Pawleys Island, South Carolina
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"Cast your fate to the Wind"
By George Winston

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President POA Frank D'Amato 235-8885
Clubhouse Tom Ellison 235-8071
Covenants  Jeanette Renault 235-3566
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By Frank D'Amato

The Board of Directors sincerely hopes everyone had a healthy and enjoyable summer. As of this communication we are hurricane free for 2010. We have about a month to go. Keep your fingers crossed.

The Board has taken advantage of not having any unexpected repairs, to allow us to concentrate on upgrading the Pool House. The Pool House has remained mostly as constructed for the last fifteen years. We have added a store room, a new wooden floor, drapes and new tables and chairs. We have also added a portable sound system and a projector and screen. All of the electronics are locked up and must be requested through board member Tom Ellison.

You may ask why all the expense on the Pool House when only half the residents use it. Well first, half of us do use the Pool House and we appreciate its condition. Secondly, we do not want to face the same situation as Litchfield by the Sea. We are now faced with an assessment at LBTS as the common areas have not been maintained over the years. We do not intend to run into that situation. Thirdly, the condition of our amenity center has a direct affect on our home values.

The Tradition Board of Directors will have a three year opening effective February 22, 2011. The board seat is currently held by Merry Cotton and as of this writing she has not yet decided if she will run again. The voting proxies will be mailed to you in January. If anyone wishes to become a board member you must notify Frank D’Amato by December 15th. Your request must be accompanied by a short resume.

I have a serious concern that many of you are either not receiving e-mails, ignoring them and/or not reading the information on the web sites regarding notices and activities taking place in the community. It takes too long and is not feasible to stuff mail boxes with every notice. Please use the web site

You should also be checking your personal account on the Kuester web site. If you have not yet logged in and looked at the site, I strongly recommend that you contact Kuester or a board member to receive instructions on how to do so. As time passes we will provide more and more information on the Kuester site.

We are finding landscaping debris on empty lots and in wetlands owned by the association. I mentioned this in the last newsletter. Neither you nor your landscaper is permitted to dump on these sites. We will charge you to clean these areas and if the state fines the association, you will pay the fine. Please talk to your landscaper.

Some folks are parking golf carts on the lawn behind the pool house and it is damaging sprinkler heads. Please park in the lot.

The pool is now closed for the season. I hope everyone enjoyed it this past summer.

I continue to receive complaints from the Willbrook Plantation board regarding Tradition people walking their dogs on Willbrook property. Please do not cross Kings River Road with your dog. This makes it very difficult for me to ask them to keep their cars from taking short cuts through the Tradition to avoid school traffic. We need to maintain relations with our neighbors.

You will see police activity at our front entrance from time to time as we try to stop the U-turns generated by the school traffic.

The watering season is coming to an end and everyone should be concentrating on removing any rust issues with your concrete, mailboxes and siding. It would also help the association if you would clean any street posts on your property. This only takes a minute and will save the association money. There are openings on the Covenants Committee. Please contact Jeanette Renault if you would like to volunteer.

The Litchfield Beautification Committee continues to do a great job landscaping highway 17. Your personal contributions are always welcome.

The 2011 budget is complete and you will receive a mailing indicating the outcome in December. There will also be a mailing in January announcing the annual homeowners meeting which is scheduled for Thursday February 24th at 6:00 P.M. at Waccamaw High School on Kings River Road. The board schedule and the monthly board minutes are available on the web site. Please feel free to discuss and/or ask questions to any board member at any time.

If you see a problem in the community please call me or a board member. For an association emergency you may call Alex Herndon, our buildings and grounds manager, at 843-241-3287. Please identify yourself as a Tradition homeowner.

I wish you all a safe and happy Holiday season.

Thanks, Frank D’Amato

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By Dave Philips
Updates since Summer Newsletter

Suzie Albright27 Shrimp Net Court
Rich & Pauline Becker1131 Tradition Club Drive 314-3359 
William & Sandra Bunce349 Tradition Club Drivedelete number 
Donna & Keith Fountain23 Revolution Court
Frank & Nancy Hawkins 39 Lamplighter Court314-3315
Chuck & Maureen Olnhausen1509 Tradition Club Drive
Donald & Rose Perry94 Low Country Lane
Ed Ruch & Laura Bittner49 Patriot Lane(443)
John & Lee Wilson66 Basketmaker Court235-9150 
David & Victoria Wythe329 Historic Lane(614)
NameTo: Address
Charles & Carol Cocores27 Low Country Lane
William & Maryann DiGaudio88 Deacon Drive
Frank and Nancy Hawkins39 Lamplighter Court
Gerald & Ida Knorr13 Revolution Court
Philip & Marilyn Nagele325 Deacon Drive
Barbara Naughton141 Alexander Glennie Drive
Richard & Catherine Nielson9 Thrasher Court
Bernadette Wright129 Alexander Glennie Drive
NameFrom: Address
Dan & Vivian Coughlin88 Deacon Drive
Tom & Lorrie Darrah635 Tradition Club Drive
John & Mary Dillon141 Alexander Glennie Drive
Peter & June Hoppin325 Deacon Drive
Diane Mendenhall129 Alexander Glennie Drive
Roxanna Mull9 Thrasher Court

  Got Changes? Contact Dave Philips at 237-0494 or

Page 3

By Jeanette Renault

The Covenants Committee welcomes Ron Brugge, our new member. Ron is replacing Ron Farley who retired. Thank you, Ron, for your many years of dedicated service.

First, most owners walk their dogs in a responsible and considerate way. Unfortunately, we have received complaints from residents whose lawns are being 'watered' regularly causing damage. Dog lovers, please curb your pet. With some patience, a dog can learn to use the gutter just like "city" dogs.

A Coastal Observer Oct. 21, 2010 article headlines "Wrong Number On A House Could Be A Deadly Mistake." The Fire Department is warning residents who call 911 that a correct and visible house number can save valuable minutes that could be the difference between life and death. Owners without properly posted house numbers can be summoned to appear before the magistrate.

Thanks to all in Tradition for properly displaying house numbers. We are 100% in compliance.

Your Covenants Committee continues working tirelessly to keep iron rust under control. Even though progress is sometimes slow, be assured we are aware and are addressing this unsightly problem as best we can. We thank all of you who are vigilant with cleaning.

Revised Vendor List for your consideration:

- Complete Repair or Replace
John Karandisevsky
843 293-9855
- Repair/Paint/General Repair Work
Graham Lawing543-2392
Dave King458-6352
Greg Huish 237-5631
- Paint
Sherwin Williams
Murrells Inlet
Home Depot
(take sample)
Ace Hardware
(Tradition Moss)
Roof Repair/Cleaning
- Roof Repair
Mitch Anderson546-3330 (Evenings)
- Roof Cleaning (Pro Wash)
Ryan Wright240-4830
Minton Braddy843 385-8500
Irrigation Systems
Brett Atkins
(also does landscaping)
Ed Gooding457-6155
Jim Wright215-4650
Cell 843 458-1574
Frank D’AntoniCell 458-1805
Shawn O’Neill241-4765
Home 215-2082
Bill Roesing215-4624
Tree Trimming/Removal
John McGrath
843 450-0921
Lawn Service/Rust Removal
Ronald Linnen545-1749
Cell 843 344-2868
Greenco, Inc.215-3003
Mastercare Lawn Service,215-3511 OR
Pressure Washing
J & L Pressure Washing 215-3669
Al Seno
Grand Strand Pressure Cleaning

By Celise McLaughlin

The first Dining @ Tradition was held at the Resident's Club house on Saturday evening, October 9th. Forty-Three members of the community attended the function. Each attendee was assigned an appetizer, salad, entree, side or dessert for eight and brought their own table setting. The meal was served family style. The food was superb, the company exquisite and the club house never looked more elegant. An undisputable success.

Special thanks to the Dining committee members: Sue Guzlas, Carolyn Pacella, Dot Ellison, Dot Franco and Pat Castanara

The committee will be organizing a couple of events after the first of the year. Mark your calendars
Saturday, January 15th
We will hold a cooking demonstration by Pawleys Island's Chef Tracey. She will show us how to prepare She-Crab Soup. Bring your own soup bowl and spoon and pay at the door.

Saturday, February 12th
The second family style dinner is in the planning stages for a Valentine's Day in Paris theme, featuring French Cuisine. Oooh La La! You don't want to miss this one!

Once finalized, the times, prices and menus will be posted on the Tradition website. Notifications will be sent by email. If you are interested in being notified, please send your email address to the Tradition webmaster or a committee member at the Dining at Tradition Website.

Holiday Ham Sliders

3 packages small rolls , or biscuits
3/4 pound Swiss cheese, shredded
1 1/2 pounds Sliced Brown Sugar Ham

2 sticks butter
1 medium onion, chopped
1 teaspoon Worcestershire sauce
1 tablespoon mustard
1 tablespoon poppy seeds

Melt butter, add other ingredients and sauté until onion is done and sauce thickens. Slice rolls. Spread sauce on bottom of rolls, add ham, and then shredded Swiss cheese. Cover with top of roll. Tightly wrap aluminum foil and bake in preheated 350° oven for about 20 minutes. Serve hot.

Page 4

Osteoarthritis is associated with a breakdown of cartilage in joints and most commonly affects the fingers and toes as well as the weight bearing joints of the hips, knees, and spine.

Cartilage covers the ends of bones to reduce friction and serves as a "shock absorber." Osteoarthritis causes cartilage to become stiff and lose elasticity, making it more susceptible to damage. Over time, the cartilage may deteriorate decreasing its shock absorbing ability.

Osteoarthritis affects nearly 21 million Americans. Development of the disease increases with age. Most people over age 60 have osteoarthritis and it is more frequent in women than in men.

Symptoms of osteoarthritis will develop gradually and include:
  • Joint aching and soreness, especially with movement
  • Pain after overuse or after long periods of inactivity
  • Bony enlargements in the joints of the fingers
  • Joint swelling and fluid accumulation

There are several factors that increase the chance of developing osteoarthritis. These include:
  • Heredity An inherited defect in one of the genes responsible for making cartilage leads to more rapid deterioration of joints; Individuals born with joint/spine abnormalities (such as scoliosis) are more likely to develop osteoarthritis
  • Obesity Excessive weight increases the risk for osteoarthritis of the knee and hip; Losing weight may help decrease the rate of progression once osteoarthritis is established
  • Injury Injuries contribute to the development of osteoarthritis; Athletes who have knee-related injuries may be at higher risk of developing osteoarthritis of the knee; Those who suffer severe back injury may be predisposed to develop osteoarthritis of the spine; People who have had a broken bone near a joint are prone to develop osteoarthritis in that joint
  • Overuse Overuse of joints increases the risk of developing osteoarthritis; A profession that requires repeated bending of the knee increases risk for developing osteoarthritis of the knee
  • Staying at your recommended weight helps prevent osteoarthritis of the knees, reduces the stress on weight-bearing joints and reduces pain in affected joints
  • Once you have osteoarthritis, losing weight also can relieve the stress and pain in your knees
  • Exercise is important to improve joint movement and to strengthen the muscles that surround the joints
  • Gentle exercises, such as swimming or walking on flat surfaces, are recommended because they are less stressful on your joints
  • Avoid activities that increase joint pain, such as jogging or high impact aerobics
  • Exercises that strengthen the quadriceps muscle reduce knee pain
   For more information on osteoarthritis, visit

By Celise McLaughlin
Autumn is such a welcome change, the cool morning temperatures, crispness in the air and the bluer skies. Thanksgiving, my favorite holiday, is just around the corner.

For me it’s all about the food. No stress of cards and gifts, just good old comfort food at its best.

I remember as a child growing up in New England that Thanksgiving was the biggest family event of the year. The huge turkey would be thawing on the back porch a couple of days before and my mom would get up in the wee hours of the morning to get the bird in the oven in time for a lunch time feast.

All my brothers and sisters, their spouses, the nieces and nephews would show up late in the morning for tag football on the back lawn. Just long enough to work up a super appetite.

By 1:00 pm the dining room table would be set with Turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, gravy, cranberry sauce, about a dozen vegetables, baskets of fluffy yeast rolls and the traditional corn fritters, a deep fried delicacy dipped in maple syrup.

The adults sat at the table and kids would fix a plate and go somewhere – perhaps the kitchen or in front of the TV to watch football. Me, I sat nearest the food, so I would not miss out on getting some of everything. Then, once I cleaned my plate I’d go outside and run around the house to make room for more. I had a monster metabolism and an appetite to match.

What would dinner be without dessert? So many pies! Pumpkin, sweet potato, minced meat, apple and even chocolate cream. While my dad, brothers and nephews ate dessert and watched the football games in the living room, my Mom and sisters would pack up the leftovers and wash the dishes and pots and pans. Then a short time later it all comes back out again for supper! Wow, that open faced turkey sandwich with stuffing, gravy and cranberry sauce. It makes my mouth water just thinking about it.

Thanksgiving is still my favorite holiday. But the relatives don’t come to South Carolina; instead we host our Tradition family who otherwise would spend the day alone.

This year we are entertaining about a dozen of our friends and each of our guests is bringing a dish [or two] to share. We’ll roast one large bird with bread stuffing in the oven and a second one outside on the rotisserie. The two turkeys will adorn the table along with mashed potatoes, gravy, cranberry sauce, pumpkin pie with dozens of vegetables; and I'm thinking maybe pumpkin martinis. What could be finer? We'll polish the silver and lengthen the dining room table with a card table or two. It's a lot of work, yes, but worth every moment.

I'm so thankful to be spending this Thanksgiving Holiday in the Tradition Community. Cheers to you and yours.

Page 5

By Vince Civitarese

Well it looks like we made it through another hurricane season unscathed. I know there is still some time left in the season but hopefully it will go unnoticed. We still need to be prepared each year, just in case.

The ARB has been quite busy this summer. Lots of people are upgrading their homes. Our houses are getting older now and it is time to make some changes. I would just like to make some suggestions to those who are applying for a permit.

Permits Are Issued Once a Month
First the ARB needs some time to review your application. Do not give us an application one day and expect to see the permit the next. The board in a voluntary group and we meet once a month. We review and vote on the applications at the meeting.

Meetings Held Third Wednesday at 7p.m.
If you wish to have your permit more quickly, you may attend the meeting on the 3rd Wednesday of each month and your permit will be given to you that night if all is in order. Otherwise, your permit will be delivered to you within the week after the meeting.

Plan Ahead
When planning a project please allow ample time for pemitting. The ARB needs time to review each and every permit. We receive as many as ten a month and it takes time to process all of them.

Tree Removal
If you are asking for the removal of more than 2 trees, you must bring that to the Board of Directors for their review. After we receive their approval, we will issue the permit at the next regular ARB meeting.

Print ARB Application from the Internet
Open the tradition community home page Scroll down the left side, click and print [2 pages].

Your cooperation would be greatly appreciated.

Have a great holiday season
Vincent Civitarese, Chairman ARB

By Tom Ellison
The Resident's Clubhouse, more fondly known as the "pool house" and community tennis courts are located on Willbrook Boulevard adjacent to the Tradition Golf Club. All residents have access to the pool through the back gate using the pool key. Tradition Resident's may reserve the facility for events by contacting Tom Ellison, at 235-8071. For Pool and Common Area rules, view the PDF document on the tradition website

The community calendar, which shows clubhouse availability, is posted outside the front door of the clubhouse. It is also posted on the internet.

By Pat Schriver
"COUNTING with Pat"

I COUNTED 52 lovely ladies walking through the pool gates from May 21 until September 21.

And there were days when I COUNTED 30 noodles twisting and turning. Unfortunately, some time in the summer I just stopped COUNTING so I can not tell you how many gals came each day.

Oh, yes, we did COUNT to 13 on Friday, August 13th and we did COUNT our half-jacks, rocking horses, cross country, full jacks, frogs, stretches, twists, wall exercises, grapevine steps, etc..

We had a fantastic time at our poolside breakfast and our Pizza party but we did not COUNT calories on those days.

This is just a COUNTING story to let you know our water aerobics group has a great time COUNTING every Monday, Wednesday and Friday in season. We are COUNTING the days until we start again.

Plan to come join this fun group next year. I am COUNTING on you!

Pat Shriver 237-2678

Page 6

Entering its 4th Year - By Bill McElroy
Litchfield Corridor Beautification Continues to grow Plants.....and Support

The 3rd Annual Meeting and second annual appreciation party for LCBC was held on October 25th at the Beach House at LBTS. About 80 members and guests attended the affair which was hosted by various merchants and individuals for the sole purpose of showing appreciation of our donors. No money contributed for Planting and maintenance was used to support this affair.

Many guests were on hand and were introduced including local elected officials and South Carolina Department of Transportation officials who have supported our efforts in the past. Our major contributors from businesses and Property Owners Associations were recognized as well as the media and our contract partners, Waccamaw Landscaping and Construction and Waccamaw Management.

Committee business was held during the Annual Meeting portion and included the financial report, update on plantings and maintenance of the Highway 17 corridor and an update on past and future grants.

New board members were elected and in a subsequent meeting the officers were named by the board. Officer positions held by Tradition residents include Bill McElroy, President, Lewis Bowers, Vice-president, and Ken Dewell, Treasurer. Kathy MacSorley is also a board member. Many other residents of Tradition are volunteers and contributing members.

Vic Figler reported that the Grand Strand Area Transportation Study [GSATS] Grant plantings would be completed by the first of the year as well as the grant matching plantings from the Accommodations Tax [A-Tax] grant. That will complete all the new plantings. There will be some need in the future to re-plant dying or diseased plants as time goes. Those funds will come from the maintenance budget.

Ken Dewell reported that Georgetown County approved a $20,000 A-Tax grant for 2011 Maintenance work on the corridor. This is being matched with an additional $20,000 from private contributions. The grants have been a huge benefit in making our corridor the best in the state.

continued next column...

It is our desire to make the LCBC independent of governmental grants by the year 2013. If fund raising continues at the current pace we may eliminate our dependence upon A-Tax assistance earlier. That would require an increase in donations from the estimated $75,000 in 2011 to near $100,000 by the end of 2012. This remains a very good possibility as the economy recovers. We will continue to work with the A-tax committee and County Council to make our area beautiful by freeing up funds for other organization's projects.

Please re-acquaint yourself with our website We have expanded greatly with the help of Vince Franco and Kathy MacSorley from Tradition and Tom Leis from River Club. We ask you to support our business donors which you will find shown on the site. Each POA/HOA that contributes is also listed on the site with a link to their website. Individual donors are also listed. This list is growing rapidly thanks to the interest of all of your friends and neighbors in the area.

There is a newsletter available on the site with more details, a financial report and photos. Thank you! Tradition Residents for all you do to make our community beautiful.

Bill McElroy, President

By Joanne Stewart
Our hot, hot summer is over and the Water Aerobics turnout was great. It was a good way to try and cool down and stay in shape. Thanks to our volunteers who lead the group and made it fun.

Now we are back to walking this beautiful time of year. We are meeting every day at 8:45 am at the pool clubhouse parking lot and walk for 45 minutes. If you choose not to walk every day, you are welcome to join us whenever you can. Its a great way to start the day and most important-remember- the Holidays are coming, so lets get that body moving

Its also a good way to meet some new people, have some good conversation, and get exercise. Why not give it a try and join us!!

Page 7

By Regina Wichrowski & Terri Furfaro

The Tradition Garden Cub officers for the 2010-11 year are:
Regina WichrowskiPresident
Terri FurfaroVice-President
Patricia CrimminsSecretary
Reyn SteadmanTreasurer
Margo Mohan, Janet Caldwell and Reta SchaapSocial Chairs

September Meeting
The chairpersons and officers provided a scrumptious breakfast for the September meeting.

Nancy Pallisin, Program Chair, introduced our presenter, Carol Williams, from Millgrove Farms, outside of Georgetown. Carol described with great enthusiasm the origin of her business on the farm where they do “sustainable” farming. Carol was very informative, as well as quite entertaining.

Ora Moore, the Membership chair, gave the membership count as twenty-seven.

Susie Albright, Ways and Means Chairperson, collected monies and bought most of the vegetables which our speaker had brought to the meeting.

Joann Stewart, Sunshine Chair, announced that we were all sunny enough and no one was in need of her services.

October Meeting
The October meeting was even better than the September meeting.

Veronica Bucello, Historian, was reported to be working on our scrapbooks. Nancy Pallisin presented speaker, Amber Denby, of Inlet Culinary Gardens, who told how to use vegetables, herbs and flowers to create wonderful, cool-season container plantings.

Amber brought many different containers filled with a variety of vegetables, herbs and edible flowers. "Beauty and Food" wrapped up in one pot, with some herbs to “spice” it up.

continued next column...
Garden Club (continued)

Nancy Pallisin announced that the November 9th meeting will be a field trip to the Materials Recovery Facility (MRF) at the Georgetown County Landfill. Christa Harder, Landfill Environmentalist and Scalehouse Supervisor, will be our guide. Social chairs announced that lunch would follow the field trip at Land’s End Restaurant.

Mildred Culpepper, Projects Chair, announced many exciting adventures. Throughout the years, Garden Club has supported Hospice of Georgetown in various ways through a Christmas project: decorating trees, supporting luncheons and making wreathes. Last year under the creative guidance of Joan Gallagher a "slightly-used" Christmas Fair was held. Over six-hundred dollars was raised and donated to Hospice as well as a sundry of unsold donated items.

This year’s project will be to bake cookies for the families of patients and staff of Hospice, give personal monetary donations and donate personal care items such as hand creams, slipper socks, etc. for the patients. In addition, some members may provide clothing to be sold in the Hospice Resale Store. All donated items will be packed up during the December meeting; Mildred Culpepper and Terri Furfaro will deliver them to Hospice. The “Giving to Others” will make Christmas a little merrier for all.

To make the mood more festive in the Tradition community, Garden Club members, spouses and other volunteers from the community will be decorating the entrances on December 2nd. Please feel free to join in this fun at the Resident's clubhouse starting at 9:30a.m.

Next year, 2011, will bring many more exciting programs, more good food and our annual field trip to Charleston for the Spring House and Garden Tour.

Tradition Residents who want to join the garden club should contact one of the officers
New members are always welcome




Page 8

By Clay Dubose
I trust each and every one of you has had an exciting, albeit hot summer, followed by some great relaxing fall weather. It has certainly been an excellent fall to enjoy great golfing conditions and I hope you’ve found the course up to par! As I’m writing this, I’m saying prayers that the winter of 2010/2011 will be much brighter, dryer, and also warmer than what we experienced last year. I can’t remember the last time we had that many miserable days in a row for such an extended period of time. Believe me, the weather had a major impact on the bottom line here at the club, not only in dollars but also contributed to struggles with the turf.

Our new management and marketing agreement with the Myrtle Beach National company is now in full swing and we are starting to see some of the benefits from their marketing efforts. Our package rounds of golf for this fall have been 35% higher than last year, as I’m quite sure you noticed we’ve had some extremely busy days on the golf course. Unfortunately the dollar per round rate has gone down due to the current state of the industry countrywide. Although play is rising, we are not quite where we need to be, but we are gaining ground.

Golf clubs all over are cutting expenses and fees to stay afloat with an attempt to keep the cash register ringing while staying competitive with their neighboring courses. Hopefully you’ve been able to take advantage on some of the reciprocal member rates at the Myrtle Beach National courses, which is a great addition to your membership here at Tradition.

If you haven’t done so already, please stop in the golf pro shop and congratulate Curtis Norman on his recent passing of the PAT (playing ability test) for the Professional Golfers Association of America. The PAT is a 36 hole test of golf where the individual has to shoot a pre-determined score in order to pass the playing skills test, upon completion of the PAT, the individual can then begin the educational portion of the business training.

We are very proud of Curtis and wish him the best as he really starts to begin his career in the professional golf business. Curtis has been a wonderful addition to the professional staff here at Tradition and we look forward to a long term relationship with him.

continued next column...
Golf Club continued..
I’m sure most of you have noticed that we are continuing to remove trees around the golf course. There are always a handful of folks who seem to get annoyed and upset by the cutting of trees, but let me assure you that these trees need to be removed and thinned out. If left to grow and over-shadow one another, the large specimen live oak trees would never grow and perform like they should.

Since 1995 when the golf course was built, many of these trees have severely encroached onto the course causing serious shade problems for the turf. If not removed, we would suffer major turfgrass issues through out the property due to tree roots and shade competition. We all live in world of give and take; in this case, if you want consistently good turf conditions you have to give up some trees here and there.

I am still noticing a few homeowners who continue to encroach onto the golf course property with their trimming and cutting of vegetation. The golf course owners will address all issues with homeowners who are crossing the property lines. We are trying to establish a natural buffer area between the golf course and neighboring homes.

If you are unsure of where your property line ends and the golf course begins, please contact me before cutting or removing of plants or vegetation to avoid problems with trespassing and/or property damage. We intend to monitor this very closely and will take appropriate legal action if needed. Thanks to everyone who has cooperated with the golf course in the past.

As always, if you have any questions regarding the golf club or maintenance operations please do not hesitate to contact me.

Clayton A. DuBose, CGCS
General Manager/Golf Course Superintendent

Page 9

By Bill McElroy, Vice President

Enhancement Program
November is just around the corner as I write this article. The enhancement program has started. All home owners have received a status report on the project by email.. Not much has happened that is visible to the eye as of today.

Three contractors have been selected to oversee the primary segments of the project: Landscaping, Structures, and Engineering. John Mock has been selected as an independent consultant to manage the project. The board will approve all sub-contractors, but John will oversee their work through the three major contractors. The special oversight committee of the board will meet regularly to work with John and the major contractors as the projects move forward, this will probably be weekly depending on the needs.

We still believe we will be very close to meeting the final deadline for completion. We have run into some existing problems that may cause us to make minor changes to plans, schedule, or access. We do not know all of the specifics at this time, but will keep you informed from time to time with a mailing or email. I also will have another update in the next newsletter.

Myrtle Beach National resolution: The overwhelming number of people voting on the two resolutions was a credit to our LBTS communities and their owners. Even though the MBN resolution did not pass the "super majority" necessary, there were more votes for it than the assessment. The 73% that voted yes has given the board the enthusiasm to go forward with another vote on this important matter. When the information does arrive at your home, we urge you to vote yes immediately to protect the future of LBTS. This vote is for three items which will benefit us and not have a cost attached to our owners. The assessment for the enhancement has already passed and is underway as stated above.
  1. Achieve ARB control over any building on the MBN 12+ acres that will be dues paying members of LBTS.
  2. LBTS obtaining a revised easement agreement that will greatly limit future access to our seaside community to "employees only" in the course of their jobs.
  3. LBTS will receive $1,500,000 for the Reserve fund as per the agreement. This will be placed in the LBTS Reserve fund as it arrives.
In return, MBN will receive membership as dues paying members of LBTS. We have been able to receive some minor adjustments in our favor to the agreement, but the resolution is exactly the same.

The information on the new vote is not out at this time of the wiring, but you will probably already have received it by the time you get the newsletter. IF NOT...LOOK FOR IT SOON and VOTE YES so we can further restrict outside usage and make our community better for us all.
New rules and regulations for the LBTS community have been approved which will clear up some redundancies and address other changes since the last ones were printed. Please request a new copy if you choose. They will be posted online and given to new owners. It has not been decided how to get them to all current owners at this time.

The new rules for security have been addressed, and you may have already noticed an improvement. After the new entrance is completed, they will be revised again and distributed. Beach club house rules for rentals and usage will be adopted at a time closer to the completion of the project.

Your Board has worked very hard to make our community a better place to live, but we could not have done it without the assistance from your board at Tradition and the many individuals who promoted the project. WE THANK YOU!

Page 10

By Suzanne Strasser

The Tradition Golf Course hosted a stableford four women team event for the Women's Low Country Interclub July 13th. The course was in great shape, the food was delicious and the team format made for a great day!

The annual Sadie Hawkins event was held on August 1. The top winning teams in the Six-Six-Six format were: Dot Franco & Vinnie Esposito, Dot Ellison & Dick Pacella and Harry Stewart & Lucy Hajec.

Vinnie, Dot F., Lucy, Harry, Dot E. & Dick

The President’s Cup on was played on September 14th and 16th. Suzanne Strasser won first place in this low net competition. Second, Third and Fourth places won by Betty Ruff, Nancy Malara and Sally Russell respectively.

Sally, Nancy, Betty & Suzanne

The Club Championship was played on October 12th & 14th. Joan Sheldon played unopposed in the championship flight. B Flight Winner was Linda Lehmann, C Flight, Suzanne Strasser and D flight, Judy Gambeski.

Joan, Linda, Suzanne & Judy

For additional photos and weekly stats visit the TLGA web page.

The 2011 League Board takes office on December 1st. President-Maureen Lempert, First VP (Weekly Games)-Celise McLaughlin, 2nd VP (Tournaments)-Lee Wilson, Treasurer-Sandy Blais, Secretary-Dot Franco;Historian-Suzanne Strasser

The 2010 Awards banquet is planned for December 8th at Austin's Ocean One.

By Jan Hayes, Secretary

Our 2010 season is coming to a close but not without mentioning our very successful Member/Friend tournament on October 5th. First place winners were Kathleen Parks and Rifi Schweder, followed by Darlene Dodson and Kathy MacSorley in second place and in third was Theresa Vercellotti and Ellen Vignone! Nice job ladies!

Theresa Vercellotti & Guest, Ellen Vignone

Our “new” season begins on November 1st followed by a birthday breakfast at True Blue on November 2nd. We welcome our new members and there is always room for more!

We continue to enjoy the South Strand Interclub Invitationals and look forward to our next one at Pawleys Plantation on November 6th.

The annual Awards Luncheon will be held on December 2nd at Chive Blossom to honor our most improved players along with those who had birdies, pars and chip-ins. The member who had the “lowest putts” for the season will also be honored.

We’ve had a busy year and look forward to another active golf season. 

Fridays 10a.m. at the Resident's Clubhouse
Bring a project, or we'll help you start one
Contact Loretta Espey 235-3518

Mondays 7PM
Contact Lynn Autorino

When you can't cook due to injury or illness
Your neighbors will help you out
by preparing and delivering meals to you
This is a service for Tradition Residents
If you need help or If you want to help
Call Claudia Krauth 237-7544

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By Steve Kronski, President
Well, the long, hot, humid summer is finally over and it was a real scorcher. Unfortunately it followed a very cold and wet winter. Hopefully, we'll have a normal Autumn and get to enjoy the great weather that we typically have here in Senior Citizen Land.
Picking up where we left off in our last letter (sounds like the start of an old radio mystery):

The President's Cup in July proceeded in the first round of matches with John Reed besting Roy MacSorley---Autry Moore topping Al Carline---- Bob Thompson over Tom Strasser and Eric Muller beating Vinnie Esposito.

The next round saw Mr. Moore winning over Mr. Muller and Mr. Thompson topping Mr. Reed. Autry went on to top Bob Thompson for first place and John Reed finished in 3rd by besting Eric Muller.
Congratulations to Autry for coming out on top as our President's Cup Champion for 2010.

Member/Guest: August has become synonymous for TMGC and the Member/Guest. Once again this event lived up to our expectations and went off as a total success. Good food, mass quantities of adult beverages and great golf capped off our signature tournament here at the TMGC. A big thank you to the entire Member/Guest Committee for a job well-done.

After winning their flight this year's overall winning team was Dick Culver and his son, Joe. Other flight winners who competed in the Shoot-Out final were: Jim Pearson/Mark Brehm, Eric Muller/Dan Molloy, Bob Caufield/Bill Reins and Charlie Malara with son Jeff.

It'll be hard to top this in 2011 but we're certainly going to try.

Interclub: Team TMGC finished the six-event tournament with a respectable 4th place finish (just seven points out of third place) behind winner- Pawleys Plantation, International Club and Prestwick (in that order) and ahead of Litchfield CC and Legends. We all know that the term "respectable" usually means there's room for improvement so let's go coach Strasser in 2011.

continued next column...
Men's Golf Club continued..

Club Championship: After two qualifying rounds members squared off in flights (all at gross score) in match play to determine our overall Club Champion as well as flight champions. For 2010 our winner, after competing in the Championship Flight, was Wayne Johnson who won his match over 2nd place finisher, Jim McKay. Finishing 3rd was Eric Muller after topping 4th place winner, John Reed.

Other Flight winners were: White Tees-Tom Strasser, Gold Tee "A"-Bob Caufield, Gold Tee "B" -Tom Mayerhofer, Gold Tee "C"-Dick Hajec

Member/Spouse--October 17th saw our Annual Husband/Wife/Significant Other tourney take place with a total of 26 teams squaring off. This year's field was less than expected due to the unusually high number of member/spouses on the INJURED RESERVE list. Here's hoping that 2011 will be a better year so that we can fill out the field.

Overall 2010 Member/Spouse winners was a repeat performance by John and Pat Reed who, by virtue of their GROSS 65 topped all other competitor Net scores. There were three flights this year and the top finishers were: "Green" flight, the Reed's, "Blue" flight---Don & Georgia McDowell, "Red" flight--Dick & Lucy Hajec.

The only remaining tournament for 2010 is our Great American Turkey Shoot-out on the Sunday following Thanksgiving. Keep your eyes and ears open for further information regarding what has become a truly enjoyable annual event.

The TMGC Annual Member's Christmas Party is scheduled for Tuesday, December 7th (a date that will live in celebration and harmony) at Inlet Affairs. See the web site for details, menu and pricing, etc.

President's Note: Our annual Member's Meeting is set for Monday, November 8th--10:00AM at the Pool House. Once again we have an un-opposed slate of candidates for officers. As I review our member's list (we are again growing with a total of 92 men) I see many potential candidates for making a contribution to the success of this organization.

It's time for new volunteers to step up as many of our officers are becoming decrepit and jaded in our march towards senility. New blood is needed.

Have a Happy Holiday season and a great winter.

Steve Kronski

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By Vince Franco
The Gold Tee Annual Oktoberfest Dinner was held at the Pool House on October 19th. Martin Robic was our head chef. He and his assistant chefs, John McLaughlin, John Melzer, and Dale Guzlas prepared a wonderful German dinner of sauerbraten, noodles, sauerkraut, and a small salad. Elaine Kronski made a delicious red cabbage to go with the main course. There was plenty of good wine, beer and soft drinks. Instead of the traditional cheese cake, the chefs’ dessert was pumpkin pie with whipped cream. It was an outstanding meal!

We play every Wednesday at the Tradition golf course. Below are a couple pictures of our weekly winners.

The 11th Annual Gold Tee Christmas Party will be at the Applewood Restaurant on Tuesday, December 14th. This is always a night filled with good friends, good food and good cheer.

The Tradition Gold Tee Golf Association is composed of a great bunch of guys who play nine holes of golf from the gold tees on Wednesdays. Players of all handicaps are welcome. Our primary purpose is to have fun, enjoy good fellowship and improve our golfing skills. The Gold Tee Boutique occasionally offers association members good deals on clothing and medical items.

Contact Vince Franco at if you are interested in joining us. Pictures of our winning teams are taken each week and then placed on our web site:



Book Exchange-Veronica Bucello 237-7334
Bridge (Ladies)-Suzie Albright 237-1594
Dining@Tradition - Celise McLaughlin 235-8532
Garden Club-Regina Wichrowski 235-9101
Golf-18 holes(Men)-Steve Kronski 235-3711
Golf-9 holes(Men)-Vince Franco 237-9190
Golf-18 holes(Women)- J. Sheldon 235-2357
Golf-9 holes(Women)-J. Renault 235-3566
Golf-Mixed Tour-M Culpepper 235-2993
Mah Jongg-Lynn Autorino 237-7745
Meals on Wheels - Claudia Krauth 237-7544
Men's Cards(Wed) - Charlie Malara 235-9344
Men's Cards(Thurs) - Phil Ribaudo 235-9848
Mexican Train - Bonnie Eaglin 235-9160
Needleworkers-Loretta Espey 235-3518
Newsletter-Celise McLaughlin 235-8532
Newsletter-Advertising-Bill Renault 235-3566
Notary - Celise McLaughlin 235-8532
Telephone Directory-David Philips 237-0494
Tennis(Men)-Phil Ribaudo 235-9848
Tennis(Women)-Nancy Malara 235-9344 Franco 237-9190
Walk & Talk -Joanne Stewart 237-1305
Water Exercises -Pat Schriver 237-2678
Winey Wednesdays - Monique Philips

Women's Tennis - Nancy Malara
The Tradition Women's Tennis group is looking for new players for full time and sub positions. Players of all levels welcome. The women play on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays from 9a.m. to 11a.m. Year Round. Call Nancy Malara at 235-9344 or stop by the courts and introduce yourself.

Men's Tennis - Phil Ribaudo
The Tradition Men's Tennis group is looking for able bodies to come out and play. The men play on Tuesdays and Thursday from 8:30 to 10:30. Call Phil Ribaudo at 235-9848 if interested.

Each month the women of Litchfield by the Sea get together for a "Winey Wednesday". On October 26th the group met at the beach for appetizers and pizza. This may be the last one for the season...depending on weather, there just might have more.....otherwise, it will resume in March or April.

If you are interested in joining send an email to Monique Philips or Deb Lucas to get on the email list.

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The Georgetown County Parks and Recreation has an on-line search and registration application for events and activities sponsored by the County. Events are available for youths and the young at heart. For more information, visit the website:

An unusually high outbreak of mosquito populations in Georgetown County this fall has resulted in an unusually high demand for aerial spraying to combat the problem.
It is anticipated that additional spraying may be necessary before cold weather arrives and would be anticipated again in the late spring and early summer.

Historically, the County has responded to mosquito outbreaks resulting from unusual weather conditions with substantially increased aerial spraying effort. These additional services and chemical supplies are costly and can heavily impact the budget. County Council has approved to address this year's outbreak through supplemental appropriations.

For County Council meeting schedules, agendas and minutes visit the Georgetown County Website

Bike the Neck: New section of path finally on a roll
[Reprinted from the Coastal Observer]

After years of fundraising, grant writing and waiting, a bike path along Kings River Road is on the way. Survey work started this summer in preparation for construction of the project, part of Bike the Neck, an effort to create a bike trail that runs throughout Waccamaw Neck from the Georgetown bridge to the Horry County line.

The first phase will be construction of a path from Willbrook Boulevard to the north side of the parking lot at All Saints Church. A path from the south end of the parking lot to the junction of Kings River and Waverly will be second.

Project Management of the bike path construction will be handled by SC Department of Transportation.

To learn more about Bike the Neck, visit

Immediate Needs for Saint Frances
Saint Frances Animal Center is in immediate need of: PAPER TOWELS, Dog Toys (Kongs, Tennis Balls, etc...) Dog Brushes of all sorts, Canned Dog Food for temp testing AND a Washing Machine. In addition to these urgent need items we can always use towels, blankets, litter boxes and office supplies. If ...your School, Church or Neighborhood is willing to take up a collection or do a supply drive Saint Frances will happily come and pick up all of the items. Your help is greatly appreciated and very much needed.
Emergency Numbers:
Poison Control Center 800-222-1222
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention 800-232-4636
Saint Frances Animal Center 843-546-0780
Westview Animal Hospital 843-546-3821
Harborwalk Veterinary Hospital 843-546-3355
Georgetown Animal Clinic 843-527-2942
Animal Emergency Hospital of The Strand (24 Hours) 843-445-9797
Greater Charleston Emergency Veterinary Clinic (24 Hours) 843-744-3372
City of Georgetown Animal Control 843-545-4300
County of Georgetown Animal Control 843-527-6763


Masquerade Mutt Strut pet parade and festival was held on Oct 23, 2010 at St Paul's Waccamaw United Methodist Church in Pawleys Island SC.

Canines and their human companions strolled around the parking lot at St. Paul’s in the Halloween themed fundraiser to raise donations for St. Frances. Prizes from local vendors were awarded to pets for various categories including scariest and funniest costumes, best ears, best eyes, etc.

John McLaughlin with the "Best Kisser"
The twins - Daffodil and Andy Pesto

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