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By Frank D'Amato

I assume everyone is pleased that the winter has ended and summer is near. We will have the pool open sometime in May. We will be painting some of the concrete around the pool and cleaning the chairs. We also will be changing over from chlorine sticks to liquid chlorine to better maintain the chemical levels.

The pool, tennis courts and pool house are for residents, their family and guests only. Guests must be accompanied by the resident. We have been notified by the state that if we do not keep this complex private, we are subject to government regulations and it will cost the association many thousands of dollars to comply.

I want to thank everyone who came out to the Annual Home Owners meeting at the High School. I also want to congratulate Merry Cotton for being voted into her second three year term on the Board of Directors. Merry has made a great contribution to the association and will continue to do so.

Your officers will remain the same for 2011. Frank D’Amato President, Tom Ellison Vice President, John Bartha Secretary, Dave Rubin Treasurer, Merry Cotton Director Social.

The financial state of the Tradition POA is sound. As of December 31st, 2010 we had $81,000. in the operating account and $456,000 in the Reserve Fund.

Those property owners paying their dues through automatic bank drafts should not be receiving paper invoicing and paper confirmations. Your dues will be automatically drafted each month and your confirmation will come via an e-mail. So if you are on auto draft and receive hard mailings each month, please notify Kuester.

The association has purchased a defibrillator for the pool house. It is located in the ladies restroom. Those playing tennis or using the pool can access it with their pool key while entering through the outside door to the ladies restroom.

Anyone using the pool house for a function may enter through the inside restroom door. We will be announcing training sessions by the Midway Fire Company shortly. The men’s golf league has also purchased 2 defibrillators for their use.

Please continue to use the web site for information involving board meetings and minutes, as well as social activities. Board meetings are held every month and are open to the property owners. You are welcome.

This time of year you can expect to see Alex Herndon, our building and grounds manager, as well as the landscaping crew to begin summer plantings, mulching and general common area upgrading.

We are finding landscaping debris on empty lots and in wetlands owned by the association. I mentioned this in the last newsletter. Neither you nor your landscaper is permitted to dump on these sites. We will charge you to clean these areas and if the state fines the association, you will pay the fine. Please talk to your landscaper.

The annual garage sale has been approved by the Board of Directors to be held on April 16th. This in the ONLY approved garage sale for the community and residents must obtain a permit to participate. Residents are not permitted to run garage sales at any other time.
I continue to receive complaints from the Willbrook Plantation board regarding Tradition people walking their dogs on Willbrook property. Please do not cross Kings River Road with your dog. This makes it very difficult for me to ask them to keep their cars from taking short cuts through the Tradition to avoid school traffic. We need to maintain relations with our neighbors.

I plan to ask the board to investigate the Neighborhood Watch Program sponsored by the Georgetown Sheriff’s Office to see if it would be to our benefit.

The Litchfield Beautification Committee continues to do a great job landscaping highway 17. Your personal contributions are always welcome.

Please feel free to discuss and/or ask questions to any board member at any time.

The board schedule and the monthly board minutes are available on the web site.

Please call me or a board member if you see a problem in the community. For an association emergency you may call Alex Herndon, our buildings and grounds manager, at 843-241-3287. Please identify yourself.

I wish you all a safe and happy summer.

Frank D’Amato

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By Bill McElroy, Vice President, LBTS

Enhancement Report - March 15th

Beach House and Access: Due to Permitting requirements changes in baseline design and redesign on the Deck and Crossovers due to OCRM requirements that were approved locally and then turned down by the State Office. One of the problems is the 2' above the dune requirement. Some dunes have shifted and require work with the inspectors to correct the problem. This mostly occurred on the design of the handicap ramp. This should be completed before Easter.

The design was for 10' crossovers that were revised to 6'. The addition of the third crossover (handicap accessible, but not required) will increase beach accessibility by about two thirds. This has greatly slowed down the deck portion of the project. We anticipate completion before Memorial Day.

The contractors found excessive damage on the corner of the Beach Clubhouse and had to pour new supports. Termite damage was found that apparently was done some time ago and not repaired. There was asbestos to be removed which required a permit and that was a very slow process. There were massive concrete pieces under the decking where new utilities had to be re-located. Not only was this a delay, but it was a huge unknown and unplanned expense. Roofing has started on the Beach House and front gate.

Because of the cold weather, an early construction end date was not possible. Completion date was contracted as May 13, but due to the delays it may be as late as May 27. Design changes were made in order to stay within budget as promised. A project this large with people living full time in the project is tough, but the contractors are doing a fine job of getting work done without too much interference to local residents and Willbrook Communities residents. The county is reluctant to give an occupancy permit until the entire beach club project is complete. Work continues with them to permit the use of the deck when it is finished and so not to have to wait until the clubhouse construction to be done. Parking: Remember golf cart assistance is available to the other "public easements" from the parking lots. Your vehicle may be towed if you park on property other than LBTS lots.
Guard House: The same contractor building the beach house is also constructing the guard house. Completion will be about the same time due to the scheduling of crews to save on costs.

LBTS continued

Roads, Fountains, landscaping (except for the beach house & deck area) should be complete about the middle of April, right on schedule. Fountains are ready and will be operational after most construction around the campus is complete. The north round-about fountain is operational today.

Drainage problems are being addressed in a couple of spots, but the paving should be completed in March except in a few places which must wait on other projects. Front gate signs and landscaping to be done in March. The guard rail on north retreat beach blvd will be installed as soon as the road is paved.

Docks: The lake boardwalk and the crabbing dock are almost complete now and will be available sometime in March. We appreciate your patience. It will be done soon and it will look and feel brand new. You will be very proud to show our revived community off to your friends and family.


by Kathy MacSorley

As many of you may have noticed, a drive down the Highway 17 corridor is looking complete and ready to bloom. The large shrubs at the Willbrook Road intersection have been replaced with dwarf palms and the ground has been seeded. Todd Bird, superintendent at Waccamaw Landscaping, recently discussed the maintenance that accompanies the task of keeping the median plantings beautiful.

The crepe myrtle care focuses on keeping its shape at this early stage so they will grow tall and the foliage will not block the view of traffic or hamper the ability to turn safely. The lavender variety will reach 20-30 feet, the whites, 20 ft and the reds will top out at 15 feet. With the crepes growing the highest, the next layers of the beds are pittosporum and virburnum. Keeping them pruned naturally to a height of 4 feet will provide the fullness in the beds. Sweetgrass and dwarf palms will layer in the 2-3 foot range. Other varieties of shrubs will be maintained to look full, at different heights, but not overgrown. April will begin the show of color which will last through the fall. A local resident described driving into town as “like a breath of fresh air.”

The LCBC team has been attending annual POA meetings recently, speaking to residents, providing brochures and newsletters, and answering questions. Local POA financial support and individual contributions are essential to our success. As spring arrives and visitors frequent our town, we will be soliciting more of the area businesses again to join us in keeping the Litchfield Corridor a special place. Funding now will continue to focus on maintaining weekly mowing, trash pickup, and replacing failed shrubs.

A January issue of the Waccamaw Times featured LCBC President, Bill McElroy, in its “Helping Hands” column. This is a feature article about people whose work touches our lives. Bill’s passion for enhancing the beauty of the Waccamaw Neck has truly benefitted the community at large. We hope this work will inspire surrounding towns to pursue similar beautification goals. That will be an impressive thing for all of us.

Thank you all for your continuing support to sustain the natural beauty of Litchfield.

Go to our web site, for more information, donations, and any questions.

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By Suzanne Strasser, Historian
The Tradition Ladies Golf Association had their awards luncheon on December 8th at Ocean One.

Awards: Player of the Year Debbie Massie, Lowest Gross, Overall Low Gross & Most Birdies Joan Sheldon,

Debbie Massie & Joan Sheldon

Most Improved Wannetta Farmer, Overall Low Net Suzanne Strasser, Lowest Net Wannetta Farmer and Suzanne Strasser,

Wannetta Farmer

Low Putts Rebecca Stacey, First Birdies Amy Monaghan and Betsy Beyma, Broke 100 Wannetta Farmer, Sue Guzlas, Pat Kemper, Barbara Nuding and Broke 90 Lucy Hajec.

What is coming up?

April 7 & 14 Ringer tournament
May 12 Member Guest
June 23 Member Member

Membership Applications are available at the Tradition Ladies Golf Association Website:
  The Rosemary Gallagher Spirit Award, awarded to the lady golfer who supports her league by chairing tournaments, helping other golfers and truly enjoying the game of golf, this year was awarded to Clare Kelly

Clare Kelly

The First TLGA Guys and Dolls tournament was held on February 13th. Twenty six couples came out on Sunday afternoon for a nine hole sweet heart tournament and dinner.

Red Flights: Sally Russell/Jim Taylor Kathy & Roy MacSorley

The flight winners were: Red Flights: First Place (A): Sally Russell & Jim Taylor, Second Place, Joan & Eddie Sheldon, First Place (B) Roy & Kathy MacSorley, Second Place, Celise & John McLaughlin.

Blue Flights: First Place (A): Lucy & Dick Hajec, Second Place, Judy & Frank Gambeski First Place (B) Grace & Jim Davis, Second Place, Dot & Vince Franco.

Blue Flights: Lucy & Dick Hajec Jim & Grace Davis

Page 4

By Steve Kronski, President
Happy Spring to all and it's about time. Since our last publication there are only a few things to report but we are nearing the start of our 2011 schedule.

On November 14th we held our "Shoot-Out" qualifier and the top 20 finishers were paired up to form 10 two-man teams. The format was "Captains' Choice" and off we went. First team out honors (with an appropriate small $$$ prize) went to the team of Paul Hayes and Tom Strasser. Next to depart on hole #2 was Wayne Johnson and Jim Conway, followed by Larry Barksdale and Tom Damore on #3. On the 4th hole we said ta-ta to Ron Eaglin and partner, Tom Swanson and #5 saw the removal of Charlie Malara and Tom Cardea. Hole #6 eliminated Dick Pacella and Dick Culver.

We then entered the money holes and #7 took the toll on the team of John Reed and Don McDowell. Hole # 8 gobbled up Jim McKay and the recently moved-to-Pennsylvania Jack Ross. On hole #9 team D'Amato/McLaughlin and team Monaghan/Renault tied on the first attempt and both went back to the T-Box to try again. After again tying with pars Frank D'Amato and John McLaughlin won in a chip-off ousting Craig Monaghan and Bill Renault.

All teams, plus many spectators, then adjourned to the clubhouse for pizza and liquid refreshments. Another fantastic "Shoot Out" at the Tradition.

John McLaughlin & Frank D'Amato

In November we held our annual meeting and the agenda was short with no major issues to be decided other than an agreement to petition the Course Owners/Management to allow for placement of an AED on club premises. This unfortunately never got off the ground as we received added negative feedback and later, course management deferred the decision to Myrtle National who then confirmed the negative reply with a rather firm "NO".

Further action was later taken to purchase two units by the 9 hole and 18 hole Men's Club, in conjunction with another unit purchased by Frank D'Amato for placement at the Pool House. The means to implement an effective procedure to provide coverage during golf is still in the planning stages as of this writing. Training seminars will be arranged in late March and into April.

On December 7th we again held our annual Christmas Party and once again Inlet Affairs came through with a great menu as selected under the guidance of Dale Guzlas, Eddie Sheldon and John McLaughlin. Karen and Carl provided the music and the party lasted far beyond our normal 8:00 PM bed-times.

Howard Krauth was awarded our appreciation plaque for his hard work during the year providing for pairings and t-times for our regular Monday schedule.

Our first event in 2011 is our two-week Memorial Masters event slated for April 4th and 11th. Pizza and Calzones are planned following golf on 4/11, along with beer/wine/soda as provided by YOUR MEN'S CLUB!!!!

You can view the complete 2011 schedule on the web site as provided by our "Webmaster", Vince Franco

Note: It looks like 2011 may be the last year for several of our Men's Club officers and hopefully some new blood will step forward this year and be ready to step in and fill what ever vacancies that result. Burn-out and Old Age have set in so give this matter some serious thought during the year.

Have a great year. Steve Kronski

Page 5


With the New Year under way, and good weather right around the corner, we’ve actually had some good days already in late February/early-March, I hope everyone is looking forward to a great year, both on and off the golf course. As with every year, another new beginning gives me a new opportunity to improve; both as a person and as a golfer. I am always looking forward to a fresh start and the challenges that a new year and season will bring.

If you haven’t noticed already, we have some new professional staff we have just brought on board to help serve the Tradition Club, its members and our guests.

Alex Scarce has joined the golf shop operations department as the first assistant golf professional, he was previously employed at True Blue Golf Plantation.

Jon Berry joins the golf course maintenance department as our assistant superintendent, Jon comes from a variety of clubs over the past few years with stints at St. James Plantation in Southport, NC and most recently The Hasentree Club in Wake Forest, NC.

Please introduce yourselves to Alex and Jon and help us in welcoming them to our club family.

Update on Curtis: He has to continually visit the doctor two times a month and everything with his thyroid is regulating at normal levels. He just recently started working for a company called J.B.L.S. Inc, and is an independent Land Contractor, which means he gets landowners who own large acres of property to lease the property with the company he represents. He is currently residing in Erie, PA and can't wait to come visit everyone here in Pawleys Island real soon!

AERATION 101……there are few words that strike greater fear and provoke more grumbling in our turf management business. Aeration is the process of turf cultivation that uses either coring (tines that are either hollow or drill units and aerate to a depth of 3 to 4 inches or 8 to 10 inches respectively) or punching (solid tines that penetrate the soil ranging from 3 inches to 18 inches) to relieve soil compaction. Coring allows for the reduction of organic matter content which is critical in the management of sand based putting greens.

Aeration is often accompanied by topdressing, which is the application of sand or other material to the treated area. Topdressing fills the aeration holes and helps smooth the surface and is one of the best biological controls for thatch, which is a layer of dead and living organic tissue. Rolling is a mechanical process that also helps smooth the turf surface. These processes will help us keep our turf healthy and provide quality playing surfaces throughout the golf season. The golf course will be closed on June 1st, 2nd, and 3rd for aerification, and again on August 3rd. Additional small tine aerations and cultural practices including verticutting and topdressing will be performed around normal everyday play throughout the summer months, our usual summer schedule is to verticut and top-dress about every 10 – 14 days depending on the weather conditions.

We will also be closed on July 6th for a solid tine aeration of the greens and to treat 20 acres of fairways with a Curfew gas treatment for Nematodes. For those of you who are unfamiliar with Nematodes, they are generally microscopic, unsegmented roundworms that usually live free in soil, water, or decaying matter, or as parasites of plants and animals. Our concern on the golf course is that they feed on the root system of our predominant Bermuda grass during the growing season making it very difficult to grow good strong healthy turf. We currently have Nematode populations on some fairways that exceed the threshold level for growing healthy turf by over 25 times the threshold. After this treatment you will notice a small odor for about one week after the treatment, the odor is not harmful to people, animals, or wildlife.

On July 6th, I would ask that all golf course members and community residents stay off of the golf course property when we are making this treatment. This is the same treatment we applied to the greens in the summer of 2009 if you can remember what that was like. If you have further questions regarding this treatment, I can be reached by email at: I would be more than happy to share additional information with you regarding the treatment.

Page 6

By Celise McLaughlin

Have you ever taken a cruise? For me, there is nothing more luxurious. It’s so exciting from the moment you start packing your bags, actually it starts well before then when you go out shopping to buy the right clothes for the cruise. You select all your outfits for every day and every night, put them in the suit cases, strap on your room number tags and off you go.

I’m not a frequent cruiser, truth is, our last cruise was in 1993. But that doesn't mean I'm not enamored by them. So last month we sailed out of Tampa for the Western Caribbean in celebration of our 20th wedding anniversary. I realize that 20 years is “peanuts” to most of our neighbors, but for anyone who knows us, it was a major milestone.

We drove from Pawleys Island to Ybor City where we would leave our car in the hotel garage for the week long vacation on the high seas. They provided door to door service to the port for us and our 100 lbs of luggage. A tip to the porter and the next time we saw our bags they were in our stateroom.

We boarded the Holland American Dam Ship, the Ryndam [RHINE DAM] about 1:30 in afternoon and started exploring. If you have ever sailed with Holland America, you know everything in their repertoire is "dam" this "dam" that as a term of endearment. There were only 1200 passengers on board, 1175 of which were senior citizens; lucky for us considering it was spring break. After unpacking we headed to the Lido deck with a Bloody Mary in hand for the set sail party. For the next seven days, no cooking, no cleaning, no “gotta dos”, no “gotta goes”, ... Ahhhh, no pressure, no stress, just sheer relaxation.

Give me a lounge chair overlooking the ocean and a good book, feed me, pamper me, just let me rest and enjoy doing NOTHING.

Who needs ports? I just love the boat. I find most shore excursions are over-priced and over-rated. We did disembark at each of the four ports of call, not for long, just a little shopping and a little taste of the local fare. My favorite was Grand Cayman. The one and only excursion we signed up for was a tour of Cayman's own brewery and the Tortuga rum cake factory. Unlimited free samples! Belly up, all the beer and rum you can drink. "Best Tour Ever!".

Before we knew it, the week was over; we were packing our bags, putting them in the hallway, going through customs, getting our car and heading north.

It’s always nice to get home and we did miss our dog. But along with home, comes day-to-day reality. No one to cook my meals, no steward tidying up, putting out clean towels and making my bed every day, no one to strategically place those funny towel animals on my pillow at night ..back to the "gotta do's"...It was nice while it lasted.

You know what? I won't wait another 17 years to do it again…next time, I'm thinking Alaska.


By Pat Shriver

WOW (what o' winter).   I don't know about you but I'm definitely looking forward to spring, so off to the pool I went on March 11th. Fortunately for me, before I jumped in, I dropped my trusty thermometer in the pool.
Sixty degrees mean't it wasn't time yet for water aerobics BUT it will be soon. So it's time to look in your closet and see if your swimsuits, water shoes or noodles are wilted.

Our water aerobic group begins on Wednesday, June 1. We will have an opening breakfast at Applewoods in May. You will be notified by e-mail of the exact date.

If you are joining this fun loving group for the first time, please call Pat Shriver at 237-2678 to register with your e-mail address. We meet Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 9a.m. through out the summer months.

Hope to see you there.


by Joanne Stewart

The Walk and Talk Group still meets on a daily basis. We meet at the Pool Clubhouse at 8:45am and walk for approximately 45 minutes. You can walk every day or pick and choose your days. The birds are chirping and things are warming up, so before you know it, we will be in the pool for Water Aerobics. In the meantime, new feet are welcome, so come join us for a nice walk in the sunshine.

To all our new and old residents, are you, ladies, looking for an organized tennis game? Our Monday, Wednesday, Friday group (we play at 9:00am and a bit earlier in the summer) is looking for intermediate (3.0 - 3.5 ) players We have a solid group of 7 ladies who play and could use a couple of permanent subs. If you are interested, please contact Nancy Malara at 235-9344.

If you haven't played for awhile and would like to get back into the swing of things, please contact Nancy and we could help you out.

Page 7

The 10th Annual Gold Tee Christmas Party was held at the Applewood Restaurant on December 14th. Ed Sheldon made all the arrangements. We enjoyed a great meal with three entrees and dessert. There also was plenty of good wine, beer and soft drinks provided by Dale Guzlas. This year’s gifts included a stainless steel water bottle and a winter hat. It was an outstanding evening filled with good friends, good food and good cheer. Several awards were presented at the party. Bill Huish and Paul Kelly were presented with Gold Tees John Palazzo Founders plaques. Bill and Paul dedicated their talents, time and efforts in guiding our club’s success during the past ten years.

The prestigious 2010 President’s Award was presented to John McLaughlin for his outstanding contributions.

Players of the Year (POTY) were John Melzer, Player of the Year and Ernie Sementilli, Most Improved Player.

Ernie Sementilli & John Melzer
Gold Tees continued

The Tradition Gold Tee Golf Association is composed of a great bunch of guys who play nine holes of golf from the gold tees on Wednesdays. Players of all handicaps are welcome. Our primary purpose is to have fun, enjoy good fellowship and improve our golfing skills. The Gold Tee Boutique occasionally offers association members good deals on clothing and medical items.

Contact Vince Franco at if you are interested in joining us. Pictures of our winning teams are taken each week and then placed on our web site:

By Vince Civitarese

Hello everyone!
Well, winter is over as of this morning and now we start spring. It’s the time of year we all start to work outside again. Time to spruce things up and get ready for the coming summer. As expected we are seeing a marked increase in permit applications.

As most of you may already know, the ARB and the community of Traditions lost a long time member and supporter this past week. Mac MacDonald served on the ARB for at least 7 years and served as its treasurer for most of that time. We extend our sympathy to Mary Ann and the family on their loss. Mac will be missed.

If you were not at the annual meeting in February you might be unaware of some of the new insurance policies that have come online in the past few months. It appears that some of the companies are requiring their policy holders to remove overhanging tree branches and/or trees from around their homes. If you are required to remove trees please remember that you need a permit for the tree removal. The ARB will respond as quickly as necessary to aid you in satisfying the insurance company’s requirements.

As are reminder is it best to request a permit and find that you do not need one than to just assume that you do not need a permit and find out later that one is required.

Have a great spring and summer. I hope to see you at the beach. Vince

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Book Exchange-Veronica Bucello 237-7334
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Dining@Tradition - Celise McLaughlin 235-8532
Garden Club-Regina Wichrowski 235-9101
Golf-18 holes(Men)-Steve Kronski 235-3711
Golf-9 holes(Men)-Vince Franco 237-9190
Golf-18 holes(Women)- M. Lempert 237-7045
Golf-9 holes(Women)-Bonnie Eaglin 235-9160
Golf-Mixed Tour-M Culpepper 235-2993
Mah Jongg-Lynn Autorino 237-7745
Meals on Wheels - Claudia Krauth 237-7544
Men's Cards(Wed) - Charlie Malara 235-9344
Men's Cards(Thurs) - Phil Ribaudo 235-9848
Mexican Train - Bonnie Eaglin 235-9160
Needleworkers-Loretta Espey 235-3518
Newsletter-Celise McLaughlin 235-8532
Newsletter-Advertising-Bill Renault 235-3566
Notary - Celise McLaughlin 235-8532
Telephone Directory-David Philips 237-0494
Tennis(Men)-Phil Ribaudo 235-9848
Tennis(Women)-Nancy Malara 235-9344 Franco 237-9190
Walk & Talk -Joanne Stewart 237-1305
Water Exercises -Pat Shriver 237-2678
Winey Wednesdays - Monique Philips 237-0494

Fridays 10a.m. at the Resident's Clubhouse
Bring a project, or we'll help you start one
Contact Loretta Espey 235-3518


By Janice Hayes

We congratulate our new Board members, Bonnie Eaglin and Phyllis Confer who have already been working on some new ideas for our league. As we patiently wait for the warmer weather to arrive it has not stopped us from continuing our Birthday Breakfast and our Social Events.

We have had an increase of “Social Member” Roster enabling them to continue to have involvement with the Ladies Nine Holers. New Players and new Social Members are always welcome! We have lots of fun events coming up including some “Girls Night Out,” our wonderful Invitationals. Looking forward to these events and some warmer weather!

Did you see it? On Saturday, March 18th, the moon arrived at its closest point to the Earth in 18 years, a distance of 221,565 miles away.

At its peak, the supermoon appeared 14 percent larger and 30 percent brighter. The next supermoon won't be until 2029, but don't worry if you missed it. On April 18th the full moon will be nearly as large and bright, as it occurs within less than a day of perigee, the Moon's closest approach to Earth.

Page 9

By David Philips
Updates since Fall/Winter Newsletter

  • Bob & Liz Langston at 1117 Tradition Club Drive: phone 450-5794
  • J. Raymond Moran at 48 Pierpont Court: email
  • Ted & Deb Passig at 279 Deacon Drive: phone 979-0414
  • Dave & Jean Pessano at 405 Tradition Club Drive: phone (609) 231-9030
  • Rob & Susan Ruark at 29 Historic Lane: phone 314-3007
  • John & Donna Cummins to 1577 Tradition Club Drive
  • Craig Hamilton & Jill Trinka to 635 Tradition Club Drive
  • Michael & Lyudmila Murtland to 87 Cobblestone Drive from Concord, NC
  • Walter & Sharon Nowak to 35 Opera Court from Binghampton, NY
  • John & Rosemary Plesha to 24 Revolution Court from Allison Park, PA
  • Joseph & Mary Wetzel to 1335 Tradition Club Drive from New Paltz, NY
  • Paul & Pat Del Solia from 24 Revolution Court
  • James & Judith Meyer from 1335 Tradition Club Drive
  • Ed & Bunny Morgret from 87 Cobblestone Drive
  • Jack & Kathleen Ross from 35 Opera Court
  • James & Sheryl Sonnenfeld from 1577 Tradition Club Drive

Changes? Contact Dave Philips at 237-0494 or

Community Calendar
The Pool House reservation calendar is posted on the internet
and outside the Pool House in the cabinet
Residents may reserve the club house
please contact Tom Ellison

Reference: Pool House and Tennis Court Rules
Christmas Holiday Decorations
Joan Gallagher deserves special praise for her efforts and re-working and updating some of the Christmas decorations.

The Schaap's and Ruark's Decorating for the Holiday

Page 10

When it comes to increased health, it's not just what we eat but how we eat. Digestion actually begins in the mouth, where contact with our teeth and digestive enzymes in our saliva break down food. But these days most of us rush through the whole eating experience, barely acknowledging what we're putting in our mouths. We eat while distracted-working, reading, talking and watching television-and swallow our food practically whole. On average we chew each bite only eight times. It's no wonder that many people have digestive problems.

There are many great reasons to slow down and chew your food.
  • Saliva breaks down food into simple sugars, creating a sweet taste. The more we chew, the sweeter our food becomes, so we don't crave those after-meal sweets.
  • Chewing reduces digestive distress and improves assimilation, allowing our bodies to absorb maximum nutrition from each bite of food.
  • More chewing produces more endorphins, the brain chemicals responsible for creating good feelings.
  • It's also helpful for weight loss, because when we are chewing well, we are more apt to notice when we are full.
  • In fact, chewing can promote increased circulation, enhanced immunity, increased energy and endurance, as well as improve skin health and stabilize weight.
  • Taking time with a meal, beginning with chewing, allows for enjoyment of the whole experience of eating: the smells, flavors and textures. It helps us to to develop patience and self-control.

Take the challenge: Try eating without the TV, computer, newspaper or noisy company. Instead just pay attention to the food, its flavors and texture and how much you are actually breaking down the food for better assimilation.

When eating alone at home, try a transition strategy to turn your chair away from the table to face the window to observe the out of doors. You may find that this helps disconnect you from your busy day, relaxing you to be more focused on really enjoying what you are eating.

This kind of quiet can be disconcerting at first, since we are used to a steady stream of advertising, news, media, email and demands from others. But as you create a new habit, you will begin to appreciate eating without rushing. This will change your relationship with food, to allow it to be a truly nourishing activity.

Printed from Shoreline Health Coaching March 2011

By Celise McLaughlin
On Saturday, January 15th Dining @ Tradition presented a cooking demonstration and wine tasting with Chef Tracey Latterman. Chef Tracey showed Tradition Residents in a classroom setting at the pool house how to prepare She Crab Soup. Each attendee brought their own bowl and spoon. There was plenty to go around for firsts, seconds and in some cases, thirds. While tasting the soup, Tracey provided information about wine pairings -- Red, White and Bubbly.

A French valentine's dinner was planned and organized for February, unfortunately, there was not enough interest and it was cancelled. The committee put a lot of time and effort into the preparations for this event and it was a shame to have to shelve it. Perhaps we'll try again in the fall when folks are back in town. Watch your email and website for future events.

Community Garge Sale
Saturday, April 16th

The annual community tag sale
is scheduled for Saturday, April 16th.
Your trash is someone else's Treasure

Contact Merry Cotton 235-6862 or Darlene Dodson 235-8066

The annual garage sale has been approved by the Board of Directors to be held on April 16th. This in the ONLY approved garage sale for the community and residents must obtain a permit to participate. Residents are not permitted to run garage sales at any other time.

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They're Back!
Along with the warmer weather along comes those less desirables... Aligators, Snakes and Spiders. Watch where you walk, up and down.

You are most likely to see alligators in the lakes and rivers, but male alligators will also move over land during this time of year, from one water body to another." The sudden activity follows several months of almost bear-like winter hibernation... And while spotting one of the large male alligators may get your attention, they're not the only ones active during this time of year... "Smaller alligators and female alligators are actively trying to fill their stomachs and put a layer of fat on.

There are over 2700 species of snakes in the country and most all of them reside in South Carolina. Snakes are a lot like people in one way: they stay put when the weather is hot. When the sun goes down, they get out and move around. That is when man and serpent often meet. You don't have to be paranoid about the fear of being bitten by a snake. But you do have to be careful.

3,400 species of spiders make their home in North America. Orb Weavers come in a variety of colors, shapes and sizes. Common traits among some include the rounded abdomen and orange-to-brown and brown or black coloring - colors may vary per species. Legs of an Orb Weaver are generally very long, giving it a most menacing look. It is reported that Orb Weavers will re-spin a new web every night. Their proficiency at nighttime hunting and propensity to enjoy insects makes them the ultimate in the way of mosquito zappers.

Resurfacing has begun on Kings River Road. The job will take the contractors about six weeks. During this time, there will be road and lane closures.


Come share your knowledgeable talents by volunteering and earn extra cash. all of the County Recreation Centers are currently seeking instructors. Share your unique talent with others. Please call the Parks & Recreation office at 545-3275 for an appointment.


Mondays 7PM
Contact Lynn Autorino

When you can't cook due to injury or illness
Your neighbors will help you out
by preparing and delivering meals to you
This is a service for Tradition Residents
If you need help or If you want to help
Call Claudia Krauth 237-7544

Winey Wednesdays will start again soon.....since the Litchfield by the Sea beach house deck is not available yet, let's plan on meeting at the Tradition pool at 5:00 PM WEDNESDAY, MAY 4th; please bring your own beverage and an appetizer to share; if you would like to receive an e-mail re: these gatherings, please contact Monique Philips, and she will add you to her e-mail listing.

See you in May!

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