, Kathy Lenoue, and Bella Ribaudo

The room was decorated with pretty Sunflower arrangements and gifts were given to the Birthday honorees. The next Birthday Breakfast is planned for November 3rd at True Blue.

October 31st marks the end of the 2014/2015 golf calendar. We are looking forward to our Annual Awards/ Christmas Luncheon at Carefree Catering on December 1st.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving, Blessed Christmas and a Healthy New Year everyone!

Game Day 6/23 - Kathy Lenoue, Elaine Kronski, Betty Ruff and Sue Edone

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Page 10

By Suzanne Strasser

Pat Gould & Bobbie Fleiss

On 6/25 the Tradition Ladies Golf Association played a member member tournament “Fore the Birds”. The winners were: 1st front Pat Gould & Bobbie Fleiss (30), 2nd Donna Culver & Daune Barksdale (32), 3rd Suzanne Strasser & Amy Monaghan (33), 1st back Betty Ruff & Penny Pikarrt (31), 2nd Joan Sheldon & Linda Lehmann (31 moc), 3rd Judy Gambeski & Sandy Pearson (33), 4th Lucy Hajec & Dot Franco (33moc).

Betty Ruff & Penny Pikaart

The closest to the pins were made by Daune Barksdale hole #2, Pat Gould hole #5, Linda Lehmann hole #12 and Maureen Lempert hole #15. It was a fun day and lots of close scoring.

Member Member Tournament

  On 8/2 the Tradition Men’s Golf Club sponsored the Member Spouse tournament. The two person teams played a scramble with low net winners. The 18 hole players winning were; 1st Paul & Maureen Lempert ( 64), 4th Tom & Suzanne Strasser (67), 5th Harry & Joanne Stewart(67.5). The ladies & partners were well represented.

Maureen & Paul Lempert

On 9/15 and 9/17 the Tradition Ladies Golf Association played the President’s Cup. The winners of the low net tournament were; 1st Linda Lehmann (70), 2nd Penny Pikaart (76), 3rd Sally Russell (76), 4th Joan Sheldon (76), 5th Suzanne Strasser (76). Closest to the pin winners were; hole #2 Linda Lehmann, hole #12 Penny Pikaart, hole #15 Judy Gambeski. Birdies were made by Donna Culver hole # 7 and Linda Lehmann holes # 8 and #15. A chip in was made by Dot Franco hole # 1.

Linda Lehmann & Joan Sheldon

What is coming up?
  • The Reserve
  • The Palm Florence
  • Mt Vintage North Augusta
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Page 11

By Jerry Mithen
About the Gold Tees
The Tradition Gold Tee Golf Association is composed of 98 great guys who play nine holes of golf from the gold tees. Players of all handicaps are welcome. Our primary purpose is to have fun, enjoy good fellowship and improve our golfing skills. Membership includes invitations to all Gold Tee Dinners, special activities and parties held during the year. The opportunity to make friends and enjoy the company of other like- minded men is a great way to get involved with the golf club and members. There are opportunities to participate on the Gold Tee committees that make up the social climate of the Association.

Gold Tee Boutique
The Gold Tee Boutique occasionally offers association members good deals on clothing and medical items.

Gold Tee Golf Association at Tradition Golf Club

Road Trips to Heritage Golf Club:
The Gold Tees had two golf “road trips” to Heritage golf course with lunch, drinks and team winners announced in the clubhouse following the round.

Grilled Pork Chop Steak Dinner July 29th:
A member dinner night was held at the pool house with grilled pork chops and trimmings with 48 members attending. The chefs are Gold Tee members who enjoy cooking meals for their fellow members.

Member Spouse/Partner Tournament September 16th:

The 16th annual Tradition Gold Member Spouse/Partner Tournament was held at the Tradition Club with 36 members and their spouse or female partner participating. The overall nine-hole full scramble was won by the foursome of Bob and Nori Thompson and Jim and Mary Jane Conway.

Gold Tee Golf Association (continued)

Following the Member Spouse award ceremony, a catered dinner from Hog Heaven was enjoyed by all participants. Dinner consisted of BBQ, fried chicken with all the side dishes and dessert. Cold draft beer, wine and soda were provided to all players.

Annual Gold Tee Tournament October 14th:
The annual tournament had 14 teams each person playing his own ball and scoring 2 nets. The winners of the tournament were John Melzer, John McLaughlin and Dale Guzlas with Ernie Heilberg’s score used as a “blind”. Following the award ceremony was a dinner of delicious roast beef subs with caramelized onions, pasta salad, horseradish and hot peppers. Cold drinks were provided by the Gold Tees to all attendees.

Gold Tees Pork Loin Dinner October 20th.
The Gold Tee fall dinner was held at the Tradition Pool House. Dinner was cooked by member Chefs and was enjoyed by 45 members. The dinner consisted of: pork Loin, mashed potatoes and gravy, baked 3 bean casserole, applesauce and dinner salad was and was a prelude to a great apple pie dessert. Cold drinks were courtesy of the Gold Tees to all members.

Gold Tee Chefs

Join the Gold Tees and have a Great Time

The Tradition Gold Tees is a men’s nine hole golf league whose’ motto is: Fun, Friendship and Fellowship Contact Vince Franco, President, at if you are interested in joining us. Pictures of our winning teams are taken each week and then placed on our web site:
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Page 12

By Bill Renault, Secretary
Dedicated to the memories of Tom Ellison and Bill Wichrowski, It was a Member-Guest tournament for the ages. Tom Strasser and his tournament committee outdid themselves in obtaining prizes for the 20 two man teams competing. The entertainment committee and Debbie Jackson put together a special heavy Hors-d’oeuvres feast for Thursday evening and on Saturday following the” Shootout” an All American dinner of Sausage & Peppers etc..

BUT... it was the crazy start delayed by what we were told was a car submerged in the pond on hole #7 that set the tone for what was to follow.

After a delayed start, all the teams teed off on # 10 because the police were still trying to determine if in fact there was a car and maybe a body underwater on # 7. The tournament was handicapped at 80% of the combined handicaps of the 2 man teams. Five (5) flights were handicapped (Flight A 10 to 24) (B 23 to 26) (C 23 to 27) (D 25 to 28) and (E 26 to 32). The winners of the flights were, Flight A Dick Baughman & guest Connie Gallagher, B Henry Woltman & Dwight Short, C Dan Higgins & Rudy Rudicil, D Bill Jacobs & Jim Tedesco and E Bill Renault & Gary O’Dell.

The five flight winners then played a shootout to determine the winner. The Higgins/Rudicil and Jacobs/Tedesco teams were eliminated on the first hole. On hole #9, a 450 yard par 5 over an environmental area, as the third playoff hole, the Renault/O’Dell team reached the green in four and lay about 15 feet from the hole. The Baughman/Gallagher and Woltman/Short teams were on in three but had to spot Renault/O’Dell a stroke.

Both those teams missed their birdie putts to finish with par. O’Dell then curled in a downhill breaking putt for a net four and the championship. The long-shot winners had the highest combined handicaps (32) and the most senior player in yours truly.

All in all, it was a wild tournament with a happy ending and fortunately no car or body was found in the pond on #7.
  September ushered in the two-round Club Championship Tournament. The championships were for both low gross and low net. Craig Monaghan always near the top showed his competitive strength with rounds of (82-74=156) to claim the gross championship. He was followed by Ron Mokrynka (83-76=159), Eric Muller (84-76=160) and Vinnie Esposito (85-82=167).

Low Net saw Bill Jacobs lead the field with low net rounds of (72-67=139), Henry Woltman was second with (70-71=141), Dan Molloy third at (74-68=142) and Paul Lempert at (74-69=143) and Larry Barksdale (77-66=143) tied for fourth.

“The Steve Kronski Memorial Great Turkey Shootout.”

Sunday November 29th will once again feature “The Steve Kronski Memorial Great Turkey Shootout.” Always fun with lots of spectators. Be sure to mark it on your calendar to qualify for play or to come and watch. You will have the chance to bet on your favorite and enjoy a Pizza dinner following the year's best golf event.

Finally, a welcome to our new Men’s Club members who have helped make 2015 special. And, our thanks to our club officers and president for their efforts in continuing to make “The Tradition Men’s Club” the best on the South Strand.
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By J. Vance Vandergriff MD
With winter approaching, it is the time of year when many are looking to have flu shots. I recommend everyone over age 6 months get a yearly flu shot. But the flu vaccine is not the only adult vaccine that is important.
Let's Talk About Shingles

So in this issue, I want to discuss shingles. By now many of you should be aware of the shingles vaccine. Shingles is caused by a herpes virus called varicella zoster. This is the same virus that causes chickenpox.

The vaccine is offered to all adults over age 60. One in three adults will get shingles in their lifetime. Getting a zoster vaccine will reduce the risk of disease by 50%. Shingles can occur at any age, but about half of all cases occurs after age 60. Most people will only suffer from shingles once in their life, but the disease can occur more than once. After an infection with chickenpox, the virus will lay dormant within the nerve roots in your body. Under certain conditions that are not completely understood, the virus will become active years later.

Shingles is a painful rash that develops on one side of the body or face. Often, the pain precedes the rash. In some cases there is no pain, but a burning, stinging, or tingling sensation several days before the rash presents. The rash will then develop into blisters. These blisters will scab over in about a week, but may not resolve for 3 - 4 weeks. In most cases, there will not be any long term complications.

Beware of Complications associated with Shingles

If shingles affects the eye though, permanent damage can occur, even leading to blindness. Another complication of shingles is called post-herpetic neuralgia. In rares cases, the pain from the virus does not resolve. This pain can last for years, and is often debilitating. For this reason, it is important to identify the illness within the first 72 hours so medication can be started.

Shingles is not contagious. One cannot get shingles from someone with shingles, but one can get chickenpox from someone with shingles therefore it is recommended:
  • To cover the rash
  • Do not scratch the open sores
  • Avoid contact with pregnant women who have not been exposed to chickenpox
  • Avoid contact with preterm infants
  • Avoid contact with those with compromised immune systems
The only way to reduce the risk of shingles is through vaccination. There are several antiviral medications that can be given to reduce the length of the disease, but these need to be started as soon as the rash appears. Although the shingles vaccine is approved for adults over age 50, the effectiveness of the vaccine wanes after 5 years. Therefore, the CDC does not recommend getting the vaccine until after age 60. Long term studies are not yet available regarding the need for a booster vaccination.

Remember, the vaccination will reduce the risk of shingles by 50%. Get to your health care provider as soon as the rash presents for the best chance of treatment. If you do not have a health care provider, I would be happy to see you at my office at South Strand Internists & Urgent Care in Surfside Beach. We are open 7 days a week to meet all of your health care needs.

Dr. Joseph Vandergriff is board certified family practice physician.
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By Celise McLaughlin

A Cross Country Adventure with the McLaughlins

There were several states in the US that I had not been to so when a summer wedding in California popped up. I thought it a perfect opportunity to start crossing these visitations off my bucket list. It is not that we had a choice in attending, after all it was our youngest child who was getting married.

So I broached the subject round about April. "how would you feel about us driving across country to the wedding?" Of course, by "us" I meant "you" because I never drive. Surprisingly the response was not an emphatic "NO!" ...I figured that was as good as yes, so I set the wheels in motion.

We left Pawleys Island on June 30th; since we were coming up on 4th of July, I figured it was not a good idea to "wing it" for our reservations, so all our outbound accommodations were booked ahead of time with guaranteed late arrival.

We spent the first night in Nashville with family and the second night outside of St. Louis, also with family. Missouri was one of those states on our list; and visiting the gateway arch a high priority. It was a gorgeous night, we road all the way to top of the arch and then dined at the Hilton 360 overlooking Anheuser Busch Stadium. The Cardinals were home that night, but it was a late game and we had an early departure time scheduled so we opted not to attend.

Atop the St. Louis Hilton

Day 3 was a long drive across Missouri and most of Kansas (also a bucket list state) with an overnight in Dodge City. Day 4 took us through Colorado and into Wyoming. We loved the little mountain college town of Laramie, 7200 feet above sea level. Day 5, 4th of July, we drove to Park City, Utah and stayed two nights. We left there on a Monday morning and drove along the great salt lake dessert. It was so white it looked like snow.

Our trek through northern Nevada was depressing. there was nothing but ghost towns and dried up creeks. Finally we entered California and checked in at Lake Tahoe where we would spend another 2 nights. I had not been to Tahoe since a military deployment in 1977, but it was every bit as beautiful as I remembered. From there we headed to the California Coast where we visited with family and attended the wedding. All was good.

The return trip started on a Monday. July 13th, Day 14 of our travels. Our itinerary was not predetermined, we knew only that Oregon, Idaho, Montana and South Dakota would be states on our route and both Yellowstone and Mount Rushmore would be visited.
  A freeway vs. a highway
First you must understand that a coastal highway is just a back road not a means to get from point a to point b. We decided to stay off the back roads as much as possible without jeopardizing our need to see stuff. We left the bay area late morning and got up near the California-Oregon border in a small coastal town called Arcata. Had we had the foresight, we would have driven that afternoon a mile to the ocean to take wonderful sunny photos of the Pacific. The next morning we were fogged in and it took a few hours to before we could see anything.

Oregon was a really long day. We saw some wonderful sights on the redwood highway, the cascade mountains and the crystal blue Columbia River; everything was so green! Then bam! east of The Dalles everything was brown again and we were still in Oregon. Who would have thought??? Pendleton was our destination that night, by the time we got there the shops were closed, we were exhausted, we didn't even go out for dinner.

The following day was shorter, we drove to Pocatello, Idaho. Another nice college town, it was so pretty, mountainous, picturesque and we had some time to enjoy it. Day 16 was Yellowstone Park. We entered Yellowstone on the west side and exited from the north. Yellowstone is not a "drive-by" park, it took us 5 hours to get through it. Old Faithful, Yellowstone Lake, Wild Buffalo and the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone were marvelous highlights.

Grand Canyon at the Yellowstone

We came out on the Montana side. Oh my god. Montana is fabulous, the mountains, the terrain, the green. I want to go back there. But not today, we want to get home so we keep going. Billings, Mt for the night and Day 17 was a drive-by (almost) of Mt Rushmore, then onto the black hills of South Dakota. Aha, aha, I felt like I was driving with Chevy Chase.

Our night in South Dakota was interesting, tornados all around, but we were in a good place. The next day we came within spitting distance of both Minnesota and Nebraska, but didn't set foot in either of those states, they weren't on my list anyway, I'd already been.

A quick drive through Iowa, my sister met us on the interstate for lunch, hello, goodbye, a night in Peoria Il then back to Nashville and home.

7,760 miles, 21 days, 17 states. Man oh man! it's good to be home.

Next year we are going on a land tour of Ireland and Scotland, John does not have to do any of the driving; I told him he could even have the window seat.
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By Harry & Joanne Stewart

Harry & Joanne

In September we visited San Antonio Texas to see the River Walk, Alamo, Texas Ranger Museum, historic Market Square, missions and other various sites.

The cathedral pictured here is San Fernando where Davy Crocket, Jim Bowie and other leaders of the Alamo are entombed. The cathedral also has an awesome night laser show.


The Alamo

Joanne & Friends

We took in great Mexican food, Texas steaks and a few Margaritas....(O.K. may more than a few !)
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By Mary Grace Robic
The Ladies Bridge Group meets Wednesdays
at the Pool House from 12:30 to 4:00.
We welcome new members
(either as regular players or substitutes)
To join or for information, please call
Karen Vander Schaaf 237-8150 or
Mary Grace Robic 237-8745


If anyone in Tradition needs help with meals
please contact Claudia Krauth
99 Confederate Lane or call 843 237-7544.
Claudia maintains a list of volunteers
who are willing to help out.

By Jeanette Renault

Pat Shriver, Janette Mitchell, Julie Ferrara, Diane MacDonald
Canasta is like an old friend!
You can take up where you left off or if you are new to the game, you will feel like a pro after one sitting. It's a fun game of mostly luck, some skill. We are now playing on the 1st & 3rd Fridays AND the 2nd & 4th Mondays. The Monday play has been a welcomed addition. On 5th Fridays we go to lunch and play afterward. Mark you calendar and join us! Call Pat @237-2678 or Jeanette @235-3566 for more details.

Pool House Fridays At 10am.

Winey Wednesdays
Second Wednesday Every Month
Contact: Monique Philips

By Pat Shriver
We had a wonderful time this summer shaping up with our water aerobics. Monique Philips and Dee Ely kept us parading, marching, dancing, hopping, twirling and JUST PLAIN HAVING FUN in our pool.

Plan to join us next year!
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Happy Thanksgiving, Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

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